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Published: Wednesday 2nd Dec 2009 by Trent

Controversial entertainer Chris Brown is featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of VIBE Magazine. In the release, the singer gives an interview where he discusses several issues including his new album and, of course, ‘the incident’ involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown’s new LP, ‘Graffiti’, which was first exclusively reviewed here on That Grape Juice, hits stores on December 8th.

This cover is sure to stir up a slew of controversy! However, regarding the question of whether or not people are “still down” with Brown, it’s clear that many would respond with a resounding “yes!” His album has thus far received generally favourable reviews from the critics and several predict that he will enjoy decent first week sales. Now it’s time to see if consumers are willing to support his project. You can peep the alternate cover of the issue featuring rapper Drake below:



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  1. anon December 2, 2009


  2. Raychel December 2, 2009

    @anon agreed lol

  3. Rnbtoday December 2, 2009

    I have got to say, even before the Chris Brown incident I always saw him as a mediocre artist, people like him a lot more now because of the incident for some reason and are saying his music is really good solely because they think rihanna shouldn’t be making music. I’m not a fan of either but, I will say he needs to show more growth in his music, its a DAMN shame that quality rnb artists like Tank are overlooked when they actually garner great rnb music…. To conclude I was never down but best believe a lot more people are down after the incident strange as it may be to think, i mean you only have to read some comments and even the posts made on this blog. Chris is still in his music doing that lubby dubby that kiss kiss kind of songs and people are saying he’s the answer to male rnb when its all a publicity and image thing very much like the girl he was beating

  4. Dani December 2, 2009

    im down Christopher…..haters kick rocks……he’s back…deal with it!

  5. Raychel December 2, 2009

    @rnbtoday bless you. you are so right lol. thats hy I downloaded famous girl its like kiss kiss and all its fun to jam to but its nothing special he’s not that good an artist.. he’ll always have the same type of music

  6. wth December 2, 2009

    where am i………

  7. Mr.727 December 2, 2009

    I agree with you TODAYRNB! It is so backwards for people to like a person that abuses women, but yet if they do have real talent they are over looked! I bet everybody is hoping that he will have 300k to 400k album seals! look AT Rihanna’s sales! She only pushed 180k which in today’s market is a terrible number! Susan Boyle stomped on her head with 700k! She is a bad b****, and she is not attractive like Riri, but she has “VOCAL ABILITY” that is what consist for true! Dancing and shaking your ass is not a substitute for what talent means!
    People will f****** call me a hater for saying Chris Brown is a piece of s***! If you people realized something white folks buy more records than anyone! After what he did, I don’t see him selling big next week, if he does, that goes to she you how f****** sick people are!!!!

    Some people don’t have a moral reasoning, and feel that this behavior is ok!!!!!! Like jay said”Mean lie, women lie, but numbers don’t “!!!!!!!
    People are starting to open their ears and they hate what they hear!!!

    R&B IS DEAD!!!!!

  8. Pat December 2, 2009

    What’s with Drake’s mouth? Is that genetically involuntary or is he doing that on his own..

  9. San December 2, 2009

    Bought the last cd was less than impressed liked only the singles first album was alright wont be getting this one. Find it funny that he stated that the radio interview with LaLa was his last time talking about the incident then after RiRi does one interview holding not much back on 20/20 he wants to talk about it in detail…dude had his chance on Larry King and failed talking in detail now after she talked is a punk ass move and if she talks about it again thats a punk ass move unless its at an abused womens charity. Is it true he will be on 20/20 soon? If so SMH.

    Answer: I Aint down, keep tryin though I do believe in forgiveness its just the music was never too good to begin with.

  10. Lady J December 2, 2009

    Why does drake always pucker his lips like that. Is it supposed to make him look hard or something??

