Tiffany Evans To Rihanna: “At Least I Can Sing!”

tiffany evans slams Rihanna

Following Rihanna‘s comments about wanting to “switch off” R&B singer Tiffany Evans (regarding Evans’ comments on RiRi and the Illumnati), Evans has taken to her Twitter page to respond. Here’s what she said:

I just wanna say that I personally do not have beef with Rihanna. Why would I have any beef with someone I don’t even know? It’s stupid. Whatever statements I made about the industry was not geared towards Rihanna in any type of way. What I said about RussianR was blown way out.

So to Rihanna as young woman with total respect I apologize for the huge misunderstanding.

Citing certain blog sites for fuelling the fire (not us of course, Tiffany is a TGJ fan), Tiffany hilariously rounded off by adding:

Oh one more thing,about her calling me out with remote thing on big boi LOL I thought is was funny. Too bad I can Sang!

LMAO! Tiffany kept it classy, yet got the undeniable in at the end! POW…lol

Tidbit: Reality TV personality Tila Tequila, who Ms. Fenty also called out in the interview, responded…levelling some truly SHOCKING accusations about against her. Click here to read what she had to say. Explosive! (Knowing Tila, it could all just be rubbish, but a fascinating read nonetheless!)

Your thoughts?

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  1. Imyourstar702 December 4, 2009

    Tiffany needs to just hush its obvious she wants some publicity, if she kept rihanna’s name out her mouth in the first place Rih Rih wouldn’t of needed to put her in her place.

  2. Travis December 4, 2009

    ^ she never mentioned Rihanna’s name. She talked about Russian Roulette and the industry. So your comment is irrelevant.

    Tiffany Evans was so right. Even though he career isn’t that great, she can SANG and will blow Rihanna back to Barbados with tears in her eyes.

  3. December 4, 2009

    See, this is where Tiffany loses me. On her twitter, she was talkin’ about how we should move on from the drama and whatnot. Cool with me. But then she says stuff like this. I agree with Imyourstar702 — she knows stuff like this gets her publicity so she keeps stoking the fires.

    Oh, and that Tila stuff is nonsense, per usual.
    Whatever happened to Shawn Merriman beating her up or her home being robbed or her bangin’ Billy Corgan?

    Yeah, exactly.
    Everything out of that chick’s mouth is garbage, so it’s pointless to link to anything she says.

  4. Imyourstar702 December 4, 2009


    oh ok.. yes Tiffany can sing but its too bad she can’t sell no records so i guess their 50/50

  5. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 4, 2009

    ROFL!!!! i didn’t think it was that funny til i saw the Ciara icon… that had me rolling on the floor!!

    Rihanna shouldn’t have gotten so mean with Tiffany on the radio station. I mean fighting with a 16 year old? seriously? Tiffany’s comment on Russian Roulette was more about illuminati than Rihanna and she even tried to apologized afterwards.

  6. Nicky December 4, 2009

    who the f*** is a tiffany evans.

    Sam is a dumb f**…..Giving attention to a b**** who sold 8,000 copies in her debut week, totaly missing the top 100, even with Ciara and Bow Wow trying to help her triflin ass with 2 singles that bombed.

    This just shows how Tiffany Evans and Sam are ignorant n******. Yes I have tiffanys CD and the b**** sounds like an alley cat. iF she can SANG, trust me, the public would have noticed like they did JoJo, Brandy ,etc

    Rihanna should not even know who Tiffany Evans is….But TE should thank her for the publicity.

  7. Nicky December 4, 2009

    @ Sam,

    AT LEAST I CAN SING is not what the f*** she said, so why the f*** you have it in quotes??????????

    I wish I see you in person because I’d love to bash your face in and let your boyfriend Trent carry yo ass to the hospital.

  8. Adam December 4, 2009

    She’s just another good singer to be honest though. Rihanna has a lot more qualities about her that make her a better artist and more sellable. And you’re so ridiculously biased, how was that classy? Rihanna never said anything bad about Tiffany Evans, she just said she needs to stop talking s*** about her when she doesn’t know her. The people that run this site are so f****** retarded and one sided. Any chance they get to knock her.

