Usher’s Album Gets Release Date


After being rescheduled numerous times, Usher’s forthcoming album has finally been given a concrete release date. The tentatively entitled LP, ‘Raymond vs. Raymond’, will now hit stores on December 21st as confirmed by the singer’s label, LaFace/Jive Records. This places Usher in direct competition with Mary J. Blige who is also dropping her new album, ‘Stronger’, on the same date. The first ‘buzz’ singe from ‘Raymond…’, ‘Papers’, has thus far peaked at #32 on the Bilbboard Hot 100 and #2 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts.

It seems that Usher’s label is anticipating a strong sales bonus from the Christmas shoppers. Although a brilliant maneuver to garner high sales rates, it does raise several questions. Primarily, one might wonder if Jive uncertain that Usher is unable to generate strong sales without the boost of the season, especially given the mediocre performance of his last record. Only time till tell if Mr. Raymond still possess the golden touch and if he can outshine Mary J, who is particularly known for consistently high first-week sales.


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  1. Ps November 13, 2009

    the song is doing very well and its only been out for 6 weeks but its already at the top on both charts.

  2. Ps November 13, 2009

    the song is doing very well and its only been out for 6 weeks but its already at the top on both charts. i think it will be no 1 soon

  3. AWOLLUVA November 14, 2009

    The album title is so cliche, yuck. Hopefully the overall sound will be better than his last flop.

  4. LOL November 14, 2009


    Haters are lying to thereselves!
    The dude got a numba 1 single in rnb charts and a top 30 without any promotion…SMH
    Mary J is no competition her last single flops hard
    Anyway haters can say what they want he gets his checks though cause the buzz single sell hard!

  5. arfa November 14, 2009

    Wheres the video for papers!
    What the F@#$ is he doing lol…

  6. TJ November 14, 2009

    Usher will flop yet again… When it comes down to Usher vs. Mary…. Mary will come out on top with this one…

  7. Keith November 14, 2009

    I think Mary will come out on top but she will not last long.

    Usher can still be s*** as hell, but the music of recent leaves something to be desired. I hope there is something better in store on the full CD….Not feeling “Papers” or any of the leaks. Perhaps he needs some JD, Neptunes and NeYo back in his life and stay away from Polow DaDon, RedOnes, and J-Lac.

  8. Ps November 15, 2009

    at LOL, u r so right.

  9. Diego November 15, 2009

    please Mary is known for ruling Christmas week and after his last flop he needs a hit song bad. Just to let people know just because u have a hit song dosent men u wil sell big. Look @ Rhinah her last album had the huge Umbrella as the first single and she did not do well with the first week album sales. Mary is always underestimated and when she comes out she will clearly take Ushers shine.. Mary will have hevy promo and Oprah will make sure that Mary’s name gets out there watch and see.

  10. RR. November 18, 2009

    WILL U ALL STOP SAYING USHER WILL FAIL. THE ONLY REASON THERE IS LiTTLE BUZZ ABOUT THE ALBUM IS BECAUSE HE will slowly release the big song for the album. I hope there are many people out there who will still support Usher and get his new album. Usher will sell more records this time.

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