  11. yurp. December 2, 2009

    It’s human nature for people to “sympathize” with a good looking male or female…Look at the case of Scott Peterson. ..They rarely come down SO hard on those pretty young female teachers that have s** with their students. Like someone said earlier, people are so bakwards..If it was Jermaine Dupri who beat on Janet the results would GRAVELY differ. The hate would be unanimous.

  12. San December 2, 2009

    Mr. 272 180k in todays market is just okay it is by no means terrible in todays market actually its 700,000 which is an amazing almost unheard of number in todays market the only women to achieve such a feat are Nora Jones and Alicia Keys who both have sold a little more than that on first week sales. Susan Boyle was also a contestant on one of the biggest shows in the world so its not like shes completely out of the blue people were anticipating her album since way earlier this year she was all that was talked about for a good while on tv and the internet.

  13. nikki December 2, 2009

    ok i’m going in first off they call him the prince of rnb because he makes music that makes you feel good he can perform, sing, dance all in one forever, with you, lucky me , and crawl or some of his talented work that touch people now just because u wanna listen to kiss kiss go head but u leaving out the songs that really meant something to people smh another thing did people stop liking kobe after the r*** thing no did people stop liking r kelly or Micheal jackson no just because something bad happens in their life time that doesn’t take away TALENT and i’m so through with people saying u support CHRIS THAT WOMEN BEATER first off when u get an album i believe their music is on their not a document of their personal life hello! damn now i’m going in on riri cuz ya’ll pissing me off she’s very pretty very pretty but can only hold a note for so long have u ever seen rihanna perform on an award show and said THAT B**** DID THAT wait for it that’s what i thought and after all the promo she got really CNN when ya’ll start putting singles out for people and i don’t know why people getting mad at her album sells when has she ever done 300 thousand in a week???? yeah her album altogether sold alot i’m not gonna knock her for that and she has alot of hit singles but she is a singles person these r facts don’t get mad so take it how it is trying bring chris down is not helping

  14. San December 2, 2009

    Excuse me it Mr. 727

  15. nikki December 2, 2009

    if one more BLACK person says WHITES don’t like Chris where have u been ever concert he has had has been majority white look at the photos unless u somewhere like atl or something hell I went to the one in L.A on nov 18th why was there so many whites and a few chocolate drops ya’ll be cracking me up and then have the nerve to say only girls like him well the boys (not gay) could have fooled me trying to do his dances and stop trying blame chris for riri sells talking about we feel sorry for chris so people naturally uplift the male in a situation if anything she should have sold alot with all sad s*** she went through “THE RETURN OF RIHANNA is what they kept saying on the award show so she the one who should have sold with all the sympathy s*** she was getting

  16. Mr.727 December 2, 2009

    @Nikki~Darling we need to talk!!, lol!!! I’m trying to learn to have healthy debates without cussing so much! I will say yes you are right about people continuing to like a artist or an athlete after a incident! You may like his music and that is fine, but I like the old school, like Tevin Campbell, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Teena Marie, and the forever irreplaceable Michael Jackson!!! Chris Brown is for today’s youth, his music fits in for his age group! Honestly I don’t think he is setting a good example for young kids that look up to him, and even if you don’t admit it, that night in Feb will forever change how people look at him! I was never a fan of his music! To me there is no rationale that can be make separate talent and hurting someone! I know Rihanna is just as much to blame, but by them talking about it over and over again is only delaying the process of their healing! I for one, I still don’t have respect him, Rihanna cannot sing! So that is how I feel about it!!! It amazes me how the public is not holding him accountable for his actions!! To be going to court, getting probation is not a ticket to freedom! If that was the average person on the street they ass would be beneath the jail house!!!!!!! Buying their records to me is like paying there bills! I will live by my morals!!!!!

