New Video: Cheryl Cole – ‘3 Words (ft.’

Published: Friday 27th Nov 2009 by Sam

The video for Cheryl Cole‘s new single, the assisted ‘3 Words’, premiered a few moments ago. Shot by high fashion photographer Vincent Haycock, the clip manages to be a great visual even if the song is…rubbish.

I still marvel at how Ms. Cole is receiving the A-list treatment when her talent is several rungs lower. In any case, someone seems to believe in her, and the public are buying into her (debut LP has already gone Platinum), so more power to her I guess…

What do you think of the song /video?

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  1. LJS November 27, 2009

    I have noticed what it is about TGJ, there is no understanding about music as a whole. There is only an understand of diva and over the top dramatics if it isnt rammed in your face like Lady Gaga, Beyonce then its isnt valid. The like of Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, who all do something alternative get bashed. Cheryl coles and Rihannas have a lot mroe substance then Beyonce and Lady Gaga and there 4,000 rereleases… its a shame you dont look beyond certain aspects as opposed to what you get as a whole….

  2. J November 27, 2009

    wow i did not expect that from you. fight for this love and 3 words are two great songs and the videos are even better. i dont understand your logic when you diss certain artists. cheryl cole is a f***** star thats why shes getting the a-list treatment and she deserves it all.

  3. Anon November 27, 2009

    All this a-list treatment for a girl I only heard of a month ago. Fight for this love was a horrible song. This chick does not sound good when she attempts to belt. 3 words is suited to her voice – delicate vocals and a simple melody. The song isn’t half bad, I may have to download this.

    SIde bar: Melody Thornton has been photographed running around town in that same leotard.

  4. Kay-T November 27, 2009

    @ LS

    What are u smoking?!!! Cheryl better than Beyonce and Gaga? The world really must be coming to an end!

  5. Stoney-Brie November 27, 2009

    omg this is soo sad! dd Will do that on purpose because this is not even a song! maybe the gurl just can’t sing!
    tthey are talking full of boredom!

  6. ih8rain November 27, 2009

    this song totally rocks starts like a ballad and then gets into this ibiza monster dance tune, this site is gettin f***** up if its not beyonce or lady gaga like em both but there are other people out there two, this song is totally different to any other songs out ther at the moment, sam trent you obviously only like the aul commerical music LOSERS!

  7. THE TRUTH November 27, 2009


  8. parisian girl November 27, 2009

    this girl is a joke!!


    “The like of Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, who all do something alternative get bashed. Cheryl coles and Rihannas have a lot mroe substance then Beyonce and Lady Gaga and there 4,000 rereleases”

    Are you insane? Take your medication and go back to sleep, honey.

    Cole acts holier than thou, but she’s not fooling me, Sam or many others. A minimum of 40,000 pounds is spent on her, and the media acts like she’s so hot. Then the autotune and other studio trickery, and she still sounds average. How dare she judge a singing contest when she can’t hold a tune!

  10. jess November 27, 2009

    I been coming on this website for a few years and i have had the chance to watch it grow and its doing really well. well done.

    i, probably like most visitors, only come on to get the exclusives and for its regular updated media, not for the sites opinions (and yeah i know, ‘your damn well entitled to have them’ and all that) but its just too much. and most posts are just totally bias and if it doesnt suit what they want or what they like its gets totally bashed. Not only that but it only posts about hatin on rihanna (which is just getting plain boring now, ever thought of just not posting about her?) lady gaga and beyonce (and the sites turn around of its opinion on beyonce is laughable) we can all have our opinions but i much prefered it when you just posted and kept things more balanced at the end of the day you want this as a reputable place and for there to be no bashing to go on (even if your horrible opinions of rihanna are articullate and you dont exactly curse her out, its nearly there and its still very much bashing) and i just cant stand reading the posts any longer. Its gonna start becoming perez soon.

    and for anyones info, no im not a rihanna fan and this has nothing to do with cheryl cole even tho this site seems to be so happy callin out rihanna and her singing (and even that opinion on here seems to change daily) but u dont even mention anything about how pathetically over rated miss cheryl cole is and the fact she has zero artistry to her name not even to mention that ‘singing voice’ you just say ‘more power to her’? why? just coz shes had cash thrown at her and had the pick of the songs to record.??. I just dont get this site anymore. i think its trying to be too many things..and judging by alot of ppls comments on here they agree


  11. FI November 27, 2009

    give credit where credit is duE!!!

  12. Pinky_G November 27, 2009

    Ha… Awesome video, bad, badsong. Especially with it being her second single from her debut album. How is this going to sound on the radio? BORRRRINNG!


  13. Pinky_G November 27, 2009

    That was meant to say bad, bad song!

  14. SEAN November 28, 2009

    Oh, this just has’s dreadful solo career written all over it! This will do well in the UK because the British public believe Ms. Cole can do no wrong but she’s actually using this as her lead single in the incredibly difficult US market. I’m sorry but she is gonna FLOP FLOP FLOP!

    Yeah, I wish Cheryl would stop trying to copy Lady GaGa with all her extreme fashion choices and making a real arty video!

  15. REALTALK November 28, 2009

    @ LJS Seriously, sit yo a** down! They set the bar VERY high and keep things interesting, most people have to keep up…the fact is they are both creative and work VERY hard! Even if u can’t stand them Lady Gaga & Beyonce have HITS!!! That’s why Beyonce is still top of the food chain and lady GaGa is right behind her…they got HITS and chrisma to pull it off.

    Cheryl Cole more power to her she came out with FFTL which I thought was a hit for day 1, but this 3 words is WACK. There is nothing original about Cheryl, which you have to be to set you apart and crave out a long career for yourself. FFTL video I think sampled Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation and this 3 words video just samples Lady GaGa. Cheryl needs to work out what SHE is about and sick to it.

  16. anonymouss November 28, 2009

    what are you talking about sam? this song is good, the video is rubbish!
    and yes she has no talent, but she gets a-list treatment cuz she’s pretty.
    thats just the way the music business has always worked, since like the beginning of time. no surprise!

  17. kim November 30, 2009

    So people want Sam to just post without having an opinion??
    The whole point of sites like this is to discuss differing views, so why should you be able to come on here and vent, but the owner can’t? After every post Sam asks “What do you think?”, so how is he biased? And for the one comparing Rhianna and Cheryl Cole to Beyonce and Gaga, go see a Psychiatrist. I am not a fan in the least of the latter two. However there’s no denying their talent. Both are established singer/songwriters and you breathe Cheryl Cole into the same sentence?! Crazy….but then again, thats YOUR opinion which you are ENTITLED TO.

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