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Published: Saturday 3rd Oct 2009 by Sam

solange cover

The youngest of the Knowles clan, Solange, features in the latest issue of Honey Magazine. You can read the 23 year old’s interview with the magazine by clicking here. In the meanwhile, check out an extract from the feature, as well as the rest of her eye-catching shoot:

With this record I am experimenting more with a really interesting mix of music. My describing it probably sounds crazy but I’m kind of working with tribal, Native American drums and mashing them with weird ’80s and blues. I have been exposed to so many different great forms of music. It’s definitely going to be an experimental album.

I’m still establishing the sound, but what I’m really focusing on is doing everything independently. I’ve been A&R-ing the project and staying on top of the budgets. I’ve been producing myself, and learning the backside of making the record financially because I didn’t do as much of that the last record. I really want to be in a place where I feel no pressure with my record sales.


It was never my intention to have this huge commercial success because otherwise, I would have made other kinds of records. I know how to write pop [and radio] records. I’ve written them for other people. But that isn’t the music that inspires me. It isn’t the music that I feel good about performing or that makes me want to get up and push every morning and be in 10,000 cities in one month promoting.



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  1. parisian girl October 3, 2009

    damn!!she’s fierce but who is”solage”?

  2. diva October 3, 2009

    Right now with these photo’s shots Solange rule the game . She is fabulous and very fierce. Solange is very pretty and it shows well with her new hair style. I like the fact that Solange allows herself to take chances and risks and it really pays off with her. I also like the fact that she knows who she is and not afraid of being herself, being bold and fierce and not caring about what anyone thinks. By the way Solange what is up with your father and maybe a baby on the way not by your mother.

  3. ms.A October 3, 2009

    Solo Is gonna find her light if it kills her huh?

  4. Keith October 3, 2009

    Photos and interview confirm that Solange is by far the more interesting of the Knowles sisters. Waiting on the next record and hope it meets with success….The sweater, thigh boots and leg up photo is to die for. She is well on her way to becoming a diva – and didn’t have to ask or declare that she is going to become one unlike big sis.

  5. daznielle October 3, 2009

    wow crazy but nice pictures

  6. IVORY’S INTELLECT October 4, 2009

    It’s nice seeing artists who step outside of the box and want to look different, but it’s because she afford to do this. Her writing credits, especially the ones on Beyonce’s albums, will pay the bills and fund the extravagant lifestyle. A pity others are too scared/broke to do the same.

  7. Here October 5, 2009

    The last picture, is a bootleg fom Whitney Houston first cover on “Seventeen magazine” cover shoot when Whitney model with the white model and I believe the ice cream and all. Solage worked it though and I love Solage voice better then her over singing a-s sister! I don’t think no one else could have did that re-take better.

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