Alexandra Burke Performs On ’20 Years Of RMF FM Radio’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Mar 2010 by Sam

After conquering her home turf, Pop sensation Alexandra Burke is promoting her hit LP ‘Overcome’ in Europe, most recently performing on Poland’s ’20 Years Of RMF FM Radio’ show. Peep her performance of ‘Bad Boys’ above…

Granted we’ve seen her perform this song a million times here in the UK, I never tire of seeing Ms. Burke on stage. Considering how demanding the routine is, it really reinforces how talented she is, considering she remained on-key as well as belted through out. It’s also great to see that her rocking a new and improved weave (thank goodness!!! LOL).

Tidbit: Burke, 21, will be hitting the promo rounds soon in support of her new single ‘The Silence’, the video for which she’s filming as I type. The 21 year old Londoner took a break from re-recording her album in the US with hitmaker Red One (for her Stateside debut within the coming months), to film the video, as well as to embark on a very brief European promo tour.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Kyus93 March 2, 2010


  2. Melanie March 2, 2010

    AMAZING! Of course!

  3. ILam March 2, 2010

    Mad at her getting a no1 in a country that nobody knows where its at?? Yea I’m real mad…

  4. Bee March 2, 2010

    Feel sorry for Al. She really is trying but even people that love her know that there’s just something about her that is soooo off putting. That coupled with the ridiculous JLS phenominon…she just can’t catch a break.

    I really hope it all really clicks for her and she gets the REAL break someone with her potential deserves.

  5. Alex fan March 2, 2010

    Go Alex now USA look the hair

  6. Flop March 2, 2010

    Her album is flopping around Europe.

  7. chelsie March 2, 2010

    The album has only been released via itunes. The problem is no momentum.

  8. chelsie March 2, 2010

    ilam perhaps you need to purchase an atlas. Poland is in the East of Europe.

  9. Stan March 2, 2010

    The camera man or the person that did the editing did a horrible job. Come on, I am trying to see her perform and not you playing with the camera.

  10. Chinny March 2, 2010

    The camera man or the person that did the editing did a horrible job. Come on, I am trying to see her perform and not you playing with the camera.

  11. Muni March 2, 2010

    I love ALEX, Keep up!!

  12. Ben March 2, 2010

    She was a little hoarse, but thats ok, still sounded good. Even great singers have their bad days.

  13. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 2, 2010

    Yeah ALEX.

  14. Drew March 3, 2010

    She looked great and Overcome has only just been released in Europe.Of course JLS have a huge fan base but sales wise Alex is competing with her fellow ladies Cheryl and Pixie and keeping right up there.She has only been performing for a year and is doing very well.She has already had Top 10 and Top 20 hits in Europe and will hit America this year.I know that JLS will only be a british success but fair paly they have done well.Please Bee what is offputting about Alex the fact that she is a good singer a great performer and the real deal I think people just love mediocrity it makes them feel better about themselves.

  15. Ben March 3, 2010

    Alex is such an all rounder she will have a great International career because of it.JLS may be good but Alex the Great beats them hands down vocally and dancing wise that was obvious when they performed on X-factor togeather.She has already sold over 2.5 millions singles and albums in the UK.JLS have only sold more albums than her and have sold about 2 million singles and albums combined.I hope all the UK acts that attempt to break America this year do well JLS, Little Boots, Taio Cruz and especiallly Alex she is so talented.

  16. MDJ March 3, 2010

    She’s good but her material is a mess. being a dark skinned black woman will work against her too. don’t get all pissy on me now. y’all know they ain’t no dark skinned girls doing it real big in the music scene. it never happens. good luck to her.

  17. Ben March 3, 2010

    That is the most stupid piece of rubbish I have ever heard get a clue MDJ. What about Mary J Blige, Melanie Fiona, Estelle.Overcome is a great debut album you are a mess.Alex has had huge success in the UK and Ireland and is charting in Europe what has her shade got to do with it.She is a beautiful girl with bags of talent stop living in the sixties.

  18. MDJ March 3, 2010

    estelle had one hot song & a flop album,. Mary J

  19. MDJ March 3, 2010

    damn, Mary J does straight up r&b. She caters to a black audience. This girl most certainly won’t with her album. Melanie ain’t doin too hot either. Show me dark skinned chick that’s on par with Beyonce and Ri. if she comes to America with this poppy s*** her skintone will def come into it.

  20. Sam March 3, 2010

    MDJ calm down people love UK acts and with her accent, dance moves Alex will be a hit.She will appeal to a wide range of people because she can sing ballads and uptempo.Plus she is very lady like and has good fashion sense she is a star in the making.Mary J does not cater to just blacks stop talking foolish and Melanie is a new act still tyring to make a name for herself.Pop is what is selling now and Alex has been working with Redone who is great.

  21. huss March 3, 2010

    OMG fierce performance! NO.1 in Poland thats just fantastic! and her song is within the top 20 in every country in Europe and most are even in the top 10! well done she needs to concetrate to promote the album now and releasing ‘The Silence’ in the UK and she needs to get ready to conquer America! This diva is faab! very surprised…. but expected

  22. Bee March 3, 2010

    Ben Alex is not organic or original enough to really catch on stateside. JLS would probably have more success simply because they are ok looking males that as likable, jump about a bit and appear to sing…

  23. Bee March 3, 2010

    The record label nor Simon believe in this girl. It is evident in the amount of post X Factor 09′ promotion and the poor attempt at promoting her in the rest of Europe. Not to mention the poor album they put together.

    Am I the only one that belive Si tried to spend as little money on this girl as possible in order to plunge as much as possible into the flop that was Leona Lewis sophmore album.

  24. k March 3, 2010

    Why must we try to bring this girl down? She is doing great and is soo talented. I hope she keeps in mind the haters come with great success. It will be a wrap once The Silence is released that song is monster and will catapult her into a superstar. I hope they release GNGM, DUMB and Gotta Go as single. Love this girl to death. All the haters need to move their asses along.

  25. Sam March 4, 2010

    No offence Bee but you clearly know nothing about Alex’s career and maybe should only comment when you do.She has had one double platinum single, one platinum single and an album that is soon to be double platinum.She has done a two week European promotional tour and has ended up charting Top 10 and Top 20 in most European countires with Bad Boys most UK acts do not chart in Europe at all so that is brilliant.Overcome for a debut album has had critical acclaim and sold well.Alex does not need to be original she has huge amounts of talent and is a better singer and dancer than JLS.You must be kidding or not based int the UK if you think Alex is not well promoted she is and has just returned from Poland where she performed and is now in LA shooting her video.

  26. Ben March 4, 2010

    Those sales for Alex so far are great it is hard to believe she has just been singing for a year but she is on a little over 2.5 million in the UK for singles snd albums and more in Ireland.Come on now Bee ignorance is not bliss. Alex has just been to Poland and has just tweeted that she will be in Germany after her video shoot so maybe do not be too quick to write rubbish when you do not know facts.

  27. h March 4, 2010

    Overcome has sold 560k in the UK , which is awesome as it’s eqivalent to 1.9 million in America.

  28. rob March 4, 2010


  29. rob March 4, 2010

    the new hair is shitting on these h***

  30. Vicky March 4, 2010

    Surely if Alex was going to have any problems being a brown sister anywhere it would be Europe and this has just not happened. She has scored some impressive results there and in some countries there are hardly any black people.I think some people are just haters and they dont like to see others get ahead. Alex will soon be double platinum in terms of album sales and I can see Overcome heading for triple platinum once the beautiful ballad The Silence is released.She has real talent can sing and dance.Bee have you even heard of Alex you dont seem to know very much or you are just a JLS stan.

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