Hot Shots: Brandy & Kelly Rowland Celebrate Birthdays At Mansion

Published: Friday 12th Feb 2010 by Sam

R&B stars Brandy and Kelly Rowland celebrated their birthdays jointly last night at Mansion Night Club in Miami. The pair share the same exact birthday (February 11th), with Brandy having turned 31, while ‘Like This’ singer Rowland turned 29. Other celebrities in attendance included Brandy’s rumoured boyfriend, rapper Flo’Rida. Peep more pics (courtesy of Kelly Rowland Web) after the jump…

kelly b1

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  1. Sibel February 12, 2010

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE THEM BOTH!! They are SO beautiful. May God bless them with many more healthy,sucessful years.

  2. love this woman February 12, 2010

    How beautiful are they!! I can’t wait to hear some new music from the both of them!!!!

  3. Rashaan February 12, 2010

    WOW they both look amazing but Brandy is really working the hell out of that dress:)

  4. Ghetto Fab February 12, 2010

    Kelly Rowland is on some model status type s***. That chick is flawless. Her bone structure is incredible. I’m glad she’s rocking her own hair too. It looks really cute Brandy looking real nice too. I look forward to seeing alot of these two this year. I’m sure their new albums will be good

  5. Dave February 12, 2010

    I agree w/ Ghetto Fab. Glad both of them are still friends & are enjoying life regardless.

  6. anonymouss February 12, 2010

    omgawd they are both so gorgeous! hope the years are as kind to kelly as they are to brandy down the road.
    great to see that both are still friends! :]

  7. February 12, 2010

    in an age where females are pitted against each other no matter what, it’s cool to see two r&b ladies bein’ friends.

    good for them.
    glad they had fun.

  8. AJ February 12, 2010

    hahahaha is it just me or do they both look 50 when you look at the 1st picture apart from that my wifey kelly looks hot as usualll

  9. Porsche February 12, 2010

    OHHH they like best friends, I am glad Kelly dropped beyonce sneaky ass!

  10. Steffon February 12, 2010

    They both look great. Love Brandy’s outfit

  11. cutiegurl February 12, 2010

    ….why flo’rida?!?

  12. mskeribaby February 12, 2010

    They looking gorgeous love them both! 2010 is their year!

    BUT did anyone else see whats going on to the left in the last picture??? Someone got their panties down or something

  13. Denny February 12, 2010

    I AM SO HAPPY that Brandy and Kelly are close again. Everytime I see them together I smile for real.

  14. cvt February 12, 2010

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  15. loso February 12, 2010

    Kelly is so freaking beautiful I am waiting for this new album this year man I want her to be my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jaimie February 12, 2010

    Good to see them both, but 2010 is Kelly’s year. I’m not compromising.

  17. Ben February 12, 2010

    They look like good down to earth friends that won’t sacrifice their friendship for the industry, unlike someone else………………..I think they will be friends for a while.

  18. WTH February 12, 2010

    Kelly does not need to ever wear her hair str8 back….and yall talk about rihanna’s forehead? Kelly is right up there with her…

  19. lebo(Caribbeanboi) February 12, 2010

    AAWWW!!! I love them both, my wifey Kelly looks amazing …

  20. lyric_lee February 13, 2010

    my wifey is lookin good
    i love their genuine friendship and im glad that they are really enjoying themselves before they get back to work. ms kelly better work!!

  21. dakkylove February 13, 2010

    aww i love this girls..true friendship, they both look happy. happy birthday. kelly bring it this year cant wait

  22. SO FRESH February 13, 2010

    glad they’re back friends…made me smile…i knew their bdays were on same day but didnt think they’d throw a party 2getha…so nice and cute…


  23. StayAfro February 13, 2010

    Brandy Looks hot, its her year too baby. New reality show, New Album, etc. Lovin the rap Alter Ego. It will be interesting if this duet takes place that rumoured a couple of weeks ago!

  24. EZEKIEL February 13, 2010


  25. salyima london rene’e February 13, 2010

    hey girls and twin kelly(yes0 you’r my twin every one here in theD.say that i’v told you a couple of times on your fb page.i’m glad that you ahd a wonderful b-day, with your close friend BRANDY. HAPPY B-DAY TO BOTH OF YOU OKAY!!! may god bless you with good health and more mines is APRIL 30TH ,I’LL BE 42 AND STILL LOOK GOOD ASS HHEAVEN OKAY!!! LOOK ME UP ON FB UNDER LONDON RENE’E. LET’S CHAT!! okay good bye and have fun!!! oh kel all of my hearts prayers go out to beyonc’e i’v been hearning sooo much bad things and evilness with her but god have her under his wings and i have much love for all of you okay!

  26. Greg February 13, 2010

    Love them both. OMG: Kelly you rock girl. Happy B-day to Both off y’all

  27. Brandy Luv February 13, 2010

    I Love You Brandy. You Look Great. Kelly you look awesome! I Love yaw together.
    People always Going to Hate & Be jealous unless There is A “B” At the Beginning Of it.
    Yaw have a whole year in front of yaw that is going to be Great. Even if The Girl don’t sit down.
    I got yaw back a 100%. True Beauty PREVAILS & ALWAYS SHOWS.
    Ms. Norwood Is back Baby “10”

  28. Brandy Luv February 13, 2010

    Yea B Meaning Bey!

  29. Doslyn February 13, 2010

    My birthday is also February 11th and I always love Kelly and Brandy. Happy B Day

  30. Say Sumthin February 14, 2010

    Brandy and Flo-Rida aint’ the only rumoured couple. Essence just reported that Letoya Luckett and Keston Karter (guy from her Good To Me video)have been dating for the past 3 months now and they’ll be releasing a steamy semi-n*** calendar in the coming months. Whooo. I can’t wait to see that one.

  31. onezself February 14, 2010

    yall should really look harder into things. Cuz kelly was trhe one in the past that you to say slick s*** about brandy in the media. Most of it centered around jealosy over beyonc es career. Now all of sudden they got “photo op pics” floating around the internet?

    This is kelly saying f*** you to Beyonce and Her Dad.


  32. StayAfro February 14, 2010

    Brandys even wrote stuff for kellys 1st album. ‘Cant nobody’ at that was about the 02/03 mark- does neone know about this duet?

  33. SparkD February 14, 2010

    Yeah 2 of the Chocolate Trio in a photo! Hopefully we’ll get Serena in the next Chocolate Trio picture!

  34. alljokesaside February 18, 2010

    Good to see they are friends again. I guess she realised what Bran said was the truth.

  35. ghanes14 February 21, 2010

    Not a bad way to spend a B-day party.

  36. AFN April 22, 2010

    So when you throwing my birthday party?

  37. T. GIRL August 23, 2010


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