Mariah Carey Performs On The Today Show

Diva Mariah Carey held a promotional concert in support of her new album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ on ABC’s Today Show early this morning in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza. Peep her performance of her classic ‘Make It Happen’, as well as ‘H.A.T.E U’, ‘Obsessed’ and ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ below:

While ‘Obsessed’ is such an awful song, that a Mimi live performance was expectedly just as terrible, I quite enjoyed her renditions of ‘Make It Happen’, ‘I Want To Know What Love Is and ‘H.A.T.E U’ to a lesser extent (as I don’t like the song). Yes, her voice did gradually (by the end) sound like she had been gargling gravel; however she held her own in terms of what we know she is capable of doing these days. So not a bad effort at all (lip-synching at the end aside).

Whether this ends up helping her sales is anyone’s guess. Hits Daily Double have revised their sales prediction (which is based on how much the album is being purchased each day this week, so as to forecast its overall first week sales) and have seen likely contenders for #1, Paramore, EXTEND their lead over Ms. Carey-Cannon with 190,000 in comparison to Mariah’s 160,000. Regardless of whether she ends up selling a bit more, a #1 debut looks out of the question. Instead Mariah will, despite a relatively successful hit in ‘Obsessed’ as well as her name power, end up coming in at #2 with the lowest first week sales of her career. Her place in the public and media’s hearts (following ‘Emancipation’) is what IMO made for the relative tanking of ‘E=MC2’ to be brushed under the carpet. Yet, nothing speaks louder than her sales right now. Clearly, there is a problem – be it the material, her live performances or whatever. Folk just aren’t checking for Mariah as they once were. If only she’d take a big sip on whatever she was drinking when she recorded ‘The Emancipation’, because with each day since she released the follow-up to that, it feels like that album was – as much I don’t want to say it – a fluke. SMH…

Tidbit: Is it me or did she look like she wanted to cry during the whole concert? I hope all is well with her personally.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mikey October 2, 2009

    Sam, if you gave half as much attention to the quality of your site as you do to the paragraph long essays you daily write about how Mariah Carey isn’t “relevant” in society anymore you may actually have the ability to state your opinion and it ACTUALLY matter!

    This was the first real televised promotion she’s done this week for the project (soon to be followed by ANOTHER great performance on The View later today) and TRUST the album is going to pull through to get the #1 spot after a brisk sales weekend because of the media exposure she’s getting today.

    I also think it’s pretty low and distasteful of you to try to bring in her personal life and imply something is wrong there. Any fan of hers knows that this is the happiest she’s ever been in her life and it reads all over her….Nick was right there by her side after the performance and if ANYTHING I hope they are going to be expanding their family soon. I wish her nothing but the best!

  2. Michelle October 2, 2009

    I didnt see any lipsynching on IWKWLI. Not bothered to see the other two. But shes stepping it up vocal-wise live.

  3. Michelle October 2, 2009

    she looked like she wanted to cry at first, but maybe she was just trying to concentrate. Its not easy to perform in tv when you know people gon be saying your voice isnt the same anymore or shes lipsynching.

  4. Jemima Homo October 2, 2009

    God I love her but she does look miserable. And fat. And she needs to get those nodules seen to. Obsessed is a hot mess.

    I think she’s on valium or something, cos she’s speaking real slow and mellow and her general demeanour is sluggish.

  5. JR October 2, 2009

    You might as well turn this blog into an I Hate Mariah website. You are so incredibly biased against her and don’t treat any other artist the same way! When Whitney gave DISASTROUS performances on GMA you made excuse after excuse. SMH

  6. Jodeci October 2, 2009

    Im not to big on Mariah but to me she still got it. If you wanna hear her old stuff then go buy the damn albums. Im not understanding your problem Sam. Why would you want everyone of her albums to sound like The Emancipation? That era is done and over with let her move on to a different sound. Me personaily I wouldn’t want evything to sound just like that album it would get old to me.

