Chris Brown Hits Out At Unfair Treatment // Deletes Twitter Account

Published: Monday 14th Dec 2009 by Sam

It appears R&B star Chris Brown wasn’t done venting his frustrations about the treatment his latest effort ‘Graffiti’ is receiving courtesy of the industry and the stores supposed to be selling it. Speaking on his Twitter page yesterday, prior to the entire account being mysteriously deleted, the 20 year said:

“JUST WAS AT WALMART IN wallingford CT,844 north colony.. the(y) didnt even have my album in the back… not on shelves, saw for myself.”

“we talked to the managers and the(y) didnt even know anything. wow!!! but they had alicia keys album ready for release for this tuesday comin. the manager told me that when there are new releases its mandatory to put em on the shelves.. BUT NO SIGN OF #GRAFFITI. BS no disprespect to alicia at all.. just givin an example to whos album is loaded and ready to go next week.

{Spotted over at Singers Room}

While it’s almost a cert it was his handlers that decided to axe the Twitter account, I can’t but feel a little bad for Chris. Now before anyone peggs me any kind of advocate for violence, surely the public should be given the chance to decide his fate by either buying his CD or not. Simple as. It’s really not for any higher entity or random outlets to pre-determine the fate of the album. In any case, it’s good Chris is speaking up about it (though I’m sure his label are up in arms). ‘Good’ as should the album under-perform, this drama can be factored into it along-side the obvious. While on the topic: does anyone else find it weird that, beside his Fan Appreciation Tour, and them annoying ‘I’m Sorry’ interviews, Chris hasn’t actually had a televised performance anywhere?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gaiter December 14, 2009

    Breezy shouldn’t let em see him sweat. Him & his team needs 2 come up wit some creative things 2 get his name out there & keep the people interested IMO. I’m all the way team C.Breezy..Eff Rihanna!!

  2. anon December 14, 2009


  3. Imyourstar702 December 14, 2009

    His problem is hes too damn cocky, he doesn’t seem to have learnt anything from the whole Rihanna situation he needs to grow up..

  4. Anon December 14, 2009

    I think a better excuse for his album flopping is that his first 2 singles are failures.

  5. creola December 14, 2009

    Though he hasn’t had these televised performances he has had a lot of promo, those sorry interviews were all extreme promo’s they indirectly promoted the album in each of them…….. i’m sorry says chris… he’s done done community service and anger management but is now gearing up to release his album…. a lot of artists would KILL for that amount of promo though it may be promo out of a negative situation if you can’t use the promo as an excuse i guess we can make this excuse that stores are actively trying to ruin his career, as if stores had the time around xmas to do that, this is a controversial album and will sell why restrict themselves from making money use your noggin lol! if he feels this is actually happening take it to the authorities then I will actually take notice and not know like i do now you are preparing a story for why your album didn’t sell

  6. #comebackchris December 14, 2009


  7. Javonni Brustow December 14, 2009

    well it looks like he finally made a trending topic for this. i find the entire ordeal pretty sad. he’s young. he is allowed how can he be seen as cocky when he has pologized repeatedly?

  8. bobs December 14, 2009

    He is #10 on Itunes, below CHARLIE BROWN!!! And that’s with a huge banner at the top. What’s the excuse here? People have certainly decided they don’t want this album.

    The album is WIDELY available at Amazon and every other Walmart and Target.

    How dumb is this kid? Surely he must have thought people would still be touchy about buying or selling his album?

    Also, why should retailers waste shelf space on an album that’s not selling?

  9. lvlo December 14, 2009

    i agree 100%..his fate should be determined by the fans…whoever wants his album should buy it & whoever doesnt dont…from what i understand (i dont know if this is fact or fiction)…stores are paid to put albums on the shelves…so for them not to put his out is wrong.

  10. coldhearted December 14, 2009

    can u say kanye west in the making.. chris brown is way too cocky for his own good. he ain’t got anybody to blame but himself for this situation. and he just sounds wayyyyy too bitter…god, guy is so sad.

    don’t get me wrong objectively i liked graffiti and all, i just think the way he’s handling the attention and the publicity (or lack thereof) is just the worst most bitter/pathetic way one could go about it. time to grow up and learn some class. SMH.

  11. bobs December 14, 2009

    (Also let’s not forget that this album is PANNED by the critics as one of the worst of the year.)

