50 Cent & Kelly Rowland On Set Of ‘Baby By Me’

Published: Saturday 17th Oct 2009 by Sam

Peep Kelly Rowland on the set of 50 Cent’s new music video for single ‘Baby By Me’, which was shot in Los Angeles recently. Kelly will be starring in the clip as 50’s love interest.

While our views on ol’ Curtis are well documented, there’s no denying this is a good look for Ms. Kelly. I’m loving that she’s upping her visibility in the States; she has the rest of the world on lock  – it’s time to re-establish herself on her home soil. Bring on album #3

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  1. jennymayy October 17, 2009

    kelly looks great as always. I really can’t wait for her new album. Sam thanks for this…

  2. Tori October 17, 2009

    Kelly looks great! But this song is so degrading.

  3. marjan October 17, 2009

    if you think that by kelly being 50’s sidechick in the video… this will boost her in america? you have got to be kidding me. no one has ever really liked kelly over here in the usa. even since 1997. it was always beyonce. sorry. but kelly needs to focus abroad and get that going.

  4. kels October 18, 2009

    love me some ms. kelly

  5. Word October 18, 2009

    @ marjan

    People do love Kelly in America but girl has really not released anything in America that people enjoy besides Dilemma, Here we go and When Love Takes Over. Just Give her some good music, hot performances with 20 back-up dancers, hot outfits and you got your self another Lady Gaga.

  6. lyric_lee October 18, 2009

    ms kelly better work. im lovin this and im lovin that she is upper appearances over her – high profile performances in between album releases is just what she needs to stay current and really get her name out there

  7. whatever October 18, 2009

    i think they should hook up!!!

  8. dakkylove October 18, 2009

    this video seems interesting i can’t wait to watch it.

  9. elleuk October 18, 2009

    sorry but kelly does not have the rest of the world on lock lol. especially not the uk where she is currently lying to american audiences that she is hot property.she is unable to do any arena tours in the uk, has never been nominated for any big british awards nor has any of her albums made any waves or impact on uk charts so please tell me sam how she has the rest of the world on lock. im a fan of her music but lets not make up lies sam.
    but thank you , that remark will have me laughing for the rest of the day.

  10. bobs October 18, 2009

    What is this – 50 cents 20th video from this unreleased album that no one cares about? That’s really gonna help.

  11. Sparkles October 18, 2009

    Kelly never got love in America because she had poorly marketed cds, and she worshiped the Knowles which turned everyone off. Maybe this will get her back into good graces the American fans. Everyone in the U.S. wanted to see her win, but with winner material, and Simply Deep wasn’t that, and Ms. Kelly wasn’t promoted at all.

  12. lyric_lee October 18, 2009

    elluk what the hell are u talking about not having the world on lock – 2 millions from the firs cd overseas and 1 from her second – all with poor promo from m knowles – she has played so many area tours – t4 on the beach along with mannnnny others – 9 top twenty singles in the k and almost the same for every other country execpt the us and thats with 2 albums – she hant been nominated for any awards because as of now her albums have made that big of impac due to her circumstances – she is now free and she wil have her tyme so stop fukkin hating and read up on ya facts before u speak!!!!

  13. 15 cents October 18, 2009

    A good look and move for Kelly Rowland. Firing the Knowles seems good. Firing her stylist for the video should be her next.

  14. IsyssPaige October 18, 2009

    Maybe Kelly got a deal from interscope. or she just wanted to get ppl talkin b/c 50 and jay dont get along either way im hype 2 see kelly in another video. if 50 was smart he would remix the song and her to it we all know kelly feat on a song equals hit !!!

  15. Mike October 18, 2009

    Im tired of people saying that Kelly has had poor promotions in the US. She has had WAY better promotion then most artists. The fact of the matter is that the label stops promoting her after her album debuts to low numbers. Thats business.

    FYI Lady Gaga’s promotion was TERRIBLE for the first half of the year. She released 3 singles and 3 videos before people even realized she had a first single. Thats just how it works. Promotion or not, if people are into you, they will invest.

    Kelly has had many chances but people here don’t care for her like that. Sorry Kelly, try again.

  16. Word October 18, 2009

    @ MIke

    No sorry mike, you try again.
    Lady Gaga had awesome promotion before The Fame was released so please study your facts right.
    Lady Gaga was everywhere and Kelly wasn’t besided her performance on the BET awards in 07.
    So if people don’t like Kelly in the U.S. why is it that her album debuted higher then Jennifer Lopes, Pussycat Dolls, Letoya, Brandu & Lady Gaga etc?
    Try again.

