Timbaland: “GaGa Copied Me” // “Ciara Is The Next Aaliyah”

Published: Tuesday 15th Dec 2009 by Sam

Producer Timbaland stopped by the Ed Lover Show late last week to promote his current effort ‘Shock Value II’. In perhaps staying true to the album’s title, the 38 year old star voiced many a eyebrow raising comment during his banter on the show – the most interesting coming in the form of his opinions of Pop phenomenon Lady GaGa, as well as Ciara:

On Lady GaGa:

“What’s her name GaGa b-bla-bla? Yeah I wanna work with Lady GaGa, me and her are kinda the same style. I feel like she took my style (pauses) and ran with it… which is smart. I would do the same thing. I’ll put her on the re-package cos I’m a do a re-package”.

On Ciara:

There’s no more R&B, so all I listen to is “baby girl” (Aaliyah). I was excited about Ciara. I gave her my blessings because she was in the right footpath, the right footsteps as I would say. I think that she was going in the right direction and I love her to death. People would say “Oh Ciara is the next Aaliyah” – yes she is. She keeps my girl alive, so when I hear Ciara a tear come out my eye, coz I’m like “wow, she ain’t forgotten”.”

That sound is still gonna be heard. These kids who don’t know [and know] Ciara will go “Who she sound like? Baby girl Aaliyah” and then they go back and buy the Aaliyah stuff and be like “Aaliyah sound better than her” or somethin’. The point is Aaliyah won’t be forgotten”. {Source}

While Timbo’s comments are pretty harmless, I must say the back-handed nature of his praise for both GaGa and Ciara, make me question the legitimacy of his like for them. I mean ‘ What’s her name GaGa b-bla-bla’ for arguably the biggest star out right now, was an outright diss IMO. As for the Ciara / Aaliyah comparisons; how about Aaliyah be Aaliyah and Ciara be allowed to be Ciara. To be honest, I’ve never really seen the similarities between Ciara and Aaliyah. Yes, CiCi debuted with a similar tomboy style and swagger, but her dancing and lack of emphasis on vocals makes her an entirely different artist IMO. Surely Janet is a more fair comparison point, and even there I still see major differences. Just my 2 pence…

In any case, did anyone actually remember Timbaland has an album out?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Carl December 15, 2009

    He has an album out? BOY, BYE>>>

  2. imyourstar702 December 15, 2009

    Timbaland is full of puke!! I stop taking him seriously ages ago, comparing Aaliyah to Ciara is an insult to Aaliyah.

  3. SXSW December 15, 2009

    I love Aaliyah but she was not the superstar that her fans make her out to be posthumously.

    Brandy and Monica were bigger stars than her when she was alive. Her dancing was good but not on Janet or Ciara’s level of difficulty or style.

  4. Craver December 15, 2009

    Timbaland is just another “rapper/producer” running his mouth for press. I really was not impressed with Shock Value 2; he sounded disinterested and bored in every track.

    As far as Lady Gaga, she definitely took nothing from him. Her debut album was mindless electro-pop from start to finish with a few piano-driven acoustic offerings here and there. How does Timbo have claim to that? He only brought her up for press. I’d be amused to find out she even knows who he is.

    As far as Ciara being the “next Aaliyah”, I don’t think so, and it’s not because I’m putting Aaliyah and huge pedestal either. I loved her, she was truly a class act, but I think an artist has to reach the peak of their own career and reach certain landmarks before they can have a successor and unfortunately Aaliyah didn’t reach that point. Yes there is still r&b, it’s just that electro-tinged records are what’s on the mainstream right now.

  5. IH8SAM&TRENT December 15, 2009







  6. Lovelarah December 15, 2009

    Timbo is high as a f*****’ kite & you know this!

    Ciara = Aaliyah???
    B**** PLEASE!

  7. WATEVA December 15, 2009

    Timbaland has kinda lost his touch… What he did was got caught up on that repetitive annoying overy used beat that he gave to Justin, Nell FUrtado, Shakira, Him self, Keri HIlson, and all of those ppl oh and madonna… his beats have been overused! Which, is why his album is flopping hard! The Beats don’t sound good… they sound really really cheep! I think he needs to find a new sound that still has his touch…

  8. fsgfssg December 15, 2009

    this is f***** embarassing… tibaland just commited suicide!!!!!!!!! so he thinks she copied him? there are more interessting people to copy… i think he just can’t get along with the fact that all eyes are on her…

  9. Jessica December 15, 2009

    Ciara ain’t got S*** on Aaliyah! I can’t believe TIm would say that!

