Mariah Performs ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ On Oprah

Published: Friday 18th Sep 2009 by Sam

Diva Mariah Carey performed her new single ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ on The Oprah Winfrey Show today in a special episode aired from New York.
Backed by the True Worship Choir, Ms. Carey-Cannon killed it! Yes I said it! Vocally stunning performance for ‘2009 Mariah’; and though she looked like she was pooing out something wicked with her facial expressions, the vocal output was well worth it. I’m typing real fast right now, because THIS is what I’ve been waiting to hear from Mariah; she clearly sounds the best she has in years and it’s so warming to see and better yet hear. I can only hope that she continues resting her voice and sleeping her room full of humidifiers (her words not mine) to ensure her good performances remain consistent.
Tidbit: Did you see Oprah’s face during the ‘high note’. Priceless.
What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Travis September 18, 2009

    She sound good this time. I can't believe it. lol

  2. Mikey September 18, 2009

    She sounded AMAZING! You could just hear all that emotion in her delivery! LOVED IT….go MC!

  3. ThatMangoJuice September 18, 2009


    I felt cheated that i didn't live in the era where mariah really shined! But she is rocking the hair and doing it all over again, i feel blessed! and i'm not even religious!!!

    Thank you for satisfying my needs, mariah .. *sigh of relief*

  4. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    That was AMAZING. SO SO good! She sounded incredible and the curls are hot.

  5. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    I love this song! Go Mimi!!! This album is going to be amazing, I'm sure!

  6. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    I need to watch it on my tv, but I'm willing to be a lot of $$ that she's not singing live. it's just like the "cd" version.

  7. mrsjones September 18, 2009

    maybe it was the quality of the video or something, but i was not astonished at all. but i must admit she hit the hell out of that note at the end!

  8. Trent September 18, 2009

    @12:58 It was ALL live. She changed things up a bit, especially at the end. How about waiting to see the performance before throwing dirt on her? Hater.

  9. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    it was live!
    the performance plus the interviews were out of sync since it was a live show but it was live, go listen to the cd version!

  10. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    great job but i feel bad for her coz u can tell it took ALL of her energy to pull that off. it shows on her face that it must've really taken up her energy. she still sounded strained at times but vocally, she delivered

  11. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    I must say she did a great job, I love how she changed things up with the song. As a Mrs. Cannon fan but also a realest I must say she delivered. The priceless moment for me age ain't nothin but a number, going down ain't nothin but a thang. Also calling Lee Daniels a mothafucka in front of everyone.

  12. MG September 18, 2009

    Not bad MC – just hope she is consistent with this album!

  13. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    I'm sorry, but she was sooooooooooooo not singing. I'm not fooled. I watched this today when it came on tv. Mariah so can not do this live… Sorry.

  14. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    it was an okay performance… i was glad to see her and nick still together

  15. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    I WAS F****** THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was like a rush you guys, and YES, IT WAS TOTALLY LIVE!!! It makes a difference when you're there and you can actually hear what's coming out of the speakers vs. her microphone.

    FLAWLESS!!!!! Completely Flawless, GOD has returned to her Voice!!!!!!! WOW, Loved It!!!!!

    And it's amazing, because she sounded THIS GOOD in the Las Vegas clips…SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    Hmm, this gives me hope that Whitney's 90's voice will return just like Mariah's voice has obviously returned!!!!!!!!!

    and she was beautiful singing too (when was she making ugly faces???) i never saw it, but she was magnificant!!

  17. LuvHer September 18, 2009

    the hatas will never admit that MC was contributing live vocals. it's okay. just b/c your diva sounds like total s*** these days…..doesn't mean ours has to. remember, we need balance. cheers…..fuckers.

  18. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    OMG, old Mariah's back!!! Wow, and she even looks like old Mariah too…good on her!

  19. bdavisthedancer September 18, 2009

    Yes! That's what the hell we have all been waiting for!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous September 18, 2009

    I love mariah and i know that this is one of her better performances, but i honestly don't think she did that high note at the end. Notice how the camera doesn't show her singing that part….i mean idk.

  21. Anonymous September 19, 2009

    that whistle was sooooo pre-record its not even funny

    what is she playin @ ?

    but otherwise all the other live vocals were good for her
    she sounded her best in a while, could hear the struggle but she still sounded really good.

  22. antertain September 19, 2009

    Mariah has never struggled with high notes it her full voice is where most cracks are.

    She really pushed through the points where she was feeling the pressure and brought it home with very strong vocals.

    Okay start and middle and GREAT finish.
    I think all vocals were live just by the crowd reaction as the faces make me tell if recorded or pre-recorded.

    Do that thang Mariah and i look 4ward to seeing the film.

  23. September 19, 2009

    Amazing performance!!!!
    Continue to support Obsessed and I Want To Know What Love Is by downloading on iTunes and Amazon and requesting them on all radio stations!

  24. Anonymous September 19, 2009

    The fans should really support her at this point and go out and Buy the rest of her released singles…this is our girl, we gotta make History with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ITunes is only a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous September 19, 2009

    It was great and yes the high note was prerecorded but who cares the rest was live and AMAZING

  26. Anonymous September 21, 2009

    i like mariah and think she is top 3 best singer in the world. but this was not good to me

  27. Anonymous September 22, 2009

    She sounded ok. Lets just hope she can keep it up.

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