  12. Tracie December 14, 2009

    OMG I feel so sad! I love Chris and pray the best for him. They may have won the battle but he will will the war. I am confident of that….the fact remains that he is talented and gorgeous!

  13. bobs December 14, 2009

    Again, he is #10 on Itunes, below CHARLIE BROWN!!! And that’s with a huge banner at the top. What’s the excuse here? People have certainly decided they don’t want this album. Stop making excuses!

  14. bobs December 14, 2009

    (and those Anger Management classes didn’t work… go back..)

  15. Jmoore December 14, 2009

    WOW this is crazy, i had a hard time buying the album in best buy…wasn’t in the new music display on tuesday…thats wack.

  16. Vix December 14, 2009

    Much as I dislike the guy for both what he did and how he carries himself in its aftermath I have to agree with you TGJ. I woun’t be buying this…never bought him before the incident either.. but if I did want to I’d expect to be able to find it. We’re not children who need guardians. let people buy the damn Cds they want to and leave it to the court of popular opinion.

  17. mickey December 14, 2009


    thats what he get ,bum!!!

    ppl dont like him no more..

    thats what happen when ur a d*****..

    glad that dam twitter is gone too.. im tired of he.. yea i said im tired of he..

    further more that would have to be a hell of alot of walmarts to make up for that flippidy flop..

    FLOPPPPPP…. flop…. fl….. opppp….

  18. bobs December 14, 2009


    “We are surprised at the comments online. All Walmart stores nationwide have carried the CD since its release, including the Wallingford store mentioned in the post. This store actually sold through its initial shipment over the weekend. The majority of our stores today are showing they do have copies available.”

    (Just that no one bought it..)

  19. JAzz December 14, 2009


    Of course Wallmart will deny those accusations. What do you think there gonna say?

    “Yes our stores are blackballing his CD”…………. pfff.

    PEOPLE ARE BUYING HIS CD. The stores arent re-stocking it after they are sold out..and or wont stock them at all. His fans were complaining about not finding the album anywhere long before CB said anything abiut it. You haters just want to disregard everything he says because of the incident, But if this was rihanna yall would be just upset as CB fans are and you know it.

    I’m glad CB deleted his twitter it was for the best….. now his haters have nothing to complain about and the media cant attack him anymore on stupid sh*t. It was for the best.

  20. thebizz December 14, 2009

    I agree with letting his fans choose his fate and they should stock his Lp. I do feel bad for him because I know he’s going thru a lot, but at the same time he’s expecting everything to go back to normal. It’s like he forgot what he did. He forgot that he brutally beat Rihanna like she was a nobody. She wasn’t just any girl she was Rihanna, what did he expect? She was the it girl of the moment and he acting like just because he said sorry a couple of times and took an anger management class everyone is suppose to forget and forgive what he did! If he want to show his fans that he has grow then he would stop “bitchin” and deal with it because at the end of the day he was wrong very wrong and he just has to deal. But on a good note his Lp is on the shelves in my town!

  21. mickey December 14, 2009

    omg @ Imyourstar702 … i love 702 i think star is one of the best pop r& b albums evaaa… still sound current..

  22. sugar December 14, 2009

    i miss his twitters a lot oooh chris i love you regardless…. your talented.

    Go Chris Go
    i have your album already

  23. t December 14, 2009

    don’t beat women then, b****.

  24. mez December 14, 2009

    u kids fall for the ‘feel sorry for me’ line LOL! Qute sad really!

    Most convicted women beaters are in Jail where they do not get the chance to record far less release a record within 9months of their conviction. He should be thankful that he is out ,free, and that he has silly children ready to buy his teeny-bop crap!

    He needs to take a break and GROW UP! and so do many of you on here that keep making excuses for him ! SMH

    No one owes him anything. he needs to take a break just like Tiger and rebuild his image!

  25. Erica December 14, 2009 from CT….thought we loved chris brown up here! lol..but dagg…you can’t blame poor album sales on not stocking the shelves..this is the first time im ever hearing of this type of thing…

  26. B@tch Please December 14, 2009

    Can we all say FLOP.

  27. JAzz December 14, 2009

    @B@tch Please

    How can we say flop when his official sales arent even out yet? They dont even come out till tommorrow DUMMY

    Can we all say FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. JAzz December 14, 2009


    Dont come to a post about him if you dont like him then B*TCH!

