Mariah’s ‘Memoirs’ Tanks In The UK

Published: Sunday 29th Nov 2009 by Sam
Mariah Carey Flop

Despite a high-profile appearance on the X-Factor last week, Mariah Carey’s 12th studio album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ has flopped in the UK, entering the official album chart at a disappointing #23. Meanwhile,  ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’, the record’s lead single in UK after ‘Obsessed’ release was cancelled, barely scrapped the top 20 on the singles chart – debuting at a lowly #19. Ouch.

All pantomime banter aside, I actually feel a little sorry for ol’ Mimi. While nowhere near her best offering, ‘Memoirs’ – at the very least – deserved to perform better than some of her other poorly charting material (see: ‘Glitter’ and ‘Charmbracelet’). Instead, it stands as the lowest selling album of her career.

As reported, it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if Mariah’s next LP – whenever it drops – isn’t released under the Def Jam umbrella. I mean, at this point, it’s even doubtful this ‘Memoirs’ remix album will ever see the light of day either. For,  from a business standpoint, pumping money/promotion into an already dead and buried project makes no sense at all. At best, I envision an iTunes-only/for-the-fans type release for any kind of remix LP. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. Oh Mimi…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thatmangojuice November 29, 2009

    I bought my copy and i don’t regret it one bit, love the album. ‘s all i can say.

  2. Imyourstar702 November 29, 2009

    Jesus take the wheel and sell the car to moses…i thought she would at least get top 20.

    All those in favor for LA Reid to be sacked raise your hand.

    *raises hand*

  3. Beth November 29, 2009


    LA Reid needs to axe ASAP

  4. leah November 29, 2009

    L A Reid is one of the worse music execs out there. How manyh Def JAm artists will fail this year before he’s given the boot. For his sake, Rihanna better sell buckets because I have a feeling that that is the album, they are banking on to save the others budget wise.

    Sam, agreed, makes no sense from a biz view to pour more money into a sinking ship. Actually, the UK sales while not good doesn’t worry me to much as that is her 2/3rd biggest market. It is the US sales which are more problematic.

    But then sales here are horrible for just about everyone. Will be interesting to see what Mimi’s next move will be…more movies, more perfumes/make up, another album,

  5. HaterSlayer November 29, 2009

    Yeah Mariah flopped really hard. But Sam your a hater and a f****** brown-noser. You’re a terrible blogger, you closed minded b******.

  6. 12345 November 29, 2009

    wow, It is really sad, the album is really good, it doesnt make any sense, hum, so strange..

  7. marjie marj November 29, 2009

    i still listen to it til this day. my favorite tracks are in this order:

    2. H.A.T.E.U.

    i mean, the album is verrry mellow and for the grown folk. (even though im 24) im not gonna lie though, i listen to this whenever i need to be calmed down or right before bed.

  8. SOOS November 29, 2009

    I am very sad. This is the best album of Mariah.

    My favs:
    1. Betcha Gon’ Know
    2. The Impossible
    3. HATEU
    4. Angels Cry
    5. I want to know what love is
    6. Obsessed
    7. Standing O

    O my god, this whole f****** album is awesome, I love all of the tracks. DEF JAM LABEL IS A S***.

  9. Stoney-Brie November 29, 2009

    that’s just sad, she should take a break, go on vocation like Ms Kelly did…

  10. mark ginnis November 29, 2009

    It isnt a bad cd at all. I liked Obsessed as a single.

  11. SEAN2009 November 29, 2009



  12. Mike November 29, 2009

    I think it’s just normal that “Memoirs” got at #23. It’s been released in the UK like 2 months after its original release in every other part of the world, so I think the ones that really wanted to have it just got it from Ireland or Germany, so #23 is not as bad as I thought.

    How’s the single doing btw? That should be doing better, given all the promo she just did there. I think she made a big effort doing all that promo and live performances (first live performances in Europe since 1996, so we should all be thankful for that). Anyway, her label is not giving a crap about the album, not doing nice promo either, and the album is great (maybe u can’t notice at the very first listen, but it’s such a grower!), so I just hope IDJ realize how bad they’re managing the biggest artist they have and step their game up!

