Beyonce ‘I Am…Yours’ ABC Special

Published: Friday 27th Nov 2009 by Trent

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ABC aired an hour long presentation of the making of Beyonce’s ‘I Am…Yours’ tour last evening. The special depicted the process that the singer endured with the selection of her all girl band, the production of the show and the conception of many of her popular songs. Furthermore, Beyonce gave a narrated time line of her career from her youth to her current status as one of the most demanded artists in entertainment. The full DVD of Beyonce’s ‘I Am… Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas’ was released on November 23rd.

Having just watched the show myself, I was a bit perplexed. Judging by the advertisements that ABC had been airing for the last two weeks, I assumed the network would be showing performances from the DVD in the same manner that BET did with the ‘Beyonce Experience’. Instead, this was more similar to an episode of MTV’s ‘Making The Video’ than anything else. Either way, it was a brilliant marketing strategy because people (like me) would be even more interested in purchasing the DVD. Interesting.


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  1. What happened to GOOD music? November 27, 2009

    All that, in a hour! go BEYONCE!!! =]

  2. C November 27, 2009

    Trent you really are the one! i was looking for this everywhere! 🙂

  3. CJordN November 27, 2009

    I didn’t move throughout this entire show. It was nice hearing some of the uptemp songs w/ the acoustic instruments. Bravo Bianca. Bravo.

  4. THE TRUTH November 27, 2009


  5. kev November 27, 2009

    haha i can’t wait to read how the stans will go crazy!

  6. beynono November 27, 2009

    I love the way the special centres on Beyonce like she is the driving force and the decider of everything, hate to break it to people but she does not organise the arrangements, and is the be or end all of these shows.. stans on another site got me going crazy haha

  7. ::SquareBizz2020:: November 27, 2009

    Actually Beynono i hate to break it to you but she does arrange her music and come up with the creative concepts of her shows. ofcourse she doesnt do it alone she has a team, but thats with anyone in any field, there are no one man armys in any business. the show, the arrangements, and everything else conceptual comes from B she may not physically be working the lights her self but she sits down with the lighting directer and tells him what she wasnts. please dont hate. you dont have to like her to respect her work.

    i liked this show because it just gave a look at how and why beyonces bodies these b****** in the game. i love the fact that she is not one of the manufactured artist, the art is real the talent is genuine and she kept it all the way real in the clip, (she couldve had them edit out that sour note she hit in deja vu but she didnt ,it was ruff, but it was real) so even if i wasnt a huge fan i would still have to applaud her because she is shutting s*** DOWN! she’s doing better than anybody in the game, and after all these years throught out all the drama and the hate she aint never fell off, and she never will, and this video show exactly why!

  8. KingMo November 27, 2009

    It was a great special for the family to gather and watch. I thoroughly enjoyed it…is there any performer of our generation that can out perform Beyonce? That is singing, dancing, running, hopping and adding all that extra stuff, all while maintaining her voice flawlessly. I’ll wait…
    I was there at one of the Vegas shows…i went on the 30th and the DVD was taped on the 31st. It was basically the same thing, which shows that she gives 100% all the time. I can’t wait for another Beyonce album, cuz let’s face it…a Beyonce-less music world just isn’t cutting it. Great job again Beyonce.

  9. sokmidyk November 27, 2009

    She is hands down the best artist out followed by Lady GG both incredible & AMAZING

  10. tuffabt November 27, 2009

    lol @ squarebizz

    i agree with u she does come up with the concepts of her shows…you can tell she is involved because they are so dumb and lack creativity…it is the same ish, lights fans and smoke and too many dancers..nothing special..i think she comes up with the ideas in her videos too lol but anywho i have to give it to her she is a natural born entertainer and even tho she annoys me sometimes, i will not short cut her and say that she isnt talented at her craft….creativity: no, talent: yes!!

  11. KingMo November 27, 2009

    @Tuffabt I respect ur opinion but I think the fact that all she thought she needs was a stage, smokey lights and dancers shows that she’s true talent and that she isn’t a gimmick who needs all of these props for ppl to take her seriously. The title is an Intimate performance at Las Vegas…intimate…therefore, less it more. So it definitely worked cuz she didn’t include too many elements that could become overwhelming. It was all about the music.

  12. Dawon November 27, 2009

    I really enjoyed this special. It showed that she the driving force behind her career and not a gimmick like other artist. Her talent is unmatched right now.

  13. Leighton November 27, 2009

    I enjoyed it alot.

