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According to reports, Mariah Carey is supposedly planning a US tour in support of her ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ LP at the top of 2010. Said to be titled ‘The Angels Cry Tour’, the 39 year old diva’s first stop on the trek will apparently be her upcoming New Years Eve  concert at New York’s Madison Squared Garden. {Source}

Hmm. Sounds like someone in Mimi’s camp (or elsewhere) is likely a) blowing hot air or b) not quite understanding the magnitude to which she belly-flopped with this ‘Memoirs’ project. From a business stand-point (my new favourite line lol), major tours are usually launched off the back of a moderate-well performing album. Setting off on any kind of trek in support of ‘Memoirs’ would potentially yield even more embarrassment for Mimi than the album’s actual sales (the lowest of her career). I mean, put simply, if folk weren’t checking for your album, why in the blue hell would they buy a ticket to see you live?! It’s like her staging a tour after ‘Glitter’ sold triple copper. It just doesn’t make any sense.

If anything, I’d imagine her team will do spot dates in select States ‘for the fans’. Billing it as any kind of full-fledged tour, at this point, doesn’t make any sense IMO (hence making me strongly doubt its validity) – that is unless Mimi and her team don’t mind her playing to half-empty arenas. I say, she goes back to the drawing board and tours with her next project whenever that drops – provided it’s a bigger success than this  (which won’t be hard).

Tidbit: Strangely enough, ‘Memoirs’ is starting to grow on me now. Yet, it’s safe to say that with it not being accessible enough for the causal listener (something even quality music still can be!), it’s understandable why it failed to resonate with the masses. Yes, the promo sucked, but the actual record wasn’t anywhere near Mimi’s best, let’s be honest…

Your thoughts?

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  1. robyn December 4, 2009

    oh sam, the lambs are going to come after you now, lol

    I can’t believe how hard the album flop in the UK- all that promo in england for a #23 debut- embarrassing. I see why she cancelled wetten das in Germany- makes no sense for the label to pump anymore promo money into this cd.

    after hateu , there won’t be another song- makes no sense.

  2. klg0845 December 4, 2009

    Do those stats hold true for someone who has had a SOLID fan base for almost 2 decades? Madge’s Hard Candy flopped. Yet she had the biggest selling tour in history. I do not like watching Mariah perform, but there are many people who do. And I can’t imagine those people not buying a ticket, because her album didn’t do well.

  3. Manny December 4, 2009

    Okayy , Mariahs Perfromances @ the Palms Las Vegas got great reviews from critics , her MSG concert has already sold in huge numbers. Her perfromaces have been on point this era. I don’t think this album is about sales for her because she’s still keeping it going. Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel was praised by most critics. You can look at sells all you want, but there is no denying this era has been great for her. MOAIA is a album that will go down with the likes of her “Butterfly” album , & most critics compared it to it as well. Mariahs vocals are nothing short of amazing on this album, from the raw delievery to the acrobatics in “angels cry”, she’s delieverd something fans have been waiting for, great vocals. This album is the most r&b album she’s done in a while, & it was something different for her, songs like “its a wrap” is not something expected from mariah. The promotion & single choices hurt the album. Obsessed didn’t show at all what the album was about, I personally rank this high amongst Mariah albums, as do many of her fans. She will not have trouble selling tickets. Kudos to her for pushing through with this.

    Plus, Precious is doing great things for her.

  4. Kevin December 4, 2009

    Another MISTAKE by MC and her label. Choosing to tour in the US in this economy when there’s no demand for you or your product is beyond idiotic.

  5. jeremimi December 4, 2009

    OMG, CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. marjan December 4, 2009

    cannot wait to see it. will be going to BOTH CONNECTICUT shows!!!!

  7. Lovelarah December 4, 2009

    Get this Sam.

    Fans love this album…apparently like me they are all stealing it off the net.
    Why would anyone pass up a chance to see MAriah live?

    Albums are good and all but what is better than LIVE?

    i have never seen her live (loved her from day 1)
    maybe this is my chance!! Especially since i love the album & didn’t pay for it.

  8. December 4, 2009

    From a business stand-point (my new favourite line lol), major tours are usually launched off the back of a moderate-well performing album.

    As usual, you’re full of hot air and tons of negativity for no other reason than site hits. There are plenty of acts who sell 1/10 the amount of records that she does and do very very well for themselves strictly based on touring. You just have to have a loyal audience, which she does, and where a Mariah show doesn’t have the production values that a Beyonce, Gaga, etc. show has, it’s not going to be this big overblown thing where she has to sell out Madison Square Garden every night to make money. Like you mentioned, I’m sure it’s more of a fan-centric tour — not because of lack of interest (Mariah doesn’t tour a whole lot, so when she does, people generally come out in support), but because the whole Memoirs project is a fan-type thing.

  9. December 4, 2009


    Out of curiosity, why didn’t you buy the album if you love it?

    No shade whatsoever, I know the economy is killer right now, but I was just wonderin’.

  10. Fatima December 4, 2009

    First off, I think Mariah is a big enough star and enough of an infrequent tourer that people would come no matter what the current project is.

    Secondly, as you continue to show you have questionable taste, Memoirs IS actually up there with her best material, after Daydream and Butterfly. But you admitted that Mimi (which is a good album) is one of your top 3 EVER which makes you look a little insane. I like Mariah as much as the next guy, but top 3 of all time? You don’t get to talk.