  29. Bahamas December 14, 2009

    First and foremost CB needs to grow up and carry he ass… talking s*** . Alicia Keys is a 12 time grammy award winner the best f****** r&b and hip hop artist of this DECADE. She earn the rights to be in every DAMN WALMART, TARGET, MACYs, any store. And secondly he has not change no bit he makes me sickkkkk………………….. GIRL BEATING B****!

  30. dont take shyt December 14, 2009

    Cry me a river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. KayB33 December 14, 2009

    You can say flop when 37% of the official sales are in and they are at 21,000 units. His highlight will probably be in the United States, where we seem to glorify b******* ass, subpar music. Rated R was so much better than Grafitti. I don’t care what any of his delusional fans have to say. When y’all was hating on her it was ok, but now that the tables are turned it hurts doesn’t it? Karma is a b**** in high heels and red lipstick Chris Brown. I belive in second chances for I am a Christian woman, but only when I feel like the person has learned their lesson and is truly sorry for their actions. I think his apology was insincere and I think his twitter rant was b*******. I think he is full of s*** and trying to make an early excuse for why his album didn’t sell as much as he expected. SMH. We don’t owe this n**** s***… quit bitching.

  32. B@tch Please December 14, 2009

    Thank you KAYB33.

    Now can we all say FLOP. HAHA 🙂

  33. AWOLLUVA December 14, 2009

    @ Mez, you make a really good point. This asshole should technically be in jail. If it were the average man who did to his girlfriend what Chris Brown did to Rihanna, he’d more than likely be locked up as we speak. Chris Brown beats his girlfriend to hell and back, and the n***** doesn’t even see a jail cell. That’s some f***** up s*** right there…

    I’m so glad this is all happening, I really am. And not that I’m somebody who generally takes pleasure in others’ misfortunes, but this particular case is different. CB has made more bad moves than good (especially as of late), and I think it would have been an absolute CRIME had this project been an actual success and people started giving him a free ride so soon, after what he did. He doesn’t deserve any of it, and the only ones who think otherwise are his idiotic teenage stans who give this abuser a pass because “she’s not innocent either”. Ugh, yuck! You people make a b**** wanna thrown up.

    The fact of the matter is it’s still too early. I said this before and I’ll say it again, scrap Graffiti, go away for a long while and work on yourself, finish school (did he even graduate from high school yet – it certainly doesn’t show), and finish your community service and complete your domestic violence counseling. Then when you grow up (and it shows), come back and make some actually meaningful music. Not this electrocrap “I Can Transform Ya” autotune b*******.

    Stick a fork in Graffiti (and possibly his career too), it’s done! Next…

  34. unFolded December 14, 2009


    Agreed, on all points!

    Well said….

  35. Terry December 14, 2009

    Here is a tip Chris Brown


    Is Chris seriously surprised by the backlash yo
    uhe had expect their would be a drop in sales and folsk boycotting the cd
    you can skid by this time thinking you will be untouched by the whole situation
    look chill out
    make some movies
    and come with another cd in a year
    with better songs ( cause you only got 3 good records on this new cd)
    and come with another cd in a year
    let time brainwash the us : the American people and give it some real time to forget and let the public really 4give you then “COMEBACK”

  36. nerd December 14, 2009


    Why are you so bitter? Is not like your ass was beaten by Chris Brown. And if this situation would have happen to any “normal couples” it would have be dismiss as well. Why would a judge press charge someone when the victim themselves did not wanted to?

    I personal feel like Chris should just asked for jail time, so all those bitter ass Rihanna’s stans would just STFU. The only reason why their trippen is because they think jail is the only way to solve a problem to everything, and trust me the most he would have be sentence would have been 1 year of jail time. I mean Rihanna never press charge anything so case closed.

    and your so ignorant. And why are you even using the “n” word? So degrading!!

    After all he is “human.” You can’t mix personal life with business. He still have to work and music is just his JOB. J And it never to early.