  9. mez December 4, 2009

    who da fulk is Tiffany Evans and who da f** are you…???

  10. ZRWII December 4, 2009

    Classy you think any thing tiffany said was classy? Yeah about as classy as you sam.

  11. Doispontos December 4, 2009

    omg! now your posting tila tequila s***?!

    how low can tgj get. don’t know who tiffany evans is and her music. this post was bland and lame… so what?

  12. robyn December 4, 2009

    This is highschool and a poor reflection on both ladies, more so Rihanna cause she is older. She should have just sidestepped the question.

    All I need to know is that Rihanna’s album is out the top 10 less week with predicted sales of under 65k

  13. trucie December 4, 2009

    In Tila’s case, i hope she’s telling the truth otherwise she could use what’s left of her H**-n money. In Tiffany’s case, girl can sing but she started the mess and regardless of her great vocal ability she still hasn’t managed to garner any type of success with it. I mean seriously Tiffany where is your album?

  14. Imyourstar702 December 4, 2009

    @ NICKY

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Ahhhhh hahahah!!!!

  15. Rob December 4, 2009

    Tiffany should have kept Rihanna’s name out her f****** mouth! And all you ignorant b****** saying “she was talking about the song, it’s Rihanna’s song so hence she was talking about her.” If she really was so classy she would’nt be starting rumors in the first place. Stupd b****! Sell a f****** record first!

  16. Veebz December 4, 2009

    “Too bad I can Sang!” I Guess That Statment Ends The tiffany Evans Vs. Rhianna “Beef”

    Rhianna Vs. Tiffany Evans Vocal Battle>>>>> #SayNoMore

  17. San December 4, 2009

    If someone called me a devil worshipper I would be pissed too so RiRi has a right to be mad at that chick. I went to her twitter (tiffany’s) why she look like a damn prostitute? Dont make no damn sense actually it does her little album only sold a poor couple of thousand copies and so she wants to b**** out another female artist who can actually sell an album. Get real B**** you just lost class and sam you did too for supporting her b**** ass.

  18. San December 4, 2009


  19. Craver December 4, 2009

    Congratulations to Tiffany Evans, who has proven that eventhough she’s *mildly* involved in an adult’s industry, she still knows how to act like a kid. Whether or not Rihanna can sing is irrelevant; you need to respect your seniors in the industry. R&B beef is the worst kind.

  20. gabe December 4, 2009

    Tiffany is so damn lame.
    She’s an ugly hot mess!
    Have you seen her photos on Myspace?
    Fierce? No.
    I could care less if she can out sing Rihanna.
    I like Rihanna’s voice and she’s beautiful.
    She’s such a effin ladyyyyyyy!

  21. George December 4, 2009

    LMFAO!!!! Go Tiffany. People NEED to be called out for their nonsense, f*** it being for attention.

  22. haute couture December 4, 2009

    @travis, well who else would she be talking about if she mentioned russian roulette. Are we stupid or something. So what if she can sang. Many people can sang, but that don’t mean you are gonna make it. With all the sanging she doing, what does she have to show for it. A dry washed up career. She ain’t nothing but an opportunist, who is using other people to get her name out there. LMAO at she can sing, but don’t have shi* to show for it. Her ass should go right back to where she started. Homeless. And that c** bucket tila have the nerve to come at somebody about H*****. She need to check herself for crabs, h*****, hpv, h**, all them suckas, because she stay taking it from both gender.

  23. Bee December 4, 2009

    Nicky ..LMAO you crack me up with your comments..I agree!

    I’m starting to think you’re one of those people that secretly love Rihanna, but you bash her because all of your friends do it, and you don’t want to be the odd one out. It’s okay. 🙂

  24. tiffev December 4, 2009


  25. B@tch Please December 4, 2009

    Who is Tiffany Evans? I’m lost.

