Ke$ha Discusses Lady GaGa Comparisons

Published: Monday 11th Jan 2010 by Trent

In a recent interview with Pop Eater’s Mike Hess, Ke$ha shed some light on several issues regarding her rise to fame. Amongst the topics discussed by the singer, whose debut album ‘Animal’ is set to capture the #1 spot from Susan Boyle this week, were her constant comparisons to Lady GaGa. Here is an excerpt from the interview below:

There’s an article out this week saying you might be the Lady Gaga of 2010. Is that a comparison you like? You seem much more Blondie to me.

Any time you want to compare me to a successful woman, I’ll totally take that. It’s a good thing. I like to think of myself more aligned with the likes of Madonna meets David Bowie meets the Beastie Boys. And I loooove Blondie. {Source}

I sense that Ke$ha would not end her GaGa comparisons with her comments. In contrast, her statements only seem to fuel the speculations because the latter has gone on record several times listing both Madonna and Bowie amongst her biggest influences. Why people compare Ke$ha to GaGa is beyond my comprehension. Musically, they are completely different acts and other than the fact they both have blond hair, they look nothing alike.


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  1. Sammy January 11, 2010

    Ca$$i£ i$ b£tt£r than th£$£ two flop$. Wh£n K£$ha can $£ll n£arly 1,000,000 copie$ lik£ Ca$$i£ th£n $h£ can talk.

  2. Healthy Black Queens is open! January 11, 2010

    She actually put herself in the same lane as Madonna and Bowie? I can’t wait until her ego catches up with reality. The only reason some people like her is because they want her to topple Gaga off her pedestal. Just like Rihanna ‘fans’ (who haven’t bought her record) want her to topple Beyonce. They ‘support’ these people to get at those they can’t stand, and then drop them when it’s not working.

  3. Trevez January 11, 2010

    Who this chick think she is. All those people she compared herself too has talent and don’t put out dumb ass s***.

  4. ARTISTK January 11, 2010


  5. shelly-chelle January 12, 2010

    ke$ha is nothin like gaga! musty ass b*tch. everythime i see her I wanna bum rush her into a bathtub smh!

  6. number1k9 January 12, 2010

    Yes I agree those comments will fuel more people to liken the two as similar artists. I think the comparisons are based off of them both doing ElectroPop music. On top of that they both are blond, white and young.

    To me Ke$ha has more of a Katy Perry aspect about her, I feel Ke$ha has a slight Alternative(Pop Rock/Hip Pop) emphasis while Gaga’s emphasis is more Dance oriented. Ke$ha sounded like K.Perry on “Right Round” too!.

    But Ke$ha’s music does have a fell like she is slightly rapping less than singing as much as Gaga does, atleast on “TiK ToK,” & “Blah Blah Blah.”


  7. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut January 12, 2010

    Some of you are tards, seriously. Did she say she’s on the same level as the artists mentioned “success wise”? No. She’s talking about her SOUND when she mentions them, and hearing her album she’s pretty accurate (especially mentioning Beastie Boys, with her whole rap shtick.)

    And wow @ the first comment. Cassie’s bald-headed ass? Seriously? That was just so unexpected…lol.

  8. PR_STAR January 12, 2010

    ah ppl just comparing them cuz they both white and blond and make fun music, but the are totally different. I enjoy them both and wouldnt compare them to each other

  9. Fat, drunk, and ugly January 12, 2010

    Ke$ha is pretty, unlike Mister GAGA’s ugly manish ass!

  10. kj January 12, 2010

    kesha pretty.hmmmmmmmmm yeah ok..actually I’m a huge gaga fan, but both gaga n kesha ain’t the best lookin girls in town, but dat s*** doesn’t matter, fact all dat matters is talent. n gagaloo definitely beats her in dat department..kesha da new queen of auto-tune, but hey auto-tune computerized s*** is selling like big up to her. Kesha will be around,selling records for a long tym to come.

