‘Rated R’ Flops On UK Chart

Published: Sunday 29th Nov 2009 by Sam
Rihanna Rated R Flop

It would appear Mariah Carey isn’t the only established act struggling on the UK album chart; Rihanna‘s much hyped ‘Rated R’ entered the chart at #16, with dismal sales of 32,000. Unlike Carey though, the 21 year old’s project was promoted heavily, with a Nokia sponsored launch event here in London, as well as healthy rotation of songs and videos on UK TV and radio.

Regular visitors will already know my stance on Ms. Fenty, but we want to ask you…

Why do you think folks aren’t checking for Rihanna?

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  1. WD November 29, 2009

    Because without all the gimmicks their no pure talent. At least that’s what Mariah, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga bring to the table.

  2. WD November 29, 2009

    Theirs lol

  3. Habib November 29, 2009

    let’s see what rihanna’s stans have to say…..

  4. Carl November 29, 2009

    Umm.. Well I’m from the UK and I bought it. LOL.

  5. Dani November 29, 2009


  6. Thatmangojuice November 29, 2009

    Simple, the new sound isn’t for everyone.

  7. hihihihihi November 29, 2009





  8. AllNightDontStop09 November 29, 2009

    Rated R might be down and out but you best believe Def Jam will murk this album until its
    fully dried. ten singles and numerous singles. I personally like the album its one of her best ones to date IMO!!!!!! Some may argue she cant sing to save her life but give props
    where they righfully due she does bang out some nice tracks. you could always be the most vocally challenged person and still have a hot record

  9. addie. November 29, 2009

    flop b**** flop.
    talentless b****.

  10. Ky November 29, 2009

    Cause this chick has no talent….

  11. Annie November 29, 2009

    So where are the people from last week arguing and b**Ch at everyone saying oh she’s selling everywhere especially in the UK. Where are you stans?? Uh?

  12. Monica November 29, 2009

    She can’t sing she might as well become a stripper because lately all she’s known for is flauntin her ass everywhere.

  13. Kirk November 29, 2009

    Because this is not a “singles” album. On GGGB, you could not deny the appeal and flare of the songs, even though she sucked live. Rated R is more like a movie soundtrack, with a cohesive and solid theme. While I am not a fan of hers, I was quite surprised by the emotional vulnerability she displays on RECORD; such as Fire Bomb. Sadly, she will never be able to breathe life into them live. She is not a vocalist nor a performer, Rihanna on record is as good as it gets.

  14. Chelley November 29, 2009

    who would want to support someone who barely dresses ?
    someone who is a reckless role model ?
    someone who is talentless ?
    c’mon .

  15. Smile4me November 29, 2009

    Even though i’m not a fan.. i’m even surprised it didn’t do better in the UK. After Umbrella i thought she was going to have instant overseas success.
    But maybe like the US.. the new singles aren’t sounds that scream hit.. and thats what people are used to w/ the last couple of her singles.
    And i really don’t think her live performances will Every sell her albums. So they need to have some hits.
    That AMA performance didn’t help in the US.. everyone talked about how bad it was..

  16. Me.Me. November 29, 2009

    because she sucks!!!

  17. parisian girl November 29, 2009

    wow riri!!!not even a top15!

  18. nope November 29, 2009

    I’m low key loving this. Where the stans at, where they at, where they at, where they at?????? And they keep calling this album “critically acclaimed”. By who? The raters who all had a storyline of “Rihanna beats Chris”? I hope he blows this h** out the water in sales. I hope like hell he releases Pass Out next with Eva Simmons. That’s gonna blow overseas. Transform ya is doing better on billboard and itunes. It’s been out way longer and has maintained it’s chart position right outside the top 20 while hers shot up the chart and right back down in 3 weeks because stations are trying to force her down our throats but we don’t want it. And the people who think Hard will be a #1 single are smoking. They play it non stop but people don’t like that song. Point blank. Other than her clothes this girl ain’t got nothin’ to back up all this bragging. She ain’t no Beyonce. The sad thing is, her next resort will be to throw CB further up under the Greyhound if her CD does not sell. I’ll bet she’ll be releasing all the slow sad songs bout his ass as singles next, playing the sympathy card. Other than Te Amo and Fire Bomb the rest of the songs are stupid or mundane. Even if he doesn’t outsell her, but is close, after all the shade she’s thrown, she’s still a fail. Muuuahhahhahhahhaaa.