  17. nikki December 2, 2009

    @ MR. 727 I agree that what he did was wrong but I have also done wrong and I have been in his situation but I’m not a bad person, or a monster u see people get on my nerve about this situation i feel like if Chris did this everyday for a while over and over and over than yes he needs help on a serious level but if two young individuals or having an argument and it gets wild and one goes overboard and lets his anger get the best of him when it was not needed and can realize what he did and how to go about it the next time and learn from it then no i will not keep bringing someone down and I would hate for my family or friends to be mad at me for a mistake i did and try to define me as that and what i don’t get is u say he got a free ticket how?? my friend got a get out of jail free card and this was his third time doing it! all the pookies in the world get out on no charge and they do worse things than Chris come on Chris did not just get probation he got fines, demostic violence classes and so on and this was his first time in trouble once again not taking up for his actions just putting facts out there I couldn’t accept why my friend kept beating his girl that’s when i told my self that people like that have to want to change for themselves there was nothing i could do you also say he’s not a good role model if Chris can learn and teach young men to control their anger and to learn from him and to be better than that I believe that that’s an example of a role model

  18. Graduation2009205251 December 2, 2009

    I never did stop liking him, me nor did any of my friends or family. And I’m 23 years old before anyone starts to think that I’m a teenager. I like his music and I always have. I don’t have a problem with his singles, and in all honesty he made a mistake. He fessed up to it; is working out his sentence, and now trying to push his career further. It kills me that people seem to forget that LIFE ISN’T PICTURE PERFECT. No matter who you are. So yes I forgive him, and I don’t think that Rihanna is all that innocent. I guess it doesn’t phase me because domestic violence is a part of everyday life. My cousins are in abusive relationships, but do I feel sorry for them…NO. They choose to stay there and then EGG the men on. As the old saying goes….’DO UNTO OTHERS AS ONE WOULD WANT DONE TO THEM’. If you hit someone, don’t expect them not to hit back and that’s just my take on it.

    Plus Rihanna can’t sing OR dance. She just wears nice clothes and makeup, because she didn’t like she does now when she first came out and TRUST that has a lot to do with how much money you can bring in.

  19. Mr.727 December 2, 2009

    Nikki! I just don’t like this music anymore, it is sooooooo dry and redundant! Ain’t nothig passionate about music no more, it don’t take you you anywhere, it don’t move you! I don’t want to her a damn computer EVERYTHING THE SONG COMES ON, BUT THAT IS ME!!! This is the last time I will comment on this dude! I just don’t feel that way, but I do agree with what you say!!!!!!!!!

  20. yurp. December 2, 2009

    Listen, Chris Brown is attractive AND CAN SING…the boy is a natural talent with an appealing face. Certainly Rihanna is pretty but she can come off as a beeyatch with no personality… she seems fake and manufactured. I’m not bashing her…if you can’t see that to some degree you don’t have the mental capacity to understand…..most ppl. will EASILY sympathize with a handsome, natural talent than a pretty, no talent “bimbo” like girl. The man is a singer, dancer, actor.. he is young, he works hard. So he publicly slipped up..well, he’s genuinely taking the necessary steps to better himself..meanwhile Rihanna is grabbin her crotch on her emo thing….he has more support than u think.

  21. cojukoro December 2, 2009

    Go Chris Go

  22. deedee December 2, 2009

    did chris brown beat rihanna’s ass every day? did he use her as a puNching bag? NO.
    yes chris brown still has a lot of fans out there..some of the fans he got was actually after the 20/20 interview. We are not condoning his actions. we all know rihanna and chris was physically fighting eachother in that the police report, rihanna admit she hit him first,,,,now does that mean he had every right to beat her like he did…NO
    so for people who are sayin we are suporting an abuser, needs to get the eff out of here…
    and 727 is the last person wo needs to call chris an a buser when he was the one that was calling females b****, h**, all types of name.

