Mariah Set To Leave Island Def Jam?

Published: Thursday 26th Nov 2009 by Trent

As a result of the lackluster reception of ‘Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel’, and Mariah Carey‘s indignation with the handling of the record, sources close to That Grape Juice have informed us that the songbird may just be ready to take flight to a new label. There is reliable word that Carey has been at logger-heads with label-head LA Reid for several months now.

The 39-year old diva has been signed to the Island Def Jam Music Group since 2002. The terms of the singer’s deal entail a minimum of 3 albums for the grand total of 22.5 million dollars, with her being named a joint partner with the Universal Music Group. Carey’s first LP released under the agreement was 2002’s ‘Charmbracelet’ which was followed by the 6x platinum ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’, ‘E=MC²’ and Memoirs…, which was released on September 29th 2009.

If Carey decides to leave IDJ, I will not be shocked. The promotional efforts behind ‘Memoirs…’ reflect less than half of the energy that the label placed into the ‘Emancipation’ project. Has anyone else noticed that she has barely taken any new promotional pictures for this record with the exception of her single covers and the album booklet? Add that to Carey’s criticism’s of ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ being chosen as a single in place of ‘H.A.T.E.U.’, and it’s easy to understand why she might be preparing to ditch the label.

It is no secret that several labels have been itching to sign Carey since she left Virgin Records in 2001. Clive Davis (Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson) at J Records, for instance, tried to get her to join his team. The real question is: should Carey leave IDJ, where would she fit in? I personally think that her best move would be to go back to Sony, where she would be able to get the attention and funding she deserves; a plausible option now that ex-husband Tommy Mottola is no longer with the company. Either way, with a rare talent like hers, she would be an invaluable addition to any label’s lineup.

What do you think Mariah’s next move should be?

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  1. CJ November 26, 2009

    Madonna just left Warner Brothers…they were starting to not give a f*** so Madge said ‘well its been fun….peace’

    Mariah should do the same.

  2. Thatmangojuice November 26, 2009

    I have no idea how they handled marketing, and this article is not giving us much, but if it really was handled poorly then yes leave Mariah. Find better.

  3. Curtis November 26, 2009

    It would be smart to change record labels.

  4. Grape Juice Rayne November 26, 2009

    I know this aint on topic, but i thought Mariah was in her forties? Oh well, guess i was wrong.

  5. No Name November 26, 2009

    I think people forget that “Emancipation” ‘had a saving grace and it was “We belong together”. Without that song being such a BIG hit.. the album would not have done so well.. Being as though the lead single “Shake it off” only reached number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Mariah moving to J records wouldn’t be a smart move, being as though Clive’s main concern will always Whitney.. So yes I agree Sony would be a great move.

  6. 12345 November 26, 2009

    I thought her leading single for “Emancipation” was “It’s like that”?

    Well, this angel really needs someone to give her the credit she deserves, I think Sony would be a good option too, I dont know, I think they always make good decisions with big superstars works…

  7. KNUCK November 26, 2009

    ^^ the lead single was “it’s like that”

  8. nickii November 26, 2009

    Mariah @ J records?….umm huh ….. NO!!!! Her personality will not work with Clive, and Clive was, is, and will always be all about Whitney, so no Mariah @ J records thank you!
    I wish her all the best wherever she decides to go, but Cilve is Whitney’s, and Whitney is Clive’s.

  9. leah November 26, 2009

    B******* Sam! Mariah is at the stage in her career and she has the resources to demand more promo shots if she wants to or take her own. L.Al Reid pushed back the album twice. IMO, the album should have been shelved and pushed back to next year.

    It is too many unispired ballads. Mariah had quite a bit of promo so I can’t blame IDJ for that. The album just didn’t resonate witht he public and noone seems to be checking for Mariah this time. The album is now #95(58) on the charts this week 8 wks out. What is the purpose of releasing the ‘hateu’ video. This album is pretty much over imo. Probably won’t see gold until next spring.

    REgarding her moving to arista/j records- won’t happy. Clive is all about the Whitney, that is and will forever be his most important artist and i don’t think mariah will want to play second fiddle. Barry Weiss may consider signing Mariah but then again, Whitney comes under Sony .

