Mariah Carey To Embark On ‘Angels Advocate’ Tour


After months of speculation and a string of erroneous reports, Universal Music Group has just announced that Mariah Carey will be embarking on an 8-week, 19-city North American tour. The ‘Angels Advocate’ tour will be preceded by a performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City and officially begin on January 2nd at Borgata in Atlantic City. The production will support the diva’s 12th studio album, ‘Memoir of An Imperfect Angel’, which has been commercial disappointment by selling less than 344, 000 copies since it’s September release. Peep the official list of locations below:

Dec. 31 New York, NY Madison Square Garden – on sale now
Jan. 2 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata – on sale now
Jan. 15-16 Mashantucket, CT MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods – on sale 12/11
Jan. 19 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre – on sale 12/19
Jan. 21 Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – on sale 12/18
Jan. 25 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre – on sale 12/19
Jan. 27 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall – on sale 12/18
Jan. 30 Boston, MA Wang Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 1 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 4 Montreal, Que. Bell Centre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 6 Ottawa, Ont. Scotiabank Place – on sale 12/21
Feb. 9 Toronto, Ont. Air Canada Centre – on sale 12/21
Feb. 10 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center – on sale 12/19
Feb. 13 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 16 Minneapolis, MN Northrop Auditorium – on sale TBA
Feb. 18 Dallas, TX Nokia Theatre – on sale 12/18
Feb. 20 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 23 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 26 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena – on sale 12/19
Feb. 27 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl Concert Theater – on sale 12/19 {Source}

As a major supporter of Mariah Carey’s music and someone who enjoyed the ‘Memoirs…’ album, I am indeed excited she will be hitting the road once again. However, I am concerned that this maybe a little too late. The album has underperformed tremendously on the charts and has already fallen halfway down the Billboard 200. Furthermore, with only one hit record from the project, I highly doubt that people will be enthused to see her perform material from the album at all.

The real question is if she will be able to consistently sell out venues on her journey around the nation. Judging by the list of sites, it seems that label has taken this into consideration, as she will only be performing in small to medium venues. Hopefully, this will help the sales of her LP because at this rate, it does not seem that she will even go Gold (a first for Carey whose other 11 studio releases have all gone platinum or higher).


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  1. B Rad December 11, 2009

    I am a fan but I think that her record company is probably making her go on tour to recoup whatever money they spent on this album. It hasn’t sold well anywhere so a lot of money stands to be lost if she doesn’t tour. It all makes sense.

  2. FUSION December 11, 2009

    That’s true, but I also suspect that Mariah herself is trying to think of alternative ways to sell records. Seems as though she is going back to the good old fashioned route of touring in key market locations. Think about it, rather than spending hours on TV doing interviews etc, it seems as though she just wants to get out there and do her music. It may help keep her in the public eye,without her actually being over exposed on TV etc, for a good 8 weeks. I wonder if the album sales will increase during this tour? Combine that with the release of the two remix albums, when there’s not much else competition at the beginning of the year, and memoirs may actually rise up the chart. However, this is just a slim chance, i cant see it working, but if it does, I will be happy for Mariah nonetheless.

  3. Bobby from Bulgaria December 11, 2009

    Maybe Mariah just does what she wants to do now… She doesn’t have to prove anything anymore… She has achieved everything in music… Now she has shown her new acting skills with “Precious”…

    She’s grateful to the fans for all these years of support so now she made an album “FOR THE FANS” to say “THANK YOU” and simply had some other special surprises for us…

    Like these 2 Remix albums… And this tour… And then she has a child and a family… And then she’s even happier… And we’re happier…

    And then she brings another album… 🙂

  4. Adam December 11, 2009

    Mariah has nothing to prove anymore, she’s acheived more than all the girls in the industry atm will acheive put together. It’s sad she’s having to fight this hard to sell albums and experience success, but it’s mostly the fault of the chimps in charge.

    Putting sales and stats from this era aside, I have loved it, and Memoirs is one of my fave albums of the year, def top 3, if not the top. She’s figuring out other ways to make money without selling out stadiums.

  5. Adam December 11, 2009

    Oh and this ain’t about recouping the money they spent of making the album. The advertisements and endorsements in the Elle magazine booklet special covered those costs according to The Times (a well respected broad sheet paper in the UK). I think it’s just about promoting the brand, reminding people everywhere of why she is one of the most successful people in the industry, and also giving the fans what they want.

