Mariah Carey’s ‘Angels Advocate’ Pushed Back

Published: Thursday 14th Jan 2010 by Trent

Mariah Carey’s ‘Angels Advocate‘ remix album has been unsurprisingly pushed back. The news comes via, who have confirmed that the LP will hit stores on March 9th, 2 weeks later than the originally scheduled February 23rd release date. Carey’s ‘Angels Cry (Remix)’ which features Ne-Yo is also going for adds at Top 40/Mainstream on February 16 (was January 19) and Top 40/Rhythmic (just added) on January 26 instead of January 4th.

Having delayed the premiere of her remixed singles on radio, it is not sshocking that this album is being pushed back. The buzz surrounding this project is decreasing everyday, especially after people realised that most of the songs are almost exactly the same as the originals with cut and paste vocals from new guest stars. Only the Jermaine Dupri remix of ‘H.A.T.E.U.’ bears any dramatic change from the previous version. Carey’s team is going to have to ‘pull a rabbit out of the hat’ for this one because this album is already shaping up for a very slow start.

Sidebar: Maybe Dupri was right when he retweeted fan statements about him being the only one capable of creating hits with Carey…


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  1. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut January 14, 2010

    She’s still actually doing this remix album?? :facepalm:

    I think JD was right too, I mean Dream and Tricky are simply not the business when it comes to Mariah Carey, period. Oh well…it was good while it lasted (not really).

  2. MIkey January 14, 2010

    Uhm seriously, how slow can you be Trent??? The reason the project was “pushed back” (even though it was never officially confirmed via Mariah’s people, only a fansite) is because Mariah would have been on tour when the album came out in stores…and how on earth can she promote a new album on TV shows, radio, interviews, etc if she’s on the road doing back-to-back concerts???

    The “push back” is probably the smartest thing they could have done for this project because at least now she’ll have the open availability to actually promote it (unlike the release of “Memoirs…” which came and went with like no promo at all in the beginning). And FYI, the album not only has “remixes” but also is said to have at least 4-5 brand new tracks that didn’t get on the original album.

    And it’s kinda laughable that anyone could say that Jermaine Dupri is the only one that can produce a hit for Mariah. lol! Uhmmm correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t “Obsessed” stay in the Billboard top 20 for like over 4 months??? lol! Didn’t it go on sell like 1.5 million downloads??? lol! That’s a hit if I ever heard one! Let’s not even get started on the BILLION other hits Mariah has that Jermaine Dupri had no part in creating! Pure ignorance!

  3. Imyourstar702 January 14, 2010

    Oh well… *kanye shrug*

  4. Fat, drunk, and ugly January 14, 2010

    Lame ass ho! She is so done! bwahhhaaa!

  5. kenney January 14, 2010

    This is just a sign from God telling Mariah to sit her fatass down and take a break. Her heyday is done! She ain’t got it no more! So enjoy marriaed life and have a kid selfish b****

  6. karen January 14, 2010

    Starting to smell like a flop to me and i doubt top 40 plays AC–too slow, no beat, no buzz, push back-
    same ingredients that were put into MOIA release and we all know how that ended.

  7. Erica January 14, 2010

    ok..someone please help me out b/c I am seriously lost…what is going on with mariah..what was memoirs of i.a..?Did that come out last year, emancipation of mimi..emc-2..whatever…Im lost. The last album I new of was the one with “we belong together…after that..I lost track…

  8. Imyourstar702 January 14, 2010

    @ Erica

    Girl you need to keep up…

    The Emancipation
    Angel Advocate

  9. January 14, 2010

    i think she and jermaine can do great things together, but by the end, it was getting ridiculously formulaic and stale. “last kiss” and “love story” are some of her worst tracks ever IMO and it was time for a change in direction, at least temporarily.

  10. Aryo January 14, 2010

    Mariah carey is 40 and she’s still singing? LOL!

  11. Rob January 14, 2010

    This is what she gets! Running around with the same tired ass too tight dresses and s***, weak ass vocals, videos, and performances and then lame remixes of the same s*** nobody liked from the beginning. Sit down Mariah! Its over and you have no one to blame but yourself. Worst selling album of her career FOR SHAME MARIAH FOR SHAME!

    Off topic: Ya’ll need to lay of Rihanna cuz she is the baddest chick in the game. I don’t give a damn what nobody says any b**** that can look that fierce(peep W magazine spread) is a bad b****. Period.

    Maybe Mariah need to work with Rihanna’s stylist and video people that might revive some new interest.