    Also if you don’t like his autl, ectro crap then don’t listen to it. there are plenty of other genes and music artists to listen to. he doesn’t have to stop just because you said so.

    lastly judge a work by it quality not by the cover or what you heard. your comment is so biase

  37. Joe Sullivan December 14, 2009

    maybe its his label that isnt distributing his album…. so they wont sell…. so they can drop him….

    you know how record companys like dropping their artists

  38. lvlo December 14, 2009

    the man had a fight with her….that does not make him a beater… not saying what he did was right….but dont call the man a beater

  39. Imyourstar702 December 14, 2009

    @ Mikey

    Yeah i love them too… thats where in the inspiration came from, lool

  40. mez December 15, 2009

    Yall crazy

    He is a CONVICTED woman beater! I seen the photo and Ive seen the conviction. He has admitted that he beat her up! I dont car who started it …hes the convict! He should be in JAIL. He should be thanking his lucky stars ( AND RIHANNA) that he is a free man right now instead of being angry. Who da f** does he think he is. NO one owes him s***! Where does he get this exalted sense of entitlement…from his DELUSIONAL fans???!!

    He needs to keep his dayem mouth shut and go sit some where( like a JAIL) and give us a break from his whinny immaturity….

    H** sit down!

  41. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    The day it was released, I got mine from FYE in Altoona P.A., and it was four in the afternoon! The store had been open for over 8 hours and it wasn’t on the racks anywhere?? What the f***?? Nowhere to be found in the store?? Because I preordered it, They gave it to me from behind the counter. But why hadn’t it been stocked in the new release section like they always are? And then when I heared about this, I called Walmart in Altoona, and they told me the same thing everyone was saying everywhere on different music websites under this story. That they were sold out. I asked them if it had been restocked, and they said No? Thats exactly what Chris ran into himself. So, I called a Walmart outside of Altoona, and the girl I talked to said she couldn’t find it anywhere in the cd section. So she said she’d be right back and came back and said that she found one copy under the pop/Rock category. I told her it was a new release and that walmart is suppose to put all new releases on the End cap.. SO she told me she was going to do that right now.. Am I the only person who sees something extremely illegally wrong about this picture??? So I called back about ten minutes later, and another girl answered the phone. I said Hi, do you have the new Chris Brown ALbum in? And she said Yes we do. So I said. Can I ask you something. I heared alot of things on the internet about walmart ordering the cd from his record company and then not shelving it at all in some locations and very minimally in others. And she said, well, we have it. I said where can I find it in your music section? She said I’m just finishing putting them in on the end cap on the new release rack now. So, does anyone notice something very Disappointing and almost unbelievable? THis album came out Dec 8th, and I just called ten minutes ago, and today is Dec 15th? THey waited the entire first week as much as they could to put it out because they are in fact involved with someone in not putting it out because they didn’t want his sales to supersee Rihanna;s and come next to Susan Boyle like every official prediction I read had them predicted to do.. And you know what, this my friend is True Ignorance. You don’t let him Rehabilitate by allowing his actions and his past to precede itself, and then you try to take the Young mAns way of feeding his family and actually doing well away from him by not shelving his product? Why did walmart allow his company to send them 400,000 copies if they weren;t even going to sell it??? Someone from Def Jam and in Rihann’a Corner had something to do with this. I mean people everywhere are having trouble getting it.. This is f***** up! THEY KNEW THEY KNEW HE WAS GOINT TO OUTSELL HER AND DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD IN THERE DIRTY LITTLE TRICKS TO DERAIL THE POSSIBILITY OF THAT HAPPENING! I PROMISE YOU! HE DELETED HIS TWITTER BECAUSE HIS PR TEAM INTEND ON SERIOUSLY GOING PUBLIC WITH THIS IN A FAR MORE PROFESSIONAL WAY! THIS IS SERIOUSLY GOIGN TO MAKE SOME HEADLINES BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL AS F*** TO DEPRIVE FANS FROM THE RIGHT OF PURCHASING HIS ALBUM IN RETAIL STORES! ALOT OF PEOPLE WANT THE PHYSICAL ALBUM AND THE BOOK AND NOT JUST THE DOWNLOAD. GOOD LUCK DOWNPLAYING THIS ONE WALMART. ALREADY READ YOUR SHADY ASS STATEMENT! AND DEFINITELY AIN’T BUYING IT. PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FANS DON’T TWEET THIS S*** WITHOUT THERE BEING MAD TRUTH TO IT, AND JUDGING FROM MY EXPERIENCE, THEY F***** HIM OVER BADLY!

