Sugababes Perform ‘About A Girl’ On Polish TV (A Must See)

The Sugababes took their ‘Sweet 7’ campaign over to Poland this week. Heidi, Jade, and Amelle, made several promotional appearances and gave a string of live performances on Polish television; with the most recent being on Dzien Dobry TVN yesterday, where they performed ‘About A Girl’. See how the ladies fared above…

Granted their existence with this line-up still makes for uncomfortable viewing / listening (no original member in sight), it’s hard to deny that this is perhaps their best performance to-date with this line-up. Solid vocals and (largely) in-sync choreography, make this particular showing a winner. Good stuff.

Tidbit: The Babes’ latest single ‘Wear My Kiss’ has seemingly peaked at #7 on the Official UK Singles Chart. Not bad, yet a little worrying in light of the amount of money pumped into the project.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Ali March 1, 2010

    I’m gonna come right out an d say it! NOBODY made any noise about Keisha when she was in the line-up so I hate when people throw some stink about the new line up. This was a good performance and Jade has brought some sass to the group…. puts them in a better position to make some moves on a international scale. Lastly the group just seems more together and no-one can deny that, the girls look like they actually like each other.

  2. bips March 1, 2010

    b******* nobody wants to hear about this line up!!!! they ‘d rather drop it!!!
    maybe they like each other but nobody like em it’s just a!!!!

  3. Can’t Stand S*** Talkers March 1, 2010

    ALI – Did someone hire you from there record label to say that,? what a pathetic statement, Sugababes have been going since the late 90’s i’m sure if no one made any noise about them they would not have lasted that long and Kiesha has been the longest standing member!

    kiesha is also a very beauitful girl, with a far better voice than Jade and that is not being nasty it’s just fact! i don’t think anyone would agree that the current singles are a scratxh on there previous material which Kiesha had a hand in writing some of the time

    The biggest hit of this album so far has been Get S*** , yet the video was made with no budget compared to the stupied amount of money that has been spent trying to keep them alive since she was disgustingly forced out!

    If you look at Siobhan, Mutya and Kiesha you see 3 individuals with unconventional beauty and amazing talent who can stand on there on 2 feet becuase of that but as a team are a force to be reckond with, the girls in the band now just look generic and do not have half of the natural talent that the previous 3 had.

    If you look at the current line up, the only one who could make it as a solo act is Jade and she looks out of place with those 2 bitter and lazy h*** in the background, no one ever liked Amelle, and Heidi is only good as a 3rd wheele she can’t cut it upfront so stop talking s*** and be real, without the stupied amount of money being spent this lot would be through and with a number 7 and all that money spent, the album is going to flop!

  4. misteeqbabes March 1, 2010

    i hope keisha wins her lawsuit. the sugababes should change their name already.

  5. bips March 1, 2010

    @ can’t stand s*** talkers !!! il uv u 4 that !!!!

  6. stellastar March 1, 2010

    Gosh the sugababes need to STOP STOP its really that simply the heidi and amelle are aware that the only way they can hold on to any scrap of a career is by being in a band that y they say they werent happy but then if u r not happy leave the band dont try and rehash it when there is clearly no soul or origiNALITY left, it depressing to see the band i grew loving turn into nothing

  7. G.LaSalle March 1, 2010

    Heidi looks old and out of place for some reason. Amelle, as well as Heidi, both look like they should be Jade’s back up singers. Jade is definitely the star of the group and she shines without even singing a verse.

  8. Zaza March 1, 2010

    The stylist must really hate heidi-why is she ALWAYS dressed like aunty jane in her special party frock,and whats with the constant dry birds-nest, bedhead hair?
    Heidi needs to make a new friend called Conditioner.Keeping up this pretence of a band is aging her.What happened to the freshfaced slick haired heidi of TIMW’s?yes it was years ago,but keisha does’nt seem to have aged dramatically like her.Hah maybe Keisha leaving placed a curse on the band:
    Zap!- ‘Heidi- Your face shall age another 3 months every time you say ‘everyone in the band loves each other’ and ‘no more line-up changes’

    Zap!- ‘Amelle-you shall continue thinking that shaved head haircut still looks good and isn’t played out’

    Zap!- ‘Jade- you will waste your final attempt at popstarhood by joining a carcass of band dying a slow death,and throughout it you must have a smile constantly painted on your face in the manner of barbie or a stepford wife’

  9. Sugafan March 1, 2010

    To all u haters: KEISHA IS A BULLY AND SHE DERSERVED BEING KICKED OUT OF THE BAND! Who the hell she thinks she is? This is a group and not a one man show!! She always wanted to be the boss in the group and if u guys look at some interviews u can see that she´s trying to make clear who is the boss…i am sooo happy that she got kicked out and I really hope that the new babes will break the US and have great success with the albun so keisha can see what she missed….I dont believe Keisha at all by stating that she´s sooo innocent…u have 3 persons ( Siobhan, Heide and Amelle) who cleary point out that Keisha is unbearable!! And Siobhan even admitted that Keisha bullied her!! Thats a lot of proof! So to all haters: Get over it and if u dont like the new line dont buy the single or album but dont p*** on them..this is far the best line up ever…GOOD LUCK SUGABABES!