    Lol @ the lames who dislike her and still seat glued to the tv for an hour watching it.

    Love Beyonce

  14. dont take shyt November 27, 2009


  15. Koral November 27, 2009

    There’s a reason why she is THE premier female performer of our generation and this is it. Aside from sitting in awe as to how she manages to pull of all that cheoreography and sing TOTALLY live (Get Me Bodied…i always thought she lipped that… but wow), we got to see how much work and effort gets placed into shows like this.

    Beyoncé is second to none at this point in time and with efforts like this under her belt…she will be for a long time to come. My heart goes to Kelly and Michelle. At this rate, that DC reunion is likely to never happen…they have waaaaaayyy too much catching up to do.

  16. anonymouss November 27, 2009

    WHOA! even this special is amazing! 0_0

  17. HJNJ November 27, 2009

    Man, my whole family watched and enjoyed this special Thanksgiving night. She can put on one hell of a show! Hands down the Best Entertainer of our Generation! No chick is seeing Beyonce right now. She is in her prime, she’d be a fool to slow down now. Don’t stop Bey, I’ll support you 100%

  18. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    The thing about this b**** is…yes, she’s talented. When it comes to singing, anyway. I make fun of her country ass sounding whooping, yodeling and hollering all the time, but truly she can hold a note. Dancing like a s***, however, is not dancing, so people can fall back on that BS.

    She’s just annoying, in the fact that she just doesn’t know when to sit her ass down and shut the f*** up. Go away for a couple years like most artists do, and maybe more people would stop hating and actually miss you and therefore appreciate your ass.

    The fact that she totally stole the show from Kelly and Michelle just makes her out to be a selfish ass b**** though, along with the fact that she steals people’s s*** and claims it as her own, and DOESN’T SING LIVE (sorry Koral, dear, but you cannot move like that AND sound that good at the same time – PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, and this b**** ain’t a robot!) She fools her fans into thinking she’s live with her pre-recorded b*******, and that’s lying…and lying (especially to your fans) is wrong.

    There’s just too much fakeness with this chick for me to actually like her and consider her talent over everything else, because a lot of what she’s built her name on has come from other people – other people who have not got the credit they deserved. And that just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not a hater, I’m a realist, and only her biggest stans will think otherwise. Whatever, I’m done with the ranting. I didn’t watch this because based on the video thumbnail, she looks like a really tanned white transvestite. And a scary one at that. Nty…

  19. Me.Me. November 28, 2009

    She’s such a perfectionist! I love her!

  20. CJordN November 28, 2009

    @ AWOLLUVA – Girl Boo. You wrote more than Bey’s f*ckin Stans, so what does that say about you. How YOU doin?

  21. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    @ CJORDN, How YOUUUUU DOIN’??!! As a writer, sweetie, I tend to post long, in depth replies to whatever it is I’m replying TO; be it a internet blog, or a test answer on a piece of paper. In this case, THATRIHANNA/LADYGAGA/ Nevertheless, if it’s on my mind, I’m gonna write it. If it takes up three and a half paragraphs, so be it.

    Are you somehow implying that because my reply is longer than Raggedy Ann’s stans’ typical one-sentence, horrible spelling/grammar replies, that I’m somehow a stan myself? When I refer to Beyonka as a fake ass, selfish ass B****, does it really sound as though I’m stanning…despite the amount of text I put into making my point that Beyonka is a fake ass, selfish ass b**** CRYSTAL CLEAR?? Yeah, I didn’t think so either, and let’s get one thing straight honey, Bey’s fans aren’t INTELLIGENT enough to write a long, cohesive, clear and to-the-point 3-4 paragraph reply to a blog post about her (or anything, for that matter), period!

    With the exception of Sam, I guess, lol. 😛

  22. G4L November 28, 2009


  23. KO November 28, 2009


    Girl die, the LIVE MIKE FEED from the show leaked, SHE SANG 95% of the show LIVE. I actually thought she lipped ‘Naughty Girl’ but the mike feed proved otherwise. She did lip ‘Get Me Bodied’ but then again she pretty much always lips that song, and I dont blame her either

  24. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    @KO, telling me to die?? I know I can be a b**** myself, but it takes a special kind of evil to wish death on somebody. I don’t know if it’s considered gloating, but nevertheless, telling somebody to die only brings negativity your way, not the other. Check yourself with that mindset and correct it, before something unfortunate happens to YOU! HIHIHIHIHI told somebody else to die in another post on here, are you the same person?? Hmm…

    Anyhow, now sweetheart, do I believe her live MIC (not “MIKE”) feed leaked, and somehow you were smart enough to sort out and distinguish 95% live vocals/5% lipped vocals? No, I don’t. Even if she sang live at moments during the show, it surely wouldn’t be 95% live. As many singers who DON’T dance and don’t perform 95% live vocals during a two hour show, you’re telling me that this chick who DOES dance (well not really, but you know what I mean) does all that moving around AND sings live at the same time, and is able to sound decent? I already said this, it’s physically impossible. I’m telling you, the one thing I must give Bey props for is fooling her fans into thinking she sings live. It’s absolutely amazing and mind boggling at the same time what people will believe.

