Beyonce ‘Palances’ In Trinidad And Tobago

Published: Saturday 20th Feb 2010 by Trent

Beyonce was spotted dancing up a storm in Trinidad and Tobago recently. The singer concluded her ‘I Am…’ world tour in Trinidad’s capital city, Port of Spain, and held the show’s after party at the infamous Zen nightclub. Beyonce joined the crowd and partied to what seems to be her favourite local song ‘Palance’ by Bionic Blaze and JW, which she also remixed during a tour performance of ‘Check On It’. The song recently won Trinidad and Tobago Carnival’s Road March title for being the most played song during the nation’s annual Parade of the Bands competition.

It looks like Beyonce, who is still in Trinidad, has joined the extensive list of celebrities, including Jay-Z, that have fallen in love with my country. Soca is one of the most fast-paced yet addictive genres of music. Add that to Trinidadians’ ability to party harder than any other culture in the world, and it’s a completely intoxicating combination. My country’s Carnival is the largest of it’s kind and has inspired similar events around the globe including the West Indian parade during New York’ Labour Day and London’s Notting Hill Carnival.

With Janet Jackson experimenting with Soca music on her new album, I have no doubt that Beyonce will do the same as she seems completely enticed by the flare of the genre. If you think that ‘Single Ladies’ was a fast song, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Sidebar: In case you’ve been wondering where I was all week, I was in the middle of Carnival!


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  1. Carl j February 20, 2010

    I would love her to try something in this genre! Could u imagine a Beyonce wine!?!?

  2. movieman February 20, 2010

    omg beysus kills anything ch,

    she needs to have a new tropical song on her next album i have used baby boy to many times

  3. Joan February 20, 2010

    Good Morning
    now you tell me don’t you think that all you see is Beyonce dancing with herself surrounding her securities people. Beyonce can’t even dance with anyone. but to me shouldnt her husband be with her. now Beyonce is marry but to me neither one of them really act like it. come on people wake up. it a life.

  4. cool chick February 20, 2010

    wow look at all those ppl they really have a lot of love for her
    love her, Bey can do no wrong in my book

  5. 12345 February 20, 2010

    “With Janet Jackson experimenting with Soca music on her new album, I have no doubt that Beyonce will do the same” I know it wasnt your intention, but that sentence killed me, LOL, it seemed you said like she was going to copy Janet Jackson, it wouldnt be the first, it wouldnt be the last time, this thief is always copying everything from other artists

  6. Mr. T February 20, 2010

    I LOVE BEYONCE……..she is the greatest.

  7. ADE February 20, 2010

    looks like fun

  8. GetitIn February 20, 2010

    aint no one cared where you was trent. in fact, GO BACK;

  9. Renee February 20, 2010

    WOW , hold up ur a TRINI???? I didn’t even know that !! Wayzzzzzzz. Well yes, I didnt attend the concert, but I heard she killed it + Machel as well, yuh kno he ah boss!!! I would love to hear her have a song with some Soca infusion!!!

  10. LaKee February 20, 2010

    I kinda felt bad for her watching this. It must suck not being able to go anywhere and enjoy being there without having to have a swarm of body guards around and people announcing your presents someplace. We so take anninimity for granted

  11. RANDOM February 20, 2010

    uh beyonce wine was done about three years ago but soca in the air its wonderful.

  12. BEYONCENUMBA1FAN4LIFE February 20, 2010


  13. cafflo February 20, 2010

    Trent did you go to her concert?

  14. Magver February 20, 2010

    OMG Beyonce is a person so beautiful… simple
    I cannot believe, i see her here in Brazil!

    LOV U Beyonceeeeeeee

  15. koko February 20, 2010

    It would look more fun minus the security but she must be used to it by now. If Janets song explodes then all that means is Beyonce will not take a break musically. She always gives me the feeling that she has to be out there.

  16. Ben February 20, 2010

    She must have been really brave to do that in that crowd like that, she better be careful.

  17. Nh’tasha February 20, 2010

    Well, I went to the concert and it was really really great. I loved her performance. It was really energetic of course because it was Beyonce.

  18. Kimmy February 21, 2010

    Janet and Jlo need to sit down with there tried moves and whisper thin voices.


  19. mez February 21, 2010

    who you jump wid… Island People was HOTTT..

    Beyonce gave a great concert…shes got an A team around her

  20. ANONYMOUS February 21, 2010


  21. Sophia February 21, 2010

    don’t be mad because Janet sets trends and not follow them. Janet’s new song with Pitbull will be huge because theres nothing like it on the radio. Beyonce will only hope on Janet’s wagon and try to copy. But that s*** won’t work. So stay mad

  22. Greg February 21, 2010

    OMG. I didn´t see that coming from my girl bey. But Much love baby and it was fun.

  23. triniforlife February 21, 2010

    no matter whose on stage trinidadians just love party because we gonna party hard

  24. Kemz February 21, 2010

    Hold up…you’re Trini?! Niiicceeee. Yuh site nice man buh on de real yuh does be sipping that haterade reeeaaallll hard sometimes though…true story… buh is all good yuh hadda do what yuh hadda do….

    Glad that Beyonce had fun in Trinidad. Ppl cyah help but love we lol

  25. ms marie February 22, 2010

    trini is de best kinda ppl, trust me i knw!!! it could only be a trini ha dis site runnin cuz we dont exactly lie, you should’ve gotten video of when kanye, john legend was her it was great.. you would rel laugh if you had video of rihanna here!!!

  26. DC_Diva February 25, 2010

    Awwww. She got caught freakin’ up on Julius. SMH

  27. sunshine gray September 17, 2011

    <3<3<3 I'm in ST,LUCIA wish i was their looked like so much fun omg/////////////LOVE BEYONCE

  28. sunshine gray September 17, 2011

    <3 love life enjoy 4 it's only once in a lifetime

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