  42. KodieBlue December 15, 2009


  43. wtf December 15, 2009

    this is sad situation all round…u can block cant stop….they can mess with numbers all they want but we know the deal…its not helping rated r sales anyways…he will be alright and just needs to continue to do his thing!!! he was getting consumed with the hate and i think its good that they giving him timeout…it is his own good and i am glad his family and handlers care for him to protect him..cant wait for his world tour 2010!!..they cant stop people form buying his will alright chris!!

  44. SEAN2009 December 15, 2009


  45. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    Please Read My First Two Comments Especially the long one and CALL YOUR LOCAL WALMART IF YOUR A FAN AND ASK IF HIS ALBUM IS IN ON THE END CAP IN THE NEW RELEASE SECTION!! IF IT IS NOT, TELL THEM THAT ALL WALMARTS ARE LEGALLY SUPPOSE TO PLACE NEW RELEASES IN THE NEW RELEASE SECTION AND TRUST ME THEY WILL! THEY DID IT FOR ME! I UNDERSTAND THAT ITS 7 DAYS AFTER THIS, AND WHOEVER WAS INVOLVED DID THERE BEST TO KEEP IT OFF THE SHELF THE FIRST WEEK SO HIS IN STORE SELLS WOULD BE LOW, BUT IF PEOPLE SEE IT THEY WILL BUY IT. HE’S BLOWING UP ITUNES BUT THATS ONLY THIRTY PERCENT OF SELLS SO PLEASE CALL IN AND MAKE THE STATEMENT! STOP SPEAKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE WE NEED TO F***** BE ABOUT THIS S***! Yes he should blame the reason his singles aren’t doing well on radio, because unlike you, many don’t have a computer to hear them on, and the radio is the only place they can. And he should blame low album sales on walmart target and best buy for not restocking it when they sold out. His album sold out of store within the first two days of being released, and the idiots never, reshelved it because someone somewhere pulled a couple tricks in the industry and did what they had to do to keep it from being restocked you simple minded idiots?? It;s one thing to take someones mistake and throw it in there face repeatedly everyday for over ten months, but its another thing to deprive them of there livelihood. that should be up to his fans not Walmart Right? His sells are blowing up on itunes and have been for the past week, so that alone should tell you that if they aren’t in stores thats because of this.. People are blogging storeis of them not having it everywhere online.. So sit and rotate on that and do some research.. And the only reason he deleted his twitter, is because his pr finally sat him down, had a talk with him, and explained to him that there is a more professional and exposing way to go about this and thats called a high profile interview where he and friends can discuss what the music industry has tried doing to his career regardless of his actions that he has been making in recovery and changing.. And I think this time, its persoanly and names in the record industry will be mentioned.. Your gonna see a different chris in fuure interviews to come.. Wait and See!!

  46. sugar honey ice tea December 15, 2009

    er has nobody on this post heard of this lil website called i-Tunes cause if it was true and all shops had like one cd why didn’t u just buy it from there ….in The UK his album is everywhere and it still boombed, its funny cause we don’t have any post ‘s about that in fact here’s some facts Sam has FORGOT to tell you since hes a fellow londoner… CB album looks like its not gonna make the TOP 40 ( in UK terms why did he bother) … the issue is he should never of released an album now domestic violence is a huge social issue the problem for him he doesn’t look like he’s truly sorry only said all those things to save his career and the audience that he really needs to appeal to the “middle classes” have not forgiven him either … another thing is everyone dissed rihanna for her 20 20 interview because she did that and it never gave her supa dupa first sales week well do you now see the probable real reason of that interview not to boost her sales but to tell “middle America” CB is a women abuser and Rihanna has not forgiven him so don’t buy his cd, i mean why go so deep on 20/20 (how many young urban people or Rihannas die hard fans really watch that show)…and by all accounts it probably worked

  47. SXSW December 15, 2009

    He should be performing not whining on twitter. Big tooth beaver.