  17. afan October 18, 2009

    Kelly is a good singer better than Rihanna,Ciara,Letoya,Lady Gaga and Jlo. She was better being a dc member than a soloist. She got promotions but the real artist was and is Beyonce. All the promotions in the world,if you aren’t felt by the people then you aren’t point blank. People have so much hate on Matthew Knowles as her manager that even with him promoting her,people look over it because of him directly. Now she listen to the people and let him go now she don’t have a manger to promote her and it’s blame that the us don’t feel her and that’s so wrong. Kelly is working so hard to promote herself and it’s shameful but like it or not maybe Matthew should still be her manager.

  18. aj October 18, 2009

    sorry afan your sweety bunches of oats kelly does have a manager study up before you speak w****.. if she didnt have a manager who the f*** u think schedules her tours she did a european promo tour. b**** get yo facts straight she has a damn good manager who is actually investing time into her. take that. wheater you ppl like it or not she is big overseas where it matters cause they actually buy cds. this is the most promo kelly has ever gotten in her career without Matthew knowles no he should not be her manager anymore. thank you and kick rock with no shoes afan….
    aj the kelly stan… falll back b******…

  19. BABSSUCKDICK October 18, 2009


  20. Meechy05 October 18, 2009

    Tell him off aj people need to realize that kellz is the sh!t whether u like it or not she coming for that number one spot its room for everybody and i can see that she aint playing this time around kelly overkill yay team kellz!!!!

  21. Trish October 18, 2009

    People can’t get over the fact that kelly is doing well for herself she’s nominated for a eroupean award she’s nominated for a world music award Work was a platinum single when love takes over is a worldwide hit she’s had 7 top 10 singles in the uk .and kelly does have fans in the us trust me!!! they just don’t know anything about her last time they saw kelly was at the 07 b.e.t awards if she was promoted correctly she would be really successful still in love with my ex would have done amazing here but it was never realeased she has great music she just needs to let the world hear it ..abut even still so..Kelly is on her way and she’s doing it all by herself I’m proud I’m from the states and I get my kelly fix by way of the net since she’s traveling the world I don’t see her much unless I’m on the net everyday I watch her performaces from one country to the next interviews ect..and she’s really a sight to see she’s so down to earth so classy so focus I’m proud is all I can say


  22. Anonymous October 18, 2009

    Ok them haters at the top when love takes over was the song of the summer Beating beyonce songs down y’all need to do y’all research b4 y’all come for my girl Kelly. Thank you! Kelly your finally getting the life u deserve

  23. dakkylove October 18, 2009

    you know what pple are so ignorant can we stop throwing up the Knowles situation Ms Kelly has moved on and yes has moved up. her performance and outfits for the Mtv Latin music awards which took place in the US is getting great reviews and her performances all over the world have been amazing and her album is not even out yet. she has made so much money this year from selling out venues all over the world she just finished from Bulgaria and her next stop is Dubai then China. you haters fall back how much have you made this year hmnn?

  24. Princess October 18, 2009

    Kelly still has fans in the U.S. I know I love Kelly. She is one of my favorite artists, and I love her positive attitude. Things are going great for Kelly right now. She has a major hit out right know “When love takes over”, and she has had great promotion with her new management. I wish her the best and I will always support her.

  25. GeeMan October 18, 2009

    Go Kelly get in where you fit in.

  26. Joe Sullivan October 18, 2009

    In Canada she could have been quite successful… Unity was a big hit here, but no one knew who it was becauses it wasnt really released fully (no video/not a single live performance) but (here in canada) everyone loved it!
    And no normal person doesnt listen to Kelly because they like bee better!! thats insane! Its not one or the other….
    No one in the world is or will ever be like Beyonce so why do people compare her journey to hers…
    Her last CD wasnt the most incredibly successful(I still frequently listen to it) but she is still working hard!! So if her next album is good, I will buy it etc. And hopefully she gets the success shes been working hard for!

  27. Meechy05 October 18, 2009

    We love u kellz in the usa !! Cant wait to see that vid u look fly and that outfit from the latin awards im still gagging!!

  28. Mike October 18, 2009


    I would love to go toe to toe with RELEVANT info, but the fact remains that a prominent artist like Kelly Rowland should NOT need the best promo there is. She came from one of the biggest girl groups of all time. Get over it…the masses in the US do NOT care for her. We know her and we know when she has music out..but we just dont care. sorry girl. what were u saying again? lol

  29. Jin October 18, 2009

    All of you are irrelevant because you’re just fighting under the comments section of a music blog… LMAO.

  30. mickey October 19, 2009

    Sorry, Kelly never debuted higher that Letoya. You need to get your facts straight. Letoya has had two albums to debut at #1 on the R&B charts, and #1 on the billboard charts.