  19. dont take shyt November 29, 2009

    I got the c.d. and its on constant repeat

    That Rihanna Rein just wont let up
    Hey Baby I’m a rock star

    f*** what ya taking bout that c.d. is the BOMB

  20. Roabsalom November 29, 2009

    I hate to say I told ya so…but I told ya so! The songs on Rated R are great but just not with Rihanna singing them! She lacks the vocal ability and personality to pull off an album with such depth. She left her fan base way behind…SOS, Umbrella and G4L are not related and the sales prove it!

    Ghurl if you had something to get of your chest, you should have gotten a therapist. The fear for her is while you collect your thoughts Ri Ri, there’s always 100 drama free Pop princesses waiting to take your spot.

    Rihannna get a grip!

  21. no tea, no shade November 29, 2009

    That SUSanna reign just WON’T let up!! Her dream is these other hos nightmare

  22. Travis November 29, 2009

    To put it simply….Rihanna is two steps above Cassie. They both can take a good picture but Rihanna can “sing” slightly better.

    If Rihanna stuck with GGGB sound she wouldve had herself a winner. No one wants a slowed down pity party for an album. We want club bangers and stuff we can dance too.

    This is what she needs as an artist who can not give a song it’s proper vocal treatment live. The truth is that she’s a bad singer. She does not need to sing balads every again.

    I need Upbeat Rihanna back. That “my mind’s in disturbia” Rihanna back.

  23. MY Ears November 29, 2009

    LMAO I am glad it flopped!! Yay

  24. SEAN2009 November 29, 2009

    LOL YET JANET VOCALS ON SCREAM>>>>>>>>>>> rihanna billy goat sounding ass.







  25. Rob November 29, 2009

    I feel the reason it didn’t do well is because it wasn’t as mainstream as GGGB was. This album had a darker, more emotional appeal and didn’t rely on catchiness but instead told a story, which isn’t exactly popular. I knew this album wouldn’t sell, because people buy generic music these days, I guess this was too different for most people. I do feel that the album is very good, though.

  26. Bottom_Line November 29, 2009

    ..nobody needs added on depression and stress..go somewhere with that hyped up Rated R…she not even hard, she’s TRYING TO HARD!!!. Chris Brown is gonna sell like Hot cakes.

  27. Socivol November 29, 2009

    That’s the thing everything about this album is just so phony to me. It’s like she’s TRYING to sound like a hard ass. I admit I do like some of the tracks but “Hard” , “Russian Roulette”, and “G4L” are just a hard sell for me when I know she got her ass whooped. Same thing with Breakin’ Dishes, it’s hard for me to take that song seriously since I know she’s not a hard ass in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again GGGB was a fluke of an album. Everything came together perfectly for her to get a hit and she should’ve attempted to reuse that formula instead of coming up with a different one.

  28. oh no she didn’t November 29, 2009

    She really don’t have enough talent to keep her a float. She’s a gimmick artist. When jay-z was head of def jam she was able to get over because being his jump off he made sure money that was to be market on her was done in a way that people actual thought she was talented. Now she’s promoting herself, by saying she need s** and etc. She can do the model and it won’t be a total failure. Look at Mariah, she can sing but the marketing dollars was given to Rihanna project thinking that she would be profitable but it was a big fail/lost

  29. shimmy shimmy November 29, 2009


  30. Prince November 29, 2009

    What the hell yall hata’s talkin about yeah she entered #16 on the uk charts but she’s GOLD in the uk with 100,000+ album sales…check her wikipedia

  31. mark ginnis November 29, 2009

    I always found it strange that she is Marketed as aPOp artist not an r n b artist. In the US a woman of color can only cross over consistently if she first tops the R nB charts . This record has to much Rawk n Roll edge for U.S. urban radio.

  32. JAY DA BOSS November 29, 2009


  33. gary November 29, 2009

    the ONLY promotion she had was music videos on TV and the Nokia concert. Next week she’ll sky rocket up the charts you assholes =)

  34. stx November 29, 2009

    because people are just going off of other peoples hateful critique. IF you really listen to the album, you’ll see it is an album which shows major growth from GGGB. People are saying its dark and so forth, but I bought the album, and I am really enjoying the mix of songs, I don’t get the dark feeling at all. If some of you all would stop hating for a minute and listen to the songs objectively, you’ll see that this album is solid, and even better than GGGB with its content. I didn’t buy GGGB, but the songs on Rated R spoke to me more. Stop letting people with a hidden hateful agenda towards this girl, dictate wheter or not you will buy the album. Give it a good listen, and you’ll see its pretty good.

