Britney Teams Up With Darkchild

Published: Thursday 26th Nov 2009 by Sam

With Britney Spears‘ new album set for a May 2010 release, the Pop starlet and her team have enlisted hitmaker Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins (‘Feedback’, ‘When I Grow Up’) to produce for the project. Confirming the news of his Twitter page today, Jerkins said:

In the studio creating a smash for Britney right now!!! Got the call this morning!!! January we start!!!

I’m somewhat cynical about Ms Spears’ dropping a new album, when all signs point to her being nowhere near capable of performing at world-class standard…hell, not even a local talent show (I’m not being a cow…I’m just being honest). That said, news of her working with Darkchild and apparently reverting back to the more Urban-influenced/darker sound of her ‘Blackout’ LP (her best IMO), has me quite eager to hear her new studio offerings. I’m just hoping she remembers how to dance come time of album release, as I doubt many will be cutting her any slack for sloppy performances this go-round.

Tidbit: Other producers/writers said to be working on the project include Danja, Fernando Garibay, and Sean Garrett.

Are you anticipating Britney’s new album?

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  1. Thatmangojuice November 26, 2009

    yes, agreed on the comment that Blackout was her best album. And yes i am anticipating it, for some reason ever since i was a kid britney’s music has always appealed to me.. i just always like it for some reason.

  2. D-enda November 26, 2009

    Look, we all know what Britney isn’t the best performer. We knew this since atleast Blackout. She more than likely will not be able to go back to her ‘In the Zone’ era of hot dance moves and performances. Still, her audio tracks are hot as hell.

    And it does not matter enough if you think she should not perform. Her tracks do well enough even today. Last I remember you hated 3, and it went #1 quicker than you could rant about rihanna. So shut the hell up you f****** hater.

  3. 12345 November 26, 2009

    Well, Britney has the strangest success I’ve ever seen, she never has promotion, never goes to shows to make interviews etc… and she is always number 1 with huge numbers without people even noticieing she would come out with another song/album.

    She has very loyal fans and yeah, Blackout is a good album

  4. parisian girl November 26, 2009

    yes britney!!danja+darkchild=perfection!!i’m anticipating this damn mothafuckin album!!
    b**** doesn’t even need to perform to have a #1song,”3″will be certified platinium next week in the U.S!that’s what i call literally and effortlessly slaying!!
    her fanbase will always support her!

  5. yesyes November 26, 2009

    BLACKOUT IS A CLASSIC ALBUM. You cant play her early stuff without hearing a definite ‘time period’ but INZ & Blackout have a ‘madonna/michael J’ timeless quality. In 5/10 years time and theyll still sound fresh.

    Darkchild & Danja + Britney has the potential to be amazing. She might not sing live but her studio vocals have a beautiful quality, and work really well with amazing production. Id also love to see some ‘the dream & tricky’ do some work for her. i can see this album having a real smoothness to it with some insane club jams. Maybe a britney ‘like a surgeon’ (ciara) track????

  6. blu_majik November 26, 2009

    If this album is a combo of both Blackout and Circus (moreso Blackout), then it will definitely be a hit. Blackout is still on constant rotation for me. I’m rooting for Brit-Brit. Before touring and promoting the album she should take a rest and then go to those dancing classes she goes to in order to perfect her craft.

  7. Jasmine November 26, 2009

    I think its too rushed. Why doesn’t she take dancing classes after her tour and get some new routines along with working out more before putting out another album.

  8. j-rocka November 26, 2009

    Britney is one of the best pop singers out there! But darkchild always brags and never make the tracklisting lol like the song he gave ciara pucker up was a Britney rejected track.

  9. Christian November 26, 2009

    Hey Sam, Britney is also working with Max Martin, Dr. Luke and David Guetta. As a Britney fan since the day she’s been on the scene, I know what she’s capable of and her performances over the years re-assures of her great talents. So me personally I’m not worried when her next album comes out and when she’s starts performing because I know she still has the IT factor and she’s gonna prove why she’s still and remains a strong force in the music industry

  10. MT November 26, 2009

    Besides the “Overprotected” remix, Darkchild also produced “Lonely” for Britney from the “Britney” album… one of the most overlooked and underrated Britney songs ever.
    You should post this song on your page as part of your “Songs you’ve never heard” or whatever its called.

  11. rightround(U.S.A pride!) November 26, 2009

    hmm sure. i probably wont be buying her album(singles maybe) but she HAS to step up her performances. that’s what made her BRITNEY SPEARS!

  12. sk8erboi November 26, 2009

    David Guetta is producing for her too

  13. anon November 26, 2009

    wow i loved blackout! and circus wasnt too bad either..but with her recent nonchanlence with her own music, like in the 3 video, i doubt people would be interested in her anymore…maybe 300k for her album debut in US. and sucky vocals for her new songs…

  14. Leighton November 26, 2009

    I loves me some Brit Brit 🙂 but for some odd reason I really did not enjoy “Circus” at all.

    Anyways, I’m super excited 🙂

  15. number1k9 November 26, 2009

    I don’t know how true it is, but I did remember hearing about her canceling her performance/tour in London years back because she hurt her knee(s). But someone said on a blog post, that she doesn’t dance as hardcore as she used to because she cannot afford to hurt her knee/leg again. I mean s*** I would not be willing to hurt my entire life just to give some performances so some will show me respect. Britney has been making great Pop music since 1999, so I don’t see this being a bad album. Someone else said that she should maybe take a break so she doesn’t have another breakdown…. But Britney was always on top of her game when she released singles and albums back to back…. check/see 199-2003 era of Britney Spears.

    I will def. be looking out for this album. Also Christina’s, wonder if that’s why the label is pushing her to come out so quick after these last 3 albums, to bring back the BritneyChristina battle….


  16. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    Screw the performances, like number1k9 said, her knee got real f***** up (not once, but twice), and so her pre-Blackout dancing days are probably over. I buy a CD for something good to listen to, not because of how well an artist performs. This b**** knows how to put some good dance music on a disc, and it’s THAT that will keep her in the business for years to come. It’s the same thing in the opposite corner, like I won’t buy an artist’s CD because I’m not into their music, but will go to their concert if they know how to put on a good stage show.

    Would I ever shell out $200+ to watch this woman half-ass her way around a circular stage? HELL NO! But I will put out $15 to listen to the likings of Danja (the mastermind behind her greatest album yet), and Darkchild produce another smash Britney Spears album. And to hear that David Guetta might jump on the production bus?? A b**** is shaking right now, bring on May 2010 already!! Lol

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