    I don’t see her at capitol because they’re crap. /she needs to go away for 2 yrs but knowing how obsessed she is with numbers and wiht her crossing over to 40, i bet u she tries to come out with another album next year.

  10. Jeremy November 26, 2009

    She needs to leave IDJ ASAP. They broke even by puting ads all throughout her Memoirs CD by ELLE, and then used all of the money on Rihanna promo. IDJ didnt put TV ads out (like they did for her before and do for Rihanna) and did a poor job promoting it on the net. They have been sucking up the singles since after TOUCH MY BODY last year and havent been supporting her. She needs to go back to Sony. Tommy is gone and they always promoted her a ton. The only time they didnt was when Tommy wanted to get at her in 2000, but those days are long gone, and I think they’d treat her right.

  11. mel November 26, 2009


  12. marjan November 26, 2009

    people are such idiots. @ no name. Its like that was her first single and it hit 16. We Belong Together was #1 for 14 non consecutive weeks. and Shake It Off reached Number 2 while We Belong Together was #1. and thats when Stronger by Kanye knocked WBT out of the number one spot and Shake It Off still managed to remain at the number 2 spot for a few extra weeks.

  13. Shawty j November 26, 2009

    She should have just work with jermaine dupri on this album again cause they have the chemistry to make a hit, listen at hateu remix versus the original

  14. 12345 November 26, 2009

    jermaine dupri? naah, I would love e=mc2 if he wasnt talking with that annoying voice in all songs of the album

  15. MT November 26, 2009

    This makes me hate LA Reid even more. Why is he so stupid?!!? He keeps f*cking up all these great artists (Janet, Mariah) and continues to believe that he made the right choice. He needs to retire and never put on a set of headphones ever again.

  16. Lovelarah November 26, 2009

    yeah but Mariah had hits way before Jermaine.

    Memoirs is awesome!!! & I’ll keep saying it.
    Everyone seems to have an opinion but so few sold copies….???

  17. AllNightDontStop09 November 26, 2009

    Yea I think Mariah totally needs to move to anotha label “Memoirs” IMO is her best work
    yeat since The Emancipation. This album could have been so huge in so many ways

  18. jonathan November 26, 2009

    well said grapejuice! i think everyone is to blame, the fans who weren’t supportive anymore once mariah got married, Mariah for letting everyone down at the label and scrapping all projects which costed them lots of money, LA Reid for pushing Dream as producer for the latest record and his bad taste for single choices. I’m no sure Mariah is really interested at making music anymore (at the moment), she wants a more regular life with hubby. So yeah, going back to Sony may be the best option if she still wants to make records….

  19. blu_majik November 26, 2009

    I know right. First Janet and now Mariah? These are the greatest artest of the past 2 decades. LA Reid putting so much money into that Robot girl that their neglecting true talent. Amerie needs to leave as well. As for Mariah, she could go to Colombia/Sony/Epic.

  20. nickii November 26, 2009

    hmm i forgot that Whitney is under Sony!!! This might be a problem to if she goes there! Currently Clive Davis is the Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment Worldwide, so i won’t be wrong if i say that Whitney will come first on Sony’s list and J- records. So Mariah will be in second position wherever she goes to J- records or Sony! I don’t see her accepting the second role lol, so Sony hmmm i will be surprised if she signs there!
    Damn, Whitney is one lucky Lady! I bet she sleeps like a baby at night , no label drama. She is in a very comfortable position.Her and Clive are tight!!! Many artists will kill to have the kind of relationship that she has with Clive.

  21. Craver November 26, 2009

    Honestly, and some people may not like this, but I just don’t want to see Mariah as an “artist”, atleast not for a while. I am not doubting or knocking her ability as an artist, but I think she’s really feeling the pressure from the trouble she’s had with her voice and with the standard people are expecting her to live up to so she winds up making songs you’d expect from a 20 year old ( see “Obsessed). I’d much rather her take some time back and do some non-music related activities, or if she really had to do music, I’d like to see her work with some new people and possibly help mentor some other up and coming artists. Maybe even consider some collaborations but that’s just for the future.

  22. Jasmine November 26, 2009

    I don’t think its right to keep blaming IDJ for Mariah’s last two CDs. Her promotion budgets were huge and just because her last two CDs did not sell like Emancipation did is not the label’s fault. Mariah has full creative control on who she works with and it was Mariah that decided to only work with the Dream and tricky stewart for her last CD. Also, Mariah did not tour for E=MC2 and has not stated any plans to tour for Memoirs either.