  6. JoshZilla December 11, 2009

    I joined the Honey B. Fly fan club this morning just so I can get access to presale tickets for her Oakland, CA show in Feb. LOL.

    As a true fan, I can admit that she takes the occasional mis-step with her career, she doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone. Her true fans will support her no matter what. Honestly, I thought the H.A.T.E.U. video was lackluster to say the least.

    I appreciate her still making music because she knows us fans really live for her music. You could argue that “Memoirs” wasn’t a great album, but I’d beg to differ. You should have seen the crowd go crazy when she sang H.A.T.E.U., Up Out My Face and Obsessed during her Vegas show. And her album was only out for a few weeks at that time. Barely anyone these days is selling albums, but numbers aren’t everything. They don’t count all the people who downloaded the leaked album and DIDN’t purchase a copy. You people know who you are! LOL.

    Anyways, I’m excited for the tour. And all those people who agree with me, thanks because its nice to know that there are real fans out there that don’t let numbers form their opinions!!

  7. Lovelarah December 11, 2009

    please stop calling yourself a Mariah supporter with your back handed compliments & assumptions.

    at best you are in the middle.

  8. Justin December 11, 2009

    Mariah already recouped her recording costs by selling ads in Memoirs of an Imperfect angel’s cd sleeve! Smart Cookie. Thus the record label has not experienced a loss and she is doing this for the fans

  9. A December 11, 2009

    Oh my gosh Trent, shut the f*** up! We get it, her latest effort did bad. If you like her s***, then you like it. If you don’t, then saying it once is enough. You don’t have to bring it up in every f****** post about Mariah.

  10. sugar December 11, 2009

    i will go to rihanna concert she is more talented than this woman…. she doensnt dance only waves her hand up and down screams a lot wtf… step aside b****h your time is OVA.

  11. Amerie fan December 11, 2009

    Didn’t another blog that rhymes with The Moffet Dog break this news weeks ago? And weren’t you throwing shade on Twitter saying that Mariah would never go on tour?

  12. Rika December 11, 2009

    wtf why isn’t she having a real concert in NYC (if the MSG one is just a “performance” not a full-blown concert)…very upset about this..

  13. Fatima December 11, 2009

    Wow this is amazing! I’ve followed Mariah since 95 and she hasn’t come to MInneapolis since then. Now she’s coming to the University venue that is just minutes by foot from my house. Totally going.

  14. G.U.S December 11, 2009

    Mariah please live in london!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the european fans

  15. THE TRUTH December 11, 2009


  16. WATEVA December 11, 2009

    I’m sure tickets will be sold out… but still… WHAT A FLOP FLOP FLOP! The only reason why this album flopped was because she was clear about the direction she wanted to take with this album… I guess the pressure with Whitney Houston coming back really really got to her… hence the sudden change of look and sound she has been giving us.

  17. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 11, 2009

    please say you’re being sarcastic. otherwise SMH!

  18. Anon December 11, 2009

    FIRST to say that Graffiti will sell less than Memoirs

    SECOND to say that Sam was late in breaking this and is trying to cover by saying “erroneous reports” came out earlier

  19. phres December 12, 2009

    I’m pleased to hear that Mariah is going on tour. People will say that her album is a commercial disappointment but there very good materials in that album. I preferably enjoy her remake of I want to know what love is.

    People should stop comparing her to Whitney HOuston because they’re totally different in terms of musical styles. They’re also good friends.

    I also wanted to commend Mimi for her very spectacular acting role in the movie Precious.

    I just hope that she will now focus on what she does best which is singing and not showing off some skin which clearly diminishes her true talent.

  20. Fedde December 12, 2009

    who cares

  21. SXSW December 12, 2009

    I’d pay to see her flop album or not she is a legend. She and Janet need to tour because people really appreciate their older work more than their current efforts.

    Note to Mimi and Janet: Stop trying to compete with younger artists like Rihanna and Britney who are all about selling s** when you have a catalogue of material that goes back decades.

