Britney Lip-Synch Drama Rocks Australia


Pop superstar Britney Spears is said to be ‘extremely upset’, following the controversy which greeted her recent Australian shows.

The mother of two, whose hugely successful Circus tour, hit Down Under last week, was reported to have left fans disgruntled after lip-synching the entire set, with some angry fans even leaving the show’s venue, Perth Burswood Dome, after just three songs. Other fans were reportedly disgruntled as they were unable to see Spears on the large screens, with some simply unsatisfied with her ‘lackluster’ performance.

“We are really big Britney fans, but it was crap,” Josh Blee complained to Australia’s News Limited newspapers. “I thought after the music awards she would make up for it with a wicked concert, but she has let us down.”

Some fans had paid up to $1,500 AUD to watch the show from a two-person loveseat “ringside” at the circus-themed concert. Regular seats were sold for $200 AUD. The Australian tour is Spears’ first of the continent.

The debate is not a media spectacle alone, with Australian Fair Trading Minister, Virginia Judge, stating that Sydneysiders would not tolerate a “Mickey Mouse performance” – referring to Britney’s childhood stint in the Disney Mouseketeers.”Let’s be clear – live means live,” she said. “If you are spending up to $200, I think you deserve better than a film clip.”The NSW Government would be happy to look at options, such as a disclaimer on a ticket which would warn consumers a performance is pre-recorded.” {Source}

I kinda go back and forth with myself about this one; on the one hand, some artists’ main forte is stage-show spectacle and overall performance (see: Janet, Ciara etc), hence lip-synching isn’t that big a deal. Yet on the other hand, surely if you’re a singer, you should actually sing, regardless of whether ‘performer’ or otherwise? It doesn’t help Britney’s case either that she seems to have forgotten how to dance as well.

Nonetheless, I’m sure fans will continue to flock to her shows and she’ll keep making that cash. I must say, though, I do like the Fair Trading lady’s stance on adding a disclaimer on tickets; as many an artist would rather risk sounding a hot a** mess on stage (in the process bettering their talent in the long run IMO), than have their lip-synching exposed. A win-win for everyone, right?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tori November 9, 2009

    After seeing Pink and Beyonce in concert I can see howtheir arguments are valid, I’ve seen all three and Brit Brit doesn’t hold a candle to Pink and Beyonce
    You want deep down to cheer for Britney, but at some point she has to do better for her fans and step it up, her show has so much going on you almost forget she is performing. She is a fraction of her former self and finally her fans are calling her out on it

  2. whystillinbusiness November 9, 2009

    I’m glad they are making a fuss about it, but it’s not like it’s her first time doing it she has done it during the whole tour and they are the only ones that have the guts to mention it! It’s time these so called talented artist work for their pay. She’s not the only one, her, Rihanna and Ciara are at the top of the list when it comes to lip syncing cause they dont have that ability to move and sing at the same time.. That’s right people make them work for you money… Now do it to all!

  3. Dom November 9, 2009

    Haha about time she was exposed. Its nt worth hoin to see her, pay all that money for crap vocals, sh*t dsncing n no stage presence…

    Im glad shes gettin exposed as the reason she continues to do this, is the fact that everyone lets her get away with it!

  4. Gyanni November 9, 2009

    And you guys still wonder why I stan real hard for Pink and Beyonce?
    Oh hell, even Rihanna I will do.

    The thing is, if she lipsynched and made up for it by killer dance performance and stage present, it would be allright with me. But all she does is stand there, whip here her hair every ten second, move her arms herself constantly and gettin picked every minute by her male dancers!

    I feel really bad for those who are paying top dollars for this lackluster lipsynching fiesta.
    It tells me allot about your love for and taste in live music.

    BTW I can’t wait for No Doubt, Jay-Z, Green Day and GaGa’s concerts. I’ll spend my last money on them anytime. I’m so excited.

  5. LMAO November 9, 2009

    Britney’s name on a concert ticket is a disclaimer its self: SHE WON’T SING A WORD OR INTERACT WITH THE AUDIENCE.

    Even Rihanna is a better dancer than Britney at this point. YEAH, I took it there. Prove me wrong!