  35. stx November 29, 2009

    If you look at the pattern of comments, the people who are hating on rihanna is wishing for Chris to blow her out in sales. What does that tell you, they are just on here wishing her to fail, for no other reason than they are trying to side with Chris B. I won’t exactly call a record flopping after just being out for 5 days. How can that be determined so fast. It takes time for sales to add up. When this album really takes off, I will be laughing at the so called seeyers who can see into the future and predict the album won’t do well. Stop trying to predict, and wait for when its all said and done, then we can talk.

  36. nope November 29, 2009

    The only promotion???????? You’ve gotta be kidding me. She has been on blogs and news for 10 months straight. Oprah promoted her CD. CNN promoted her CD. What other artist on IDJ has been promoted like this in the last 5 years??? I actually think it will sell in the long run. But the way her fans were spoutin’ off was a real turn off for the casual observer. I heard everything from she didn’t need black people because white people buy her albums to she would be going gold the first week. And the delusion that this is actually a great vs. mediocre CD with mediocre singles is laughable. Who looks to Rihanna for depth and artistry??? Simply, she and her team and her label overshot. They waited so long to promote so that they could capitalize on CB drama. And her obvious lies on 20/20 were another turn off. You tellin’ me Tiger Woods’ wife swung first but Rihanna didn’t? B*******. Not to mention this new image is just fake, fake, fake, as fake as that blonde weave. Yes, I want CB to do better, just because he is by FAR the better artist, more talented, and was a sacrificial lamb in IDJ’s quest to craft this DV victim image vs. loser of the fight Rihanna is attempting to project that no one believes. May this CD flop, fail and fizzle as karma for all of the above. Graffiti in stores December 8.

  37. Grape Juice Rayne November 29, 2009

    This does not surprise me at all…. well maybe when you think about all of these RiRi stans. But oh well, poor lil island girl.

  38. Grape Juice Rayne November 29, 2009

    Also, I cant wait for Chris cd to come out. I will be there to get it!

  39. Izzie November 29, 2009

    IDJ focused on the wrong things period. Instead of relying on sympathy sales, Rihanna should have been FOCUSED on her performance skills.

    Rihanna has been contradicting herself since 20/20! She wanted to F Love and be a role model to little girls yet she discusses s**,exploits her private life and clearly doesn’t mind walking around next to nude. I remember a time when Rihanna was extremely private about her personal life. IMO, Ri is telling the public what her and her team THINKS they want to hear. When u hear so many contradictions, u stop listening and u can’t relate to who she is.

    Rihanna needs to focus on her performance skills and less on fashion(because her stylist take care of that). Stop exploiting her private life and domestic violence, and stick to her album. At some point, Rihanna is going to look back at her missteps during this period and wish she choose a different tactic.

    All of these tactics and ploys, shows what little faith Def Jam has in Rihanna. They look at her as no more than a pretty cash cow. Remember ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’…’LA told me you’ll be a pop star all you have to change is everything that you are’. Fame is Fickle.

  40. nope November 29, 2009

    Pink told ya’ll 10 years ago about L.A. Riri should’ve listened. And Pink can actually SSSSAAANNNGGG and her spunk is real, so no gimmicks needed.

  41. stx November 29, 2009

    @nope 10 years ago ri ri was 11 and back home in Barbados, so how could she have listened. Its not her fault that Jay z retiered and LA reid took over. Jay Z is her mentor, if he thought LA was leading rihanna down the wrong path, he would tell her so. The album just got released tuesday. Don’t you all think all this speculation about how it will do is a little premature. You know nothing about what you are talking about . When pink first came out she sounded nothing like she do now, so she did go through some changes pink hair and all. You all like to gloss over other peoples changes, but when rihanna does it, its a big to do. I like pink too, but if your going to point things out, keep it real.

  42. Bella November 29, 2009

    I think it’s because people don’t like the darkness of her sound, plus she’s been way to slutty lately but most importantly i think it’s because it really felt like she was abusing her situation to gain sales and people never like that kind of stuff. plus it really isn’t a good album. gggb was at least entertaining.