    Plus I don’t feel its that people are not checking for Mariah it’s just she didn’t even really promote this album like that. and to pull 160k without doing anything is pretty damn good to me. Mariah can stand on her own i’m sure if you wanted to she could kill that game and give us one hell or an album. But at this point what does Mariah really have to prove to anyone anymore?

    She is pretty much one of the top females that ever did anything and is still doing well til this day. Let’s see what she came out in like 91′ right? And now its 2009 and she still here? Thats pretty damn big if you ask me there are not to or none old school r&b chicks that are still around.

    If Mariah would have pushed this album it could and still can be and #1 so I do not think she is irrelative, I just think your being real one sided.

    Please lets face it shes not going to sound like she once did back in her visions of love days! She 39 damn give it a rest because she still can sing circles around half the people out now. Let’s not put her in a box we know what she can do. She didn’t have to give her fans an album but she did so stop acting ungreatful and just enjoy the music because most out today sucks.

    SO i’m not going to sit here and not show my love & support for her i’m going to sit here and appreciate what Mariah gave to us over the years which was good ass music to listen to while shes still here so just show some respect no need to down her.

  7. Adam October 2, 2009

    Do you have to write an essay about her everytime she’s done something? Clearly that alone proves she’s still “relevant”. She didn’t lipsynch at all either. I heard her lipsynch on one falsetto/whistle note.
    You don’t write a singer like Mariah Carey off, she proved that to us already.

  8. Anonymous October 2, 2009

    It’s funny that Sam has to try SOOOOO HARD for people on this site to dislike her (like he does), but it’s SOOO CLEAR that everyone is obviously STILL in love with Mariah.


    The only reason she did “moderate” on TODAY SHOW is because it’s Freakin 40 DEGREES in New York Right now, so of course she couldn’t pull through, I’m surprised she sounded as good as she did!!!


  9. Anonymous October 2, 2009

    It’s funny that Sam has to try SOOOOO HARD for people on this site to dislike her (like he does), but it’s SOOO CLEAR that everyone is obviously STILL in love with Mariah.


    The only reason she did “moderate” on TODAY SHOW is because it’s Freakin 40 DEGREES in New York Right now, so of course she couldn’t pull through, I’m surprised she sounded as good as she did!!!


  10. Julez October 2, 2009

    Mariah is an amazing singer and she performs live very well, i loved her performance of i wanna know what love is. she did incredible. so why so much hate on her? sure she may look a little chunky but her performance was still good, that shouldnt change your opinion on the way someone can sing. Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is a really great album, for those of yall that havent checked that album out, its really good!
    candy bling
    the impossible
    i wanna know what love is
    are my favorites, the whole thing is well put together, except obsessed that song doesnt go imo.

  11. Imyourstar702 October 2, 2009

    LMAO!!! Sam can never give his opinion without people always complaining.

  12. jariah October 2, 2009

    I was ready to cuss out sam and call him an ass and to stop hating.. but…

    mariah isnt the only one who looks like she wanted to cry.. if u cud see my face, i am horrified.. her voice is damaged.. wtf is going on? why is no one doing anything to help her? Why couldnt she just lip synch??

    Oh mariah.. pls get your vocal chords fixed.. As a HUGE LAMB i just dont know how to feel right now..

  13. jariah October 2, 2009

    and she does look so pained or emotional through it all.. i feel like crying, honest to God.

  14. Tiger44 October 2, 2009

    I like Mariah but Sam is right she did sound a mess and all u fans will never live up 2 it thats why her album might flop like 9 time out of 10 it is but hey u put out sh** them are the results u get back…

  15. jariah October 2, 2009

    and is she pregnant or just fat? what is going on?! help! *wails*

  16. jeremimi October 2, 2009

    Do people realize it was actually about 40 degrees in New York (Times Square) when she was performing that early……..SHE WASN’T SUPPOSE TO SOUND PERFECT, THE COLDNESS RETRAINS YOUR VOICE

    DAMN, I hate when NON-SINGERS, try to criticize on vocalist when they know nothing about the VOICE and what are it’s limitations in certain conditions…and she not FAT, she look F****** HOT!!!!