  23. KayB33 December 2, 2009

    um…. Dee Dee what police report did you read? What interviews by not only Rihanna, but Chris Brown himself did you listen to. Both parties reported her never hitting him nor did the police report. I really do want to support Chris Brown, but ever since this little incident I can’t look at him the same and I can’t listen to his new material. I used to be a fan, not a big fan, but I supported him and I listened to his music, but even then I could say it was nothing too special about it. I’m only 21, yet I do listen to the oldies and realize that he may be a little talented but artists like Michael Jackson and Prince blow his little behind out the water. I don’t care how talented a person is if you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I was trying to believe this guy was sincere with his apology, but when him and his entourage blatantly bash the girl it’s hard to believe. With song’s like “famous girl” how could a person support him. “Oh he made a mistake he should be forgiven”, ok yes everyone deserves a second chance, but IMO only when they deserve it. I refuse to give in to him simply because he’s famous and has a cute face and can dance. DF out of here. I know his fanbase is younger girls, but if you allow your children to buy into this BS what are you teaching them? You all can say Rihanna’s apology and antics are genuine, but he seems a hell of a lot more transparent to me. I know people like Bobby Brown have did it and gotten away with it, but we have to stop the cycle at some point.

  24. Mr.727 December 2, 2009

    Deedee shut the f*** up!!!!!!! Not to put Yurp don’t! But that is exactly what I’m talking about! Your statment goes to show how we as a society accept a person based on appearance !So what DEE if I said b**** does not mean I’m a bad person! I have a sister to fight chicks , so why would I put my hands on one!!!!!!!!!! This goes to show that people, especially black youth have no respect for themselves!!!! How he is looks is what it is based on!!!!Most of ya’ll probably 18-23 at the least!!

    You can call me what you want!!!!! This is a waste of time and my typing!!!!!!!

    Praise be to Chris Brown, Rihanna, an all these other fake ass singers in 2009!!!!!!!

    Waste of f****** time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. KayB33 December 2, 2009

    Excuse me Mr. 727, but I’m 21 and I don’t give a f*** if he was Barack Obama. If Barack beat Michelle I wouldn’t give him any excuses. I don’t care who the person is and how attractive they are just because a person has an attractive persona doesn’t mean they should get a pass. What the hell is wrong with the world? Not only that, they keep saying that devil worshiper deserved it. Don’t you people know that he is also a speculated “devil worshiper”. Y’all really need to do your research and quit being biased because it’s getting real ignorant.

  26. Mr.727 December 2, 2009

    Kayb33 you are a smart woman, and I totally respect your view on the matter, this makes me sick to my stomach to see people praise him like he is God! F*** his Talent, he ain’t doing nothing innovating or spectacular that makes me jump on his bandwagon! No matter what truth and knowledge you try to inform people with they say you a hater!!!

    Kayb33 I don’t know if you been to this site if not please check it out cuz everything you are saying is absolutely right!

    The devil is a lie and the truth is not in him!!!

    They use trick and deception to people to like them!!! The devil is sure busy!

  27. Its Me Again December 2, 2009

    “R U Still Down” ?

    If this cover is real that has to be the stupidest idea for a magazine cover I have ever seen. On one hand it makes him look so desperate and pathetic and on the other hand it makes him look like he’s making light of his actions.

    I really wish Chris would stop dwelling on the incident and get on with his life and career. Every reference he continues to make to it makes him less and less appealing to me.

  28. Graduation2009205251 December 2, 2009

    My last comment on this matter, because it’s really getting ridiculous. If people can allow R.Kelly to continue to sell out show for having s** with a 12 year old girl, not to mention p*** on her. You CAN CLEARLY look past two adults fighting. That’s what it was. The whole thing just pisses me off. As a woman, if I were to put my hands on you and you knock me out that’s what I get for putting my hands on you. Cause you can damn sure bet on me knocking your ass out if you touch me. She egged the s*** on, wouldn’t drop it, he got pissed, ruffed her up in the WRONG neighborhood, and hence the situation at hand now. It’s been reported that they’ve tore up hotel rooms and things from fighting before. And her apology isn’t any more sincere than Chris’s. All of this crap is for PROMOTION.