  10. jbnee December 15, 2009

    lol its true who’s really checkin for timbos album this time round (as if the first one did major sales)

    and to IH8SAM&TRENT…. why are u on here then? and why r u sucking on timbos balls?

    visit here instead for basic music news with no opinions if u hate this site so much;


  11. wal December 15, 2009

    I knew his CD is out sam. I knew. lol

  12. Imyourstar702 December 15, 2009


    You sound like a fool, Aaliyah had a career before she even met Timbaland and it was Aaliyah that made him and missy elliott popular shes the one that took a chance on them two as producers when other artists and labels weren’t too sure about their sound. She allowed them to work on her album one in a million not the other way around.

  13. DizzyGuy19585 December 15, 2009

    I remember reading an article about how Aaliyahs album was struggling and than on the radio I heard about her death. Aaliyah was a good singer but she wasn’t great. People really were not drawn to her music that much until after her death. I’m not saying she didn’t have a following but it people didn’t want to make that known after the fact.

    I am confused as to how Lady Gaga copied off of Timbaland. In some way is that going to help him sell more records? If his album was anywhere close to Lady Gaga well wouldn’t it be number one or something?

    I think he is taking too many roids…

  14. lyric_lee December 15, 2009

    exaclty i am your star – alliyah took a chance on them – if u look at her dvd ” i care for u” ull plainly see that and for the person who had the nerve to say brandy and monica were bigger stars u are sadly mistaken – monica has barely sold 15 million copies to date and thats with the singles combined plus she is barley an actress making cameos in movies and is only stuck in the rnb mode not mainstream- now brandy on the other hand wouldve been a better comparison – she has sold 25 million records to date 31 millionsw/singles w/ 5 albums and a greatest hit comp w over 100 awards won and has had hit tv shows and two mainstream movies grossing over 54 million combined

    now for my gurl AALIYAH

    who has sold 24 million records to dat (more with singles) with only 3 albums and 2 comp at the age of 21 (24 during the “i care 4 u” era) and has been name ” the princess of rnb” at that tender age – starred in two movies grossing 230 million combined its plain to see that AAliyah was definently in the lead – she was set to appear in both matrix sequels and we all know the gross amounts of those films and with only three album she was defiently making it clear where she was headed so to discredit her work is just disrespectufl – SHE IS THE PRINCESS OF RNB FOR A REASON – a good role model for women who kept it street but sweet – take a look at her work and tell me u see different – receiving praise from janet and stevie (two icons who wanted to collab with her further cemenets her status as a rising icon in her own right!!! AALIYAH RIP!!!

  15. Anon December 15, 2009

    Hilarious that Timbaland is making these comments and then talking about how he already has a repackage planned for his album that is flopping even as we speak!

    I hate how he is so presumptuous about getting GaGa on his repackage, too…like she’s just dying to be associated with him, when the best he could get for SV2 was Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.
    I hope she turns him down.

  16. TYler December 15, 2009

    Tim needs to shut up and get back to work. Don’t nobody care what he has to say. Until he gets back to working with Missy and Ginuwine and making that magic, I’m not interested. All this Prince ripped off s*** he been doing since he hooked up with Justin ain’t workin for me. I know everyone likes it. But I prefer Tim when he was an original, not a copycat for vacuous popstars with negligible talent and big wallets.

  17. Pucci December 15, 2009

    WOW, ppl calm down these comments are harmless. Ppl take things TYPED OVER THE INTERNET too seriously. Timbo was giving his opinion on the situation. so he said gaga, copied him, oh wow, big whoop! so he said ciara is the next aaliyah, big whoop, so what! if that’s how he feels let him be.

    truthfully, i’ve never seen the similarities between ciara & aaliyah, though many other ppl have said the same thing timbaland did, but for some reason, its a big problem when he says it.

    just let ciara be ciara & let aaliyah rest in peace.

  18. seriously? December 15, 2009

    he should work with ciara. I think they could bring each other back

  19. lmao December 15, 2009

    Lyric_Lee are you slow????? Aaliyah’s death is what made her more famous then what she really was and we and we all know Brandy WAS the bigger star and gained more respect as an artist then both monica and aaliyah combined. aaliyah may have gotten the title princess of r&b but i bet if the world had to pick it would have been brandy who has waaaay more talent

  20. DMAC December 15, 2009

    I do agree that Janet Jackson is a much better comparison than Aaliyah would be but as you said, in some aspects, they are still worlds apart.

