New Song: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Fresh Out The Oven (ft. Pitbull)’

Published: Wednesday 7th Oct 2009 by Sam

jennifer lopez

After a relatively long hiatus from the industry, Jennifer Lopez is back with new single ‘Fresh Out The Oven’. The Pitbull assisted, Neptunes produced, cut made its debut on the mysteriously titled ‘Who Is Lola?’ Myspace page. With the song evidently being Ms. Lopez’s, it’s evident her team are looking to mirror Beyonce’s ‘Who Is Sasha Fierce?’ campaign. Anyway, back to the song…

It took a few listens, but I’m really liking this one; Jennifer’s strong point always was her up-tempo, more grittier offerings – characteristics this song effortlessly embodies. However, with her last few efforts being somewhat weak and achieving progressively weaker sales, she has a lot to prove and will have somewhat of an uphill struggle re-claiming her place in this forever changing industry. That said, with a banging video (with  killer choreography), as well as good promotion, I feel this could feasibly be the hit Ms. Lopez has been looking for. Good stuff.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. girl October 7, 2009

    when the f*** is your new layout gonna happen????
    u keep on promissing but nothing….ur such a let down!!!

  2. Katrina October 7, 2009

    This is hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jennifer Lopez started the alter ego/nickname trend wth JLO back in 2001, then every one followed, XTINA, Sasha Fierce Damita JO, mimi and so on.

  3. Visitor October 7, 2009

    The song is great. It indeed took a few listens to get into, but it’s GREAT.

    BTW check out: . for a short sneak peek at the video

  4. lyric lee October 7, 2009

    damita jo is janets middle name so how is that a nickname

  5. Zebady October 7, 2009

    Sounds too slow… and parts remind me of The Neptunes and Madonna…

  6. iDrizz October 7, 2009


  7. diva October 7, 2009

    this is a killing song jlo is the best on the game
    go girl break beyonce

  8. diva October 7, 2009

    oooh i like this song it ll be a hit i think so
    she s back on the game

  9. Katrina October 7, 2009

    (lyric lee on 07 Oct 2009 at 4:55 am )

    Janet Jackson adopted an alter ego built on her middle name (“There’s another side that you will never know- Damita Jo
    Try listening to the album, quite underated

  10. cute horse October 7, 2009

    ooh my go this song is too hot
    i like it she really sounds good hope for her the best

  11. Daniel October 7, 2009

    to be a lover


    break over it

    dammm the old jlo is back? *.*


    luv it

  12. parisian girl October 7, 2009

    this song is HOT MESS!!
    she needs to come harder

  13. delroy October 7, 2009

    i dont like it, Hooked on you was a good track to come back with then i heard 2 slow jams that could of been good follow ups but as you say this will be the first shame. i think that she would still be big if her mamagement choose the right track, like for example WHEN YOUR GONE. That was a track that should of been a single.

  14. MIke October 7, 2009

    Hot tracks…my only complaint is J.Lo’s high notes (They are at best just aiight) however, everything else about the song is hot….I think this song will do well on the billboard charts as well….she just really needs to sell it in the video….(I MEAN REALLY SELL IT)….Her last successful album was “This is Me….Then”…..She got a hit with “Get RIght” off “Rebirth” but as a whole that album wasn’t the hotness that it should have been…..but I love j.lo so I’m hoping for the best!!!

  15. lool October 7, 2009

    Damita Jo is Janet middle name you dumbasses, not an alter ego and it wasnt Jlo that started the alter ego names, David Bowie did with Ziggy Stardust back in 1970

    I quite like Jlo but this song sucks

  16. Katrina October 7, 2009


    From Damita Jo review
    Which leads us to Damita Jo, a reference to Janet’s middle name and the alter-ego that presides over the disc’s 22 tracks. (For the record, there isn’t really a discernable difference between the two personas—Damita would have been better employed as an S&M hostess behind The Velvet Rope, much in the same way Madonna’s Dita cracked her whip throughout Erotica.)


    Back to Jennifer Loperz,she made it hot for female artists in the pop/urban game.

    But i’m glad you know David Bowie- muscial genius

  17. Anon October 7, 2009

    BEYONCE DID NOT START EVERYTHING!!!! Anyone remember the Who Is Jill Scott? campaign waaaaaay back in 2000?

  18. tonya October 7, 2009

    don’t really like it. it’s okay. meh

  19. Taylor Payne October 7, 2009

    Check out my new dances to “3” by Britney and the choreo to “Scream” By Michael and Janet

  20. Alfie October 7, 2009

    its ok not a single imo

  21. San October 7, 2009


  22. Anonymous October 7, 2009

    im a jlo fan but not liking this at all “what is love” is better

  23. Darren October 7, 2009

    yay finally new JLO… except the stupid “Who is lola?” s***. anything pharell makes is amazing.

  24. Mark October 7, 2009

    Love the track!!! Can’t wait to see the video

  25. TITI October 7, 2009

    Super C was before Sasha & Lola, these bishes really jakcing Ciara all the time.

  26. Dane October 7, 2009

    LOl…Janet alter ego was….Mrs. Jackson…lol…if ur nasty….lol…..

    Every have an alter ego….

  27. Julez October 7, 2009

    your a fucken idiot. beyonce is not no damn trend setter. get the f*** out of here with that s***. i bet you believe beyonce s*** gold.

    on another note. loving this song.

  28. Anonymous October 7, 2009

    YOU LIKE THIS ONE BUT HATE ON MARIAH DAILY?!??!! YOURE AN IDIOT. THIS IS SOME B*******. this site sux. are beyonce and j lo on the same label? he seems to only push certain people… hmmmmmmm shady business

  29. TIMEAGAIN October 7, 2009



  30. San October 7, 2009

    I hope she gets Missy on the Remix this is a song that missy would tear up.

  31. Travis October 7, 2009

    Super C was not out before Sasha, Beyonce just said her cousin gave her that alter ego when she threw expensive ear rings in the crowd and the ear rings were borrowed so you know that had to be a long time ago because everyone’s giving Bey free stuff now.
    Plus on the DC live in atl dvd kelly calls bey Sasha during Cater 2 U

  32. dbudda October 8, 2009

    totally boring.

  33. andy October 11, 2009

    the intro on the site is amazing.

  34. andy October 11, 2009

    She should do very well b/c she has always made great music videos such as “im glad” and “do it well”.

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