  29. nikki December 2, 2009

    bless your heart i would hate to be fam with someone who couldn’t forgive me and who has such hate for someone they don’t know i wouldn’t know what to do if no one was willing to forgive me after i understood what took place and that i’m changing for the better it cracks me up when people say he’s not remorseful ok so when someone dies do u have to cry or can u feel pain from within?? he got off to easy really?? a whole year almost of none stop drama really tiger wife getting praise cuz she went ghetto on him with a golf club double standards he can’t sing or dance really? but he was awarded all those awards and was in high demand for performing i don’t know maybe it’s me only god will deal with him oh well guess ya’ll never did anything bad in life no sin is greater than the next

  30. Nixon December 2, 2009

    Why does this website insist on trying to shove POS artists down our throats.

    I do not know where Trent is getting his information because the reviews I have read both said his music is pure garbage.

    The album is one layered with nothing to say.

    He tries to come off like the victim when No you f****** idiot you are the victimizer not the other way around.

    I am going to laugh my f****** ass off when Gucci comes out of the blue and slaughters Chris I mean seriously his fanbase is enormous right now.

    Sam and Trent go ahead and stay on your knees and promote something that obviously isnt going very far.

    Atleast not anymore because I am in no way down for Chris Brown.

    Give me a break,.

    Btw heres the proof.

    Stick that in your pipe and take a deep drag you bubbleheaded pre-pubescent h***.

  31. nikki December 2, 2009

    I’m sick of it he stronger but if tiger wife would have hit him one time n the right spot with that golf club Tiger would be knocked out no one should hit anyone at the end of the day man or women don’t step to him and than hide behind your gender (yea i said it) that’s what they do anyway how can another human being tell another human your a man u can take her hits, punching, and slapping and throwing objects just hold her down till she calms down her hits r weak<—– what and this how the world thinks real talk

  32. wtf December 3, 2009

    to be honest, i dnt like both covers…they suck…i dnt think the chris one will bring much controversy..those who hate will just hate..those who are ok with him will not be bothered…for me, its just not cute..they are both corny as hell…is this really a comeback vibe?? y’all should have remined closed..

    now onto whether people will forgive him blah blah..umm who cares?????.his show are selling out and its about time that people realise that those who are with him are with him..those who are not are not..get over it and that question…

    anyways, y’all need to understand that chris cannot do an interview/ promo without talking about it so stop asking the same damn is what it is..hopefully next year this story will be out of the system but as for now just suck it up..geez!!!

  33. SXSW December 3, 2009

    This is why Vibe folded in the first place. There is nothing Chris Brown is going to say we haven’t already heard and Drake is just boring as an interview subject.


  34. deedee December 3, 2009

    @ kyb33 go on the TMZ site and read the police report.
    @mr 727 dont tell me to shut the f*** u know me , NO,, are u paying my bills, HELL NO, i can say what the hell i wanna say, if u dont agree to what i have to say GUESS WHAT KEEP IT MOVING. where in my comment did i say i condone chris? where does it say i think chris did the right thing by beating rihanna, NOWHERE, so dont come here with that crap. because i said both of them was wrong that means am supporting chris based on his looks? get the eff out of here with that crap.
    last time i checked calling a women a b****, s***, h** is verbal abused dumbass
    verbal abuse and physical abuse IS THE SAME S***

  35. deedee December 3, 2009

    most of you who are on here act like u dont make any mistakes. people makes mistakes, we dont really know what happend in that car that night, I’m basin all my opinions on what the police report says and rihanna’s interview on 20/20.
    frankly I couldnt care less about Chris or Rihanna. the problem i have is people who here so quick to hang chris brown without knowing any facts.
    am a woman, I know if I saw another woman repeately textin my man phone, I’M NOT gonna just sit there and say why she texting u, im gonna want blood..
    so people need to get the eff out of here saying rihanna just sat there and took a beating, without defending hereself.
    again BOth of them were fighting with eachother that night, sadly rihanna was the one that end up beat.