    But honestly…all said….none of it sounded completely sincere on either end but hey….”shock value” I guess….not really.

  21. MsBlakBuddafli December 15, 2009

    LMFAO @ That sound is still gonna be heard. These kids who don’t know [and know] Ciara will go “Who she sound like? Baby girl Aaliyah” and then they go back and buy the Aaliyah stuff and be like “Aaliyah sound better than her” or somethin’. The point is Aaliyah won’t be forgotten”.

  22. Pucci December 15, 2009

    you see this is why i hate some ppl… there can’t be an equal success for both artist. brandy, aaliyah & monica were all equally talented & it doesnt matter who got mor success. success doesnt make the talent, sometimes you just have to have that IT factor & it just so happens that brandy had that IT factor back in ’98. It doesnt mean anything AT ALL… I grew up listening to both brandy & aaliyah & loved their music equally. all this competition with artist from the 90’s & ppl who are dead & alive is stupid. let aaliyah rest in peace & stop the hating.

  23. December 15, 2009

    ciara wishes she had half the talent, class, and artistry of aaliyah. c’mon now.

  24. Mandy December 15, 2009


  25. SHUT YOUR B**** ASS UP…C*** SUCKA December 15, 2009

    C-ERROR’S flop ass WISHED she was the next aaliyah

    c-error cant sing…she done with

  26. Australian Weed Smoker (I Really Love TGJ Though)! December 15, 2009


  27. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 15, 2009

    exactly Sam. If anything Ciara’s MUCH more like Janet. Especially their performances. I’m a HUGE CiCi fan and i think she’s NOTHING like Aaliyah.

    I know Aaliyah died(r.i.p) and people love to hype up the dead, but we should all be aware that Ciara has garnered more success and popularity than Aaliyah had throughout her career. unlike how Aaliyah never had the chance to(unfortunately), I want CiCi to have the freedom to experiment different genres of music. Even tho FR flopped, she was able to tap into POP music. I wouldn’t mind if she did rock, country(lol), etc. MJ had the freedom to explore and IMO, that’s what made him legendary!

    LOL@ the CiCi haters! y’all mad! 🙂

    Timbo needs to shut up tho… talking about Gaga stole his style, yeeeaah RIGHT!

  28. Halo December 16, 2009

    ^^^^ Oh please!!!! thats what ciara wishes… i would say more but this is too easy.

  29. 12345 December 16, 2009

    poor Aaliyah, the princess must be rolling in her grave, what the f***, since when is Ciara near Aaliyah? Ciara sucks, Aaliyah is a godess in every sense of the word, she will always be remembered, if Ciara dies in the same age as Aalyah, no1 will remember or talk about her like Aaliyah

  30. tuckpoo December 16, 2009

    @lyric lee not to disrespect the dead but a role model she was not i wouldnt want my 15 year old marrying a grown a** man, granted her family should have step in since she was a minor. I liked Aaliyah she was a great performer but as for the vocals well she could maybe hold a note which really does put her on about the same level of ciara who can maybe hold a note but yet a great performer, to call miss Aaliyah the princess of R&B umm i think not!!!!! and @ im your star 702 you better ask somebody about missy’s talent before you getting trying to give her career credit to Aaliyah, please dont disrespect a true talent in many aspects of the word talent…..im just saying

  31. SG3 December 16, 2009


    First let me say I am a big fan of Aaliyah pre & post death. But to say Aaliyah was bigger than Brandy that just isn’t true. For us that came up in the 90’s we know very well, Brandy was the “Beyonce” of our time. She had every endorsement on lock, on every award show, sold countless albums and singles, tv shows, movies, she was her own brand. As far as Monica, while Aaliyah was alive I believe commerically they were on the same level. But I agree w/ u totally, had she live she definately would have risen to a whole nother level, cuz unlike every other singer who crosses into acting she actually could act and her music was so ahead of her time (her one in a million album could go up against current day records and still win!!!! IMO)

    Now as far as Aaliyah not being popular until her death, I disagree with that. I can say she didn’t have all these “stans” prior to her death, but Aaliyah was extremely popular and no stranger to the charts. With all due respect to Aaliyah, she was more so a singles’ artist, cuz the girl churned out more singles than any from her ‘One in a Million’ album and was the go-to girl for soundtracks.