  26. hihihihihi December 4, 2009




  27. mac10 December 4, 2009

    what qualities that rihanna have ? her looks, her body? thats the only 2 qualities that bish have…
    for all we know tifanny could have been talking bout neyo when she metioned roussian roulette..neyo was thee 1 who wrote the song; tifanny evans didnt call rihanna a devil worshiper, she said russian roulette is a suicidal song,..thats its gonna give people who are already suicidal the wrong idea.
    this new side of rihanna is starting to be a turn off by alot of many Huge stars like rihanna responds to all the people wo makes coments bout them

  28. mac10 December 4, 2009

    for people who are on here saying tiffany just trying to get more exposure, by using rihanna’s name, hello tiffany never mentioned rihanna’s name, she only mentioned the song, so what if rihanna’s nonsinging ass sing it.
    are u so desperate to sell more records that u gonna start beef with a NOBODY (sarcasm)
    that bish needs to just go away, go learn how to dance, sing, or something, because pretty soon everybody gonna say rihanna, WHO

  29. crazy December 4, 2009


  30. do your December 4, 2009

    Sam you are going to get yourself in trouble from your “supposed” TGJ fan, she said at least i can sAng (basically sing my ass off a higher level of being able to sing) don’t slander tiffanys name saying shes been saying people can’t sing, shes humble and wouldn’t say that you really pissing a lot of people off

  31. katie December 4, 2009

    damn i didn’t think y’all boys (sam/trent) were gay but now I know its true the only other option may be that your girls because you the most bitchy people hahahahahah

  32. Sheemika December 4, 2009

    Right now Rihanna is a place where she need people talking about her in some kind of way because they talking about that wack ass album she has out. Why go after a 16 year old? Omarion was talking about Russian Roulette and you don’t see her calling him out. Rihanna want attention on her and she will sell her soul right now to get it. For the past month Rihanna has been talking like an idiot.

  33. katie December 4, 2009


  34. Sheemika December 4, 2009

    @SAN you want to say someone look like a prostitute, have you looked at your girl Rihanna lately? She isn’t exactly covered up either.

  35. mac10 December 4, 2009

    rihanna’s stans if u dont like what sam or trent post about rehanna, go on rihanna daily and stay ur ass there

  36. 12345 December 4, 2009

    ghetto s*** getting atention is so annoying, this kid needs to get a job, f****** b**** go get some class, you are not in high school

  37. katie December 4, 2009


  38. Sheemika December 4, 2009

    These must be the Rihanna fan from her fansites? They are the only one that I can see worshiping the ground she walks on. Because I think Rihanna was just as rude as she claim Tiffany to be. People have been talking about Rihanna since she came out and she never really went after them but now I guess she has her label in her ear telling her to do whatever it takes to get the albums to sell. Poor thing!!

  39. Anon December 4, 2009

    What’s a Tiffany Evans? Seriously, I don’t even know what that is.

  40. Arnez December 4, 2009

    LMFAOOOO Sam and Trent delete comments cause they hate Rihanna and what that to reflect still cant shut the fact that SAM misquoted this UNEDUCATED, UGLY HOODRAT LOOKING B****!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAHA SHES SO UGLY, HER TWITTER BACKGROUND IS W****-RENDOUS! Anyways B**** respect ur elders dont go runnin yo mouth and them wide gap teeth, u shud b able to f***** SANG wit a mouth that size

    I dont give a s*** about Rihanna but atleast she’s EARNED her spot, cant knock her hustle, this ugly paprika girl who the f*** she be?

    nasty h**

  41. nikki December 4, 2009

    Tiffany did not have Rihanna name no where in her page she was talking about how certain songs r bad not that rihanna is bad and yes tiffany can sang ( u know someone with talent) not sing like Rihanna anyways this is stupid for them to argue riri has plenty of money i would have said kick rocks and to those who say tilla is making up s*** u might be right she just wants attention it might just be cold sores but DAMN how many cold sores can u get in one year #justsayin and people need to stop I have been hearing that rumor about her for a while now even in 07

  42. Mickjoe19 December 4, 2009

    I get so bored of reading the same comments when it comes to a Rihanna post! Don’t like the views of the blog? LEAVE! This is for Sam and Trent to put THEIR opinions, no-one is forcing you to read their comments, no-body is forcing you to come to this side! Just as I’m sure you all have your opinions on other artists, which you’re intitled to of course, Sam and Trent are allowed theirs!

    If you don’t like what is being said, either find another blog or start one yourself that worships Rihanna or something.