  36. Mr.727 December 3, 2009

    Yeah you need to get slapped silly b****, you talk a lot of cash s*** dede!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abuse my ass, you getting mad at some kilobyte over internet, all you do is make excuses for his actions that you damn well know cannot be justify !!!! I don’t care what you say, or how you want to be around the bush!!! People don’t look at him the same, it is almost uncomfortable to me to see him with an album out, Rhianna too!!! They both need to heal!!!

  37. deedee December 3, 2009

    and no i dont agree with the people on here who are condoning chris’s actions based on his looks.. thats sad..if we are gonna forgive chris for what he did, people shouldnt base forginess on looks alone.
    they both are young, they both made a mistake, chris is the one thats gonna end up paying for it for the rest of his life.
    obviously rihanna moved on already, listen to her radio and tv interviews, she talks about missing chris, and other things, if she moved on GUESS WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO MOVED THE F*** ON TOO

  38. deedee December 3, 2009

    @ mr 727 am a silly b**** huh, u just proving my point ….lol
    its obvious u cant read english. cause if u could read u would notice i never said i condone chris’s actions dumbass.

  39. deedee December 3, 2009

    @ call me all the names u want ..if it makes u feel more like a man go head,,,,,,

  40. deedee December 3, 2009

    if u dont like chris ..guess what r***** dont read the post about him ..its that easy…
    because chris still has fans out there, yes some of the are defending him for the wrong reasons (am not 1 of them),
    in then end MR 727 ur opinions of him is not gonna make him lose money.
    so get off his NUTS.
    if you so concern about domestic violence liked u claim u are how about u go open a women shelter, how about u go donate some money for the women who are getting their ass beat on the regular.
    instead of coming hear and blowing hot air.

  41. Mr.727 December 3, 2009

    Dede I’m going to be the mature person and say you are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m wrong about everything I SAID!!!!

  42. SpookSpark December 3, 2009

    Can we cut it with the “SHAME CHRIS BROWN SUPPORTERS TO DEATH.”

    Stop trying to analyze reasons why people support him. Not all reasons are the same and not all are equal.

    People forgave him. I did. Some condoned. I didn’t. Deal with it.

  43. Leave Chris Brown Alone December 3, 2009

    All the haters need to stop spending so much time hating someone they don’t know and bashing the fans he still has, who have forgiven him, his a singer and we love his music, nothing is gonna change that, those who continue to hate look sad, I am 22 so no not all his fans are teenagers and KAYB33, your idiot , you don’t know how sorry hi is to judge and social fans who turned their back on him, were never true fans.

  44. bobs December 3, 2009

    Hmm. THIS SITE gives Rihanna ALL kinds of s*** for talking about “the incident” – but praises Chris Brown left and right. I suppose she should have r**** her too, maybe it would have added a few more sales.

    BTW: Anyone notice how THIS SITE never mentioned that Chris Brown will be doing his own “tell all” interview on ABC next week, when his album released?

    Anyhow, the “pro forma” album (as Rolling Stone calls it) sounds pretty miserable to me.

  45. deedee December 3, 2009

    We not giving rihanna s*** for going on 20/20 to tell her side of story and to promote her album…..AGAIN thats what people do when they have an album or movie out, they promote it.. the problem we have with rihanna’s 20/20 interview is that she wasnt truthful about anything on there. EX. Diane Sawyer “we read reports about chris brown pushing u on a wall”.. Rihanna ” he never pushed me into a wall”
    Diane Sawyer” what did he do”
    Rihanna ” he pushed me into a wall”
    her answers were never consistent..point blank she threw chris brown under the bus for album sells.
    my thing is before rihanna went on that interview she should have at least visit a women shelter, than the victim act would have been more believable.