  31. lyric lee October 19, 2009

    but yet letoyas first album didnt even reach platinum in the us and had no international success or mention versus ms kellys 2.5 million+ overall worldwide – second album: ms kelly 1.2 million worldwide with 1 us single/3 overall – letoya – lady love 73.000 lol wow with 3 videos in – and for the person who daid she shouldnt need good promo how stupid do u sound – beyonce was promoted out the ass with a video for each song her face on verything that was out – everyone knew beyonces every move – rihanna as well – promotion is a major key to success – if you dont know when the music is out the how can u buy it – beyonce has singles relesed every 3 to 4 months like clockwork – everyone knew what the singles were when they were going to be released and when the videos were coming out when and where she was going to perform them and her tour – THATS PROMOTION -A TOUR IS LIKE MAJOR PROMOTION – u dont schedule a tour 6 months after u select a s second single that didnt make any waves and expect it to sell to a crowd that wasnt big on kelly to begin with – if shes bigger overseas then y not a second european tour? bttm line – ms kelly wasnt held in hig regard like she should have given her track record – knowls aint thinkin bout nobody on that label besides beyonce – who else form that camp has doen anything – jus like diddy’s label – dats y she left – if she was treated fairly dont u think she wouldve stayed! michells next – watch and see!!!!

  32. Kelly4eva October 19, 2009

    ^^Wow Lyric Lee. You got a little passionate didn’t ya’ LOL. I’m not mad at you though;I know I can always count on you to rep for our girl Ms.Kelly.

    As for Ms.Kelly,she is steadily on the rise. Kelly has taken her career by the horns and as a result will soon be taking the world by storm. Kelly is the total package:voice,stage presence,personality and beauty for days. She’s MULTI-talented and unlike many of these current acts she keeps getting better. Kelly can take any genre of music and make it her own. Be it pop rock,alternative,r&b or this new dance sound that she is playing with and winning. Kelly manages to experiment with all of these genres yet maintain her swag and identity,not to mention the girl knows how to reinvent herself. Kelly has evolved gracefully from that cute “short haired girl”(yes,that’s what people use to call her)in Destiny’s Child to the beautiful,bonafide solo super star we see before us today and she managed to make it pretty big without blatently selling s**,padding her behind,dyeing her hair blond or bleaching her skin to become the typical industry/world standard. Beyonce may be the bigger seller but as far as I am concerned she is not the better artist. There’s no real evolution with her. She’s had the same look since the DC3 Survivor album. Same long blonde weave,sure she changes the texture(straight,wavy,curly,what have you)from time to time but it’s ALWAYS something we’ve seen before. Same skimpy,bedazzled stage attire, same c****** popping,look as though I’m having a seizure dances. Same old predictable image. Same old predictable sound. I personally,am bored of her. Yeah,I said it and WHAT! I’ll take Kelly over cookie cutter any day. Girlfriend has got it going on no matter what you Boo Whores say.

  33. PLUG October 19, 2009

    Kelly has been looking good these days. Not that she hasn’t always been a beauty but lately she’s been looking like she is on a mission. When she performs now there’s fire in her eyes. I do think she’s got something up her sleeve. Dynamite maybe? She’s about to BLOW UP!

  34. elleuk October 19, 2009

    Sorry lyric,
    But you must not live in the uk if you honesty believe that Kelly has the uk on lock. Firstly selling 2 million records overseas is nothing if we are to calculate how many countries the CD was released in. Therefore uk sales would probably be under a million which is nothing compared to artist like Amy winehouse or Leona Lewis who album sold 2 million in the first 2 months of release (in the uk alone!) artists who really have the uk on lock. Kelly has never even sold enough records in the uk to allow her to do arena tour or any big your for that matter.in fact the only reson she was asked to headline t4 on the beach was due to her connection to destiny child which was evident by the way she was presented on stage as well as the destiny child material she sang. No one in the uk music industry is bum licking Kelly like they do beyonce and other us acts who really have the uk and the world on lock!

  35. lyric lee October 19, 2009

    right but yet she has 9 top twenty hit with 2 albums and still remains humble – if she was promoted like beyonce wit twenty singels 10 relrelases and major promo then shd be up there as well – dont discount her talent dude its not cute for you – better yet do hate on here cuz shes laughing all the way to the bank – and to kelly4eva i see u everywhere i go and on all the sites so i know your a true kelly stan as well – lots of luv to u!!

  36. kels October 19, 2009

    Kelly has had the uk on lock since simply deep,….we all know the uk loves her,its so obvious! they worship her!