  43. DuMMies December 4, 2009

    wow the R****** stans go hard on here..straight worshippin someone with no talent..who cares if Tiffany Evans didnt sell alot of records..ohh da f*** what..but none of you slow ass R****** stans..cannot sit there and say Tiffany Evans cant sing..and at least she apologized..s***, the way i see it..she didnt have to do was her opinion..but outta respect she did..and she wasnt getting on Rihanna about singing the song..Afterall i doubt she even completely wrote why Take it so personal..she was mostly talking about the Symbolism and how people read too much into lyrics and how music influences people n whatnot..and who cares if Sam dislikes R******..he dont have to like the brawd just because u rejects to society do..buncha losers..crying when people tell the truth about ur idol..smh@ worshippin her and following her every move..i wonder if ya’ll have a life..that doesnt involve defending bad talent with good fashion..hmm..makes me think o(.^_^.)o

  44. It’s me again December 4, 2009

    Rihanna has been desperately trying to start controversy in her interviews by being a s** hungry bad-ass for weeks now… She fails to realize that madonna has already been done, so what she’s bringing isn’t new.

  45. parisian girl December 4, 2009

    that tifanny is an attention w****!!!just mind ur own business and stop trying to get a free publicity,u flop act!
    i gotta admit she can sing but it’s not a reason to act like a kid,she betta enjoy her1min1/2 of fame!

  46. Doispontos December 4, 2009

    rihanna was asked a question. she answered. she didn’t start anything.

  47. hilson December 4, 2009

    Mickjoe19 this site does worship rihanna, if sam/trent don’t want rihanna stans they sure as hell wouldn’t post about her as much they are using this for views, they do post waay too much about rihanna though i mean like someone pointed out there is 2 of the same topics one from each editor lol couldn’t an edit be done on the same post? just sayin…

  48. It’s me again December 4, 2009

    I actually agree that this site posts too much about rihanna. As entertaining as it is making fun of her, there are other entertainment stories that aren’t being posted that could be. For example, did you guys know that Kelly is mad at Beyonce and her dad for stealing songs?

  49. mac10 December 4, 2009

    lol WOW @ the stans calling tifanny an atention w****
    rihanna dont give a fug bout u stans, s*** if she threw the man she’s so in love with under the bus, u think she give a fug bout
    if tifanny evans is considered an an atention w**** for stating her opinion on a song, not on rihanna, than what the hell is rihanna doing showing her ass in public, releasin naked pics of herself, talkin bout big d****?

  50. mac10 December 4, 2009

    rihanna has no talent period..yes she can take a great pic thats it. shes not an artist, shes a product her record company created.
    for her to go after tifanny evans for statin an opinion bout a song she sang, seems desperate, and pathetic. how come she didnt mention omarion? hell omarion mentioned rihanna’s name when he said the song is bout devil worshipers.
    this bish gonna try anyway possible to sell a cd that people dont give a fug bout, thats sad.
    lets see, releasing naked pics of urself failed, playing the victim act failed, trying to be a s** symbol failed, Mmmm what else is there to do, but start a beef with somebody that actually has talent

  51. mac10 December 4, 2009

    @ dummies .. neyo wrote russian roulette not rihanna

  52. HaYYYYYY December 4, 2009

    she got tht h**
    exept i lik riri a lot n i dont even kno who this girl is
    but its tru, riri’s voice isnt the best
    but she still got “hard” songz

  53. keepitreal December 4, 2009

    lol tiffany darling i advise u keep it closed u havent even sold 10k past your album…. and i think u shoulda never made the comment & rihanna wouldnt have backfired on u. now u know her fans r gonna kill u with the rude comments. so i advise u stay low or away from the industy as loooong as possible. hey im just being real

  54. denise December 4, 2009

    tiffany evans wack ass cant even sell a album so b**** STFU and STFD with ur irrelant ass…b**** ur a nobody….and about the ”at least i can sing”….rihanna might be the best singer but she a better artist to u tiffany evans with ur wack ass….why did u manage to doa song with bow wow and still flop?

    wack b****

    u dont deserve to breathe the same air rihanna is…

  55. dillpickle December 4, 2009


  56. San December 4, 2009

    Katie you are so right why is Sam editing truth? In my second comment I told him to simply know wat was going on with his site because trent had already posted this now does that look like {SPAM}? Get real Sam…