    @ healthy black queen..I partially agree with u, not sayin dat kesha doesn’t have genuine fans( coz she does), but just look @ da amount of s****** fans, n anti-gaga fans jumpin on da kesha bandwagon, n hating on gaga n making assumptions dat since kesha is doin well dat automatically must translate to gaga doin bad. Dats y I love gaga’s lil monsters, especially on gagaboards,like gagadaily they always praise gaga n jump on other fans if they mean to other artist, sayin gaga wudn’t like dat. She’s all about love, the same can’t be sed for britney forums.

    but oh well…I kinda like kesha, we share da same name after all.
    Ppl must stop comparing tem..n let tem have their individual shine.

  11. The Truth January 12, 2010

    They both make crap music and they both look like crap. But they are popular for now and seem to have come out of no where to rise to the top of the charts. All this despite the fact that their music is disposable and they both look like t*****’s the morning after a coke-induced f***-fest. That’s why people compare her to Gaga. Do you get it now? I knew she would be labeled the new Gaga months ago. And if she’s the new Gaga, and Gaga has only been popular for a year, you can pretty much anticipate the career lifespan of both artists..

  12. tmm09 January 12, 2010

    I agree with KJ on the Gagaboards thing 😉

  13. Aryo January 14, 2010

    both ke$ha and gaga are great or better to say have cool voices
    but Nicole scherzinger is the sexiest pop singer and her voice is better than gaga and ke$ha!
    so I mean the most dominant singers are LadyGaGa, kesha and nicole scherzinger by now !!

  14. Shana February 27, 2010

    The reason why i feel Lady Gaga and Ke$ha are similar is not because of their looks but because they have one huge thing in common. They are extremely hard workers. It is very obvious that they both worked very hard to create a name for themselves. They both have average looks and talent but have created an image for themselves. They both take huge fashion risks and are both very outlandish. They make waves because they don’t follow the rules that most pop stars take. They both live and work outside the box and will be as strange as possible because that is the only way they will remain rich and famous. If they were to be themselves, not wear all the crazy clothes and make-up and use their natural voices (not digitally fix their vocals) we would not be talking about them. Personally I would like to see both Lady GaGa and Ke$ha either sing together or at least hook up and star in a porno movie. Now that I would pay money to see! They both remind me of that singer that was kind of a joke in the 90’s : Bjork. I loved her look and music but society seemed to just look at her as the weird chick who wore the dead swan. Another average talent who tried to sell her unique fashion style and strange look. Instead she writes music for unknown movies now. Sad. I predict in 10 years both Ke$ha and GaGa will be washed up and jobless. Oh well at least they had a chance to make their mark.

  15. Damian Yerrick April 17, 2010

    I think it might have something to do with similarities at some level between Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”.

  16. sbs May 9, 2010

    i like both kesha and lady gaga, but i listen to kesha more b/c the radio overplays lady gaga where i live and her songs get old after a while

  17. 43hui December 7, 2010

    The difference between Ke$ha and Gaga is thus:

    Watching one performance by them, live, without autotune. Gaga wins no contest.

  18. czerro December 23, 2010

    Neither can sing live (or on album for that matter). That’s alright, though. I enjoy Trent Reznor’s music, though I’ll be the first to say I wish I could unhear his live performance. Regardless of what you believe, neither Kesha nor Gaga are Artists: they do not write or compose their music. They aren’t any different than any studio produced boy-band. The only thing that sells is their “crazy” image. Lyrical composition and song structure is similar. The comparisons are valid (except of course the comparisons these two stars make of their music to ACTUAL artists). Neither will exist as a blip in anyones memory 10 years from now.

  19. fwe May 15, 2011

    why people hating on gaga???
    so shes not the prettiest singer in the world
    but i appreciate that
    we dont need anymore of those picture perfect singers who have no artistic sense whatsoever music is supposed to be about heart and liberation its not about what a person looks like
    MJ was a decent looking man when he was a kid but then he had plastic surgery done and yet he remains a legend today

  20. Kait May 20, 2011

    Well, I dislike both of their music at about the same level. Autotuned monotonous crap.
    However, Lady Gaga at least can play instruments and write songs. I have no idea about Ke$ha.
    They also have fake names that describe pretty well what they are all about…
    Ke$ha: $$$$$
    Lady Gaga: Radio Gaga

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