  37. rightround October 19, 2009

    I love Kelly, but being in 50’s video is NOT gonna make her any more famous in the US- sorry but take it from someone who lives in the US. It’s sadder because 50 pretty much is lame in the states these days. no one is checking for either of them. It’s nice to dream tho.

    Kelly is so purdy.

  38. loso October 19, 2009

    Everyone who is saying nobody cares about Kelly in the U.S. need to stop hating. HAHAHA all I can do is laugh because I have been following Kelly lately and she has been nominated for Best Song of the Year at this years European Awards and the World Music Awards. Kelly has been performing pretty much every night. She stay with new performances on youtube from all over the world. She is worshipped all over the world and now she is saying its time for me to take my spot in the U.S. Kelly’s voice has improved 100% and she is so powerful now on stage. She dont need this 50 video to make her bigger she is doing it by herself. She is working on her 3rd album as we speak. People please stop comparing her to Beyonce because Kelly is nothing like Bee she has class and does not need to take her clothes off to sell a record. Her talent alone is taking over the world so U.S. haters ya’ll just gone have to be mad and sit back and enjoy Ms. Kelly.

  39. Word October 19, 2009


    Talk about ignorance.
    Kelly is not known to the masses of the US.
    She is known as that girl from Destiny’s Child but with the right promo Kelly could have this b**** on lock.
    Get your facts straight boo. You mad.

    Does Letoya have a grammy, #1’s worldwide, millions sold internationally.
    Letoya will only be known as the reject of Destiny’s Child, s*** her album hasn’t even hit the 100,000 mark WORLDWIDE.

  40. RL October 19, 2009

    lol @ all the people trying to making Kelly look bad

  41. Kelly4eva October 20, 2009

    Hey Lyric Lee,I appreciate your shout out but I want to make one thing very clear. I am a Kelly Rowland supporter. I appreciate and at admire Kelly’s genuine spirit,her beautiful voice and her new found independence and uninhibition. I SUPPORT Kelly. She’s one of my favorite modern r&b artist of this current generation,but I am NOT a stan. I HATE that word. On another note;can you people please stop using the word worship in conjunction with these mere human beings? Kelly Rowland is a beautiful,inspiring young woman but she is no God. She is not to be worshiped by any one. Not me. Not you. Not Europe. Not anyone. There are certain words human beings are not worthy of;worship is one of them. Worship is for my Jesus and my Jesus alone. In case you have not figured it out,I am a Christian,and I MEAN that when I say it. I do love music and I do love to blog but who I am in Christ is not going to change simply because I can hide behind an alias and a computer screen. I’m still going to try to express thoughts and opinions that are pleasing to the One who created me and he is not pleased with His glory being stolen or given away. I hope you all understand. If you don’t, Oh well,maybe you will one day. In the meantime,I’m going to stay true.

  42. lilo October 20, 2009

    @ kelly4eva

    shut da f*** up!!! it is not dat serious. I cannot even finish reading dat comment it so damn ridicoulous

  43. KD October 20, 2009

    @ kelly4eva

    Suck D***

  44. Mickey October 20, 2009

    Sorry, I don’t see Letoyal as that reject from Destiny’s child. The Knowles shitted on Kelley the same way they did Letoya & Latavia.After Beyonce became more famous than the rest of the girls the Knowles gave her there ass to kiss, and Kelly kissed it hard. Letoya did not have to kiss ass to get where she is. The millions kelly sold, it’s a shame she does not have Platinum album of her owm. The grammy she won was Nelly featuring Kelly. Can she handle her own? Like this featuring Eve, When Love takes over, you now the rest.

  45. Word October 20, 2009


    The shame that Letoya’s recent album flopped and has not managed in to pull 100,000 worldwide with no hit singles. I feel bad for the b****.
    Simply Deep managed to go platinum in several countries, when gon Letoilet get hers?
    The grammy she won was for best Collaboration therefor being Kelly’s grammy too and has euqal rights like nelly.
    Kelly Rowland still is the 2nd most successful out of Destiny’s Child, who mad.

  46. lyric_lee October 20, 2009

    and plus most of beyonces grammy’s are shared

    “The Closer I Get to You” Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal
    Shared with: Luther Vandross

    Crazy in Love” Best R&B Song
    Shared with: Jay-Z

    Crazy in Love” Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
    Shared with: Jay-Z

    So Amazing” Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal
    Shared With: Stevie Wonder

    2 of the grammys are from her boyfriend – how much proof do u need.

    cant say that a grammy shared doesnt count when it comes to kelly but quick to always add beyonces to her credit.

  47. AubreyBOOM October 20, 2009


  48. lyric_lee October 20, 2009


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