  17. jeremimi October 2, 2009

    Do people realize it was actually about 40 degrees in New York (Times Square) when she was performing that early……..SHE WASN’T SUPPOSE TO SOUND PERFECT, THE COLDNESS RETRAINS YOUR VOICE

    DAMN, I hate when NON-SINGERS, try to criticize on vocalist when they know nothing about the VOICE and what are it’s limitations in certain conditions…and she not FAT, she look F****** S***!!!! Do yall want her to be a skinny b**** forever? DAMN…YALL SO STUPID!!!

  18. Jmoore October 2, 2009

    Mariah needs a reality check. If she think she did any justice to the classis IWKWLI, she must be getting it poppin’ She was trying really hard in these performance, but it was forced. Stop with those annoying notes at the end of every song. we get it, wow a high note, can we get a song where u sing in full voice.

  19. parisian girl October 2, 2009

    i thought i was the only one who noticed she looks “fat”,i don’t know what’s going on in her life but she doesn’t look happy…

  20. missy2009NY October 2, 2009


  21. atlboi_2009 October 2, 2009

    IS SAM A F*****??? LOL she a fat girl

  22. heygurl_19 October 2, 2009

    well as a female i think mariah carey is doin wat she does best and thats sing like no other female can! period. yes we kno beyonce can dance but can she sing like mariah? ummmmm no! so all the lil notes beyonce can get out, mariah does 14xs better but let beyonce do some real notes that no other female singers can belt out and dance at the same time… somethings gonna sound a lil different and best believe lipsynching will b included. love B and M but its REAL S***….

  23. theonenOnly2009 October 2, 2009


  24. yo October 2, 2009

    you ppl r retarded… she is fat… her stomach and thighs are gettin real big… shes gone past the thick curvy look! she became anorexic for the last album and now shes fat for this one.. cold or not… her voice has been sounding raspy for a long time now.. dunno wtf is goin on there and if u dnt believe check out last year performances that were live. as for beyonce… i cant stand her or her music but the stupid b**** can sing and dance and dont hate on her voice cuz its there! shes 27 and shes been singing and travelling and touring non stop yet her voice aint chippin.. guys we need to get with reality.. something is seriously not right with Mariah Carey and if you really care about her and love her you’d stop being blind and help the chick out!

  25. kim October 2, 2009

    Sorry to break it to you lambs but Mariah may not get that #1- Hits is saying that Paramore will get #1 with sales of 185-195k and Mariah 2nd with 160-170k. Yes, these aren’t final numbers or soundscan but it is their revised end of week prediction which is usally right give or take 5-10k

    Even if they are off by that much and somehow mariah gets her lambs to buy 3 or 4 more copies each, it will still be difficult for her to get #1 unless her label buys them.

    Something is wrong with mariah’s music when Barbra streisand can increase her sales over her last album and sell 150k- she’s right on mariah’s b*** with no radio airplay just oprah, a high profile club concert, qvc and small print promo.

    Mariah is a bit pass the thick side on camera which may be an indication of stress or not caring- who knows but it’s not good to go to extremes – skinny for one album nd then weighty fo the other.

    I don’t see much hope for the album 3-4wks out because none of those songs on healbum, ac will touch and r*b buyers don’t spend money for cds pass the 1st week so lambs hate to break it to you, this might be a wrap.

    I’m trying to prepare you lambs so you wont be sad or shocked during the album’s 3rd week. Her album will fall by at least 55-70% like most albums do in their 2nd week, then it will fall another 45-58% for the 3rd week then 50% for 4th week so if these numbers hold and something miraculous doesn’t happen, she’s looking at about 320k in 4 ws- that is what Whitney sold her 1st week out.

    MOIA will go gold but it will be a while- probably by the end of dec, jan 2010. I hope that this will not be another ‘glitter’ for her.

    lack of promo spiel = #fail- Mariah has done tons of promo.