  43. nope November 29, 2009

    So she’s actually moving backwards. She changed her image successfully and then went too far with it without the actual talent to back it up. And she let LA and Jay convince her to tell lies and throw CB under the bus. Well the people she did this to attract, don’t buy pop albums, or don’t like their DV victims singing about guns and being naked constantly. I would have believed the new image if she had been honest and told the TRUTH about what happened that night, i.e. her part. I believe he whooped her pretty bad but that lie makes me respect her less.

  44. Mr.727 November 29, 2009

    You don’t get blessed with Satan in your life!

  45. Mr.727 November 29, 2009

    I don’t give a s*** how good you look, without actually vocal ability, you won’t last! People are so f****** stupid, they are like “yeah she is hot, has an accent, but yet she sucks as a singer!!!!!!!! I just see them for who they are and I see the fake s*** behind their agenda! All this Illuminati association has totally turned me off to this music game period! Next time I listen to a song I will read the lyrics and know what is being pumped into my psyche!!!!!!! With the devil you will never win!!!!!!!!

  46. JaNa’e November 29, 2009

    because the damn album SUCKS! there are only four half-way decent songs and even those begin to give you a headache after a few listens. you mean to tell me that with all the time she supposedly spent working on this thing that no one suggested that she get a vocal coach or at least a few lessons?

  47. nehri November 29, 2009

    f*** a susan boyle
    f*** a lambert
    f*** a gaga
    f*** some sales !

    Rated R is fire.
    why dont yall go and listen to it instead of wastin ya time bloggin bout s***.

  48. nope November 29, 2009

    Can I borrow a dollar so I can buy it??????

  49. rightround(U.S.A pride!) November 29, 2009

    pffft and people thought Ciara’s Fantasy Ride was a fail. It was #3 on Hot 100 and #9 in the UK(pretty good IMO). oh well, poor rihanna. hopefully she figures out that singing ISN’T for her and she chose the wrong profession! I heard a couple interviews of hers and she’s so cocky. she SWEARS she’s so famous. girl please!

  50. danibeÉ November 30, 2009

    If this was beyonce all the rihanna stans would say she flop so next! Its funny she only manage to sell 6,000 more lbums then IASF and it been out 54 weeks

  51. Annie November 30, 2009

    Rihanna is a gimmick artist.

  52. Imyourstar702 November 30, 2009

    well she managed to outsell mariah so……

  53. Tha Phoenix November 30, 2009

    This just proves what I said the other day – ain’t nobody checking for Rhi over here in the UK.

    Run This Town went to #1 cause we feeling Kanye, then Jay – it cud have had anyone on the track and still would have been a smash.

    Dont be worry bout MIMI – she the best selling female artist of all time


  54. wtf November 30, 2009

    what went wrong with rihanna??? umm pretty simple, she has no talent…ok that is amongst a lot of other things…

    firstly, this was bound to happen…the only reason chris’s team drew this out was so IDJ and rihanna could hang themselves and they did…
    um, i could go deeper but will keep it shallow…gggb was basically a fluke..they should have kept that sound coz that is what was selling..rihanna should have also spent time working on her craft instead of thinking she was the baddest…other people were up on thier grind while she was thinking she has the world at her feet..she spent the last 10 months partying, gracing blogs and drinking thinking that will up her sales..um no sweety, sympathy comes and goes..one minute you are and next you are out..why do think folk like bey, gaga and chris are always up on thier grind??? she also took too long to speak out and lies did not help much..she also needs to understand she is black and not white..you cant go around being naked and expect black people to back you ..you also dont throw your own people under the bus for white support..thiers is fickle and will always stick with thier own…look at your dismal sales now??? where are the white folk who were licking you??? they only did that coz that is what was in..they needed hits on thier articles just like sam.ha ha, kidding..fashion can only take you far and she needs to wake up…problem she is too far gone with arrogance and does not see how her five minutes is ending..she also thinks she is on top of her game which is just laughable…she is not a rockstar and whoever keeps lying to her saying she has talent needs to stop..like someone said, jayz is good at managing jay…la ried is not to blame alone..jay coached her how to act in that 20/20 interview..she said it herself…she also backed this new image and sound which shows what a clown she is and dnt know who she is…unfortunately she will learn that the people who surround her and tell her what to do are only interested in one thing that is money…all these things she has someone is paying for them…she is not delivering and watch her get taken to the cleaners and left for dead…so many people have been down this road..smh…no matter how many remixes or albums she puts out after this, she will never have the success..that gggb formula worked once, you cant doing the same thing..we are off that…is she gets 1 or 2 mill worldwide that will be great….instead of singing that people were aiming for her pedastal, she should have been working to keep it..she had her chance and blew it..she has no talent and will never recover…people are simply put, ONTO THE NEXT!!!

