Beyonce Accused Of Song-Stealing; Due In Court Next Month?


The accusations of song-stealing against Beyonce aren’t seeming to subside, with the superstar possibly due in court soon over yet another copy-cat claim against her. Destiny’s Child’s 2005 single ‘Cater 2 U’ is the song in question, after a Chigcago songwriter’s copyright infringement, lodged in 2006, is set to go to before a judge next month. The Chicago Sun-Times elaborates on the story:

…Chicago songwriter and performer Rickey Allen says it’s his song, and a judge has given the green light for a jury to hear his claims against Mrs. Jay-Z.

Allen first copyrighted his “Cater 2 U,” — with the same spelling — in the mid-1990s. He performed the song locally and updated the copyright three times, as recently as 2000.

Allen’s song is about “relieving the stress of a significant other, and getting them to relax.” He says Destiny Child’s version contains similar steamy lyrics.

When Allen’s song says: “I want to rub you down,” Destiny’s Child asks: “Want a foot rub?”

Allen’s lyrics say: “The tub has hot steam rising,” and “I’m waiting to soak your body through.”

The Destiny’s Child song offers to: “Let me run your bath water.”

“Do we say [Beyonce’s] responsible for copying? Yes. But there’s no such thing as innocent copying, even if it’s unintentional,” said Allen’s lawyer, Matt Wildermuth. “The jury will decide the notion that these are simple coincidences.”

Allen says he passed a copy of his “Cater 2 U” to Chicago remixer Maurice Joshua, and the two planned to collaborate on a demo.

That never happened, Allen says. But Joshua later spent several hours in a session with Destiny’s Child recording a different song, according to court papers. Joshua says he never had a copy of Allen’s work.

Lawyers for the threesome say the case has no merit and asked that it be tossed.

It was Knowles who was the source for the idea of “Cater 2 U,” her lawyers said in a court filing.

“She is perhaps the most important witness for the defendants,” they said.

U.S. District Judge James Holderman has ruled there’s enough evidence for the case to go before a jury, pointing to Joshua as the link and saying it’s possible he could have provided a copy of Allen’s song before they released their hit. The trial was delayed once because of conflicts with Knowles’ schedule but is set for Dec. 10.

Lord knows if this is actually true (though in this particular case I am quite doubtful). That said, Bouncy sure is having this copy-cat thing thrown at her a hell of a lot. One has to wonder if it’s a case of “no smoke without fire” or folk just coming at her every which way as she’s at the top of her game.

Your thoughts?

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  1. philly November 9, 2009

    this happens with every album. she is always claimin to be a songwriter and she isnt. she is ridiculous. Solange is the real talent in that family. if they would put as much money into the kelly and tenitra or solange they would be just as big of stars.

  2. Dina November 9, 2009

    Why does only Beyonce getaccused, when (if the accusation is true) she’s not the one that a copy or anything. Oh yeah, blast here name across a controversial topic and you’re going to get more press. THE POWER OF BEYONCE.


  3. Seye November 9, 2009

    Sounds Like Some Effie White Vs The Dreamettes Fuckery.

  4. Li November 9, 2009

    PHILLY….. LOVE THE COMMENT, Finally someone who sees the true talent in Solange (who may I add writes half of Beyonce’s music)…

    She is the one with a better voice (she never shouts at me)… She gives you a solid performance (not 1/6 of the song like Beyonces EMA)… And she inspiring with her projects… Her videos, performances and her attitude. You get a sense of a real person with Solange, its a shame her talent goes unnoticed by many…

  5. Tonio November 9, 2009

    You can truly tell this lady is in her prime because people are out to get her…so sad….

  6. csc November 9, 2009

    you do know about “if i were a boy”, right?

    and that she’s listed as a songwriter in her version of “silent night”, despite not adding new lyrics other than some yodeling here and there?

  7. C November 9, 2009

    1. Why did this person wait so long to say something?

    2. Anyone ever noticed that a new scandal pops up everytime she is about to release something?

    think about it…

  8. KNUCK November 9, 2009

    He didn’t wait.. he filed the complaint in 2006..

  9. anonymouss November 9, 2009

    yea, she really dont write s***. she needa stop pretending she is, she got enough royalty money as it is…

    still a big stan of her (performance) work tho ^^

  10. C November 9, 2009

    @LI wtf? Solange isnt a big star becuase she has a bitchy attitude. Ppl dont like her because she acts like a spoiled brat.

    And Solange has nowhere near the vocal talent or showmanship of her sister.