  26. AubreyBOOM October 2, 2009


  27. Liligrey October 2, 2009

    Okay come on now, how gullible are you people… Mariah was not singing through IWKWLI, she lip synched the majority could you not tell. Mariahs fans are very biased…

    Yes, I have to admit, I love the album and its a shame it wont make number one… BUT… Her performances are very lackluster, she isn’t moving or putting down a big routine and has no need to be lip synching like that… Or does she? Its obvious her voice is not up to scratch any more so she stop trying to convince us that she could whistle like she was 10 years ago! Its so obvious that in points of her recent performances, her Mic goes OFF and the backing comes ON… And its annoying to think that she really wants everyone to believe she is belting out notes she can only do with the help of autotune in a studio.

    As a big fan of Britney, I am so open to lipsynching when necessary, but for someone dubbed as a Big VOICE, to deliver performances the was she as of late is not what I would expect.

  28. Ujin October 2, 2009

    I am in NO MEANS a “LAMB”, that said;

    While I can respect your “opinion” Sam, because you are entitled to it…you are being overly-critical instead of giving be professional critic. It seems as though your career is declining. You have too much time to not realize that her voice was on-point.

    BTW, it was 8 in the morning over here… she looked more “just awake” if anything.

    And you failed to notice how personable she was (moreso than late) in her interviews.

    This post…EPIC FAIL.

  29. G.LaSalle October 2, 2009

    That Obsessed performance was an entire mess. She has no stage presence what-so-ever. I just don’t get how someone could be so boring doing a song like Obsessed. I don’t like the song, but she could have did something extra. 😐

    And IWKWLI was like a roller coaster. It was bad when she was singing live, but good when she was lip syncing.

  30. Alfie October 2, 2009

    I love your site and all but really what’s the point of these meaningless rants? You do know that she is 40 and has been recording, singing, touring, promoting for some 20 years? Yea she drinks but she’s also human. Why do you blast her and promote Whitney? I just find it weird when people give backhanded compliments.

  31. Mike October 2, 2009

    Lets see, Mariah is 40 yo, has been singing and performing in the music business for 20 years non stop and did this performance on a cold New York morning. What more do you want Sam?

    You remind me of Perez when he always has something negative to say about Beyonce. And that “gargling gravel” comment was stolen from a comment somebody made about Kelly Rowland’s performance LOL. Ur a mess.

    seriously, why am I not surprised to find another negative Mariah post?

    Personally, I am fine with u airing out your opinions, but when they start to get catty and biased, I get confused as to who you are and what you are aiming for with this site.

  32. Jack October 2, 2009

    The whole dark-skinned black people thing bothers me. Does Mariah have any light-skinned black friends. She ONLY HANGS OUT WITH THE DARKEST OF BLACK PEOPLE. That bothers the eff out of me. She panders to the black community, so she can stick out. YOU WILL NEVER CATCH HER HANGING WITH LIGHT-SKINNED OR LATIN PEOPLE. This is what I despise about Mariah. Do not pass for black because you know you are not. Stop using us. Stop it, now!

  33. Jack October 2, 2009

    Mariah not only drinks, she smoke cigarettes, just not in public. That is the reason for the voice change.

  34. Jack October 2, 2009

    Is Mariah lip syncing on IWTKWLI? I’m confused.

  35. Anonymous October 2, 2009

    Wow i love how people act like mariah has to prove something she dnt have to prove s***. Lets see

    18 number 1’s
    150mil plus albums sold
    11 number 1 debut albums
    longest running number 1 single ( one sweet day)
    5 grammy’s
    best selling artist of the nighties

    S*** she just doin it for fun now what more records can she possibly break.Get off her d*** and stop making yourself belevie she’s bad

  36. Jack October 2, 2009

    Wikipedia is accessible to all of us, we don’t need Mariah’s report card. Thank you very much.

  37. Jack October 2, 2009

    She can break the grammy’s record.

  38. Jack October 2, 2009

    It doesn’t sound like she’s having fun. I smell another label dropping soon. If she is such a superstar, why does she keep getting dropped/fired from record labels?

