Que Responds To Willie About Being Kicked Out Of Day 26

As reported earlier, Que has been kicked out of Day 26, the reason, as cited by former band mate Willie, being his lack of commitment to scheduled appearances. However, the heated singer has responded to the accusations, claiming that the problems in the group  stem from their manager, Screwface, who was appointed by Willie. The YBF has confirmed that Que will continue to pursue his music career with Soul World Entertainment.

As someone who observed Day 26 throughout the ‘Making The Band’ series, I find this news rather disappointing. The young men are all quite talented and had the potential to be a major force in the industry. Furthermore, they seemed to have their career paths more organised than their Danity Kane counterparts, and even voiced that sentiment several times when interviewed about the tensions that erupted amongst the ladies. Nonetheless, it seems that the infamous curse of ‘Bad Boy’ has struck again. Another one bites the dust.

Sidebar: Does anyone else think that this may just be another marketing ploy to attract interest to the group?


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  1. thatmangojuice December 20, 2009

    Sidebar: Does anyone else think that this may just be another marketing ploy to attract interest to the group?

    No, even though it IS awesome publicity, this can’t be staged. Que’s ego wouldn’t allow it

  2. Lawrence December 20, 2009

    He got kicked out! And goof the text to prove it

  3. d December 20, 2009

    he’s always been crazy, but i think he has some major issues. Hes seems bipolar.

  4. Stacey December 20, 2009

    Fix the title Que was kicked out not Willie …. Shoudln’t it be
    “Que responds to getting kicked out of Day 26”

  5. Makeba December 20, 2009

    Willie is always the big boss. Que is not afraid to express what he’s feeling. Mike and
    Robert never say anything. When they were trying to agree on music and songs, Willie
    always had to have his way. Willie is more interested in making a deal than what’s real.
    Screwface was not doing his job when the group did not have money. The music channels
    never play Day26 videos anyway so it’s like they don’t exist anymore.

  6. December 20, 2009

    serves ’em right for talking so much mess about danity kane.

  7. S*** December 20, 2009

    My name says it all…

  8. Chile December 20, 2009

    Watch…his new management is going to rip him off too. The picture of his manager at the end of the video looked like a shady used car salesman.

  9. symbolize wisdom December 21, 2009

    no whats going to happen they are going to do another making a band to replace Que!

  10. MzJaeUcraZy December 22, 2009

    I Thought It Would B Brian Wit His Hot A** Temper… SMH Its Sumthing About Que That Urkz Me After I Seen His Vid Reply On Youtube. I Jus Can’t Put My Finger On It… Ummmm?

  11. Ace December 24, 2009

    WELL for someone who knows a little inside dynamic from both sides – WILL, ROB, MIKE, BRIAN and Que – Ques been trying to leave Day 26 since the 1st album. His original plan was to fight with them as much about nothing so Diddy could disband the group and send them on their way and he could persue his solo career, which sadly enough no one really wants to hear. D26 is more unified than people think, they really are like a band of brothers and they tried to reason with Que and talk to him, but Que wanted out. So he got his wish. Screwface made sure the boys had what they needed to maintain their families. Que wanted to live beyond his means and go shopping with Dawn like he was Diddy, which he failed to realize he wasnt making the money she was, nor anywhere near Puffs wallet size.

    I personally believe they’re better without him. He was the worst vocally, worst dancer, and he was just – extra! For all those who watched the seasons of MTB we all know that fool made it in the group by the skin of his teeth, and I personally feel he was an image pic more so than a talent one. I dont believe the fellaz will replace him, because they dont need to, they’ll be just fine if not better without him. He unfortunately is the one who lost here not them.

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