Lady GaGa Raises $500,000 For Haiti – In One Day!

Published: Wednesday 27th Jan 2010 by Sam

Pop phenomenon Lady GaGa has raised a staggering $500,000 (half a million) for the Haiti earthquake relief fund.

The 23 year old donated merchandise profits from the ticket sales of  her concert in New York on January 24th, as well from her website on the same day, to help victims of the disaster:

Speaking at the final date of her US ‘Monster Ball’ tour at Purdue University, the 23-year-old announced the total donation figure.

“On ‘GaGa For Haiti’ day, in just 24 hours, with very minimal marketing and planning, all the little monsters all over the world made over half a million dollars for Haiti relief,” she told the audience.”I know Bravado fell off their chair – that’s who sells all my merchandise – they couldn’t believe it! So let’s sing along for Haiti right now!” {Source}

Kudos to her for using her star-power for good.

Remember, you can donate anything you can afford to the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. Click here for more info.

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  1. Fat, drunk, and ugly January 27, 2010

    That is impresive!

  2. bebe January 27, 2010

    thanks so much lady gaga
    she didnt have to but she did it anyway
    god bless her and the people of haiti
    some people will never understand what she is doing for
    that nation, thanks again gaga for helping my people
    who have finally become our people
    sadly enough it took a situation like this for
    the world to realize that there’s a whole lot of suffering
    world wide and we should all suppor to one another
    not only in bad times but good times as well

  3. Erica24 January 27, 2010

    The “Love Game” and “Just Dance” Lady gaga was my all time fav..she was a lil’ out there..but not as much as she is now. I still love her style tho. I just want her to chill with my fam and eat some good soul food, so she can thicken up a lil bit..cuz she lookin’ a lil Mr.

  4. vegasgirl January 27, 2010


  5. Eclectic January 27, 2010

    YES Thats my schoo. i was there last night!… That was very charitable of her!.. Mad Props to the Gaga!

  6. Rihanna Flop January 27, 2010

    WOW good job gaga
    such a talented woman with a big heart

  7. MushyLove_1992 January 27, 2010

    Thats my Gaga!

    @Erica I was noticing that too. She seemed like she had a lot more weight on her when she first stepped on the scene. She was healthier..

  8. Erica24 January 27, 2010


    Hey boo!!! Yes, I agree…That was my gaga..she still is,,but then, she wasn’t to “monsterized”

  9. anonymouss January 27, 2010

    <3 her!

    ppl who think she's 'weird' are jackasses who dont know a thing about her. she is so human, at the bottom of all the theatrics!

  10. anonymouss January 27, 2010

    <3 her!

    all the ppl who think she's weird are jackasses who dont know a thing about her. underneath all the theatrics, she is so human!

  11. Aryo January 28, 2010

    i liked what she did!
    and I hope Sammy is not gonna say that cassie would raise much more money than GaGa!

  12. Lovinman January 28, 2010

    Who knew evil has a conscience.

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