Jennifer Lopez Gives Italy Some ‘Love’

Published: Saturday 20th Feb 2010 by Trent

Jennifer Lopez made a guest appearance at the 60th Annual Sanremo Music Festival in Sanremo, Italy yesterday. Jenny from the block performed a medley of her biggest hits including ‘Jenny from the Block’, ‘Waiting for Tonight’, ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’, ‘Get Right’ and ‘Let’s Get Loud’. Lopez also did a rendition of ‘What Is Love’, a new song which is supposedly from her new album, ‘Love?’, which hits stores in April.

‘What Is Love’

‘Jenny from the Block’/‘Waiting for Tonight’/‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’/‘Get Right’/‘Let’s Get Loud’

Once again, as has become the usual with Lopez over the last few months, she lip-synced the entire performance. I find it interesting that she has adopted this approach to her performances as of late. Unlike her idol Janet Jackson or her younger counterpart Ciara, Lopez’s choreography does not seem so intense that she can’t at least ad-lib a few live notes during her performances. Certainly the generally unresponsive crowd should have given her an indication that she needed to shake things up somehow.

Still, I enjoyed watching her perform some of her older material and after observing the look of gratitude (or was that desperation?) on her face on the end, I sense that Lopez appreciates any applause she can get at this point. Hopefully, things look up for her because it’s a shame to see such hard work go unrewarded.


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  1. movieman February 20, 2010

    she is such a flop, i feel bad for her she was it until beyonce went solo and the rest is history

    lesser gorl #17

  2. hihihihi February 20, 2010

    U R A HO


  3. hihihihi February 20, 2010



  4. Habib February 20, 2010

    wow some people love to hate!!!!! guess that u need some “love”

  5. NO February 20, 2010

    I love it
    She is great perfomer

  6. gio88 February 20, 2010

    the crowd was unresponsive because the sanremo festival , is for older people , it’s not like a typical festival with young people that make noise!

  7. ROB February 20, 2010

    trent she lip synched What is love but the old stuff was live …anyways i respect her hustle she is dancing and singing , i believe she wore herself out , and i think she was holding back , but it was decent nonetheless

  8. cool chick February 20, 2010

    she looks really good for being old, most likely she got work done tho

  9. 12345 February 20, 2010

    this festival is not for young people and not for people with lack of taste you moron, just because in the USA or in your place you only listen to buble gum pop it doesnt mean the others have to listen to it too, mediterean europe has its own culture and only a few artists get respected here (Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah ), not this b****, she sucks, always sucked, I dont even know how she got that much success in her prime

  10. AalexisR (The Bahamas) February 20, 2010

    I still like me some J-Lo.

  11. Slick February 20, 2010

    SHE IS AWSOME! I hope radio gives her a shot. It seems that all that is played now is gaga,riri, and bey…yawnnnnn

  12. Alex February 20, 2010

    That new song What Is Love is a BANGER! Why wasnt that the first album?

  13. Alex February 20, 2010

    I mean single* not album

  14. Slick February 20, 2010

    Oh wait, thats right there already is a TOCKEN LATINA on radio, Shakira, tisk. Its BS how latinos are over looked and all that is played on radio is blacks and whites peoples music.

  15. ghanes14 February 20, 2010

    Gotta love J Lo’s outfits.

  16. G.LaSalle February 20, 2010

    Some of y’all are a mess. Lol!

    Anyways, I watched a couple of minutes of the first vid and I had enough. She just doesn’t do it for me.

  17. Luc February 20, 2010

    It was great I love her and the crowd — older people with grey hair so … Great Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAA And medley was LIVE!!!!!

  18. Habib February 20, 2010

    the festival of san remo is b******* 12345 only stupid morons are still watching that crap!!! i’ll say more nobody ‘s selling cd’s nowadays in italy so as to be certified gold u only have to sell 10 000 copies so give it a rest with your so called culture italy doesn’t mean s*** 1,2,3,4,5 u v’e been cancelled!!!!

  19. Princess February 20, 2010

    she`s a great performer as always and forever

  20. Richard February 20, 2010

    I really hope she keeps What is Love. that should have been the first single off of the album. (And her vocals sound excellent on it.)

    hopefully she’ll release it as a single.

  21. GeeMan February 20, 2010

    Even though Jennifer Lopez the music artist is not my flavor, she gave a decent performance.

  22. prstar February 20, 2010

    Thats my sexxy PUERTO RICAN mami LOVE THIS SONG and her moves on point she can turn a song like that and still throw dance in it always da Puerto Rican Queen leave the black f*** with there get me body yawn fest beyonce cuz thats all they play at the black gay clubs i take mi reyna boricua any day “i been alone for the past 3 years on valentines day christmas is no exception birthdays with naughty presents… can you show me what is loveeeeeeeeee” thank you wynter gordan 4 writing a excellent for my girl

  23. elena February 21, 2010

    She may have given some love but you (Sam, Trent) certainly don’t. I could agree on Sanremo, I dislike it to the most, but you don’t need to be always so hateful in your posts. You make people commenting even more hateful.

  24. AFN April 22, 2010

    Love J-lo!

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