  57. dont take shyt December 4, 2009

    I cant name ONE song that Tiffany has sung, sings, or will sing
    so I guess her singing ability really doesn’t matter cuz she definitely aint on ANYBODY’S radar

  58. Me.Me. December 5, 2009


  59. AWOLLUVA December 5, 2009


  60. MK December 5, 2009


  61. d December 5, 2009

    omg don’t put ciara’s gif in this. you are so messy sam

  62. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS December 5, 2009

    “She’s just another good singer to be honest though. Rihanna has a lot more qualities about her that make her a better artist and more sellable.”

    What makes her more saleable? The fashion? Evans can have that too. The looks? Evans is much better looking to me. The talent? LMAO!

  63. luis December 5, 2009

    have you even gone to her myspace? LMAO

  64. smartee December 5, 2009

    I honestly believe that the way that Rihanna handled herself in that interview shows how classless and average she is. Wait a minute… I know what you’re about to say, Rihanna did not cuss her out or call her names, but what I’m saying is that people hype op Rihanna like she’s so high class and glamorous. Someone who is of high class or glamorous would have skipped that question and said I do not want to call anyone out. Rihanna is fake not only because she lies and contradicts herself, but because she has a manufactured IMAGE, and that’s what I don’t like about her. When she talked about Tila, that’s when she showed how ghetto she is. Ghetto can be a hoodrat or just your average chick or has that “i know I’m right or the sh**” sista girl attitude. Tiffany was right for calling Rihanna or her team out. This industry has so many people brainwashed and fooled;’ it’s so obvious by the Rihanna worshipers on here. What I like about Tiffany is that she keeps it 100 and isn’t afraid to speak her mind about bs. The only reason why she’s not releasing singles/albums like hot cakes is because she’s an ACTUAL SINGER/NOT A GIMMICK!

  65. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS December 5, 2009

    “have you even gone to her myspace? LMAO”

    Are you talking to me? If so, yes I have.

  66. DuMMies December 5, 2009

    i know MAC10..i wanted to say..”Rihanna didnt even write Roulette”..and the Rihanna stans..come at me talking bout “She wrote all the songs on her album” like idiots..But Thanks and i agree with what u said o(.^_^.)o

  67. DuMMies December 5, 2009

    and smartee ur so right yo..smh..people passing up good talent..for bad s***..Rihanna stans need to stop worshippin that brawd like she’s Jesus..Cuz she dont give a f*** about any of u morons..all ya’ll are to her is nothing but dollar signs..bling bling type of stuff..she dont care what ya’ll going through..remember shes making an empire..too bad her shid gonna come crashing the romans..her stuff is full of nothing but lies..her personality is so fake it makes no sense..ya’ll dont even know who the real Rihanna is..shes been prepd so much..she replaced her real personality with the fake..PR programmed one..and yet u people are so far up her cant see see pass all the wrong she do..cuz she’s 21..that makes no sense..people need to be responsible period..i hate when the music industry pass up real artists to nurture the ones with no form of artistry..Just keepin it 100

  68. Chile December 5, 2009

    Tiffany is just jealous. Yes she can sing better, but that debate/arguement is dead. The music industry isn’t just about vocal talent. They care about who people want to see. Talent isn;t just about vocals. Its about a presentation that people can connect to. There have been PLENTY of artists who have been pushed the same way if not better then Rihanna, and the public didnt buy it. No shade, NOBODY wants to see Tiffany. Rihanna may not be able to sing as well, but we can still pluck PLENTY of other girls out of a church choir line that can sing Tiffany under a rock.

    We have PLENTY of good vocalists in the industry. Just like we have these chirping chicks like Ciara, Rihanna and even Janet. The public wants what they want and its NOT Tiffany.

    Sorry girl…stay home. Enjoy the rest of your career outside of pop music/r&b relevancy. My neighbor sings as good as you, doesn’t mean she is meant to be a star.

  69. deedee December 6, 2009

    if tiffany evans so beneath rihanna, why her stans keep talking bout her? I had to laugh i what Mac10 is so true. y waste ur time comenting on a nobody. cause bish trying to sell mre records.
    its actually sad though watching this b**** slowly but surely FAIL..