  48. KayB33 December 15, 2009

    lmaoooo @ kodieblue typing a book! SMH. Please tell me if they was blackballing his CD why didn’t his fans go to websites such as amazon or itunes and purchase his album? Even there, where they can’t discriminate he wasn’t selling. The CD is garbage, people see right through him and his phony ass excuses and apologies, and he released this b******* too soon. Y’all call Rihanna’s album a flop and she basically sold twice as much as this n**** and her US sales will probably equal his WW sales. SMH and to say Rihanna has something to do with this… She doesn’t have that much power. If the CD flopped, it flopped. Quit making excuses for the s*** and if she did flop in y’alls opinion y’all didn’t see her bitching on twitter like this buffoon. If this is true, which I highly doubt it is, it’s not new. A lot of retailers will pick and choose artists they want to sale. Wal-mart doesn’t give a f*** about Chris Brown and his personal life they just trying to make a profit. I seriously doubt if they would demand CDs and then not stock them. That’s kind of retarded don’t you think? Face it, Chris Brown is just like Bobby Brown, Ike Turner, and hell even Joe Jackson. He’ll forever have that jaded image and the predominant race of America isn’t going to allow their kids to support him anymore and that’s the bulk of his fanbase. Hell Michael Jackson got accused of a heinous crime, was found innocent, and his image was still f*****. Chris Brown might as well kiss his career bye! Well he should’ve did that the second he bashed Rihanna’s head into the dash of his car or tried to push her out of the car. SMH.

  49. WATEVA December 15, 2009

    Feel Bad??? HELL NO… F—-er did it to himself… and his cockiness has really gotten to him…. I have to say that the singles that have been released haven’t been very mass appealing at all… he really needs to step back and know his place…..That is the problem with these people… they don’t know where they stand in the industry

  50. bobs December 15, 2009


    “On Metacritic, the album holds a score of 42/100 and is ranked twenty-second on the site’s list of worst-reviewed albums.”

    That’s the 22nd worst reviewed of all albums on metacritic – just 21 slots away from K-FED! Oh my my my.

    Jive confirmed shipment of over 400,000 units to stores. 60,000 sold at 70% counted according Hits Daily Double.

    F L O P all around. Can we say K-Fed disaster anyone?

    Breezy is turning more into a fart at this point.

  51. marquies December 15, 2009

    its true i was in target sunday and there was only 2 copies left of graffti one was in the front w/ the rest of the releases and one i had to go search for me and my cousin took the last 2

  52. bobs December 15, 2009

    @KodieBlue I think you need some Prozac, stat. You’re about to lose your mind on this. I think Chris Brown would be more than happy to slap you across the face as a wake up call!

  53. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    You people need to seriously check your sources. Go back TO R daily. Your wanted over there. You know his album sales would be through the roof if it wasn’t for retail stores blackballing him, and you all know itunes only account for 30% of all album sales. And you also know that in ordre for a high profile album like this to not sell big, and for the artist to come out and make a public statement downing them for this. the proof is in the pudding, they F***** HIM! Just read the story on what Walmart and other major retailers are doing to Whitney on her comeback album.. The same thing. Your not retarded, or delusional! Your just trying to shut up Chris’s fans to keep them from calling in and having his album restocked on shelves in on the locations it was never shelved in in a low down attempt to keep him under with your unforgiving asses!

  54. KodieBlue December 15, 2009


  55. KayB33 December 15, 2009

    Lmaoooo…. Ahem, to answer your question sir/ma’am (I don’t want to be rude) I am 21 years old and I understand exactly how it works. Simple minded, no, in fact when I posted I was actually looking at the situation in both aspects. I do believe you’re the only one not getting love on this post my friend. I know iTunes is only 30%, but considering how popular iPods and downloading are in the United States it’s a good way to predict the sales. He was hot for a minute on there, but then he fell off. Secondly, he did have fans that said they went to purchase his CD and they weren’t being stocked; however, his fans were also the same people lying and saying his album outsold Rihanna’s in the first day. So why should a logical person believe what one of his fans has to say. I know exactly how it works sweetheart. I just don’t have Chris Brown’s d*** in my mouth to cloud my perception. Chris Brown clearly needs to take a break and clearly he came back way too soon. Maybe in a couple of years I would consider buying another one of his albums, but as of right now I honestly don’t think he’s learned his lesson and he can’t get over himself enough to take a break from the public eye and refresh his image. I do support Rihanna. I won’t lie, but I’m not a delusional biased stan. Kodie I find it quite retarded that major retailers would risk their sales in the economy we’re living in for one artist. Think about it. I never hated, by the way. I stated my God given opinion just as you did. We just tend to disagree. Coloring zebras? No please come harder. I’m a pre-med major and as of right now I have to study for an anatomy final so I’m not going to waste my time typing to you any longer. There are three sides to every story. In this case we have Chris Brown’s/his fans, billboard/the industry, and the truth. Since neither of us know who is telling the truth and it is yet to be proven, don’t bash me. You can criticize me, but don’t get mad at me because his CD isn’t selling because it’s not my fault. With that being said, you have Merry Christmas. Maybe you can buy some “Graffiti” CDs and distribute them as gifts to help his sales. Goodbye! 😀

  56. KayB33 December 15, 2009

    By the way the double standards coming from the Chris Brown fans are ridiculous. Open your minds!