  12. Kenney January 14, 2010

    @ ROB? Rihanna? baddest b**** in the game? Honey, s** sells.

  13. Rob January 14, 2010

    @ Kenney

    Well apparently not for Mariah.
    You got to be a bad b**** like Rihanna to pull it off.

  14. TRUTH January 14, 2010


  15. Erica January 14, 2010

    @Imyourstar702, lmao

    Yo it’s amazing how I lost track! lol. But thanks for the update!

  16. AREIS January 14, 2010

    To ROB


    Rihanna fierce your right and that’s about it posing all over the place with that car jacked up ass voice and let’s not forget that huge forehead. She will never be Mariah Status or could ever be when it comes to singing or bringing in the hits and for Mariah she’s been in just about every magazine that Rihanna could never do. I’m not saying I don’t like Rihanna but she’s not HARD either. As for Mariah Jermaine does know her sound, he’s been very consentient on giving her hits so the next time MIMI learn not to let Mr. I Trick you Tricky Stewart and Dream fat ass who will never dream to f*** up the Memoirs album produce s*** again. There like a Missy Elliot they f*** s*** up there only good for a few songs not the whole album Mariah.

  17. parisian girl January 14, 2010

    poor mariah!MOAIA was really good!!why did it flop?i just don’t get it!
    lame ass performances and wack videos killed this album!
    sorry mimoo but u got what you deserve,step ur game up

  18. GeeMan January 14, 2010

    Funny how people say someone time is up when at this point she has completed her contract with some form of success. No by no means was memiors a smash as other Mimi albums in sales but the material was solid in my opinion. She still has mad publishing from the start of her career up to current day also Mimi owns her copyrights so if left today or tomorrow she will certainly survive. Where as other artists needs sells because they never wrote a song their entire career. Also I feel like Mimi needs a break regroup go back work with producers like Babyface, Walter Afansaieff, Dave Hall, Danja, DarkChild, Jim Wright, Polow Jim Jonsin and possibly JD with a different sound. Even Kanye if he can bring the heat. She needs a mixture of strong ballads, with R&b with pop undertones and splash of hiphop.

  19. Rihanna Flop January 14, 2010

    ewwwwww @ that picture

  20. B. Mike January 14, 2010

    I don’t understand why “Memoirs” didn’t sell. It’s an awesome R&B project. But I guess since there is so much s*** out there, that’s what people are used to.

    And why should Mariah stop because she is 40?! That makes no damn sense. She can still sing 8,000 times better than damn near everybody out there now (Rihanna, Gaga, Britney). She’s still attractive. She writes her own music. I’m confused…

  21. Bobby D January 14, 2010

    Daaaaaamn what a bad picture. Thanks grape juice!!! lol regardless, I am dissapointed the album is being pushed back but understand you cant promote a new album when your on tour like you can when your not doin nothin.

    I dont know what to expect from the album. HATEU and Angels Cry were the ones I was most anxious to hear from the new remix lp, and well…..i allready heard them on this site and others. sooo…..i dunno i need something to look forward to from this LP!!!!

    I still love ya mc

  22. Kisona January 14, 2010

    I Hope the Angels Advocate album is Good =].
    Memoirs was great!!!
    I Hope she does a world tour like her Butterfly one && Her Daydream & Musicbox
    btw: thats not the album picture of her remix album, its different =].


  23. Tereshay January 14, 2010

    Lols Trent was right I was suspecting this to happen!
    Buhh still hopinq Mariah does good!

  24. drowned world January 14, 2010

    I hope Christina’s Bionic will be released March 9. I would love to see xtina trumping Mimi’s

  25. Angel Flops January 25, 2010

    She has 2 albums in 6 months.

    Desperation of Mimi… sad and disgraceful.

    Please it down quietly

  26. Go Nippy January 25, 2010

    Remix what? Another attempt to save her dwindling career …(sigh)

  27. stevvy January 25, 2010



  28. flops much moew January 25, 2010

    another flop, ya’ll !!!

  29. Whitneyz 2 million sales January 27, 2010

    Who cares about this recycle shite anymore????

  30. Desire February 3, 2010

    Most of you are haters…jealous of Mimi is what you are. Get a life!

  31. Memoirs of A Has- Been Fatso February 10, 2010

    Mariah……………. has left the KFC building 🙁

  32. adjames November 9, 2010

    mariah carey linda e gostosa,eu te amo!!!!

  33. lavonta May 17, 2011

    i hate yall lame ass b****** yall just mad b/c mariah’s doing things and yall b****** aint doind S***

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