Leona Lewis – ‘Happy’ Video

Published: Saturday 17th Oct 2009 by Sam

Review coming in a bit (watching X-Factor lol)…

In the meanwhile…

What do you think of the video?

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  1. caroline October 17, 2009

    like the whole wedding concept . however i felt the chemistry betwenn the love -interest and leona wasn’t on fire -which i would have liked it to be.They could have done the while Gwen Stefani thing in her video ‘cool’ where they show flash -backs of there relationship.The cinematography wasn’t on point.It wasn’t on the standard that her other video ‘Run’ was at.At this stage of her career Leona needs to produce legendary videos,and this didn’t meet that standard.

  2. SOS October 17, 2009

    One of the best vidoes this year yet. Congrats!

  3. jess October 17, 2009

    hmmm. was expecting much more. song dont go with video. doesnt look like what a first vid from her new album shud look like. the story is a bit blah. but she looks nice but dont rock my world, at all. lil disapointing. good song tho. just not how i envisaged it. a lil lacking?

  4. John October 17, 2009

    Absolutely gorgeous video. Nice twist as well. Feels very appropriate for the song which is pretty rare these days.

  5. Thatmangojuice October 17, 2009

    They put a lot more creativity in this video story wise than what you see nowadays. I love videos that tell a story and this song paired with this video definitely did it for me.

  6. Pooh October 17, 2009

    Leona is beautiful!

  7. Isabelle October 17, 2009

    I loved the video! I actually thought that it fit in well with the content of the song and that there was chemistry between leona and the lead…i just think it was supposed to be that subtle…loved how she looked as well and what she was wearing. good video!

  8. gina October 17, 2009

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that this video will help the song in the states- airplay is declining daily and the song is in the 90s on Itunes for weeks, some days it is even off itunes and she has been somewhat visible int he news.

    I don’t think that this song will do much- if this song dosn’t start to climb in airplay or itune sales in 2 wks, it’s done and onto the 2nd single – album out in 4wks- interesting to see her numbers in the states but i don’t hear or see buzz for her here.

  9. gina October 17, 2009

    BTw Sam, x-factor was nearly a total trainwreck tonight- OMG! loved whitney and clive on it.

  10. Anonymous October 17, 2009

    i get the artisty and creativity of this video..

    my one HUGE criticism is..
    if your gonna have shots of her singing.. have reasonable amounts of it.. like it practically hardly had any shots of her singing.. and i mean i know some videos have NO SINGING SHOTS, but if ur gonna do it, atleast have enough.
    do it right, or have none at all is what im saying.
    wasnt a good ratio of story/singing shots
    might aswell of cut the singing shots all together.
    although they were hot while they lasted.

  11. anonymouss October 17, 2009

    don’t think the story in the video matched the song at all…the song is about her taking chances to make herself happy…but in the video she ends up NOT being happy cuz the guy she likes marries some other woman?

  12. antertain October 18, 2009

    At first glance i didn’t pair the song with the video. But after second time i was thinking that they actually go well for most parts of the story.
    Nice touch and a different video for the one’s out this year..

    Not mind blowing but it’s not that type of song to have a mind blowing video.
    Subtle but really good..

    Love Leona’s texture and sound.

  13. leonaweb October 18, 2009


  14. Jay2009 October 18, 2009

    God she must have lost a lot of weight ! but she looks really beautiful, I used to not like the song, but with the video it grows on ya, great job

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