Lil Mama On Tyra; Talks VMAs

Published: Thursday 8th Oct 2009 by Sam

Peep Lil’ Mama on The Tyra Banks Show earlier this week. The pint-sized star talked her role on America’s Next Top Model, however much of her airtime was dedicated to the now infamous VMA stage-crashing incident. Oh, I feel sorry for her now LMAO!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Katrina October 8, 2009

    Lil Mama, so irrelevent

  2. danny October 8, 2009

    lol, y do i feel sorry for this chick. lol
    jay z and alicia are MAD! LMFAO

  3. Late October 8, 2009

    Wow, so much to say about such a little clip.

    1. I truly do believe that Lil’ Mama really was “in the moment” and just felt so proud of NY. Hell, I’m in Canada, never been to New York in my life, and even I wish I was from NY. The song evokes such power and passion, you can’t help but draw some emotion from it. So imagine if you were from the city, how you would feel.

    2. I think people have already bashed the poor girl enough. She made a mistake, and she’s tried to make amends. I think to squash the whole thing, Jay & Alicia should come out publicly and accept her apology.

    3. Seeing Mama with her natural hair was nice.

    4. Tyra can be sooo extra sometimes, but we love her.

  4. tep October 8, 2009

    for give and forget we all have make mistake be bless little mama

  5. lool October 8, 2009

    B**** please, this chick is so ghetto, I laugh everytime she talks on America Dance Crew, I dont even know what she does never saw till that talent show, she isnt even known here in Europe.
    But yeah when she crashed the stage LOOOL it was so funny and she was doing that ghetto face like the song was meant for her, she made it all so funny, she lacks class. Imagine if everytime people get emotional or excited with a song they would just go up the stage, rofl, have some reasoning

  6. diva October 8, 2009

    You know she shouldn’t went on stage and the mtv should have had better security than her or Kanye wouldn’t have happen. Just because she say I’m sorry it’s ok she mess up a performance bottom line.

  7. Nicole October 8, 2009

    u feel sorry for her??for what??at least she has a career,more famous and has more money unlike u sam,u r such a fuc=kin f** hidin behind ur screen and keyboard typin ur gay ass esque comments
    sometimes u make me sick wit ur ignorant comments
    get a life u r no diff from perezhilton…both ignorant fools

  8. Andrew October 8, 2009

    Haha Lil Mama.
    I don’t know what to think of her

  9. jasmine October 9, 2009

    her crashing Jay-z’s performance wasn’t even that bad…hell i thought she was supposed to do that…now Kanye stealing taylor swift’s moment….that was a shame.

  10. jasmine October 9, 2009

    oh yeah….and f*** alicia keys…she’s a homewrecking w****….with no talent. and jayz need to pipe down cuz that song aint even all that…I’ve heard better. real talk.

  11. lool October 9, 2009

    Alicia Keys? No talent? Hmm, in this kind of blogs I see many funny posts but I never in my life would think that someone would be so stupid dumb or ignorant to say something like that, I dont know if it was to be schoked or to laugh. She gets better every year, she has one of the strongest voices in black music, those piano skills are unbelievable, the lyrics (that SHE writes) are brilliant and she doesnt need to be naked all the time to sell records or to be number 1. She has talent, beauty and class, if everyone was like her, music industry nowadays wouldnt be dead

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