Whitney To Begin World Tour In UK

Published: Monday 12th Oct 2009 by Sam

Whitney Houston - 'For The Lovers' (Must Listen!)
According reports today, comeback queen Whitney Houston will begin a world tour next April, right here in the UK!

WHITNEY HOUSTON is embarking on her first major UK tour in more than a decade.
The diva will play five arena dates in April.

She said: “This is my first full tour since 1999.

“I cannot wait to perform songs from my new album along with favourites.”

Whitney will also sing on The X Factor on October 18.

The gigs start at Manchester’s MEN Arena on April 8 before taking in Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle and London’s O2 on April 25. {Source}

Like most, I too am wondering whether Whitney’s voice is capable of a world tour at this point. That said, I commend her for going out there and doing her thing. If anything, continued practice and vocal discipline may just be what she needs.

Your thoughts?

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  1. rnbboy October 12, 2009

    I am sooooo excited – saw her at what I consider to be at her peak in 1999 for the MLIYL and she blew me away!

    I doubt she would undertake a tour if she couldnt sing and hopefully practice, vocal care etc will improve that voice! Yes it has its ups and downs but she can still kill it!!!

  2. lakvir October 12, 2009

    wow, amazing, cant wait. she really does need to look after her voice to do a world tour though.

  3. Imyourstar702 October 12, 2009

    I’ll be there no matter what, i dont think we should worry about her voice because she knows her voice better than anyone else so if she couldn’t do it then she wouldn’t.

  4. nate October 12, 2009

    well they say your voice is a muscle.. the more you work it out, the stronger it gets.. Im sure/hope theres a vocal coach thats working with her now, and will continue to through this.. I’m geeked that Whitney is doing her thing though, I hope she does more performances over here tho, she should do The View, and SNL, and some late night shows first.

  5. Roabsalom October 12, 2009

    This is an amazing after all the years of hard living. To even try to pull this off is a compliment to her and her management. People fail to realize that Whitney has never stopped performing. She will do fine and her voice will only continue to get better. Good for her…make those coins mama!!!

  6. Peter October 12, 2009

    Stop smoking cigarettes is what Whitney needs to do. If she doesn’t do that then the condition of her voice will remain as it is now and then decline even further. Trust. Just listen to Dionne Warwick’s voice. I truly hate that after been given a second chance, Whitney still does not take care of her instrument. And for all of you who thinks she may have slowed-down the smoking, just listen to her heavy breathing, short notes, tiredness, and scratchiness that she has during her live performances. Hell, in Germany and France she even took a “cough” on stage to clear her throat. Totally undiva like and disheartening. I will totally not pay for a Whitney concert unless I begin to hear consistency in her voice. Can you imagine, chopping down those prices, and for some, travelling to another country, just to hear “cough, cough, hack, hack?”

  7. Peter October 12, 2009

    The only time Whitney ever gives a good performance as of late is when she is singing in front of Clive, i.e, Oprah and WMA 2004. Pat, her sister-in-law/manager does not seem to know how to manage Whitney’s PR when she is on th road. In Germany, there was a picture of Whitney smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of red wine. Now, this will not be alarming for any other artist who is about to perform, but for Whitney, it is a PR disaster. She should not be performing under any kind of influence, even though I know it can be a nervous situation. And, smoking cigarettes in public is simply not lady like, nor GOOD FOR HER VOICE. Then returning to the U.S. on a plane, a beautiful and peaceful picture of Whitney was taken by a passenger. However, the story written about the picture was not pretty; another PR disaster. Pat needs to stop being Whitney’s relative and learn how to manage her on the road. Yes, even though Whitney is an adult, she has proven that she can act childess, rude and arrogant if no one is there is tap that leg every now and then.

  8. Mike October 12, 2009

    She knows better then to do the US first.

  9. GW October 13, 2009

    Consistency is the only thing she need to work on and a tour is the perfect chance for her to work on this. Sometimes her voice can be really hoarse, but on another day she can sound really good. like, REAL GOOD. Can’t wait for her to perform live.

    Meanwhile, I heard that her album is still selling really well in its fifth week. and is about to surpass Kelly Clarkson as the best selling album by a female artist in 2009 – despite the fact that Kelly’s album was out over 6 months ago!


  10. Anonymous October 13, 2009

    a “world” tour but only in the UK? get it together dummy

  11. Peter October 13, 2009

    GW, if Whitney keeps consistently smoke cigarettes, her voice will not improve. It’s not rocket science to foresee the outcome of her voice with the use of cigarettes.

  12. Asra October 14, 2009

    Peter: GET LOST! Whitney is STILL the -ish! DEAL with it! JHEEZ! She’s BACK. No more needs to be said if it aint positive.

    I WILL be there. LOVE Whitney LOVE the album. She CAN do it. People need to lay off the 1980’s comparisons. ITS BEEN OVER 20YRS since her peak-peak-peak and still half the artists today can’t touch her peak. She’s changed, so has her voice, we all know the story. GET OVER IT!

  13. Peter October 14, 2009

    I could care less about Whitney’s voice of the 80s or 90s, I just want her to stop hacking on stage. Is that too much to ask of a Diva? Stop smoking cigarettes to the point that you are coughing and hacking on effing stage, damnit!!!!!!!!

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