Brandy Sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Published: Saturday 3rd Oct 2009 by Sam

R&B singer Brandy took to Youtube to offer her own rendition of The Wiz classic ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.

Disclaimer: As regular visitors will know, we love Brandy around these sides…

However, for as good as she sounded, I couldn’t help but think she over sung the song. Too much rifting and ad-libbing (literally on almost every word). Nonetheless, Ms. Norwood gets a pass; after all these years in the game, she is still stands as one of premier vocalists in the industry.

What do you think of Brandy’s performance?

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  1. Anonymous October 3, 2009

    Go Brandy! Now can we translate that energy to a stellar album? Hearing her sing like this gets me to thinking that some of her material doesn’t really allow her to shine.

    I agree, the runs were overdone. It seems to me that the younger generation of R&B singers in general get caught up doing excessive runs and trills.

    But I’m still glad to hear Brandy singing! And I love her low-makeup look… It’s not ugly at all.

  2. Redfella October 3, 2009

    I loved it! thought she sounded amazing on this!
    Cant wait for her next CD!

  3. lool October 3, 2009

    poor a** face has to sing to herself because no1 wants to listen to her rofl

  4. Brandy#1 October 3, 2009

    Brandy sung the s*** out of this….in her bathroom so theres no studio add ons what so ever!!!!! the best vocalist out right now

  5. parisian girl October 3, 2009

    too bad the bathroom is the only place she can sold out now …

  6. ms.A October 3, 2009

    GO BRANDY…a little to many ad libs for me but she sounds great! Now if she could just transfer that to CD….

  7. Anonymous October 3, 2009

    honestly I think she was just having fun on this one she wouldn’t really do that many runs and stuff if it was a real performance. She was just singing in the Bathroom and experimenting with her voice

  8. ms jazz October 3, 2009
  9. Anonymous October 3, 2009

    Someone needs a job! poor Brandy

  10. ant-money-broke-life October 3, 2009

    i f****** loves this chick!!!!!!!!!!!!! over sing or not this chick and monica slay every chick in the game. nobody has vocals like those two….those two are vets they started it.

  11. Adam October 3, 2009

    Love her. But she kinda looks stoned lmao.

  12. kayla October 3, 2009

    speechless…. if this doesnt prove that this woman is a beast at what she does idk what will keep killn them brocka

  13. StayAfro33 October 3, 2009

    fukin love brandy…

    I think people are taking it too far about her RUNS, shes only playing around in her bathroom..

    Just enjoy da RAW TALENT.. shes provin that u dont need to be pretty to get attention


  14. Fatima October 3, 2009

    Too bad Parisian Girl can’t get a grip of the English language!

    Also, “The Wiz” classic? How about “The Wizard of Oz?”

  15. Darren October 3, 2009

    OMG I just love Brandy. Everything she does is amazing and she looks incredibly good these days, still very young and vibrant.

  16. cotten kandi October 3, 2009


  17. ::SquareBizz2020:: October 3, 2009

    brandys vocals are sickening she ia a ridiculous vocalist her recent carrer standing is just unjustified its crazy how much people are sleeping on her!…that being said hated this rendition…she’s too talented of a vocalistist to be doing all those circus runs! Granted she was prolly just messin around but nonetheless it was a mess. Besides imma need her to learn the words and then try again

  18. UNDACOVA BROTHA October 3, 2009

    Um…to you hatin az whores…choke on a big one….Brandy is the PRINCESS OF R&B…ALWAYS WILL BE…..has been since the 90’s this rendition of the song was just play play….belive that..cause if she was asked to do it forreal she would knock 98% of these R&B LAMES out the water…please dont sleep on ms.norwood okay? because she has one of the best voices this world will EVEr hear…and has gave us some of the most classic albums ever…how many other chicks can u say that about…hmmm not many…NEXT! TEAM B-ROCKA!!!!

  19. r October 4, 2009

    dont hate ppl brandy is one the best without her we wudent have ppl of today she i beautiful to just cos she not the typical beconce or light skin girl and as for this video it was good but she even said it wasent the best she said it wasent all that and she said that she could have done betta.

  20. StayAfro33 October 4, 2009

    Cant believe that this is just playin around.. and she still killn it.. u can tell she playin cos she begins to laugh at herself a bit..