  55. LisaUK November 30, 2009

    aha i knew she wasn’t gone sell much
    nobody like this bish
    && i`m from the UK
    aint waisting my money on pointless s***
    && her x.factor performance what the heck ?
    && with this people liking russian roullette
    she talkin bout killin her self + people promoting that . WOW

    i`m buying CB’s album fuqq Rihanna.
    i agree with a comment i heard earlier
    apart from her clothing, what she got to back it up with ?

  56. true November 30, 2009

    I’m not a rihanna fan at all but I know why she not selling
    First it’s not because people who buy her music all of a suddenly realizes she not a great singer or performer if that was the case no one would buy her music.
    It’s because rihanna is known for upbeat pop songs, that very pop sound and this new album is very dark a lot more cohesive kinda like a soundtrack, and when you match her last album to this one maybe it’s much of different in sound for people to connect with her brand.
    But I could care less really
    Mariah albums not selling because of the songs simple as obsessed was ok but I’ve not heard anything that would make me want to buy the album, still love Mariah thou

  57. SEAN November 30, 2009


    “Unlike Mariah, Rihanna has had a lot of promotion!”

    What the hell, Sam?!!! Mariah’s being promoting her ass of with Memoirs since June and still her album flops, sadly for her! 🙁

    But anyways I’m done with That Wank Juice! I just can’t read a blog by a petty hater!

  58. Nye November 30, 2009

    Rated R is a sound that is totally diff from what the public was expecting from Rihanna… the music is much edgier, hardier and grittier. More hip hop and rock than her conentional pop…totally diff from Take A Bow, Disturbia, etc. However, she will ger the most out of the album it just gonna take time to catch on to the public. If she releases “Rude Boy” then she will get a Top 5 single, possibly a no. 1

  59. nope November 30, 2009

    Delusional. I love Ester but Rude Boy is on par with Drop it Low, meaning subpar. Fail, fail, fail.

  60. Blacvk Beauty November 30, 2009

    @ WTF… i agree with your comment 100%… I will add my 2 cents by saying i have not heard 1 song of her songs, noone over here in the UK is feeling her i’m talking about people who know true talent and support garbage. She’s the most delluded person in the industry. How do you expect to push big units when you have NO TALENT!!! It’s like these big exec types whoevers behind the force feeding the public BS, is just as stupid as that broad who thought she could go on tv and LIE. And she thought she would sell big numbers. All that promo and she still flopped. She’s the only artist whos seen doing absoloutely NOTHING 24/7. I can’t stand her, and she has a nasty attitude, shes not approachable at all shes very stuck up, i wish she would go away. What is her purpose really, does anybody know?

  61. stx November 30, 2009

    @wtf, why do you have to write such looong posts. I really would like to read what you have to say, but its just to long to go through.

  62. Black Beauty November 30, 2009

    Lol i was in a rush… i meant to say noone over here in the UK is feeling her i’m talking about people who know true talent and DON’T support garbage…

  63. stx November 30, 2009

    she’s flopping right, so how come she’s #1 on UK i tunes. You all fail to mention that one right.

  64. D November 30, 2009

    @rightround(U.S.A pride!) FOR the record ciara was #2 not #3 on the album charts

  65. chelsie November 30, 2009

    STX, the album sales on the iTunes chart actually only make up 7% of the album sales. So could be selling as little as a couple hundred/thousand.

  66. smartee November 30, 2009

    This is exactly what she gets! Ah Ha Rialien! I’m sorry, I know I sound mean but I can’t stand her. She’s extremely fake and conniving, used that sobby story about being beaten by Chris Brown only to get sympathy sales, and claimed to use it to help young girls but when asked to be a spokesperson for domestic violence she said “I’m not going to do that because it’s not me. ” She said that she felt that talking about it on TV was enough, she lied and said that she was embarrassed that her naked pics leaked, but was walking around the streets with a see through shirt and no bra, and is damn near naked in her porno like promo pics, she tries to act all nice and classy in mainstream interviews, but inappropriately jokes with her friends by calling them b**ches and trying to act cute and ghetto….there’s so many things wrong with this trick and I’m glad it’s finally starting to end. This should be a lessen to all of the dumba** Rihanna worshipers who called people haters and swore down that Rihanna had talent. Gimmicks won’t get you anywhere in the long run. And people can try to deny it and get mad but at the end of the day, nobody’s checking for her and she and y’all can thank all of the “haters” for not buying her wack a** album.