  57. KodieBlue December 15, 2009

    Did you ever consider that Your hate for Chris Brown and the hate coming from every other RIhanna stan on this sight is simply keeping you from being able to see the truth of the situation in an unbiased view? I mean I respect the fact that your open minded enough to slightly entertain the possibility that the industry (and nobody means as a whole), but a few people in it, had something to do with seeing that his albums didn’t reach those shelves. But You Sound Alot like every other Rihanna stan out there that has there head stuck so far up her manufactured ass that its clouding your ability to see the truth of the matter. And thats only because you claimed I have Chris browns d*** in my mouth? So lets stop the childish talk. For a Pre-Med major, you come of as someone whose buttons are easily pushed. Cmon now. I’m actually a big fan of both! And I was listening to Rihanna’s first two albums, bought and played long before Chris entered my cd player. Meaning I had love and respect for her as an artist way before him. At the time they are my two favorite artists but, although I’m Happy to see her doing so well in the industry and I have nothing but respect for the way she has been able to handle her interviews, music production, and touring as an artist, I’ve also grown a respect for Chris as an artist! But Graffiti was in the making for over two years now this month in Dec! And everyone with half a brain know for a fact that if it wasn’t for what he did, certain people in the industry would have refrained from putting there hand in keeping it from having the High Sells that alot of people expected it to. Imagine if your album sold out of all Walmarts targets and Best buys in its first 48 hours of release and then people in the industry that developed a sense of UNCONDITIONAL HATRED towards you saw this happening, and began making some phone calls for some people over at Def Jam Recordings who have signed a very large majority of artists in the industry, and Rihanna just happens to be one of, if not there biggest act! Couple this with fans telling thousands of stories in comments, of there failed attempts in trying to purchase his album in there local walmarts of there home state, you too would begin asking some serious questions and making some serious allegations, anyway you could.. So come off with I don’t know what happened, they don;t knwo what happened, nobody knows? KAnye Schrugg what happened. Gimme a f***** Break, and yourself one too!

  58. KayB33 December 16, 2009

    I don’t got my head stuck up Rihanna’s ass, but the fact is Chris Brown is not the first artist and not the last artist to supposedly be “blackballed” by the market. Retailers have the option of who they want to stock or not. The only difference between him and other artists that this has happened to is the fact that they aren’t bitching on twitter. In fact, there were also a few Rihanna fans that said they couldn’t find her album and I’m sure it happens to some r*** artist and I’m sure it’s happened to Michael Jackson after his fiasco. Chris Brown is a celebrity and he’s been in the industry long enough to know how it works. Give me a f****** break. I was a Chris Brown fan prior to the incident and he might gain me back as one if would go about regaining his image in a very different manner. I’m sorry but he beat his girlfriend and now it sees as if he feels like the world owes him. People forgive and forget. People have given artists second chances. A lot of celebrities have been involved in DV cases, but one of the major incidents with this couple is the fact that people witnessed it first hand and saw the picture of Rihanna plastered all over television. It’s easier for a person to forgive and forget when it’s subconscious, but the fact that we witnessed this first hand makes it that more complicated. It’s hard for me to erase that picture out of my head. therefore, it’ll be hard for me to support someone that did that. It’ll be easier for me to forgive him if he were to go away for a while. It’d be easier for me to forgive him if his whole team wasn’t bashing her and he wasn’t subliminally. He just doesn’t come off as genuine and sincere in his apology and I really don’t think he has progressed as far as he wants people to think he has. Everything happens for a reason and maybe this is God’s way of punishing Chris or maybe this is just a sign.

