The Best You Never Heard:Ashanti, Fantasia, Alexandra Burke & Mario

Published: Wednesday 27th Jan 2010 by Sam
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After a brief rest on the bench, our Best You Never Heard feature returns this week with little known gems by Ashanti, Fantasia, Mario and Alexandra Burke.


Ashanti – You’re Gonna Miss

Ashanti‘s criminally underrated LP ‘The Declaration’ (2008) housed many a hit, with one of its best offerings being ‘You’re Gonna Miss’. Produced by LT Hutton, the 80’s inspired Synth-Pop meets R&B cut had ‘winner’ written all over it; which makes the lacklustre performance of the album (due to industry politics etc) all the more unfortunate. Still, regardless of the record’s eventual fate, we’ve still been gifted gems like this. Awesome track.



Fantasia – Til My Baby Comes Home

The incomparable Fantasia served up the hotness on her remake of Luther Vandross’ ‘Til My Baby Comes Home’ from 2005. Lifted from ‘So Amazing…An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross’ compilation, the American Idol alum took the song to church and beyond! Passionately sung and really capturing the essence of the track’s lyrical narrative, Ms. Barrino’s version, IMO, gives the original an undeniable run for its money. Some 5 years later, I cannot get enough of ‘Tasia’s vocal runs and riffs on this one. The business.



Alexandra Burke – Nothing But The Girl

It’s a given that X-Factor sensation Alexandra Burke has a level of talent which positions her as world-class. However the material on her otherwise successful debut ‘Overcome’ didn’t really provide her the firmest of foundations to showcase that (though she ‘s making the best of what’s she’s been given and nailing each and every live performance). The album does indeed boast a few gems though, one of the biggest stand-outs being ‘Nothing But The Girl’. Penned by Ne-Yo, the song is a delicious slice of Electro-Pop, with a side helping of R&B. If there’s any justice in the world (or her label lol) this has to be a single at some point in the albums shelf-life.



Mario – Music For Love

R&B crooner Mario delivered his strongest offering yet with 2007’s ‘Music For Love’. Featured on the 24 yea old’s equally as great  ‘Go!’ LP, the track is a metaphorical nod to the art of making love. Though such a topic is much-treaded on territory in R&B, the song separates itself from the masses with ridiculously clever wordplay, which makes for it to sound sensual as opposed to sleazy. Some may call it a stretch, but this is a modern day R&B classic, which most certainly should have received the single treatment. Interestingly, a video was in the pipeline, yet was axed for unknown reasons.



Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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  1. hihihihihi January 27, 2010





  2. hihihihihi January 27, 2010





  3. Erica24 January 27, 2010

    Man…this aint’ about Rihanna…lol

    That Ashanti song has always been hot.

  4. iluvrealartists January 27, 2010

    Rihanna has nothing to do with this topic so why are yall always bringing her up. That Ashanti song was always hot just like that whole album. That Fantasia and Mario song are nice too.

  5. shay January 27, 2010


    You got to be HIGH..talking bout Rihanna’s powerful voice. I don’t knock the girl’s success but be for f****** real!!

    I agree “You’re Gonna Miss” was hot.

    The whole cd was hot.

    Looking forward to Ashanti & Fantasia’s new projects.

  6. OSO-DELUXE-EDITION January 27, 2010

    I’ve always liked that Mario song…I liked every damn thing Mario did before D.N.A it was HORRIBLE,i didn’t even buy, no songs like “crying out for me or this song or How Do I Breath,You Shoud Let Me Love You.
    plus Ashanti is always good,that album was on fire….LOVED IT
    Couldn’t care less about Alexandra.

    btw can some one tell because I always see those fights about Rihanna.Beyonce and CASSIE,lol

    Beyonce is number 1 to me,But I like all of these ladies music,and I’ll support them forever,it’s like I think they are perfect cause no one is,but I’ll listen to their music,and when one o them does something wrong I ‘ll say it’s wrong,it’s my opinion,fans can say what’s on their mind…
    U woudn’t find bashing on them like a BlCH though, ; ) u feelin’ me?

  7. Renae January 27, 2010

    I actually don’t think Mario gets the recognition he deserves and as far as Fantasia, she’s most definitely not doing what she should be. Its like Fantasia isn’t focused on her career, too busy getting tattoos and keeping it real staying hood.

  8. TRUTH January 27, 2010


  9. ramille January 27, 2010

    “You’re Gonna Miss” is the best song of Ashanti

  10. Cally January 27, 2010


  11. Ben January 27, 2010

    I do not think Nothing But the girl is a bad song from Alex B but the next single after the Silence has to be All Night Long or Good Night Good Morning.
    You may not care for Alex now but she is taking on the World this year.

  12. Kyus93 January 27, 2010

    I’ve loved all of these songs except from the Fantasia one for a while. Nothing Matters But the Girl is particularly amazing though, Alex sounds amazing and the words are amazing too

  13. Erica24 January 27, 2010


    You can like whoever you want boo! =] That’s the beauty of having our own brains..we can like whoever we like..Im begginning to think Celebrity Stans are robots. Programmed to be obsessed with another human

  14. stan January 27, 2010

    fantasia TORE IT UP in that song

  15. Jace January 27, 2010

    The Ashanti song sucks majorly and Fantasia is just too much for me…Everytime i hear her, i think im in some little old church in the deep south watching the preachers daughter act a fool
    at the alter…smh…

  16. OSO-DELUXE-EDITION January 27, 2010

    * I meant I don’t think they are perfect because no one is but god.and what’s with the spaces,there’s something wrong,I didn’t type like that. XD

    @ ERICA24
    U rock baby girl ,totally,I don’t like keep bashing people,and when it comes to stans they make me laugh DAMMIt how stupid to waste time cheering,they make money while ur still sitting like a retarded a** typing all day long.