    Oh and, don’t leave Lady Gaga out because she’s a gimmick too. Real talent… yeah right, if Lady Gaga stopped with the stupid costumes and antics, she would flop too just like Alicia Keys.

  67. LaLaLovesToSmokeLala November 30, 2009

    Ummm ONE BECAUSE many ppl are beginning to see this chick for whom she really is. Two, she goes on 20/20 and say she wants and cares to be a “GOOD” rolemodel to her fans but then releases assed out titties displayin GUNS TATTED nakedness throughout all of her promotion pictures. Then in her music she wants to come off as this gangsta girl from the Carribeans streets lmao that is depressed and ready to shoot anybody that hurts her feelings again. LMAO…Lord Have mercy. in these depressing times her music is the absolute wrong kind of music to listen to. Mary J Blige was in a absuive relationship and she didnt alter her look or sound to come off as this all of sudden GANGSTA HARDCORE I LOVE GUNS TYPE OF FEMALE. Instead released music like “My Life” “Im Going Down” and ” Happy ” songs young and old women can relate and vibe too. Brandy and Alicia Keys as well have been in abusive relationships but they didnt use that to gain fame or popularity they didnt even hardly pressed to much about that because one that was personal and two they instead release the pain through there music without coming off to strong about it but rather EMPOWERED.

  68. Prince November 30, 2009

    Lol at yall hata’s stuck on the first week sales and yall know she’s going 2 do well in the long run…Yall can say what yall want 2 about the Beautiful Talented Edgy Rihanna but its not gonna stop her album from goin gold and platinum nor is it gonna stop her from making great music! She will always be a Hot Bi*tch in the game …so hata’s get use 2 it!

  69. nancy November 30, 2009

    chris brown wrote distubia her highiest selling digital single, she has burnt the bridge back to him. now flop b**** flop

  70. Shae November 30, 2009

    i use to be a rihanna fan but it seems like she is lost on soooo many levels lately its sad. Tho i am a CB fan i dont wish for her to fail b/c if she really tried hard enough she can come back but i think she relied on that 20/20 interview and the ‘situation’ to sell her album and if thats the case then she must believe that she’n good enough to sell her own album herself based on her talent. Now while i say its too soon to say her album is a flop it might not regain anything after this unless her album has sometihng to offer the public. I havent heard anything besided the music that they play on the radio but even after a few listens to it I got tired of it. I hope her whole album isnt like that ‘cuz if it is then u might as well call her album a flop if ppl r gonna get tired of hearing after a few runs.

    what i believe is that her MUSIC is good but her voice sucks!! its the god’s honest truth. when she first came out it seemed natural with the way she would sing but now that she’s trying so hard her voice aint keeping up with her. im a singer and i like the kind of music that she does, just the difference is i sound betta singing her own songs then she does yet she’s suppose to be the mega superstar and she’s not!! like i said i use to be a fan but all this drama revolving around her and the way she carrying herself and even the way she speaks and contradicts herself in all her interviews she cant be confused on why her album aint selling and neither should the rihanna fans who decided to stick around. its a no brainer why ppl arent checking for her….her 15 mins of fame is ova and its sucks but thats the way the cookie crumbs….

  71. Shae November 30, 2009

    and to all the ppl saying things about chris and talkin about ppl hatin on rihanna…dont confuse hatin with constructive critizism..yes critizism! Everyone is entitled to there own opinion about whateva so don’t be so vendentive ‘cuz someone isnt agreeing with what u say. some ppl like rihanna and some ppl dont THAT’S HOW THE WORLD IS!!! WHY R U GETTING MAD? lmao when it comes to chris’s music its hard to NOT listen to it because he IS VERY TALENTED and he continously releases hits after hits….it took rihanna to her 3RD ALBUM to become this ‘sensation’ everyone keeps talking about…yet with the way her life is goin she gonna find herself right back in barbados looking for a chance to get a hit record…im not saying her album isnt good, i havent heard it and yes i do want to hear it but dont expect ppl to feel sorry for her and buy her album when she continously runs around looking like a train wreck…the way she goin she will be the next BRITNEY SPEARS only she wont be lucky enough to make a comeback….understand that true talent ALWAYS prevail THAT’S Y PPL R ROOTING FOR CHRIS BECAUSE HE IS IN FACT A VERY TALENTED PERSON AND TRUE TALENT LIKE THAT DONT JUST GO AWAY….y u think ppl r dissmissing rihanna so easily? she wasnt popular when she first came out and now she is looking more and more unpopular these days…shes on the last min of her 15min of fame train ride…ALL ABOARD!!!