  39. hahahaha October 2, 2009


  40. hahahaha October 2, 2009

    whatever… her album is still a flop 🙂

  41. battleT October 2, 2009

    @Mike, yeah lots of excuses right? she’s not a morning person, she’s working hard, blogger is biased. LMAO

    Mariah has been lipsynching all her performances in recent years – so we should expect her to sound GREAT (or at least good) in her live performances NOW. She sounds hot mess in IWTKWLI.

    To those who are denying that she lipsynched in IWTKWLI, no she didn’t. But her voice was DUBBED OVER. She didn’t just sound hoarse, her voice CRACKED and she was so OUT OF TUNE. And her stage presence is terrible.

    She’s probably crying because her dream of having another #1 album and #1 single is OVER. This is gonna be a flop…..SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!! HAHA!!!!!

  42. Jack October 2, 2009




    Whitney debuted with 305k albums sold first week. Barbra, with no radio play and no hit single, still has some predicted first week sales of 150k. Mariah with all the hype/promotion/summer hit Obsessed/pushing back her album again and again to “perfect” it—-160k? WHAT!!!!

    People are not gonna buy Mariah’s album because it’s TRASH!!!!!!!!!

  43. Mooriah October 2, 2009

    @02 Oct 2009 at 8:47 pm

    looks like your “longest running number 1 single (one sweet day)” record is about to be broken by BEP…Imagine one of her proudest records being broken plus a FLOP album, that’s gonna be a huge PR disaster for Mooriah.

    haha 🙂

  44. Mooriah October 2, 2009

    about to be broken in two weeks HAHA!!!!!!!!!

  45. Lovelarah October 2, 2009

    …and quit double tweeting it is annoying.

  46. Anonymous October 3, 2009

    Obsessed & make it happen were ok almost bad. Hate u & IWKWLI Lip synced ugh Mariah I’m so disappointed. I’m starting to think her Oprah performance was lipped as well to a live recording.

  47. jeremimi October 3, 2009

    Yall need serious help…this woman was NOT lipping…watch THE VIEW performance of IWTKWLI that SAME DAY and she’ll prove it wasn’t lipped.

    ALSO, It was FREEZING when she was singing there, so it was understandable that her voice was really restrained, but she pulled through like always!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HATE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!

  48. jeremimi October 3, 2009


  49. Mike October 3, 2009

    @battleT No excuses, its fact. Lets be real, not everybody can maintain the same voice for over 20 years of constant use. Especially on a cold morning. Do I believe this is her best work? not at all. Do I believe she can sing like she used to? Nope. But she isn;t terrible either.

    The Blogger is also biased too. Yes, Sam, ur biased. Im sure he understands that this will give him more hits because Lambs tend to be crazy and obsessive, but Lambs shouldn’t really take a person serious who faceless anyhow.

  50. Bobby from Bulgaria October 3, 2009

    Yeah, I’m one crazy and obsessive Lamb and… Sam, I’m gonna kick your lousy biased ass all over the place… :)))

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  51. lool October 3, 2009

    “looks like your “longest running number 1 single (one sweet day)” record is about to be broken by BEP…Imagine one of her proudest records being broken plus a FLOP album, that’s gonna be a huge PR disaster for Mooriah.”
    wtf?are you comparing BEP to Mariah? rofl, this is more then laughable, compare the s*** people like you listen to nowadays and compare to the quality of the music back in the day, now everything is number 1, every little s***, that was more then proved when Umbrella went number 1 for all those weeks.