  22. AC December 12, 2009

    Billboard has released its Decade-End (2000-2009). We Belong Together was crowned as the most popular song of the decade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats Mimi

  23. nate December 12, 2009

    its kind of sad that an artist of Mariah’s stature still can’t sell out arenas… I mean at her stage in her career even if her album isn’t a success, she should still have the fan base to tour arenas like Celine or madonna.. They dont have to have a hit album, but they can still tour successfully.. i guess that what happens when one spends too much time on hit singles, then just making great albums.

  24. LYM MC December 12, 2009

    This is MARIAH CAREY!! of course she can sell out these concerts just because this album didnt as well as others people are just gonna forget about the past 20YEARS shes been making PLATINUM selling albums and not go to the concert?? NO and obviously she won’t only be performing songs from Memoirs (which i love btw).. I just wish she was touring over here in th UK!

    Haters get Up Out her Face!

  25. peter December 13, 2009

    yes, i’m a Mariah fan. but I’m no Lamb, meaning I don’t subscribe to the fanmails nor the fanclubs. BUT, I’m tired of THIS fansite giving it’s “critique” as if it were a legitimate artistic opinion of things (COW!). Outside of the Pop/R&B industry, artists tour their material to display it to the masses. So let’s just give this a chance. If she wants to put out one, two, or more remix albums… SO BE IT. Let her do it for the fans. I’m sick of artists giving in to the industry and the labels, keeping any bonus material from the fans. I’m from a generation that looks forward to b-sides, bonus discs, etc., so STOP HATING already!

  26. J December 13, 2009

    Small Venues? LOL That is NOT going to increase her sales a tad bit LOL…She is OVER lipsyching is NO talent..If that’s what these delusional fans are paying for then that’s extremely devious and greedy of Mariah and stupid of the fans. Take notes from Beyonce she dances AND SINGS LIVE…Plus she can act lol.

  27. Jean December 13, 2009

    First of all, Mariah has NO talent, she can’t dance as a musician even if she has changed her old style to sell and became a wannabe R’n’B singer, she can’t act of course. LMAO @ her last movie, she was like I’m trying to remember what’s on the scenario since she has no talent for acting, she’s an old fashioned, she looks fat and scary, she doesn’t know how to look like a star, she doesn’t respect anyone, she’s not loveable (only for her scary fans lol) and so on…

    In brief, she has to thank God day and night that she born with her voice and lives in U.S.A, that’s all what she had ( her voice ) so stop calling her a talented singer because the talent is something we creat not we born with. If she had no voice, she wouldnt be famous as she is but I’m glad her voice changed from the good to the bad, her time is OVA, she shouldn’t try with movies, it’s def not her thing lol

  28. The One December 14, 2009

    (jean) LMAO, you sound so stupid!!!! Please go back and read what you typrd and then cry!!!! Who are you going to say Mariah Carey has no talent in one sentence and say she should thank God for her voice in the next sentence? LOL, I really didn’t know some people were so stupid!!!! Every thing you typed made no sense and you have the nerve to try and diss someone!!! LMAO, LMAO, LMAO can only imagine what you look like LOL!

  29. Mariah and Janet fan December 20, 2009

    I love Mariah. I bought tickets for the Fox. I know its a recession, but I had to at least buy one level above the worst seats…LOL. Its so close to the holidays! I know she will be easily seen at the Fox no matter where you sit, so I am excited. I was bummed a little the first time she came to Phillips Arena on her very first tour and I was in Club Seats. The Emancipation of Mimi tour a few years later had me literally touching the ceiling, but an Angelic man who worked at Phillips did a ticket swap and we sat really close, but it still was no where near floor level seats. These seats should be the best I ever had. You go Mariah!! See you January 19.

  30. Flop Advocate January 4, 2010

    Mariah realizes now that she just cant depend on her album sales these days. Her prime time is said and done.

    Touring is the only way she could earn more money. At the end, music is business..Nobody wants to hear her CDs or care about her US chart success anymore.

    That’s the fact…

  31. EWA January 4, 2010

    Mariah Carey is the most overrated artist of all time! Period.

  32. EWA January 4, 2010

    This tour wont see the light in Europe unless in some small arenas. MC is a local diva not worldwide.

  33. Roula January 25, 2010

    Retire, please!

  34. OH No February 1, 2010

    She’s still alive? 🙁

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