  72. danibeÉ November 30, 2009

    Fabnfamous.wordpress.com plz visit

  73. stx November 30, 2009

    @shae rihanna was popular when she first came out. Everyone knew her song pon de replay, plus her album sold 2 million copies. I think a lot of people don’t think for themselves and hop on any bandwagon. If you were once a fan, how can you just abandon like that. For me once a fan always a fan, I stand by my artist and root for them to do well. Not because everyone is hating on her now means you should abandon ship. Now is the time she needs her real fans. You all don’t know what this girl is going through. She had a rough year, maybe she’s just working through some stuff. Next year she may do things differently. She’s only human.

  74. nope November 30, 2009

    B**** lied = no sympathy. Floppity flop flop flop. hitsdailydouble.com

  75. RIHANNA THE BANANA December 1, 2009

    OMG she is flopping really hard. Last album #1 this time #16 OUCH!!!

  76. marg December 1, 2009

    people are not checking for her because she has no talent. shes just a pretty girl who got lucky.she cant bring anything to the table. she cant sing, dance and has zero stage presence. am neither a fan or a hater. I have several songs from her on my ipod. when i listen to rihanna, trust me its not for her voice, its for the lyricks and the beat of the song.
    its sad because all these other artist out their who can sing, like kelly price, heather headly, JoJo, tamia all get the short end of the stick…and yet people like cassie, rihanna get all the promotions and still fail.

  77. marg December 1, 2009

    rihanna’s album is flopping hard theres no if buts about it. all the rihanna stans can sit there and say shes not flopping because shes number 5, needs to take a chill pill.
    no being # five is not bad..but its rihanna we’re talking about. she had all this time to learn her craft, this is not her first album, shes not new to the game..she had all the people backing her, and yet white lady who looks leaves alot to desire, is beating her ass.
    you mean to tell me acting like a victim and s*** bucket still didnt get u to be number 1…lol thats sad

  78. marg December 1, 2009

    @ WTF
    you took the words right out of my mouth. nobody’s putting rihanna on a pedestal, I dont know where she gets that from. she put her self on a pedestal, shes becoming too cocky for her own self. you cant tell me by looking at her pics and live perfomances she doesnt think she the s***. GGGB was an ok cd, she got lucky with it. she bit off somebody else;s style and got lucky. but my thing is if youre think you the s***, be good at your craft. learn how to dance or something. being pretty and having a nice body can get you so far.
    once rihanna fades in the background def jam going to find another pretty girl.

  79. stx December 1, 2009

    @marg you can hate on ri ri all you want, but she still has fan’s who has her back, and a few haters on some random blog is not enough to bring her down. Some of you all don’t even know why you hate the girl. You just hating her cause everyone else is doing it. I bet if everyone else was loving her, you all will fall in line and love her too. I find it strange, that when she was getting all the love in her GGGB days, she had so much people giving her props. Now suddenly everyone just turned on her like that. That is just the way envy and jealousy works. People like when you are a nobody, and just getting started. When you get big, and start doing well, that’s when they turn on you and start hating you. No one hated her when she came out with Music of the Sun, A girl like me. But the minute she start getting big with GGGB, the haters came out in full force, now you all are saying she think she’s the s***. How could you determine that from someone you don’t know. You just look at someone and say they think they the s***? Please rihanna got her supporters, and you non supporters didn’t get her to where she is today, so she don’t need you all commenting on where she is right now, because you never supported her to begin with.

  80. marg December 1, 2009

    @ stx..get the eff out here with the..I must hate rihanna crap..lol man nobodies hating on her.people are just stating facts, she SUCKS at being an artist. nobody turned on her please, people are turn off by her because she went on 20/20 to get sympathy sells…thats the ONLY reason she went, so people need to stop with rihanna doesnt need sympathy sells…why did she wait 2 weeks b4 her album drop to sudenlly be a victim? why shes not out there helping REAL abused women, who are getting there ass kick everyday?
    why because she doesnt give a f’ck bout domestic violence, thats why. i guarantee you when everything dies down she going back to chris…

  81. stx December 1, 2009

    @marg, that’s you opininon, I like her singing and so do millions of her fans. She got here without you all, so its all good.