    I’m sorry, but lmao @ her live mic feed leaking as though it’s a f*****’ “album leak” or something, b**** please! Post a link to this s*** if you got it, otherwise I ain’t hearing it (just like everybody else ain’t hearing it), lol!

  25. Gyanni November 28, 2009

    As the Beyonce said; With succes comes negativity!
    That’s why I won’t use any of my limited time here on planet earth, to reply it.
    So ,as a very positive and thankful person: Beyonce, thank you for entertaining my family and love ones, on thankgiving night!

  26. ::SquareBizz2020:: November 28, 2009

    LMFAO @ wolluva… you are real mad! why you hate so hard?!?!? its sad. honey you going on and on so deep about somebody you claim to not like, talking big like you spittin facts, as if you work on her team or something and you got the inside scoop. take a nap honey, your stressed! its not that deep. we understand you dont like her and its okay that you’re like OD upset because beyonce is a BADD B**** and she just keeps giving you f****** haters a reason to be hot under the collar! ya’ll just cant fucntion, you cant stand to see her keep shuting s*** down. Ya’ll want her to fall off so bad! but sweetie shes not going to!! dont you understand that?? maybe not, which would ofcourse make you haters the unintelligent ones…not her “stans”. and by the way its funny how ya’ll quick to throw that stan word around everytime somebody gives her props, but marinate on this for a second, you stalk her carreer just so you can talk s*** about her, yoiu watch videos and tv shows and i bet even cop the albums just to try your best to find a flaw. and i understand your hater mentality, you want soooo badly for the swag and the talent to not be legit but im sorry boo it is! so whatever the hating ass equivalent of a “stan” is, thats what YOU are! so imma give you a task, take a lil lunch break from your Hater 9 to 5 shift and come up with a term for that! deal? that should give you something new to do cuz i know you must be exausted from trying so hard to tear her down. Oh and one more thing i havent missed a beyonce concert including the destiny child shows, and i drop coins on my tickets, the trl tour is the only show that i didnt sit in the front! i have had her hold my hand and sing in my face on two seperate occasions and im sorry there is NO WAY IN HELL! that she is lipping any of that s***. and even though i am what you would probably call a “stan” im a real as b**** and i only talk square bizz so trust me when i tell you i would be the first to call b******* if the s*** was phony! besides i wouldnt like her that much if the talent wasnt genuine. so just accept that she is shitting on whatever b****** in the game that you consider artist! and move on she aint going no where! spend your time talking about somebody you actually like! hell or go hate on somebody like rihanna who doesnt deserve a career! (two snaps)

    p.s. was that a long enough post for ya babe??

  27. SWAGGEDUPSTUD November 28, 2009

    LOVE U BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U @ ::SquareBizz2020:

  28. F U November 30, 2009


  29. Tamimi December 2, 2009

    beyonce tries very hard and i give her credit for that. she is not particularlly talented, she should break that wall between her self and her audience by leaving a little space for improvisation. Talent has nothing to do with perfection and everything to do with mastery. To be a master one has to let go of the people pleasing effect, which, in fact, stems out of deep selfishness. She does not strike me as a caring person and I think it shows in her performances. when it comes to being real on stage she can learn a lot from Mariah Carey or pretty much any other artists in her field. Those dirty dance move have absolutely nothing to do with being real, just because she dances dirty does not mean she can dance. I have never seen beyonce dance, really. However, she walks beautifully on stage.

  30. doll December 2, 2009

    GTFOH with all that God damn rant…People do have a right to post their opinion even if you do not agree with their position on the topic of beyonce or not….If you like her (beyonce), post your opinion and keep it moving…If you do not like, the same applies…It gets down right creepy when the commenters get all up in harms and having a blog war…come on now…..

  31. Rosa Rountree December 20, 2009

    baby b u r the bomb, keep doing what you do girl

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