  59. KayB33 December 16, 2009


  60. KayB33 December 16, 2009

    one of the major differences****

  61. KayB33 December 16, 2009

    and you say it’s because I’m a Rihanna fan. No, think about all the people that are saying f*** them both. You don’t have to be a Rihanna fan to see what he did was wrong and just because I no longer support him doesn’t mean I’m a hater. I consider a hater someone who hates on someone for no reason, but the fact is there is a reason why Chris is receiving public backlash and since that is the case it’s not hateration it’s an opinion.

  62. KodieBlue December 17, 2009

    Call it what you want, but you’ve never been put in a position where a mistake that your truly sorry for and have repeatedly on your own publicly apologized for did nothing but generate even more Hatred towards you. THis happened close to 11 months ago, and people are still dragging him through the mud for it, when if it was one of them or you or I that did it, a few people in our family a couple friends would find about it, the few friends that forgive us we stay around, we go out make some new friends, and it gets forgiven and alot of the time forggoten.. But he did this, and the hatred as you put it does nothing but grow even more. ANd thats why his fans finally decided to step in and say ENOUGH!!!!!!!! THe boy plead guilty, when on a tour that donates the proceeds to the Jenessey center an organization for battered women’s shelters, and best buddies a program founded in Florida that is dedicated to pairing mentally challenged adults with normal adult friends to keep them from living in a world of loneliness and doubt. So, let me ask uou something? Should he be sacrificed? Is that what you would like to see? Have you ever had to deal with this much hatred, and this much attention on a scale so big? Have your Honest attempts to get help, to emerge better, and rehabilitate been overshadowed and underplayed by the media and there refusal to let this go because they need a good story! No they haven’t hun! ANd you can’t judge someone based on “How You Claim They Sound” That kid was sick of talking about this s*** before his first interview ever even took place. And as far as blackballing is concerned R Kelly molested more than one girl under the age of 18, and his album went platinum the month it was released that year. 50 Cent, use to sell Heroine everywhere to fiends who shoot up, and aid them in destroying there lives, he went multiplatinum his first month. And JayZ was caught on Video backhanding and close fist beating the s*** out of a well known female singer, and look at him.. Where is he at in the record industry.. He’s a F***** Billionare. a feat that many musicians never climb to.. He owns the New York Knicks, and over half of Def Jam, and the contracts of many artists. So, did any of them go to domestic violence counseling?? DId any of them apologize?? Where’s there money for Women’s battered shelters.. The fact is honey this s*** happens every f***** day, from both woman on man, and man on woman.. And Chris had such a squeeky clean record that the media new his story would make Billions!!

  63. KodieBlue December 17, 2009

    Rihanna said she forgave him, still cared about him, and Loved him.. ANd one day would talk to him again. And just as recently claimed that she misses him, and said there are constant reminders of there relationship from the hotels she and her team go to, the venues where she perorms, and hearing there music on the radio. So, aside from the Tru to fact point that I made in my last comment, she has moved on! And her last statement about missing him was that she still listens to his music. If you don’t believe me, the interview is in the archives of her #1 fansite I’m sure you;ve been there before like many of us have. and you might have even heared of the interview yourself. Judgement shouldn’t be based on what you think should happen to him or any other person who claims to have an extra sensory perception into this being a sign. Judgement is based on what God thinks should happen, and in some cases, if the punisment in Gods eyes fits the crime, and only then, what the victim Feels.. And we all heared what she feels, and thats where I take my sign from. Others have in my eyes commited worse crimes, and sold more because nobody was blackballing them.. So what kind of sign was that??

  64. KodieBlue December 17, 2009

    And pleas remember that when all I was trying to do was update his fans on here and let them know what he and his record label on CHrisbrownweb wanted them to do, you had to be a Hater, and write Lol @KodieBlue writing a book.. WHat I said didn’t regard you.. People are fed up with the media and the haters feeding into there fading attempt to keep this alive, and we defend him and downplay there viscious claims, and “Almost neverending Verbal assaults” even 11 months later, we defend him based on his drawn out mistake, when if it was you or I or Rkelly, or JayZ, it would have been over long ago, we defend his statement on his current Widespread blackballed sales as being unjust and unfair, and wrong. Why is it he had to face the music legally, Publically, Physically, cause this s*** has had a long drawn out physical toll on him as well. Then Emotionally, and FInancially! Its one thing for someone to be constantly reminded of what they did wrong for 11 months straight in those repects to have there way of making a living and feeding there family despatately attemoted to be taken away from them!

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