  46. deedee December 3, 2009

    and alot of chris fans on here have said chris brown shouldnt go on GMA. and just let things go,..i agree to an extent
    so if rihanna can go and tell her side of story …then chris brown has every right too period..
    he has an album to promote too..just like rihanna did

  47. thestar December 3, 2009

    ive listened to his new album and have to say its VERY GOOD!! Will definitely buy Graffiti!!!

  48. Prince December 3, 2009

    This really does make him look so desperate and pathetic!!I jus dont look at him the same way know more 4 what he did 2 my girl RiRi!! Eveytime i see him and RiRi that picture get in my head of him pulling Rihanna out the car and beating her biting her and probably stomping her and then Rihanna crying and yelling on the floor telling him 2 stop but he still beating her!!I try 2 think it was a mistake and look at him the same once b4 but i jus cant right now ..Maybe sometime next year i would have by then 4gave him!!But untill then bi*ches im TEAM Rihanna all day every day!!!

  49. backup2fallback December 3, 2009

    All of y’all are too funny. Every ‘great RnB singer’ dat U mentioned hav some kinda prob. They abused drugs, participated in DV, R jus generally violent, beat up fans, r**** women, m***** children,… I cld go on. Where did U think they got all dat emotion and feeling 4m?

    These artists R not role models. They R doing their job. CB’s job is 2 sell CDs, and if dat means Lubby Dubby Kiss Kiss, then let him do his job. If U like his music great, and if not, oh well, cuz he’s not making music 4 U. It is not self hate 4 a female 2 like his music or buy his CD, nor must she B a fan of Rihanna. The actions of these artists R a reflection of who they R, and not their music. Now if CB writes songs about beating chix up then I wld fall back.

    While U may not have committed any serious offense (or maybe know one knows about the things U hav done), but we ALL have done something wrong (or something we wished we wld hav handled better). Thank God that the things I did as a teenager has not seriously affected my life or my career. Get over it ppl. CB and Rih are both young and dumb. And those of U who R so passionate about their problems R the same.

    FYI: BOTH of these young ppl hav change their stories like kids who try 2 cover up da fact dat they broke mama’s lamp.

  50. DuMMies December 3, 2009

    okaii Chris Brown f***** up..he slapped up Rihanna which was a horrible thing..s*** nobody knows what went down in that car except them two..and even Rihanna supposedly admitted to hitting her brother over the head with a im pretty sure they was straight banging in the two grown ass men..who knows..i dont..n i dont care really..s*** he didnt hit im not gonna keep a grudge..i dont condone any type of vs women..women vs vs men..women vs women..violence is violence to me..But its not like he whooped her ass everyday of the relationship..he hit he a piece of s*** for doing it..i dont know i dont know how he truely is..i only know what the media says..and the media is nothing but a bunch of spin not a stan..but i like his music and dance moves..his acting..ehhhhhh not that much..but everybody is entitled to a second chance..besides hes actually out there trying to do something donating money from his concerts to his best buddy charity and domestic violence shelters..and the boy is going to why cant he get a second chance again ??? cuz im pretty sure if ya’ll f***** up on something huge..u would be looking for someone to forgive your ass. so cut da b******* just keepin it 100

  51. nope December 3, 2009

    @prince Pulled her out of the car and beat her and stomped her??????????????????????????????????? Okay, if you can make up details like that,….

  52. THIS IS JUST CRAZY! December 3, 2009

    It’s crazy seeing how many people are mad at chris brown more than Rihanna is…SMH…I could understand if these comments came from RIHANNA..but they are coming from people who don’t even know either one of these people. The question is..R u still down…It’s either yes or no…people focus so much on other people’s issues, rather their own, I pass no judgement on this issue b/c ultimately we all have a ugly side…some celebrities ugly side we have yet to see, but they are worshipped and held high, but deep inside they have the same HIDDEN issue as chris brown. I just think people should stop acting like this is the end of the world b/c rest assured as you are hating chris brown for hitting rihanna..another unknown woman OR MAN is being physically abused in a relationship. So If you don’t like the boy…don’t bother.

