Hot Shots: Lady GaGa Performs At ‘Jingle Bell Ball’


Show-stopping entertainer Lady GaGa took the stage  at Capital FM’s ‘Jingle Bell Ball’ last evening in the O2 Arena, in London. The singer thrilled the audience of over 60, 000 patrons with performances of her hits ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Speechless’ among other songs from her critically acclaimed ‘The Fame Monster’ LP. Peep more pictures from the event below:



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  1. Aaron December 6, 2009

    Go GaGa !!!!!

  2. AWOLLUVA December 6, 2009

    She needs a nose job. Everybody says she’s ugly, but the truth is it’s just her nose. Everything else looks fine.

  3. mez December 6, 2009

    ho hum …her music does not move me but she seems nice

  4. Quise December 6, 2009

    Wow I really cant vibe with Lady GaGa what she is trying to do has already been done but better, their will never be another Madonna so she should just give it up!!! Dont get me wrong she can sing unlike many of these other wannabes, but I really wish these females would understand that looking slutty is not always the best way to sell music true talent is. I mean facts show that most fans of GaGa, Rihanna, and Beyonce are either hetrosexual females or homosexual males either way I dont believe either of them are turned on by saying these h*** damn near naked lol “I KNOW I’M NOT!!!!!”

  5. anon December 6, 2009

    maybe she isnt tryna be like madonna if you have listened or watched any of her interviews. yes she uses the gay community, only because they rli made her what she is today. gaga is doing her thaaang and no one is stopping her 🙂 go gagaa!

  6. hi December 6, 2009

    Haha at you stealing these pictures from Toya.

    Everyone knows about you now.

  7. worthless December 6, 2009

    giving credit to toya couldnt of been too hard?!

  8. Dane December 6, 2009

    Lady Gaga is everything Madonna wanted Britney Spears too be……..

  9. michelle December 6, 2009

    wow she looks like madonna in these pics

  10. Dane December 6, 2009

    I thought Toyas world was shut down????Whats the new website address!!!!!!!!

  11. Dane December 6, 2009

    All of these blogs take pictures from one another…..get over it…thanks Sammy….

  12. 12345 December 6, 2009

    she can sing but is it that hard to put some clothes on? for f*** sake

  13. Miss Jaymes December 6, 2009

    She sure does look very ” early Madonna” in these pics !! but they are very different artists
    so i wish people would stop trying to compare them.. She is the best thing to happen to POP music ( I said pop music.. not music in general ) since the big Britney, Christina thing in 99,2000.. soo give a b**** her props.. even if u dont like her music.. She still keeps u interested by what shes saying, doing and wearing… and we all know who this chick is.. even if we dont F**K w/ her musically… thats a star right there!

  14. matt December 6, 2009

    @miss jaymes

    totally agree with you, everyone on this site has to compare people

    lady gaga – madonna
    beyonce – rihanna
    beyonce – keri hilson
    beyonce – EVERYONE!

    i like em all but every artist is different in their own way, despite the similarities 🙂

  15. It’s me again December 6, 2009

    I agree with the person who says true talent needs to put some clothes on. Lady gaga has talent and does not need to be selling s** to get attention. Being able to keep your clothes on should become a music industry status symbol for the talented elite, and the half nekkidness should be relegated to the rihannas of pop.

  16. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS December 6, 2009

    She doesn’t have to sell s**, so I’d prefer her wacky outfits than ones like this. I’m sure the performance was great, as always.

  17. wtf December 6, 2009

    gaga is giving me britney and madona vibes here…get it girl…love her…bought her new cb yesterday and i am jamming to it…

    favs are..BR, monster, telephone (remove bey please..she spoils it), number 7 and teeth…nice..

  18. Imyourstar702 December 6, 2009

    If shes soooo great why does she need all these gimmicks to sell her music?? lool

  19. monique December 9, 2009

    there is no way that she is a hermaphrodite….those shorts r 2 tight!!! i love me some gaga tho’

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