  70. geegley December 6, 2009

    Tiffany evans, I love u gurl. she can sing and act!

  71. Nick December 6, 2009

    Tiffaany darling, u can sing better, BUT boo boo, it dont mean a thing, if u aint got that swing, doo wop doo wop doo wop dee dow! (sat down honey sat down) THAT RIHANNA RAIN baby-get sum!

  72. Phoenix December 6, 2009

    To me Tiff called rihanna out when she posted Russian Roulette = suicidal attempts. I would have been offended and so would anyone else.

    My thing with tiff is that she is so quick to talk about demons and the corruption of the music industry but her ass is still there and how she preachin people need to open there eyes but then she gonna throw shade a riri talkin bout how she could sing.

    In life it doesnt matter what the f*** you can do, its about where the f*** u r and where the f*** you goin.

    And i literally read every post, people do not waste your time talking bout sams hate on riri. They lame ass b****** any ways. Riri’s p*** is worth more than their lives, so at the end of the day it dont matter to her.

    Prophets blog is where it is at

  73. Anonymous December 6, 2009

    This is probably the biggest joke I have ever seen in my life. Both Tiffany Evans and Tila Tequila are flop artists, not even one hit wonders, and they think they can slam someone like Rihanna? Granted Rihanna may not be the best singer, but she puts out fire tracks, and works her b*** off with the promotion. I really feel Sam has no logical reason to hate Rihanna so much, Rated R gave her the best first week sales she ever had, yet he somehow finds a problem with it? People can talk, but Rihanna’s the name that constantly seems to be coming out of their mouth, whether good or bad, she sells, and delivers.

  74. angel December 7, 2009

    let me tell you something Rihanna everybody knows what king of experience she have, everybody can see her pics on the web like and nude pic×0.472×616.jpeg
    how can you compare this young lady 17 years, jealous because she’s friend with chris and more and more beautifull than her ,with that b**** who tell every girls to take nude pictures for their boyfriend, lol at least tila knows she is lesbian and have open relationship but rihanna is the same, and everybody knows she’s drunk look at the pictures, and search on the net, about her h***** are you serious guys? smh

  75. maskina December 8, 2009

    @angel do you feel good now, that you have done your civic duty for the day. Good for you. Still don’t change the fact that people like and will always like Rihanna. A few haters won’t rain on her parade. You all been hating since she came out, and the only thing you have done for her is let her get bigger and bigger. Keep her name in your mouths. Because it seems the more hate people get, the bigger they become.

  76. John December 10, 2009

    Lets put it like this…give tiff a mic and give rihanna a mic…..tiff will sing circles around rihannas no talent ass…

  77. ORLEEN January 18, 2010

    this is not me but this girl is amazing help her become famous and help her follow her dreams

  78. doria April 9, 2010

    i luv rihanna and tiffany evans and i hate to see ppl tlking about tiffany evans so ignorantly.she shouldnt hav said sumtin but she apologized so ya’ll can just suck it up and forget it.ok

  79. chica July 6, 2010

    Even though rihanna is relevant now compared to Tiffany Evans, at the end of the day Tiffany Evans actually has talent and CAN SING. It doesn’t matter if she’s making alot of money or selling more albums than Tiffany, the point is Tiffany CAN SING. And u all could continue to say that Rihanna is the bigger star but Rihanna uses S** to sell, that’s why she’s more famous than Tiffany, sad to say. And in today’s world and music industry apparently s** is the only thing that sells and people like Tiffany who actually has talent get pushed in the back. And even you so called RIHANNA STANS cant’t argue with me and say that Tiffany Evans is not a better singer than Rihanna, the only thing u all could say is that she’s more famous blah blah blah, so what, it’s just the whole SEXED up image that has her where she is today. Tiffany just hasn’t decided to sell her self to the industry like rihanna and some other artists out there with no talent.

  80. pampam August 3, 2010

    rhianna is illuminati so is jay z f*** everybody in the music industry is b******

  81. Ariela March 11, 2013


    How do I know? She is my AUNT I know her anymore than a lot of people!

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