    Fukin Love u brandy

  21. Anonymous October 4, 2009

    I despise HATERS! But anyway…..BRANDY is a vocal BEAST!! QUIT over-analyzing….she was just playin around with her awesome vocals in her bathroom…it’s what SINGERS do…sometimes they jus let loose and SING…it’s when they’re most creative vocally. BRANDY..your skill and VOCAL talent is undeniable! The runs, riffs, range, tone…AWESOME! There will NEVER be anotha! This vid was pure FIYAH (Screaming with excitement)! Thanks for posting!

  22. jUSmE October 4, 2009

    Sheeeesh..Why So Many Haters??..Lol
    CLEARLY. She Was In Her BathRoom Playin Around
    Most Of YaLL Up Here Can’t Sing To Save Ya LiFe!
    With That Being SaiD!!..

  23. Miguel October 4, 2009

    GO BRANDY! Brandy is a vocal beast and she’s proven that countless of times. Her music is timeless and her vocals are heavenly. I will be a Brandy fan forever. I can’t wait to buy this next album!

    PS: LMAO @ “Fatima’s comment”

  24. lyric_lee October 4, 2009

    wow on some of the rifs she sounds like ms kelly – i love it

  25. Steffon October 5, 2009

    Over does it..Shut up Sam. You sound like a str8 up hater. Brandy love you to death. Sounds way better than Ashanti’s version. Can’t wait for the new record. About the job comment, she has a new label b****.

  26. Kd October 5, 2009

    Too bad she can’t get into the studio, find a label, or sell albums. Haha

  27. J.J. October 5, 2009

    It was not not better than the Ashanti’s version. thnx and and come again.Brandy can sing but Ashanti is where its at!!

  28. Anonymous October 5, 2009

    Ashanti has nothing to do with Brandy’s version so keep her name out of this. Brand version was amazing. She did really good. Why are people always trying to bring up one artist by putting the other one down.

  29. StayAfro33 October 5, 2009

    @ kd WOrd has it that brandy is in good hands at the mo label wise..and if u check her twitter u’ll c she does go studio..jackass

    I still cant get enuff a diss vocal play.. its too AMAZIN.

  30. Leon October 5, 2009

    She did not over sing this, it was clearly directed to her fans that are singers and musicians themselves. I can speak as a fan who sings as well, I know she did this for us who admire her rifting technique.

  31. Anonymous October 5, 2009

    That’s my girl i’ve loved her from day, one of the best of all time to me.

  32. Natanya October 5, 2009

    The girl can blow! Haters sit the f*ck down and shut the hell up! You cannot deny pure talent. Brandy and Monica have always been ahead of the crowd, but because they dont act a f*ing fool do drugs, pose for the cams, go to every damn fashion show, wear see-thru shirts, sing hook s for everybody,…….they get dismissed. That s*** aint right. Brandy and Monica deserve more!! They r real R&B!!!!!!! ……..loves Bey, and Keisha Cole!!!!!

  33. del October 6, 2009

    Brandy really isn’t relevant anymore I mean since 97 boy is mine even then monica was blowing the s*** out of brandy!!!
    Brandy nobody dont want hear u sing no more more with your tired a** self please go look after ya baby and sit your tired a** down some were with your wack a** riffing u aint no whitney!!!!!!

  34. monie October 6, 2009

    she really song the shyt outta this song. all the extra she did worked i like her tone and her range she didnt go to high she stayed n her lil area. but thumbs up brandy i love u cant wait till u make ur comeback

  35. the a-list fan October 7, 2009


  36. BROWN&LOVELY October 12, 2009

    she did aight it wasnt great or nothing…kinda off at certain points…but doesnt everyone sounds good in the bathroom…brandy seems like she was trying to outdo ashanti…why come out with this days after ashanti…its just too bad ashanti sounded just as good if not better!

  37. T October 12, 2009

    Who cares if she did too many runs? How many people can even riff like that? this is a bathroom not a study, always gotta find something to say don’t u? smh

    and Monica blew Brandy out the water? When did that happen? Monica is a great artist so don’t try 2 put her against Brandy– u sound stupid in 2009 wit dat

  38. T October 12, 2009

    and Ashanti can’t hold a candle to Brandy, She isn’t even considered a SINGER lol

    She’s gotten better but she is still beneath the real singers.

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