  53. Mr.727 December 3, 2009

    What ever was going on in their relationship, lead up to this event happening! Both parties need to really start being real with what happen and move on! This is really sad, how is she wrong? Even though she may have provoked him, in the end he was caught! It doesn’t make it right what she did, but in reality people are going to have more of an sympathy to her! Don’t get mad at her for what he did to her, he made the choice to beat her, he has to deal with the repercussions of his actions!!! Grow up people be responsible for your actions, have accountability for what you do!! I want so body to say, I’m bad at her for trying to mess him up???????? With the R u still down start on!!! It makes him look like a real moron, to me he thinks that what he did is a game, and that people will just blow this over like the wind??? I think not!!

    He can do all he wants people are not going to look at him the same! I really feel bad for Rihanna be cause she was battered, not taking side just using my rationale!!

    I bet if he hit your sister, slapped your mom, all this praise and glory for him would not be coming from your mouths!!! Stop living in illusion!!!!

    Stop looking at his face trying to justify his abuse! Stop trying to defensed his ways by saying he can sing and he is talented! If this was me I wouldn’t eve try to get love from the public, I would sit my ass down and rebuild myself!! That shirt is going to be his down fall watch!!

  54. ThatGrapefruitJuice December 3, 2009

    Is he serious? Actually that IS something this uneducated ass n**** would say “R U Still Down”, pfft.

    Wouldn’t it be just shameful if Graffiti does better than Rated R………

  55. DuMMies December 3, 2009

    smh@ if it were ur mother or your sister question..i like how people just believe what Rihanna says and its golden..he owned up to what he did..BUT they never said what she was saying was TRUE..he got charged for assaulting her n stuff..u cant deny he did..but like i said they never said what she said was true..until i see the signed document stating everything..til then its hmmm..dont now what?..what if he was your brother or some s***..i bet u would still be by his side saying..”Oh She Did Something To Make Him Mad..She Was All Hitting Him!” please give me a break..

  56. kelzz December 3, 2009


  57. DuMMies December 3, 2009

    Please..This Female Supposedly Bust Bottles Over Her Brothers Head..So I Highly Doubt She Took An Ass Whoopin..And They Was Prolly Fighting Like Straight Boxers..Who Da Hell Knows..But I Know She Aint Take An Ass Whoopin..She Gonna Get 1 or 2 Hits..S***..And Some of Ya’ll Need To Chill n Drink Some Tea..Cuz Ya’ll Gettin High Blood Pressure Over Nothing..violence is never good..from either party..whether verbal or should never happen

  58. deedee December 3, 2009

    @ Dummies..most of the people who are against chris brown doesnt care that rihanna has a violent past, all they want is his head on a platter.
    they think because we are forgiving him, NOT CONDONING, his actions that means rihanna deserved to get her ass beat.
    they dont care that rihanna started the fight, s***, its not the first time we heard reports bout rihanna hitting on chris. the thing is that time chris brown finished the fight..
    all of us on here agreed that chris took things too far that night, he should have walked away.

  59. deedee December 3, 2009

    and wo ever said that chris brown told rihanna that he was gonna kill her when she gets home…Hello where u there in the car with them? remember people The police report is onesided, that means rihanna was the only only one who filed one..
    so if am to believe chris said he was gonna kill her when he got home, that means am too believe rihanna also hit him first in the car. cause thats what she said in the police report.
    rihanna is not as innocent in all this,
    i feel like shes making a mockery of domesti violence. when there are actually men and women out there who are getting their ass beat on a regular
    she did not get beat to a pulpe. she was in the hospital for only a couple of hrs.
    that what she said. we never saw chris brown face, so we cant say rihanna was the only one who got hurt.

  60. rewina April 15, 2010

    yep am down daddy lol.
    chris brown album boam as he is. &rihanna stupid & uqly & sluty=)

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