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Published: Tuesday 24th Nov 2009 by Sam
day 26

R&B five-piece Day26 have announced that they have parted with Bad Boy Records. Speaking with AOL’s The Boombox, member Willie Taylor said: “Bad Boy is always our family, but we’re with Atlantic right now”

Diddy had previously secured a distribution deal for Bad Boy with Atlantic Records (who went on to snap the guys up once they became free agents). Yet he, himself,  opted to sign with Interscope Records, where his latest project, ‘Last Train to Paris’, with new group Dirty Money (featuring former Danity Kane star Dawn Richard and singer-songwriter Kaleena) will be released.

With Making The Band now off the air and a new label deal, the guys seem intent on taking things to that pivotal next level:

“We really want to get people focused on the artistry, on the music,” Taylor explained. “I think a lot of people lost it with the entertainment of the show. So now, we really want to show people what we’re all about, that we do our thing whether its on stage, in the studio, writing and producing — we do it all.”

Speaking on their 3rd studio album, recording for which starts early next year, Taylor stated:

“We’re very excited about it. We know exactly what the fans are expecting from us on this third album. We’re going to take the gloves off, really go for it. A lot of people thought Day 26 weren’t going to be here but we’re still standing.”


Here’s wishing the guys the best of luck…they are going to need it. Though immensely talented, the lack of push they received from Diddy and Bad Boy means it’ll be an uphill struggle to re-establish themselves as a viable and chartable act.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Chad November 24, 2009

    Even during the show, Diddy/Bad Boy has such a hands-off approach. He signs acts, but doesn’t really help them out besides making sure to hop on the first single/video. I think they’ll still have success though.

  2. Nana November 24, 2009

    In all honesty I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY !!!!!

    They are a very talented group (I have there first album on replay all the time) But i think there talent and abilities got lost due to the exposure on the TV show and alot of the things being scripted. So people could not take them seriously as a group which is a big shame because they all really love music. I think now that diddy is gone they can focus more on them as a group and not trying to please diddy.

    Ive have seen them once when they came to my college and i went to watch them in the 02 and they were amazing vocals and personality so i wish them all the best man.

    There better do the thing on the next album i hope Atlantic put 100% support them and i think they will fly because there are hardly any male groups at the moment compared to all the 1000 solo male stars

  3. BC November 24, 2009

    Personally, I can’t even believe they got a new deal. They appear to be middle-aged men trying to hang onto a music career and be relevent instead of looking and sounding as fresh and young as they really are. Hopefully they can get their image and sound down so that they stand out. Good voices but they need to overhaul everything else IMO.

  4. Thatmangojuice November 24, 2009

    @ BC… please go back to listening to Heidi Montag and leave real music to real people..thank you.

    I’m extremely excited for their 3d studio album, i’m hoping for a performance here in holland as well. They are honestly the only male group that i’m interested in who still do R&B. Also who wowed me with both albums.

  5. nerd November 24, 2009

    it funny how diddy will just let them go but for danity kane he have to made it like a publicly stund. too bad they can’t reform in a different label

  6. john November 24, 2009

    i think this is the best thing they could have donw

  7. Ultra_Soniks November 24, 2009

    thats great cuz now they will have more push, and better marketing and better videos!! im happy cuz they are talented and their last project was actually pretty good!

  8. Me.Me. November 24, 2009

    I wish them all the best. I love their music!!!

  9. pucci November 24, 2009

    i wish them all the best too… now if only dawn would wise up & leave that dirty money he got going on. its not going anywhere.

  10. David November 26, 2009


  11. Natasha December 11, 2009

    I love Day 26! I purchased both CD’s and still play them, got all their songs on my the cell IPOD. This is the best male group since Jagged Edge and it’s refreshing to see real r & b making a comeback. I will continue to support these guys no matter what label they are on!

  12. Empress February 24, 2010

    This isn’t a suprise to me, this was just a moment in time. Is there any artist on the Bad boy label? How sad

  13. auqafine April 5, 2010

    LORD THEY0 SO SEXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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