    And one last thing, I don’t see how ppl are so taken aback by Timbaland comparing Ciara to Aaliyah. While I don’t think the two are as similar as some say, there are definitley some similarties there. As far as the dancing, I’m pretty sure if Aaliyah was still alive her dances would’ve been more complex then what we see in her videos. But what she was doing for that time was on point and shuting plenty of folks down…Now hands down Aaliyah had a more fuller and controlled voice then Ciara but that definately came with time, cus honestly Aaliyah was not on top of her live vocals when she first began (which is expected cuz singing and live singing are totally two different monsters to tackle). Just my opinion.

    As far as GaGa idk whose style she got, she’s just a lil too extra to me; but talented nonetheless.

  32. Nevaeh December 19, 2009

    watch your f******, mouth your b******….

  33. James December 31, 2009

    Yal need to stop hatin on aaliyah cuz she dead and she still shits on most of your fave artists she broke records BEFORE she died and had hit singles. before aaliyah died her album was # 2 and went gold. where is brandy and monica now they are struggling to get hits ciara cant even sell her cd. aaliyah is a better singer than brandy and ciara and she is a better dancer than monica so y’all need to stop hating.

    and i dare somebody to reply to me.

  34. James December 31, 2009

    and since when is ciara more sucessful than aaliyah?

    Ciara hasnt even sold 10 million albums yet.

    Ciara stans are dumb.

  35. Lady J Love January 6, 2010

    While I don’t understand where Timbaland came from with “Lady Gaga copied me” I do see from a sense where he came from with comparing Ciara to Aaliyah. When Aaliyah was alive, she was UNDER APPRECIATED which made her seem, in death, as OVERRATED. But she was not that. One of the things about Baby Girl though was she was classy. She didn’t have to show her b*** cheeks and b****** and make dance moves where it looks like she’s having s** with the male dancers or the cold floor in order to make people like her. People were already liking her. She had a new sound. A style that she created that WAS AND STILL IS HER OWN. “Street but sweet?” Come on. If you hear anybody else claiming that’s what their image reflects around then you know where it originally came from.

    Aaliyah was and always will be Aaliyah. She came into this world, did her thing and she knew how to maintain her class and respect as a woman. She didn’t act out in public, throwing up her middle fingers, showing what color underwear she was wearing with short, tight mini dresses. She always was true to her self.

    When Aaliyah died, I believe that’s when people began to attract MORE to her, because as an artist she had a physical and mental mystique. When you heard her sing, and seen her perform it was just always something about her that made you wanna get to know her. You seen her with the dark glasses, or hair over one eye, with the all black baggy clothing, the smooth dance choreography and the silky vocals and it would make people want to know exactly who is she? Because she kept her life so private, which in most cases is a GOOD THING she left people with a charm. A wonder. Questions.

    Ciara and Aaliyah have similarities as far as Ciara’s earlier image was much more similar to Aaliyah’s “Back and Forth” and One In A Million days. But as far as the singing they are two completely different people.

    Aaliyah COULD SING. The thing that people don’t know about her, was that she kept most of her powerful vocal range hidden and let her more softer, smoother tone come through on her records. Which I guess made people accuse that she couldn’t sing. But you are wrong. SHE COULD.

    I believe if Aaliyah were alive today she would have had 2 more or maybe 3 more albums and who knows? Maybe she’ll let that voice come out that came out when she sang the National Anthem and re-did some of the Isley Brothers classics.

    I can’t see myself hearing Ciara on “Choosey Lover, At Your Best, Don’t Let Me Down Easy.” Aaliyah just had that. She had talent, and she was kind and she showed respect for her self, her body, and people around her.

    She was beocming a budding new face in the acting industry, and even wanted to start her own clothing line.

    While there are a few similarities to Aaliyah and Ciara, they are two different women that were here in two different eras.

    So just let them be who they are, and stop the comparisons. Cause there is NONE.

  36. Jevon January 18, 2010

    I feel who ever wrote this article talking about Lady Gaga is the biggest star out right now is a bold face lie. Beyonce is bigger and the only reason Gaga is a star, because she has no vocals, is because she is a white freakshow. “Oh, I wonder what she is going to wear next?!” If you have to do all that and need that much attention something is wrong. That’s what I said about Tonex and what did we find out. The only people who care about Lady Gaga are the gays who aren’t happy like the original meaning of the name.