  82. stx December 1, 2009

    rihanna never told anyone hey I’am a victim, all she did was tell her side of the story. Chris told his side as well, one month before her, but no one is saying he’s trying to be the victim. Why are you guys not saying chris told his story first for sympathy? and is still telling his story every chance he gets. Double standard. Much. And most of the hatred is coming from women like herself. Women are the most cattiest people out there. What a shame.

  83. marg December 1, 2009

    we just not bying what she selling point blank

  84. deedee December 2, 2009

    @ STX… its good that Rihanna has some fans out there who still support her.
    now, go back and watch the 20/20 interview, she did say she was a victim. and that she wanted to be a voice for other victims out there. so before you come on here to defend rihanna.. checks your facts first….I’ve been reading all the comments on rihanna, NOBODY said she deserved to get beat that night,….again nobody saying she couldnt go on 20/20 and tell her side of story, but why lie..thats the part we cant get over.
    now even her fans are turn off at by her,,,,its has nothing to do with WOMEN HATING ON HER, it has to do with her sucking at being an artist.

  85. Juicy December 3, 2009

    I hate Rihanna-forehead , she annoys me with her singing..she is talentless pretty much

  86. Juicy December 3, 2009

    It appears that all the street walking to show off her little outfits hasn’t helped Rihanna with her album sales. muahhaha

  87. Juicy December 3, 2009

    Chris BRown songs are way hotter, I’m definately buying his Graffitti album Dec.8th. I like the song called what it do ft plies. I hope he outsells this immigrant lady from barbados.

  88. Micah December 3, 2009

    Rihanna is talentless..her album sucks

  89. Micah December 3, 2009

    [email protected] I can’t stand her after that 20/20 interview trying to lie and appear innocent to throw Chris Brown under the bus! CB is my boo

  90. smokeyB December 7, 2009

    Omgsh , are u ppl 4 f****** real , i am frm the uk and ppl are still tlkng about rated R(ihanna) nd I no so many ppl who have got it or who are goin 2 get it
    , Yhs it is starting off In a slow pase , But u will all see how gd it will be ,
    All u h8rz out the there make me laff ya no have u got nuffink els better to do … Like go lick lady ga ga’s d*** ! or suck on beyonce face ass !!
    also i herd some 1 say there better at singing rihanna’s songs then she is Oh pls dnt make me laff , so why the hell is rihanna singing them and selling them but yet ur listening to them Ha hahaha ha haa ha Omgsh tht was so f****** funny !
    Her new album is so diffrent I dnt think it is her best album but it shows u how she has changed as a artist , ppl cnt get the hump with her cuz she bringing a diffrent sound to the game , if ppl didnt do tht dnt u all think we would all still be listning 2 ashanti hmmmm
    Nd on her 20/20 interview , yh’s i think she should of jst told the truth but if tht was me i think i wouldnt tell the whole truth u gotta understand there are somethings u would wanna tell nd some things u jst wouldnt wanna tlk about !! So it looks like she chatting s*** , when really she jst trying not 2 tlk about a serton part of the sitch .
    C/B has been beating her 4 a while so yh’s i think she dose have the right to feel victomized and as 4 her looking like a slag , i begged 2 differ She looks amazing dnt 4get she 21 but yet beyonce can walk round with almost her pom pom hanging out all over the place and she is acturly 34 not 28
    She expressin somthink V diff in this album , nd tht what makes a gd artist , she can bring a lil of everythink 2 the game not like most artist she is very verstile
    I agree tht she need’s 2 regain her pressance on de stage but i would think its hard 2 after wht CB Pput her throgh Ppl get self asteem issus frm s*** like tht ya no , he vocals are not to bad acturly She need 2 tone them a little But when she tours i bet her Voice will be back and even better tht gurl has more talent then u will no i love her i think she is amazing !! she pure stunning !! nd i love her vocal abilaty very uniqe
    but any wayss u h8rs like or not rihanna’s album is out nd she will sell
    Even u h8rs seacrutly love her nd u will by it looool ! twats

  91. Jagoperson December 27, 2009

    It woz not a flop because russian roulette went to number 2 u dumbass! People r buying the singles instead of the album! SO SHE IS NOT A FLOP”

  92. LAX October 29, 2011

    Check her out now haters and where the hell or you haters?????Now
    Rihanna is saying look at me now,,,,This is oct, 2011

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