  11. Adam November 9, 2009

    Lmao at the lyrics!!! Wow well done, they both talk about a bath and a rub down. Beyonce is getting the whole suit because she is the main writer of the song, and as it says, the source of it. It’s so obviously her writing, any fan of hers can see that. Other than the title they share a thematic similarity, nothing else.

  12. Laura November 9, 2009

    They did not wait so long. Do you know how long it takes for a case to be judged ?

    Besides, I thought that we all knew by now that Beyoncé doesnt write her own songs. Just a few harmonies here and there and BAM ! Her name is in the credits.
    How can she write a song when she’s barely able to express herself in public ? No offence there but it’s true.

    Her name in the credits = more renown and more money in the bank

  13. dillpickle November 9, 2009

    This bish is always getting sued for stealing people’s songs.

  14. C November 9, 2009

    ok now I see why the case took so long to be processed

  15. Fedde November 9, 2009

    Come on, this is NOT the frist Beyonce steals the song… she does that all the time… duhh

  16. Larry November 9, 2009


  17. Lovinman November 9, 2009

    Not suprising!
    I’m so sick of her

  18. Laura November 9, 2009

    Larry, sorry for you but copyright affairs are a bit more complexe than just “are the words different or not”. You can steal an idea – it’s still against the law.
    And most importantly, it’s not respectful for the person who thought about it in the first place. Where is moral there ?

  19. philly November 9, 2009

    someone of beyonce’s caliber? ummm mariah is bigger, never been sued for stealing a song. and she writes EVERYTHING except her covers.

    “smack into you” by beyonce this time around… it was written by tricky and the dream and jon mclaughlin. beyonce takes it and changes smack into smash and gives herself a writing credit. im sorry but that is stealing. she is a joke. im so sick of her. take your whip-your-weave music and go away for a couple of years.

  20. haila November 9, 2009

    Wouldn’t surprise me. She is known for this.

  21. YO BOSS… B**** November 9, 2009

    IF you’re sued constantly & EVERY case is DISMISSED & NEVER settled… whta does that tell you? I guess ole Mystical Wizard Matthew paid off all the jurors & judges?

  22. AWOLLUVA November 9, 2009

    This thieving ass b**** has done it again, TAKE HER FOR ALL SHE’S WORTH, lol! They got that nappy ass weave sown on her head too damn tight, I bet she doesn’t even realize she steals people’s s***, that’s the sad thing about it. Sam you can be doubtful all you want, but this is too good to be simply a “coincidence” and I hope she gets called out once and for all for the fraud that she is. The day she TRULY writes one of her songs is the day hell freezes over, and I’m in no rush to buy a parka…

  23. whystillinbusiness November 9, 2009

    Free Press, what’s Michelle doing that’s major, what’s Kelly doint that’s major Nothing. Beyonce makes 80-87 mil a year. Why not choose her out of all of them?

  24. whystillinbusiness November 9, 2009

    People get mad because Beyonce and Matthew know how to play this music business game. They are out for money, look at TLC and others who had to file bankruptcy after making millions? Not the Knowles clan. Beyonce has worked hard for her money and she deserves every penny. Go sell out concerts and still go bankrupt how crazy is that. I dont blame them one bit..

  25. Laura November 9, 2009

    I’m in shock …
    There are different ways of playing whystillinthebusiness. I suppose they are honest players, and others who are not. But those who are not clearly don’t deserve to be credited for the work of others. Final point.
    And let’s remember that money is not a proove of talent nor of honesty and moral

  26. dillpickle November 9, 2009

    ^^ So, basically it’s o.k. to steal from people in the name of paycheck.

  27. :):) November 9, 2009

    Shes always doing this, sampling bits and pieces but not everyone can just write songs of the top of her head – and come up with beats.
    It happens… I can see myself doing something like this and thinking i’d never get caught.

    She’ll be fine, she’ll learn fromh er mistakes

  28. Steven Lee November 9, 2009


  29. tone November 9, 2009

    Shouldn’t he be going at Maruice Joshua since he took the song and went to DC with it?

  30. marquies November 9, 2009


  31. November 9, 2009

    LOL to people still referencing the EMAs as a reason why Beyonce is not good.
    It was one performance! And though it was far too short it was good while it lasted, and she’s never had a performance that was that “bad” as you say before, so I duno why you’re using it like it’s a usual thing.

