New Song: Michael Jackson – ‘This Is It’

Published: Monday 12th Oct 2009 by Sam

‘This Is It’, a previously unreleased Michael Jackson track, which will be used to promote the late star’s Docu-Movie of the same name,was unveiled by Sony early this morning. The record, which was interestingly recorded back 1991 during the ‘Dangerous’ studio sessions, features his brothers on backing vocals.

About whether the track is any good; though, not bad at all, it expectedly sounds a little dated, and to be honest, kinda unfinished – which leaves me a lil salty as to why as was dug out of the vault in the first place. The chorus’ seem like its building towards a rapturous, choir-style peak (see: Michael’s ‘Cry’), yet turns out to be rather repetitive, without the best diction either. With Sony having confirmed that the song WILL NOT be available to buy by itself, only as part of the ‘This Is It’ soundtrack, this is all seeming a lil ‘kaching’ in my opinion. As much I’m interested in MJ’s older material, I’m much keener on hearing the material he’d been working on in his final years (‘Invincible’ sessions and to his passing). However, I’m guessing the label are keeping that tucked away, to make more money (for themselves and the MJ estate) at a later point. For as dodgy as this is, it further reinforces the reality that this is all a business. Just the way it is, I guess. Anyway, your thoughts…

Movie out October 28th

Soundtrack out October 26th

Hit or Miss?

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  1. gary October 12, 2009

    AMAZING!!!!!!! alot like human nature =D

  2. Oggie October 12, 2009

    I think your being too harsh. This Is It is classic Michael, people all over the world love to here work that was unreleased new and old, fans are loving this tune, he had planned to sing this song at the show, and it is the title of the show ‘This Is It’.

    it was actually previously available on an album from a friend of Michaels called Safire.

    It’s very easy for people to be sinicle about The Jackson family, but remember this, the bottom line is they are a Black family and in our society 9as you yourself even pointed out from x factor last nite) it’s easy for society to try to forget us. Michael is by far the most amazing and influental performer to ever grace earth, his brothers and sisters feel that it is now there purpose to make sure he is never forgotten and his memory lives on!

    Yes they may profit from it, but if i died, I would not want my family to be broke i would want them to eat on all the hard work that i have done becuase they are my first priority, michael would not want it any other way, anyone who loves there family would not want it any other way!

    Michael is dead now we will NEVER here new recordings from him again so let everything he ever worked on live on and keep him alive in all of our heart, minds and souls becuase thats what he deserves for giving us the best that any artist has ever given!

  3. lakvir October 12, 2009

    I love it! i agree it does sound a little dated but we still listen to the thriller album and off the wall album and if one of those songs came out today we would think the same.

    however i may be biased because as my dad says ‘according to me MJ can do no wrong!’

    we miss you MJ. xx

  4. IVORY’S INTELLECT October 12, 2009

    I don’t mind unreleased songs, but would he have wanted them released after all this time? He could’ve done it in the past eighteen years.

    I just hope the songs meant for his children stay that way. We had MJ longer than his own children, so it’s only fair that they have at least that. Knowing Sony, AEG and some selfish fans, those songs will be sold in the coming years.

  5. jasmine October 14, 2009

    I love the song (no I’m not just saying that bcuz he’s dead) It’s really nice to hear his voice on a record because we will never see him grace another stage with his amazing dancing. Michael Jackson is and will always be the KING OF POP…R.I.P MJ

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