  13. AllNightDontStop09 November 29, 2009

    La Reid needs to be FIRED from his position @ Def Jam Mariah is one of the biggest selling recording artist in the industry and for her recent album “Memoirs” to be tanking like
    this is crazy and ridicolous at the same time. This album could have been huge for her
    bad choice of singles .SMH!!!!! But then again Mariah shouldn’t be stressing this would one of her lowest selling albums she still got millions. I would chalk this up as a loss
    come up with another plan leave the label and start from scratch. This certainly isnt the last
    Of Mimi trust me

  14. Monica November 29, 2009

    Mariah please don’t release any more music. You have enough money. Stop torturing us.

  15. K4kenzo November 29, 2009

    its so weird how the best albums this year have flopped saleswise [ Lady Love / In Love & War / Memoirs apart from RiRi ] . i thought it was a solid effort . it actually felt like it was made in the 90`s . had that classic feel to it which is good cause all thats out now is heavy and overproduced stuff

  16. parisian girl November 29, 2009

    poor mariah!i bought one of her albums for the 1st time and i really this album!!bad promotion killed it!

  17. Kevin November 29, 2009

    This one is for Trent!!! Take that, take that!!!!

  18. D-enda November 29, 2009

    this album did not deserve to flop. It is just as strong as e=mc2. But the twats at IDJ need to get the f*** out. I hope mimi goes to Sony again. They would promote her well and atleast bring her back to Rainbow era hype – not the s*** I am seeing now.

  19. Simon November 29, 2009

    I love this album and don’t regret buying it AT ALL!!!!!!. I live in the UK and imported it two months ago and it’s still in my cd player and on my ipod. I really don’t get why it hasn’t done better as it is a solid effort with some of the best vocals Mariah has done in a while!!!!
    I am still a fan for life though and will always support Mariah. She is a legend and an Icon and one of the best vocalists of all time…..period.
    I do think however the fact the IWKWLI charted within the top 20 is a good . I am sure with time the album will be aprechiated. Mariah doesn’t need to be cool or follow trends she can just be herself and continue to WRITE and PRODUCE the music she loves when she wants. REAL FANS will buy it 🙂

  20. TeTee November 29, 2009

    Poor Mariah!! So sad for her. She should wait 3-4 years and attempt another comeback if that is even possible at this point. She should maybe have a baby now too, that would be a talking pt in the interviews a few years down the road. Maybe write a book and have a biographical movie done about her life.

  21. shimmy shimmy November 29, 2009

    damn.. she did more promo for it here than she did in the lead up to it in the US and it still tanked? daaayum.. and its not a bad album.. she needs not only a new label but new management.. chris lighty doesn’t seem to be handling her very well… benny medina… where u at?!?!?!?!

  22. The Official PYT 22 November 29, 2009

    The album flopped because it’s an horrible album. Classic/Good/Great albums by mainstream artists don’t flop. So kill the noise about the lack of promotion. It’s Mariah!! for gosh sakes, all she has to say is that she’s dropping an album and the buzz about it spreads quickly. This is not like dealing with someone like Ciara. Mariah is an international star. I would say the only thing L.A Reid failed at was allowing this album to be released. This is the most immature (lyrically) album I’ve heard in a good minute from any female artist.

  23. victor November 29, 2009


    she made several live performances in Europe after 1996, including EMA, Pavarotti and friends, tours… what the hell r u talking about? lol

  24. KIKI November 29, 2009

    I’m not really a MC fan, but I was hoping her album woulda done better. I actually like a few of her new songs.

  25. Josh November 29, 2009

    FYI sam……….Memoirs Remix album comes out in February, Source? MariahDaily…….get your facts straight before you do what you do best…..and I don’t mean blog….. The album was great, the girl can sing, and it don’t matter what anybody says….ESPECIALLY from a “SUGABABES” pusher like sam! LMFAO, oh wait your not from the US, you don’t know what good music is…….hahaha

  26. Bobby D November 30, 2009

    I feel like this album could have been phenominal had it been promoted properly. For one, release the video for the song WITH the song. Also, why is HATEU getting so little attention? Forget I wanna know what love is, HATEU should have been the second single. Like Migrate, Im afraid HATEU is going to be another could-have-been-number-1.