    <<<<<and why they gave me this horrible AVATAR <<<<<<<

  17. STEFAN January 27, 2010

    What does Rihanna have to do with anything.

    You must really feel that Rihanna’s voice is horrible if you mentioned it without anyone else mentioning it. lol.

  18. number1k9 January 27, 2010

    Yes, it would have been a good idea for Ashanti to release “You’re Gonna Miss” as a single off of ‘The Declaration,’ cause it has a Pop feel to it, I even had a cute little video concept for it in mind!

    LOVED ‘The Declaration,’ it was such a great album, I really feel she has only got better with time!

    Go Ashanti can’t wait for the new music!

  19. number1k9 January 27, 2010

    Yes, it would have been a good idea for Ashanti to release “You’re Gonna Miss” as a single off of ‘The Declaration,’ cause it has a Pop feel to it, I even had a cute little video concept for it in mind!

    LOVED ‘The Declaration,’ it was such a great album, I really feel she has only got better with time!

    Go Ashanti can’t wait for the new music!!

  20. Lisa January 27, 2010

    Fantasia rocks whatever she sings. She is so underrated but her time is coming. Believe that!! I love this one. She sings with so much soul.

  21. Erica24 January 27, 2010


    Yes Love! Stans are crazy, someone needs to take the batteries out of them. lolllllllll….

  22. drowned world January 27, 2010

    This is what i’m talking about; talentless artists plugged on trent’s site; what a waste. NEXT!

  23. E11 January 27, 2010

    Alexandra!!! i just thought her album was garbage (it mostly is), but this song is good! I like the silence and broken heels has grown on me.

    i just dont think the songs shes releasing are going to work in the US.

  24. Briania January 27, 2010

    OMG !!!! Fantasia is just fy words cant explain how much i love her she is such an inspiration to others and to her self im just ready for her to come and make her come back and push these no good singers out the way and everyone should go buy her album i”ve heard 3 songs off of it and it is fy so everyone please support Fantasia in this album

    Luv u !!!
    Fantasia Monique Barrino

  25. cassie January 27, 2010

    Hey Sam, this is Cassie from the fanstie Mario Daily & Mario is 23 not 24. He doesn’t turn 24 till August. And Music For Love was the final single from “Go!” but it never revived a video.

  26. CV January 28, 2010

    The Ashanti song reminds me of a sped up tempo of Janet Jackson’s “I Miss you much” (youtube it), I’m not mad though, i guess im so use to these non talented chicks i.e. Keri Hilson cant sing, Ciara cant sing, Keyshia Cole got lost in the industry and found a meal ticket, obviously taking notes from Christina Milian, and Fanatsaia is the most underrated talent, shes a true performer and I sensed it during her audition for Amer. Idol, but image is obviously everything. Oh yeah and I feel so bad for Monica, I actually never had respect for her until this show, its like when everybody came along with their thick bodies, she was just thick in her own mind and tried to prove so much and I wish she would have remained Monica “the I know I’m a smaller framed girl” at least i think Aaliyah would have still embraced her size if she was around. Wish whitney could have made it work, but fell short, but i admire her will and breakthrough. Mariah, I dont know who she made a pact with but shes the only chick that can be 40 and singing junior high school girl songs, her music ppl obviously know they have staying power no matter what she does, she’d be a p*** star if she wasnt a singer. and Brandy i think its a wrap too, prob wont make a comeback Rodney Jerkins or not. Maybe since Janet has moved on from JD, maybe she find that sound she once had (if it aint broke…). Amazing how JD would just poop out hits for Mariah but couldnt deliver w/Janet, I was pushing for them, looks or no looks, but I always said he was never feeling her the way she was him. Cant believe that Peps show is as excellent as it is, but the Jackque Reids of the world need to take heed n get a clue, there is no black man in his right mind that will impregnate a female and she verbally tell him theres no child support cause “She got her own”. Same thing w/Chris Brown n Rhianna, it just seemed so forced, oh yeah and Usher also chose the wrong time to be rebellious, (you do that as a kid, not as a grown man). Through ranting!!!!

  27. CV January 28, 2010

    Fanatasi’s song reminds me of the song from school daze w/ Tisha Campbell called “alone tonight”. My memory is crazy when it comes to pin-pointing a particular sound. I’m so afraid Fantasia’s career will get slept on, but that “Move On” song from the show is definitely a hit, these labels need to know a hit and find a niche, you cant keep catering to the young, better off selling 250,000 and having integrity and well satisfied fans vs. selling 80,000 b/ c they failed at catering to these elementary kids that rip the music from the start, they have purchasing power but will def spend that $ elsewhere. Can I please sit in on somebody’s round table discussion, cause the industry surely cant figure it out, why waste studio production and advertising $ only to flop b/c they choose to market 2 days before an album comes out. I can find better ways for them to waste their $, but it is their $.

  28. Scottybizzle January 31, 2010

    The Alex Burke song is good but the Ne-Yo version that is available around the ‘net smashes it out of the park.

    I heard the Ne-Yo version (demo I guess) first and thought that if this was released it would be a number one.

    Also the lyrics do not make sense when sung by a female!

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