    Mariah isnt even trying anymore, she is happy, finally we can notice that she is happy, she doesnt care if she gets a little more weight, she isnt that much perfecionist anymore, you know why? because she has proved to everyone already what she is made of, a beatiful talent, with one of the most beatiful voices of the world and with an extremely intelligence to write powerful and meaningful songs

  52. lool October 3, 2009

    “She’s probably crying because her dream of having another #1 album and #1 single is OVER. This is gonna be a flop…..SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!! HAHA!!!!!”
    she never said it was her dream rofl, people like you are the ones that say she wanted that but she will get it, dont worry, your favourite singer will never break her number ones so yeah, you can keep hating cause that isnt going to get you anywhere rofl

  53. daznielle October 3, 2009

    wowo if she sounds like that on stage image whats on the album loooovvveeeee ittttt this make me wanna buy the cd and trust some day i willl cuz the songs are busss lovee ittt keep doing what u do MC and sam keep haten

  54. Dee October 4, 2009

    One main reason for poor Album sales could be the fact that the album leaked this week prior to release. And yes I downloaded it… Its a good solid album and I think she is vocally strong here.
    As for the performance, the crowd were pretty lame and she looked like she did’nt want to be there.

  55. Anonymous October 4, 2009

    Obsessed aint a awfull song. Thats wrong to say that on your page.

  56. Jack October 4, 2009

    Can someone explain the constant lifting. The songs do not talk about higher ground, or reaching to the sky, or lift me up to higher places. The lift does not add theatrics to the performance. I just don’t understand why the lifts are implemented. They seem so out of place. On another note, if Mariah’s album fails, blame L.A. Reid. All these failed albums are under his watch: Memoirs, Discipline, and Just Whitney. The worst thing he could have done for Just Whitney is approved the Diane Sawyer interview. And the dumbest thing he could have done for Memoirs, is approved a beef song with Eminem (master of beefs). I think that beef set a negative tone for the entire album. L.A. Reid is the common thread here.

  57. Ann October 4, 2009

    Mariah’s fans should take a page out of B.Scott’s fan handbook. Everyone knows that he worships Mimi, but he also respect fans of other artists. That is the way to do it. Simply, enjoy Mariah. There is no need to step on others.

  58. Ann October 4, 2009

    There’s a post on here that compares Mariah to Beyonce. Yall annoying ass lambs need to quit it. Step the f*** back. And if Whitney’s fans start acting like yall, karma is going to come back and kick them in the ass. Stop it. I’m from the old school of fan clubs. We only concentrated on promoting and make sure our artist was successful. But I guess the internet and access to quick comments are causing all of this nonsense. Do you ever hear Michael Jackson’s fans constantly putting down other artists. No. That’s why they were able to keep MJ on top even during his death. Concentrate on your own damn artist. Geez.

  59. JimmyBoy October 5, 2009

    OMG you lambs are crazy, good on you for being loyal but LORD can you come up with excuses. If you liked the perfomance then good for you but it wasn’t bad because of :

    the weather, the time, her age, it was her 1st performance of the week, or any other excuse you came up with. NONE of you lambs would let any other female singer get away with any of those excuses.

    She had a bad performance, she lipsynched…… big wup, stop justifying it… it was what it was…….

  60. Bobby from Bulgaria October 5, 2009

    I don’t see how exactly happened this that in the Whitney post you complained about lambs talking about Whitney’s BAD PERFORMANCE AND VOICE and now you come and do the same here about Mariah…

    Well… Don’t be bitchin’ then…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  61. JimmyBoy October 5, 2009

    I am not badmouthing Mariah, everyone has bad performances it’s just a fact of life. All the excuses are funny to me.

    no need for excuses, just a bad perfomance, not the first wont be the last. All performers have them

  62. Peter October 6, 2009

    It’s a shame that Mariah’s album is not selling too well and may actually be known as a flop or disaster, when it is Whitney’s voice that got all that crap in it. She sounds like Captain Crunch when she sings. Her voice scratches like a cat clawing at the walls. She was even caught in Germany smoking a damn cigarette. Her fans are delusioned if they think she is going to get better. How in the hell you’re going to get better smoking down cigs. What Diva you know clears their freaking throat on stage? Well, Whitney does it in her live show from Germany. She’s a loser. At least Mariah wants to succeed. I’m sorry Mariah, or your upcoming album.

  63. jp October 25, 2009

    man ya’ll some hatin asses.. lol!
    but whatever Mariah’s cd for those who love REAL r&b and hip-hop is mad good!!!

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