  6. Lano November 9, 2009

    The big shock would be if she SANG. Can’t you image what would happen to those poor (stupid) people ears, that payed to see her?

    Thank god for studio enhancement!

    @ LMAO. You made lol’d really hard, my neighbours probally think that there’s some wrong with me. lol

  7. Dina November 9, 2009

    OH MY GOD! I’m so suprised. NOT!

    S****** Spears is a hoax!

    @LMAO. that’s exactly what I was thinking!

  8. MK November 9, 2009

    Errr it’s common knowledge that Britney lip syncs, were the fans stupid enough to think she’d sing live just in Australia?

  9. AWOLLUVA November 9, 2009

    I just can’t wait for the day when this untalented non-singing ass b**** goes away. Her fans are literally (L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y) some of the most ignorant people to grace the face of this earth. They continue to throw away their hard earned money (especially when were in a recession) by supporting this woman who CANNOT DANCE, CANNOT SING, HAS NO STAGE PRESENCE WHATSOEVER, and worst of all, charges 200 dollars for all that b*******.

    Make no mistake about it, at this point it’s her NAME she’s selling, not her talent. Her talent is long gone, and what saddens me more than anything is that her fans are holding their breath waiting for the day she’s able to (lmfao @ this s***) DANCE again! They know she still (after doing this for 10 years) couldn’t sing live if her life depended on it, so all they got is the dancing. And when that goes (which it has), what do they have left? A name, that’s what.

    All I can say is the jig is up, Britney. Your fans are starting to realize what a hack you truly are, and unless a b**** is ready to step her game up and prove she’s a real artist, your days are numbered. Here’s hoping that if she pulls the same s*** on her next tour as she did with the Circus Tour, all her fans around the world (not just the Australians) will finally see things for what they really are and quit supporting somebody who is clearly not in it for the right reasons.

    A HOT ASS MESS, period!

  10. Li November 9, 2009

    You people are so gullible, Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna, they all lip synch parts of their concerts….. BLAH…. Australia, what a bunch of doughnuts, she had done 85 shows before Britney got over there… DId they miss the memo, and when does Britney ever SING LIVE.. Its time to find something else to get her one now or jsut F*** Off… She looks better than half the chicks in the came, she is the only one with staying power, 10 years on and she still clocking up number 1’s and platinum albums where as ‘Queen Beyonce’ is goind downhill with every performance and every album… Give the chick a break, 2 years ago everyone wrote her off and she shut every f***** up cos she is still here, selling more tickets than beyonce is without being rammed in your face every 35 seconds…
    Britneys shows was a huge amazing spectacle and worth every penny and judjing by the you tube clips, Beyonce was on a budget (along with her videos)….

    People really need to take all of these things into account, britney isnt the ‘Biggest Selling Female Artist of the Decade’ for nothing… The FACTS show you exactly who is on top!!!

  11. D November 9, 2009

    GTFOH CIARA DOESN’T LIPSING. regardless ciara puts in more work on stage than any of those bishes from the beyonce to the britney

  12. me November 9, 2009

    sam dont put ciara in your mess. beyonce and ciara lipsing in part but not an entire show and they dance all the way through. janet adn britney lipsing all the way through.

  13. anonymouss November 9, 2009


    what kinda f****** retards would pay $1000 to see britney stand there in the crowds???

    i just DONT GET IT. can someone please explain?

    even watching her s***** performances on dvd dont get me hyped. so why would someone in their right mind pay even $200 to see that BS???

    UGH. and yet she’s selling out all over the world, thousands of idiots given away their hard earned money to see this chick prance around from a mile away. WHY??

  14. MK November 9, 2009

    ^ WTF is it with you people and that video…f*** off?

  15. SparkD November 9, 2009

    Fans need to enjoy the Britney experience! A true Britney Spears fan doesn’t attend her show to hear live singing. If that’s what they were expecting, then it’s their fault!!!