  11. Jermaine December 4, 2009


  12. x December 5, 2009

    to KLG0845: Sorry but Madonna’s Hard Candy didn’t flop. 3,5 milions sold isn’t flop. Mariah’s tour for Emancipation flopped, she couldn’t even outsold arenas. Her concert in Vegas this year flopped too, she couldn’t outsold theatre with 2500 seats. Her new tour will flop. She is very boring and she can’t put on at least average show.

  13. Me.Me. December 5, 2009


  14. SOOS December 5, 2009

    Memoirs is the best and my favourite album, and I think az intimate, small venue tour could be fantastic for promoting this album. Only true fans love this fantastic album, because they (we) know that it is 100 % Mariah :-)))

    Shut up HATERS!

  15. AC December 5, 2009

    MOAIA is one of her best albums!!!! This site is just crap!C’mon people we’re talking bout Mariah here!!The tour is going to do fine i can’t wait to see her!I don’t understand why people can’t stop hatin on her!!She’s one of the most talented artists of all time and still people act like she was some new chick in the game!Honestly do you think Mariah at this point of her career gives a damn about sales?She did this album for her fans and that’s why it’s so perfect!! Stop hatin’!!!

  16. AWOLLUVA December 5, 2009

    Mariah’s at a point in her career where she doesn’t have to release a platinum selling album in order to tour. Leave that s*** to Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the like, those who are still making a name for themselves in the business. Mariah’s already made a name for herself and is known as one of the greats of the music industry. Bottom line, she’s a legend, therefore if she wanted to pull a Cher or Celine Dion and just do shows in Las Vegas or something, she easily could.

  17. FUSION December 5, 2009

    I love memoirs, its my second favourite mariah album, but I agree with sam, why the hell tour off of the back of an album thats flopping hard? its only gonna give critics more fuel to burn her and haters more of a chance to slam her. She should release the remix album, cos i think its a cool idea, leave IDJ, head back to sony, release an album that has a lead single along the lines of honey or fantasy, where she actually sings, have a hit album and then tour. it just makes more sense. There’s no point trying to sell a dead horse, memoirs is done, time to move on….

  18. GeeMan December 5, 2009

    In the U.S. hard candy was considered a flop she only released one single to success. Also compared to COTDF which went double platinum. She made a bulk of her money endorsements and touring. Her fan base made that happen. I think to celebrate this milestone she should do some dates. As for the Whitney comment all will say is with all hard work she put in with several album listening parties, pushing her album up some great live showings ie: Oprah and x- factor Italy imo the best of them all. She still was dissed by her peers who have always respected and worshipped her looked at her comeback as a solid but not honor worthy thus the grammy”s shut her down. Eventually this is Mimi goodbye for a period of time so these shows are a thank you to the fans and a fare well to Def Jam.

  19. nickii December 5, 2009

    Madonna is not big in U.S, but the Woman is like a tornado outside U.S. You can’t compare her to Mariah. Nooooooo. (and plz i am not a Madonna fan so don’t shoot me, i am just stating facts). As for Whitney, she might not have been nominated, but her album is solid no matter what some people (haters) think or want to think. She does not need no more awards the woman has had enough (don’t even think that she knows where they are).There are now 413 (yeah she got 2 awards this era for I LOOK TO YOU. I am sure that she is not bothered by not being nominated. Sure it’s nice to be recognized by your peers, but since when Whitney ever cared of what people think? On top of that her world tour is sold out, they are adding more dates to it, so she doesn’t need the Grammy to sell her album.
    Now Mariah. Don’t know what to think of her touring with this album. Frankly, i used to be a fan, but that changed when she started acting all immature, and singing teenager songs. Mariah was never a touring kind of singer, and if i was to pay to see her, i will want to know if she will sings live!!! I sure will not pay $100 – $200 to see somebody mime 3/4 or all the songs! no mam.

  20. Chica December 5, 2009

    Just because her album didnt do well it doesnt mean she can’t. I think she can sell well at MSG but i’d expect her to scale it down in other cities. The tour can be intimate. And for the one who said The adventures of mimi tour flopped, you need to check your facts because it is the most succesful tour of her career to date. She toured worldwide after charmbracelet, playing more intimate venues and that went well. I hope she plays in the UK because I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  21. wat-a-fool December 5, 2009

    sam you seem to fail to understand.. that Mariah Carey is.. “Mariah Carey”

    her status is enough to sell a tour..imo

    a tour is very different from an album

    albums could flop for many reasons…

    a tour is always a tour.. its much more than that “one album”
    u ignorant rat tail.

    hence why a tour for mariah will never fail.

  22. klg0845 December 5, 2009

    To X: When I wrote that Madge’s album flopped, I wasn’t just talking about albums sold. That album cost millions of dollars to produce. Justin, Timbaland, Pharell, and everyone else ain’t cheap. And the label threw a lot of money into the promotion. They barely broke even on that album. That’s what I meant when I wrote flopped.

  23. Bobby D December 5, 2009

    Not so sure why people are critisizing this album so much. Its not THAT bad, just needs more uptempo songs. With music piracy at an all time high, of course album sales are low. And radio is stuck on stupid, playing the same “whatevers hot right now” track on regular rotation every 45 minutes. Especially Cumulus broadcasting, where you cant even call in and request songs anymore, its all controlled at HQ what is played.

    Bottom line, the album isnt that bad even though its not selling well. And Im going to CT to see the Angels Cry tour. Angels cry is the best song on the cd anyway. PEACE

  24. nordia December 7, 2009

    mariah carey is dope i loved the album and would go to the concert and know lots of people that would go to the concert. its not her fault that her album didnt sell well shes not losing any money

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