    When Emancipation came out Mariah was fully on board to tour, do numerous radio/tv interviews, and tv performances. Any label she goes to would want to fully be on board to promote her efforts with live performances and interviews. Otherwise, what is the point? I think she needs to stop releasing CDs so close together and take some time off to practice getting her voice back up to par, work with different types of producers to get some hits, and record an album that will sell big commercially.

  23. Dom November 26, 2009

    Emancipation was only a hit becausd of We Belong Together! That is what saved her. She needs a breakthrough hit, just like mary did with Be Without You.

    I say, she needs to have more hits, better single choices and work with BCox!!!!!

  24. jonathan November 26, 2009

    jasmine, Mariah didn’t has full control, she was “forced” to work with The Dream, he has a contract with IDJ, he’s an employee, why do you think so many IDJ artists have to work with him, plus he has now been promoted and is now a head at IDJ, so full creativity for Mariah is a no!

  25. Cashh. November 26, 2009

    Most Critics prasied MOAIA , it might not have sold huge but its far from “lackluster” & personally I feel its a great album, singles choices , just like with E=MC2 were not good, & E=MC2 wasn’t a bad album at all , Sold huge its first week. MOAIA deserved to sell way more then it did, her vocals on this album were something unexpected, she sung songs like “its a wrap” with rawness & emotion. she didn’t want IWKWLI released, & she said how she workd really hard on a song called “imperfect” for La to tell her he didn’t like it, that sucks. she needs to take control of her career & leave IDJ. Janet has had 3 flop albims in a row , I mean there is problem. Mariah really is a great tatlent & IDJ doesn’t handle her as such, performance’s have been great this era , her voice still in tact . Anyone who knows mariahs work ethic knows she’s gonna come back strong but I don’t think idj is a best fit.

  26. Rob November 26, 2009

    No Name – get your facts straight. “Shake It Off” was Mariah’s second biggest airplay hit of all-time, with over 200 million audience impressions at its peak. It was held from the top spot from her previous single, “We Belong Together.” As soon as “WBT” fell from the top, “Gold Digger” – a novelty track – blocked “Shake It Off” from number one. “Don’t Forget About Us,” “Touch My Body,” and even “Obsessed” (which was a top 10 Billboard hit) – all managed to be huge without much promotion from the label.

    The fact of the matter is, when Carey was flopping in 2000 and 2002 with Glitter and Charmbracelet, her material sucked…so it was justified. Her last two albums have been just as good – and the latest was more critically acclaimed than any of her records since 97’s Butterfly. The issue is, after her lead singles, IDJ has royally screwed up the singles and marketing, giving up after both “Touch My Body” and “Obsessed.” Almost every single track on E=MC2 could’ve been a hit if promoted properly. The new record is chocked full of hits, too – namely “H.A.T.E.U.,” “Ribbon,” “Up Out My Face,” and “Angels Cry” – “I Wanna Know What Love Is” was not one of them.

  27. leah November 26, 2009

    L A REid is one of the worse music executives. Look at how he worked with Whitney Just Whitney which was her lowest selling album because she was not at her best and he knew it. When she went back to Clive who truly cares for her- they took the time, chose the songs together in line with what whitney wanted to say and drafted a plan as to how they would roll out the album.

    When Whitney drops singles, it’s well thought out and she and Clive talk about it together. Mariah needs a music executive in her corner who is interested in her legacy and not just a quick buck. Reid messed out MOIA, E=M2, Amerie, now look at Rihanna.

    MAriah spent soo much money and time in England promoting and the album isn’t even going to be top 10 or the single and that’s after X-factor, Alan Carr, GMTV, Westfield , Radio promo and still people haven’t responded to the album in England. That should tell her something.

    Ditch the album, take abotu 2 yrs off and come back but i doubt she does it…

    IDJ has invested so much money in her promo that i doubt the label breaks even. she will owe them so Rihanna better get as many personal endorsement contracts and mini concerts as she can.

    @johnathing: I don’t believe at this stage in her career Reid can FORCE her to work with anyone. I’m sure of that. I think that working with Dream and Tricky was a mutual decision that just didn’t work. Part of the blame is to go on Mariah. She’s not totally faultless.