    Anyway Gaga did steal Timbaland’s style, but not just his but the entire crew; Missy, Aaliyah, Nicole, Lil Mo, Magoo, 702 even Busta Rhymes. Just look at their old videos. Ciara’s dancing is crap compared to Aaliyah and I have to wonder what Aaliyah would think about all this white Hip-Hop dancing. I don’t feel any African-American soul vibe anymore. Even in Timbaland’s productions he’s gone Hollywood(white), he’s lost it to me since Aaliyah died.

  37. T. K. W. May 25, 2010

    Aaliyah was a gifted young woman, but the reason why “Aaliyah” and “I care 4 U” sold is because she died. The “Aaliyah” cd was not doing too well before she died. I remember when Britney Spears first came out everybody was comparing her to Janet, but not in a negative way. So why when people compare Ciara to Aaliyah why do in a negative way. I do not agree with everything Tim said and I do not think that Ciara is trying to act like Aaliyah, but like he said when he see Ciara and listen to her he thinks of Aaliyah and he feels that Ciara is keeping her memory alive. Again Aaliyah did some nice dance moves, but during the time of Aaliyah’s death and even before she died the most popular female entertainer, besides Janet, was Britney Spears who was crowned the Princess of Pop and I take it that Janet doesn’t think any different, isn’t she the Queen? Also everyone was all on the Kanye and Tayor Swift incident, but if people would think they will realize that what he did to her is no different than what everybody is doing to Ciara and also Ashanti when she first came out, even though I don’t understand that because Ashanti was out with Ja Rule’s “Always on time” before Aaliyah even died, and no one started to compare her to Aaliyah until her album came out after Aaliyah’s death. Ashanti was also writing songs before she even started making albums she wrote J-Lo’s “I’m Real” and songs for other artists before she even started making her own albums. Ciara also wrote “Goodies” which put her on the charts, even if Aaliyah would not have passed Ciara would still be here, because she wrote “Goodies” which put her on the charts and she also wrote most of the songs on the CD, how I know because I bought it. Another thing Aaliyah was not even making dance videos when she first started she really did not start showing her dancing skills until she got older. On the videos from her OIAM cd she did a few dance moves, but people did not really notice her cdancing skills until the “Are You That Somebody” video came out, but by that time is when Britney and Mya came on the scene and they had more of a Jackson style of dancing. I think the reason everyone compares Ciara to Aaliyah is because Ciara and Missy are friends and they make videos together and when people see that they think of Aaliyah. To be honest before he passed I always used to say that I wanted to see Michael J and Ciara dance together because that is whose style she has really. She is really the only female entertainer that can make those moves like him. Janet even said herself when was on 106 and park when Ciara’s “Get Up” was played, that it felt spooky for her to watch Ciara because it felt as though she was watching herself. If people were thinking straight they would realize the reason why they compare Ciara’s dancing to Aaliyah’s and Janet’s is because they know she can dance. Why do people compare Usher to Michael J, because they know he can dance. Why do people compare Usher, Omarion and Chris B., because they know they all can dance. I cannot get on stage or in a video and dance like anyone of these entertainers I mentioned in here, why, because I cannot dance. To be honest Aaliyah made some nice moves but she was not popular because of her dancing and that is my point. Aaliyah and Ciara were/are popular for different reasons, Aaliyah was popular because of her soft sweet sound and her fashion style, and she was young singing on the adult level. Ciara is popular because of her dancing. Another reason why people talk about Ciara is because again she is one of the most popular female entertainers. I am not saying that they are trying to act like Aaliyah because I believe that everyone uses their gifts their way, but Cassie and Nivea style is similar to Aaliyah’s, especially when Nivea first came out, but people don’t talk about them the way they do Ciara because they are not as popular. Honor Aaliyah for what she did when she was here, that is how her memory is kept alive. Ciara is here the girl can dance her tell off and makes some good music, give her some credit, everyone see how Aaliyah was underrated when she was living, because “Are you that somebody” is a great dance video. God forbid if anything happens to Ciara, but everyone is going to wait untul something happens to her to uphold her and give her credit. Do it now while she is still here on this earth. RIP Aaliyah.

  38. super August 1, 2010

    No she isnt

  39. Jureaka Lewis August 6, 2011

    There is no comparison between both Aaliyah and Ciara because they’re both beautiful ladies and sing beautifully. But you can’t say that you are better than anyone else. And you can’t say you can be that person better than they can. No, Ciara is not the next Aaliyah. That’s not an opinion that is a fact. You can ask any real people that and real people will tell you the same thing. Thank you.

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