Alexandra Burke Performs ‘Bad Boys’ On GMTV

Published: Wednesday 14th Oct 2009 by Sam

Alexandra Burke stopped by GMTV this morning for a chat, as well as perform her smash hit single ‘Bad Boys’. Peep the interview above, and the performance below:

Awesome performance! She really is giving everything and then some with these live showings; she really performs with the swagger of an older, more seasoned artist.

I must touch upon, however, the fact that she was lip-synching. No, not a big deal at all, because we all know she can sing – no questions about that. However, with the audio here sounding almost exactly the same as the X-Factor performance (aside from the new bridge – which I love, by the way), it’s pretty evident this was a pre-recorded live vocal. Anyone who watched the X-Factor the year she won will know that the beauty of her voice is that it’s raw and not necessarily a polished Pop voice – hence the odd off-note here and there as well as spontaneous adlibbing – none of which have featured in her note perfect -even though she’s dancing – performances. Not downing her at all, just stating the facts. Great performance!

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. MsQuiche October 14, 2009

    Yeah I agree. It’s been a while since we’ve heard her sing live, so it would be nice if she could switch it up a bit and do the odd performance with less dancing and live vocals.

  2. B October 14, 2009

    Pre-recorded live vocals don’t bother me much. I can stand the straight up lip-synch (aka Britney Spears). That being said, she reminds me of a pop version of Toni Braxton. I like, I like!!!

  3. bb October 14, 2009

    She has ZERO credibility as vocalist unless she stops lipsynching like Mariah Carey.

    The song isn’t bad, but if you can sing why not sing live. I’m really disappointed. Why can’t she be like Whitney instead of Mariah?

  4. marino October 14, 2009

    she basically lipped the whole thing!!! WTF!

  5. Anonymous October 14, 2009

    it wasnt pre recorded she is singing live over a backing track

  6. Luna October 16, 2009

    That white guy is smoking hot :O OMG
    I began to like this song, after i saw it live..
    GO ALEX!!

  7. ms jazz October 19, 2009

    i will be buying this chick album

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