    She doesn’t want to go away. She’s overexposed and she needs to take some time off, revamp her image as dressing 2sizes to small and as a 19yr old turns alot of people off.

  28. KenKen November 26, 2009

    I don’t know how someone can say Janet had 3 flop albums, last I checked when an album debuts AT NUMBER 1 it is a success. Let alone the fact that Janet can STILL outperform any artist in the game today.

  29. Prince November 26, 2009

    Memoirs could have have definitely been huge in sooo many ways. They should have kept the momentum going when this album and singles came out! Up Out My Face video should be out already along with HATE U!!! I think ribbon should be coming out now!!What the hell r they doin!! I think its time 4 Mariah 2 find another label cuz L A Reid has 4gotten what a hit is

  30. Manny November 26, 2009

    @ kenken
    1.damita joe
    2. 20 Y.O
    3. Feedback ( or whatever it was called)

    Anyway , MOAIA is an epic album, her label screwd her.

  31. Candy November 26, 2009

    Mariah should definitely leave Islnad Def Jam. They are not equipped to handle her. Mariah is a rare talent and she needs a company with marketing savy. IdJ definitely spared promotional dollars already earned by the Elle deal. They left our girl shortchanged. I am not mad at their decision not to release HATE U as second single, but they left IWK floundering without a video or promotion int the USA. IDJ is whack.

  32. dee November 26, 2009

    I can see Mariah moving over to Interscope w/ Janet. Jimmy Iovine will treat both of them right. If not Interscope, maybe Geffen records.

  33. Leighton November 26, 2009

    I think this is a great move for MC, Def Jam is going down hill, and they suck big time. Mariah deserves much better.

  34. Mr.727 November 26, 2009

    I’m glad that she is starting to see the light of how they are handling her creative efforts! Mariah is a hell of a song writer, she is a legend, and she is one of the most recognized singers of this generation! She needs to be with a team that is going to say, “Hey mama, it is time to make an adult record, and get your place back on top! EOM was a good ass album, and it got her 3 Grammy”s, but now it is time for her to get new producers , that will make songs that fit her voice, make records that all people will enjoy, not just the teeny boppers, and make her start acting her age when it comes to her music! Def Jam is a piece of s*** company that really needs to either start from scratch with new and “REAL” talent, or f****** sell the company! I see why Jay-z left! JD and them stuck in the same time warp with there sound! Even though she got her 18th number one with them, the b**** should have jump ship then! Sony would be the best place for her, because it was where she started, plus with Mottola not being the head of the company anymore it won’t be a intense environment to work in! Look at Janet went back to her Home label, A&M records! I see that these artist are starting to return from wench they came! Mariah go back to Sony/Columbia make the magic happen again!

  35. number1k9 November 26, 2009

    In the 90s ppl wanted to hear from Mariah every year. Ever since the 2000s her best formula has been proven to be coming out after a break. So I think Mimi should take a year long break… and then around like May 2011 put out another album.

  36. Retire Please November 27, 2009

    It is not about MARKETING…It is about Mariah herself , US and her music…Simple as that !!!

  37. Imyourstar702 November 27, 2009

    Its about time she left that label they have nothing more left to offer her as an artist, MIOIA is not a bad album it is so much better than E=MC2 so i dont understand why its sitting at #95 on the BB200 right now. LA Reid spent too much time worrying about Whitney’s comeback and what she was gonna do, that he completely lost focus of Mariah’s project, im talking about numerous pushbacks, promotion and poor single choices and dont even get me started on that terrible video for IWTKWLI.

  38. wtf November 27, 2009

    personally i am not going to blame IDJ only..mariah herself has not been putting out solid albums..she needs to move from the teeny music and grow up a little…

    anyways onto IDJ, its a sinking ship..that label is rotten..they put so much money into rihanna and now she is under performing…infact this year, majority of thier artists have under performed..i cant think of one who did great…onto juicy news, word on the street is L.A Ried is leaving…he will no longer the head of dej jam..he is getting the boot next year….