  16. AWOLLUVA November 9, 2009

    @ ME, Janet does NOT f****** lipsynch all the way through her shows, where the hell did you get that retarded piece of information from?? Check out her Rock Witchu Tour on YouTube and then talk some smack like that! It f****** irks me to the third degree when people say Janet lipsynchs because you can watch any video of her live and TELL she doesn’t. Janet has a way of making it known when she’s singing live, vs when she’s not, during a performance. And don’t even think about putting Janet and Britney in the same sentence, please and thank you!

    @ UBRITNEY, that video doesn’t prove s***! She sounded just as bad before 1999 as she does now! I damn near choked on my pizza when the interviewer asked if she liked her voice, and Britney responds with “I’ll be honest with you, I think it’s okay”, DEAD!!! XD

    @ LI, I agree with you on the fact that Britney’s half-naked ass doesn’t need to be shoved in our faces 24/7 to get exposure, unlike Beyonka’s s**** ho self. THAT MUCH I will give Britney. But the fact that she’s the best selling female artist of the decade still scares me. I hope 2010 – 2020 is a lot better music wise and we all smarten up and stop supporting bubblegum b******* and artists who don’t write even a FRACTION of their own lyrics.

  17. parisian girl November 9, 2009

    poor britney,it’s about time!i love her but i hope she will learn her lesson and for the next tour she will try to sing live

  18. marquies November 9, 2009

    @ Li death! u wish beyonce got worst every performance u just mad britney hasnt gave a decent performance since 01 sit the hell down every beyonce album from 2003 (wen bee went solo) has out-sold a britney record INCLUDING her big comeback carnival w/e the hell its called, while circus stalled at 3 million i am… sasha fierce is at 5 million MAD!

  19. thatgrapefruitjuice November 9, 2009

    @Marquies, can you provide a source that says sasha fierce is at 5 million?? otherwise I don’t believe that at all, last I checked it was at 4 million not 5. as far as album sales are concerned, britney’s first album sold more copies than all of beyonce’s albums combined, so you’re wrong there as well.

    im a britney fan but i agree that the girl is lacking in the performing aspect of her career. she needs to step it up big time otherwise it aint gonna only be the aussie fans that call her out

  20. Jweezy November 9, 2009

    Ummm…..hello Janet sings live on f****** tours….now award shows that’s a different story.

  21. Lovelarah November 9, 2009

    Britney is not really free now, no true artist can be crative & at there best when confined….it will get better. Give her a minute.;)

  22. Lovelarah November 9, 2009

    Britney is not really free now, no true artist can be creative & at there best when confined….it will get better. Give her a minute.;)

  23. Boogie November 9, 2009

    Personally, being a dancer myself. YES Britney has dropped the ball in the dance category. All she’s about is the hand movements to make it look like she’s doing a lot. As for as the singing. She’s really never sang live. I was at the Greensboro NC show where she actually sung You Oughta Know, and it was even hard to figure out if she was singing. She was drowned out by the music. It’s a way around it, if she really wanted to sing. Putting her and Janet against each other in the lyp-synching category. Janet all the way, she’s smart about it, she pre-records her music as in an actually live performance. Britney, she just presses play on the cd and moves her lips. Was i dissapointed in the show. NOT AT ALL. If she cameback would i go again. Yes i would. The stage show made up for the lack of her performance.

  24. marquies November 9, 2009


    i didnt say beyonce has out-sold britney all together i said ever since 2003 (when bee went solo) any album that britney has put out has not out-sold a beyonce record which is fact dil sold more than in the zone, bday sold wayyyy more than blackout, and i am… sasha fierce has sold more than circus THOSE ARE FACTS

    as far as i am sasha fierce it has sold exactly 4897500+ copies (rounded to five) this is released from sonymusic under highlight fifth buliteen

  25. anonymouss November 9, 2009

    the britney experience = spending $1000 watching some dumb blonde twirl & whip her weave around when u can just do it urself for free :/

    no, thank you.

  26. steven November 20, 2009

    To the lip-synching queen of pop. Your concert is the worst concert I have ever been too. I have been to over hundreds of concerts from pink , robbie williams, matchbox 20, AC/DC, green day, you britney are the worst ever performer, sorry you are not a performer you are no better than a lip-synching drag queen doing a show in a gay club. Britney go home back to yankie land and NOT come back to Australia ever again.

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