  27. The One November 30, 2009

    To (monica), you sound like a very simple and stupid person…….If you don’t like MC’s music or any toher artist……Don’t listen to them!!!!!!! You can do that you know, instead of trying to make yourself feel important…. all the while letting the world know how ignorent you are!!!! I love this album MC, keep making the music to want and that which we have come to love so much!!! Once agin your album has helped me in my daily life…… Thanks your fan always!!!!!!

  28. The One November 30, 2009

    To (The official PYT 22) clearly you have no idea of what you speak of!! How is this ablum immature lyrically? Please explain so I can shut you down!!! Just wanted something to say huh……… You can tell you don’t know anything about bussiness as well. I know alot of people who have the ablum illegally about 20 people of the top of my head!!! Music burning along with bad promotion could, can, and do hurt the sales of artist now a days no matter who they are!!!!! What planet are you from…. I mean really…….if you want to know how stupid and simple minded people are just log on to a blog site!!!!!! Ingonrance will be the end of you…..LOL

  29. The Official PYT 22 November 30, 2009

    If you don’t think a 39 year old woman singing “Why u all up in my George Forman grill?” is not immature then you need some help. Mariah is fiyah with her pen but she really lowered (dumbed down) her lyrical skills for this album.

  30. The Official PYT 22 November 30, 2009

    If you don’t think a 39 year old woman singing “Why u all up in my George Forman grill?” is not immature then you need some help. Mariah is fiyah with her pen but she really lowered (dumbed down) her lyrical skills for this album.

    *wrong email

  31. The One November 30, 2009

    To (the official pyt 22) OMG!!!! Now i really know you have nothing better to do with yourself!!!! Its called a (metaphor) and whats immature about that. I’am 26 year old and very mature for my age and i see nothing wrong with that (metaphor) and who are you to tell someone what he or she should be singing at any age. She is 39 , which is still considered young in my book!!! I hate the way people like you think. Plus if thats the best evidence you have to prove your idiotic point of view the case in closed!!!! If i’am blessed to live to see 39, I wish a person like you would try and tell me not to express myself, as i choose, as long as it is in decency and order I could care less what a person like you have to say!!!!! Worry about yourself!! I’am sure you do alot of things you shouldn’t do for your age if thats how you try an judge people……… I guess you wont vision of love agin LOL….. MC has been there and done that!!! Its about stay up with the times, but agin I don’t expect you to understand that!! One more time just for you…..If you don’t like the album or her songs or any other artist…Guess what….You don’t have to listen to them!!!

  32. The Official PYT 22 November 30, 2009

    You’re an idiot.

  33. The Official PYT 22 November 30, 2009

    Also, you need to control your emotions.
    Opinion: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter

  34. del December 1, 2009

    i loved mariah new album it is one of her best kinda reminds me of butterfly the impossible wicked slow jam and hate u dammm mariah people will always be hating on u but mariah u are the queen

  35. iolastar December 1, 2009

    It’s not that Mariah can’t sing. It’s not that Memoirs doesn’t have solid material because it does. What the public is tired of is a lazy singing Mariah. When people used to think of Mariah Carey it was all about her voice, not so much now. All the whispering and singing in her falsetto is boring. I want some power ballads (Mine Again, Anytime You Need a Friend, Emotions).

    First of all Mariah has nothing to prove to anyone. She’s sold millions on top of millions. I’m not talking about 15 or 20 million I’m talking over 200 million. There is nothing else to aspire to and really, we the public can tell. It’s almost like she’s recording just because she can. She’s happy, she’s in love and I’m truly happy for her, that girl has a catalog full of depressing songs.

    The formula of working with the hottest rappers and producers is played. Mariah is at her best when she was writing with that Walter dude. Also the formula of being a s** kitten is TIRED. Great she looks great in a tight dress, but we don’t need to see it all the time. It’s distracting, the high heels, the cleavage. Mariah needs to do what she does best…sing.

    She needs to click on Youtube and look at some of her vintage performances. She needs to wow us like she did before. Work on that stage presence and whatever she does DON’T TRY TO DANCE. I’m truly one of her lambs and I say all of this out of love.

  36. Nippy You December 22, 2010


    Another year..another flop..abum. Time to retire.

    *close coffin*

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