  39. JoeJoe November 27, 2009

    Have y’all noticed that ever since Janet left IDJ…(yes Janet left on her own) because of L.A. Reid’s f*****’ up promotion for her album which resulted in not so good sales that every artist’s album release after Janet’s has been flopping. Mariah’s “E=MC2” barely sold over 1million, and Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel has literally died on arrival and is currently at no.95 on the charts after only 8 weeks. He’s done the same thing to Mariah that he did to Janet as far as the album. Janet wanted “Luv” to be the next single but L.A. wanted Janet’s “Rock With U” to be released so she shot a video and everything which you can see on youtube and the dancing is hot but L.A. stopped the promotion of the album due to him and Janet butting heads and it looks like Janet was right. Usher’s album has flopped too and now Rihanna’s will flop. Karma is a m*********** and hopefully L.A. Reid gets fired! Feedback was a top 20 hit for Janet…the album was set to do really good but L.A. had to f*** it up!

  40. used to be a fan November 27, 2009

    i think both the label and mariah are at fault, poor promotional strategy from idj and mariah is always lipsinching or partly singing live, and she wants to wear s*** clothes but isn’t even trying to lose weight, she doesn’t care anymore maybe because she’s already married and has no need to be attractive physically anymore.

  41. Chris November 27, 2009

    @JOEJOE I completely agree. Janet’s album was set do do really good, and IMO it was, but other singles should’ve been chosen. Feedback is one of my personal favorites by Janet. but after that song everything went wrong. Now the same thing is happening to my fave and I don’t like it at all! I Want To Know What Love Is should never have been released. H.A.T.E.U. should’ve been released right after Obsessed. It’s clear who LA Reid’s favorite artist is… and now she is flopping too:P I hope Mariah leaves Def Jam now and finds another label! She deserves better!

  42. KikomoBrazil November 27, 2009

    The real question is: should Carey leave IDJ, where would she fit in?

    Answer: Whitney’s armpit 🙂

  43. KikomoBrazil November 27, 2009

    Sorry Lambs, your beloved MooMoo is getting old and smelly …that why.

  44. DOA November 27, 2009

    Mariah has passed her prime. get over it.. !!!!!

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  45. New York November 27, 2009

    IMO Its not def jam fault Mariah has some what control she wanted obsesed to come out she wanted iwtkwli for a second single …………..she lip singing every song she sang people aint dumb she just a H.A.M she slutty she just ugh then she thinks shes Nick age dressing like a h**…………………..

  46. SOOS November 27, 2009

    Mariah should move to SONY or LIVE NATION!!!

    Memoirs is her GREATEST ALBUM! :-))))

  47. MCMCMC November 27, 2009

    She should move to SONY. In terms of promo, Sony is the best.
    I’m from Europe and I remember when Mariah was working with Sony, she got REALLY MUCH GOOD promo!!!! she was everywhere!!!! advertising, commercials on tv, posters in the streets, she was doing lot of signings, radio, tv shows… And also she was going to a lot of countries from Europe! And now what? Most of the times it’s just London and Paris…
    I really miss SONY. Mariah should go back to them…

  48. KNUCK November 27, 2009

    I’m sorry, but as a stan, E=mc2 SHITS all over MOAIA!!!!!

    She’ll never have the chemistry with The Dream’s no singing ass as she has with JD. “Always Be My Baby” is what made me stan for her since 95 (I was in 5th grade!).. And JD wasn’t talking all over that song..

    Case in point: the song “100%” shitting all over MOAIA and everybody knows it.. She just sounds better over JD productions, even B. C** since he works with JD on her stuff now.

    Likewise, We Belong Together and Shake It Off were both produced by JD. And “Don’t forget about us” as well. To be honest, I don’t even know why Touch My Body was a hit. My least favorite song on the whole E=mc2.

    Mariah needs to take a break and STOP working with the Dream. END OF STORY.

  49. KNUCK November 27, 2009

    I meant to say I stanned since more like 97!

  50. MC TO SONY! November 27, 2009

    Her married life is f*cking everything up (music and body).
    If she loves making music as much as she always says, she should work as harder as before, because it seems after getting married with Cannon, it’s all about food, alcohol and discos…

    Sony would take her into the right way again because she lost it right now… I love her music and her voice and I can’t accept it… It’s so sad seeing a big singer like Mariah ending up like that

  51. 207shawdy November 27, 2009

    It’s hard for both her and the fans to accept, but it’s time for her to change her genre and this is the reason that she and most of the artists hanging on to Urban aren’t selling. Urban isn’t doing anything anymore, it’s all about Pop/Rock and club music right now. It’s silly how she has her b*** stuck in a stagnant genre and yet in that recent article she calls herself a smart businesswoman. Mariah Carey is becoming the new Prince. Pretty soon she won’t allow her material on YouTube and will get upset when people post photos of her online.