  32. Pinkpop November 9, 2009

    she never got writing credits for IF I WERE A BOY…. check your facts… and by the way, the credits for CATER 2 U include Kelly, Michelle, and Darkchild

  33. AWOLLUVA November 9, 2009

    @ whystillinbusiness (November 9, 2009 at 11:14 am), CORRECTION: Beyonka DOES NOT make 80 million a year. She made 80 million LAST YEAR, so let’s not twist facts around please and thank you. 😉

  34. termara November 9, 2009

    what is confusing me is that there are 5people named as writers on the song [kelly, michelle, beyonce, rodney jerkins and ric rude] why is she the only one being called out . Will the other writers be called to testify as well?

  35. diva2 November 9, 2009

    This is so sad. Every time someone of importance succeed in life here come some low life that thinks they can claim ownership and get paid.

  36. B. Mike November 9, 2009

    I think it’s true. I love Beyonce to DEATH, but my boo has been accused of this just too many times. There has to be some truth in it somewhere. She may be unintentionally doing it, but that bish is stealing music LOL!

  37. parisian girl November 9, 2009

    I AM…SUCHA THIEF is back!!!
    if you liked it then you shoulda put your name on it

  38. wisdomvbody November 9, 2009

    the difference between madonna brittany mariah and others who get writing credit is that they don’t go on record saying they actualy wrote the song! beyonce actually says she writes the songs! ne-yo had to call her about saying she wrote irreplaceable she does a great job with the harmony, but she just doesn’t write but i truely believe she wrote bootylicious lmao

  39. C November 9, 2009

    Oh NOW I see this guy is out for money, otherwise he would sue ALL the authors of the song.

    And Mariah Carey? The same chick who got sued for plagarism 5 times? That Mariah? lol you ppl need better examples

  40. GeeMan November 9, 2009

    All artists get called out for song stealing who donesn”t but there is only so many times you can be accused of something. At this point from what I have heard from a soure is that Matthew pays off songwriters so B can get writing credit or she sometimes harmonies here and there or she might help arrange a song as she did with irreplaceable. In my opinion I believe Beyonce is reponsible for most of DC material along with co writers.

  41. Hm? November 9, 2009

    1. Beyonce made a mistake ONCE about saying she wrote Irreplaceable and now every time someone needs to say she lies they bring that up. There are countless other interviews from that time (and I think even before that) where she says that Ne-yo wrote it.
    2. If you record a song, and change some of the lyrics, how are you NOT a writer of the song? I mean THAT particular version of the song. I understand that its really insignificant and truly there should be more significant changes but in theory if it’s different then it’s different. It’s a black and white sort of thing. Is there changes? Yes? Well then it’s changed.

  42. denise November 9, 2009

    beyonce is always stealing s*** so what else is new?!

    she obvious steals s*** to stay on top

    what a b****

  43. Prince November 10, 2009

    I AM…SUCHA THIEF is back!!!
    if you liked it then you shoulda put your name on it
    WU-OH-OH!!! <—– loooooooooooool

    but yhh beyonce we know you a swagga Jacker soo we aint suprised loool jheeez if you do want to steal other people song do it AND DONT GET CAUGHT BISH Loool

  44. Info November 10, 2009

    Look yall, some of yall may not kno this but theres more to song writing than lyrics…Theres rhythm, harmony, pitch, and melodies. They all tie into writing and thats what beyonce does as well.

    I’ve seen videos of her actually sitting down and writing lyrics too, so theres no questioning about that.

  45. caroline November 10, 2009

    she had to pay desiree 200,000 for stealing her song. look that up

  46. Eddie November 10, 2009

    I hate things like this. Like, neither songs sound original. If you dig enough, you will probably find songs that they both sound like, including each other.

    But, either way, the Joshua guy seems to be the problem. If he came at Bey with an “idea” that was based on that guys song, and in turn the lyrics become what they are… wouldn’t and shouldn’t he be suing Joshua?

    I understand going for the bucks but it seems like he could lose this ordeal.

  47. Info November 11, 2009

    @CAROLINE….no caroline she didnt get sued for stealing the song

    Beyonce got sued because she had made a video to “kissing you” when she wasnt suppose to.

  48. THIS IS JUST CRAZY! December 3, 2009

    people keep crying..oh..why he did this so says the case was opened in 2006….lmao…it takes years sometimes for things to come to surface w/court.

  49. tones October 30, 2010

    beyonce steals all the time, this is nothing new.If I Were a Boy, Baby Boy, Naughty Girl, Still in Love, Smash into You, Halo, Irreplaceable, Upgrade U. Her videos, Get Me Bodied, Suga Mama, If I Were a Boy

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