  52. Imyourstar702 November 27, 2009

    @ Knuck

    Please stop talking foolishness, E=MC2 is not better than MOAIA no way no how. Words can’t even describe how weak E=MC2 was, MOAIA is a much better effort from her.

  53. KNUCK November 27, 2009

    ^^ That’s a lie.. ask Billboard and Soundscan sis..

  54. KNUCK November 27, 2009

    Now MOAIA has some great songs, I bought it.. I like “Inseperable” “Candy Bling”.. “Ribbon” and “Up out my face” were cool for a few weeks. But no ma’am.

    And all of the “Butterfly” comparisons were so off base

  55. Jiro November 27, 2009

    She is outdated in every sense and corner. Just look at her fashion…zzzzzzzzzz

  56. Mariah Is History November 27, 2009

    Agree, Mariah is being over-served by her record company with the same style, strategy and saturated music time to time again.

    Nobody enjoys her music except few delusional Lambs who bought and organized download marathon for the sake of going to be in the Top 10 for again and again..

  57. KenKen November 27, 2009

    I know what her last 3 albums were…..the fact is the last one (Discipline) debut at number 1. And Damita Jo was a damn good album it just suffered from the backlash of the Superbowl. By no mean did she flop as hard as people are making it seem.

  58. Imyourstar702 November 27, 2009

    @ Knuck

    Please just stop the madness!!!! E=MC2 was full of weak songs with the exception of Cruise Control and I wish you well, everything else was so medicore, that song with t pain just made me wanna cry cuz it was so wack, all this calling mae mae and rae rae business i just couldn’t take…

  59. Imyourstar702 November 27, 2009

    @ Knuck

    Not to metion this album flows so much nicer aswell, all though i will say it has a somewhat monotonous tone to it but that beacuse the Nightmare produce everything.

  60. GeeMan November 27, 2009

    I believe the reason for memiors quick release was to complete her contract in full. Her deal was a 3 album deal with the option of a 4 with Mariah becoming a partner and owning the copyrights. Honestly a lot of records are dealing with mismanagement because some people are taking on 4 jobs at a time. Where as before labels had a full staff and everyone had one job. I do know that she signed a new publishing deal with Universal in 2008. Even though things look shaky for me at the moment I wouldn’t be so fast to write her off because Mimi is about her business and money something an industry insider told me personally. I think she will be fine in long run no matter what label she goes to. A little tidbit I also hear LA Reid maybe losing his position at Island Def Jam. Also feel like memiors is a solid effort I feel bad promo and single choices have hurt the album.

  61. KNUCK November 27, 2009

    Not the “Nightmare” ….DEAD

  62. No Name November 27, 2009

    CLEARLY I meant “It’s like that” was Mariah’s lead single and just like i said its highest position on the HOT 100 was #16, like i stated.

    AGAIN, “Emancipation” only did well because of the success of “We belong together” –>Check the facts

  63. The Official PYT 22 November 27, 2009

    The Emancipation Of Mimi did well because it was a solid (good) album. There were people who did not even like Mariah like that, that went out and bought this album. Mariah was hungry, and she put a lot into that album. The songs meant something to people, not just her lambs. Mariah’s problem is she’s not hungry any more and she thinks she knows a quicker way to make hit songs. The songs on E=MC2 and Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel are all soul less. If you don’t think a star like Mariah doesn’t have control over her music or promotion then “You’re delusional, you’re delusional”. Mariah knew waht she was doing when she released these last two albums. I bet the record label did not ask for Nick Cannon to direct all those video, or make a diss track about Eminem as your first single, or let the dream and tricky do your whole album. I love me some Mariah, but I’m an Ol School Mariah fan, you know everything from Mariah Carey (self titled album) to Butterfly, and only The Emancipation Of Mimi after that. Also, I’m still younger than her husband. I hope Mariah gets her mind right and starts making some more music with substance. That was one of the things I enjoyed about Mariah’s music. I could not wait to open up her tape/cd booklet and read the lyrics to the songs. I can not relate to “I should crack you in your forehead” or “Up out my face boi” type of lyrics.

  64. mark ginnis November 27, 2009

    First Mariah isnt singing well and any personal appearance she makes will underline that and undermine HER. I liked Obsessed but maybe it is a musical problem. Untl she gets the voice back maybe she should break

  65. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    On a totally different note, that photo is absolutely hideous! I know she has a “good side”, and I’m sure that’s supposed to be it…but wtf?? Weird…

  66. snyper November 28, 2009

    lets be honest with ourselves this once….island def jam is not handling memoirs well…..charmbracelet was far much worse but still managed to sell a decent 5 million copies due to the promotion it got.if interscope treated lady gaga’s fame album like the way idj treated memoirs…believe me it wld be a flop…coz it started as a flop….what of Bday and As i am(all singles were flops except no one)

  67. Bey Fans November 28, 2009

    How could you compare Charmbracelet 5 million and E=MC2 and Memoirs era? It is a different ball game and her age factor doesnt help much too…

    She is a DONE deal.

  68. Floppy November 28, 2009

    It’s not her record company. It’s MARIAH’s FAULT. No matter what song she releases, that album would still be a flop. Actually, she had a hit single (Obsessed) that went Top 10, unfortunately these are the kind of songs that alienated the fans who made her famous in the first place, and those fans happened to be people who actually buy albums. Her entire album was CRAP, her living performances were all uninspiring, and Mimi is still using the same lipsynch trick. It’s hardly surprising that her album is a certified FLOP.

  69. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    Official PYT 22 said it best with the whole fans not relating to the “up out my face boi” lyrics thing. It’s so true, that’s not who Mariah is, and it all seems quite fake actually. They’re not biting into the sugarcoated crap that is Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, and right now Mariah’s career is full of cavities. Somebody needs to tell this b**** Halloween is over; take the mask off and show us your face again…her face being her REAL talent and music, not the garbage she’s been feeding us lately.

    “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Album” is more like it. I sense she’s gonna go through the same thing as Janet.

  70. Bey Fans November 28, 2009

    She should be ashamed of herself.

    This album flopped for one reason and one reason only….its an awful album!! 🙁

    Filled with dreary ballads and not enough uptempo’s spelled murder for this album and she released the most unimaginative single of her entire career when she released “Obsessed’ which only hit top ten thanks to payola funds.

    I think she should just retire honestly, its all about touring now if you are over 40 and she can’t even sell out a Chuck E Cheese so i think its finally over for her. She had a good run

    Mariah Carey’s Career 1990-2009


  71. Dan December 8, 2009

    I think that MoAIA is a very good album! It reminds me of the old times! The marketing is bad….and i know people that tells me : Mariah has a new album????????…so its all about the marketing and single choice……ok, she should not behave like she is 20 but who cares..madonna also behave like she is 15 teen….and is still on top! Mariah should do more commercial stuff and work with walther asaffnief again( i know its wrong written) …….she shouldnt do so much with hip hop artists ( I like Hip Hop, but it doesnt fit to mariah)…..ok, one or two songs like fantasy remix is allowed cause fantasy was tha bomb but she should do music for everyone!
    Its really strange…even Brandy flopped…and the last album was great..really great…i love it……. I dont understand the world right now! All the artist like….Brandy, Mariah, Janet and so on …flopping….I like rihanna much and the latest album from her is not bad but its too dark and the first single is not a worldwide hit like umbrella…even leonas new album is not comparable to her first!…but you know what? I like the new album from Mary J Blige!
    I hope Mariah will take some time off and then…come back as a grown up artist…and she dont has do be thin…its all about the voice….and the songs……
    SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Dan December 8, 2009

    …its me again…i am from germany and i am a presenter (broadcaster) at jazzradio in Berlin….if you want to cantact me..listen to ….i will be on air this coming sunday from 6 pm till 12 pm…..german time,,,,,,,

  73. Kevin February 24, 2010

    It is definitely marketing.

    SOOOO many pepole I talk to have no IDEA mariah carey has a new album out.

  74. Fritzma March 22, 2010

    Poor thing..where should she go now? and please don’t go to Atlantic Records..we don’t want label drama with our Baby Toni…

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