  10. Alex March 1, 2010

    The need some background dancers, a band, props…SOMETHING! The stage looks so empty with just the 3 of them

  11. Can’t Stand S*** Talkers March 1, 2010

    @ Sugafan! Kiesha is by far not a bully and if you were to ask Siobhan now she would tell you that herself, her and Kiesha are now friends and all the orginal members have been in touch and had a good heart to heart since, so don’t believe crappy reports in the paper, also there is not one interview where Amelle or Heidi have claimed that Kiesha was a bully, the press jumped on it becuase of old Kiesha and Siobhan drama, Kiesha and Siobhan did not get on back in the day and due to the fact that they were kids there was a lot going on with the band that was out of there control and they blamed each other, as women they have sorted things out and Siobhan has supported Kiesha since she left the group!

    Kiesha was kicked out cos she is out spoken and the other girls thought Kiesha standing up for herself was gonna ruin there new deal with Roc Nation, Kiesha was asked to lose weight and also unhappy that the girls were no longer allowed to write there own songs, she had no issues with Amelle she actually celebrated Amelle’s single witch Tinchy at Amelle’s house and was tweeting whilst the 2 were having drinks together. Amelle is a lazy sciver and the girls were ment to film the vid for about a girl when Amelle decided to take a week off and not tell anyone!

    The press started blaming Kiesha for bullying so Kiesha spoke up and revealed the truth about the lazy b**** and defended herself, management and the girls went happy and used it as an excuse to get rid of kiesha cos they wanted a more generic lighter skinned twig in the group anyway so no wat you talk about before you post s***!

  12. True March 1, 2010

    it’s easy for them to say she a bully when one member has left before saying she is a bully, maybe she wanted to keep the group together & work it out,
    If it really as bad as they are saying she could have gone solo like mutya but she love the group.

    One way you can judge a person is if you see who there friends are, Keisha hangs out with Leona Lewis, and do you think Leona would hang out with someone who amelle & Heidi are describing?

    They have the line up they wanted but not the fans. Also I think the whole legal thing is about the songs they can’t sing any songs from the first album ‘overload’ & any other song they sing they would still have to pay keisha because she has songwriting credit’s & still sign so they think swaying public opining that she a bully would help there case.

    Just so you know anytime they sing & perform sugababe songs in which Keisha has written she get royalty’s, Jade wouldn’t get paid much for being in the sugababes. Also if Keisha says I don’t want them sing my songs they can’t sing it legally.

  13. Sugafan March 1, 2010

    @ Can’t Stand S*** Talkers: yeah rite, of course keisha is the innocent one and one heavenly angel….this is more than obvious that u dont have any knowledge of human nature. Amelle left one week bcs of a bust up with keisha…and if u follow the tide of events u´ll see that always keisha was involved in a its amelle or heidi. I´m not the only one who thinks so. U can have your opinion and this is mine. For me Keisha is an great actress thats all, who has a fascade and only the group members know her true fasce. Heidi has made it obvious that Keisha was “unbearable”. They also claimed that they sat down with keisha before they decided to bring in a new member. But it seems like keisha is a stubbern personality. If u have a tensed working atmossphere i can only image how hard its was for heidi and amelle. Also heidi said in many interviews how hard it was for them to go to work not knowing what hurtful comments to expect next. So u think this is all made up? And well , u r right, keisha got fat during the last months and jade fits better for US than keisha. Thats life! Take it or leave it! Jade is now the sugababes and not that skanky keisha!

  14. 12345 March 1, 2010

    why dont you post about beyonce being in court ONCE AGAIN? Last week she was acused by a bulgarian designer that she stole his ideas for her HOUSE OF DIARRHEA and this week a musician acused her of stealing ideas for her “Bootylicious” song, she said she created the word ROFL, WHY DONT YOU POST THE TRUTH ABOUT THE THIEF? DIVA MY ASS, TALENTED MY ASS, LEGEND MY ASS!!!

  15. Can’t Stand S*** Talkers March 1, 2010

    @ Sugafan, your deluded, but you are right we are all entitled to our own opinion and believe me i know my facts, Kiesha is not the sort of person to make hurtful comments AT ALL thats not her style, she is outspoken yes but she is not nasty AT ALL she has said repeatedly in interviews that she would never allow bullying to go on in the group after what they went through the first time round.

    You state clearly that they now have the group they wanted so they are more marketable in the US so is there no part of your brain that thinks that she may have been set up! if the other girls are now claiming she was a bully then it’s only becuase they are flopping big time and want to sway the fans to there corner

    Amelle did not leave one week before, she dissapeared, there is a BIG difference and this is not the first time she has done it either, Kiesha is 100% passionate about the babes, thats why she promised no matter what she would always stick it out, i know a guy who played bass for her just before About You Now was released as the group were going to split before that album, she had plenty of oppertunitys to leave and be a solo artist if she was an ego driven diva like you wanna make out but she stayed through out cos she was dedicated to the babes 100%, we can argue all day but the bottom line is the babes are finished, the new album is going to flop and you will be lucky to see them by the end of the year, no one has that much money to throw away!

  16. Ali March 1, 2010

    speaking as someone who has been in the same company with the girls throughout the years and as in the music industry. Keisha was a “school yard” type of bully who slowly grew out of her “bitchy” ways. Not only sugababes members and ex members can verify that. Also don’t make me laugh “Keisha can sing better than Jade” different folks different strokes BUT there’s no denying Jade’s vocal range is far superior to Keisha’s.

    I love their old stuff but it’s a new age for the group and what makes Siobhan more a member than Heidi? hate her or love her she was apart of the group for more releases and triumphs. She’s earned her right to be considered as an “original” member in my book. Stop complaining and if you hate them dig out your old Sugababes LP and stick to that. It is what it is!

  17. Xtina March 1, 2010

    Funny that sam has not posted that Keisha is suing the Sugababes and taking them to court.. I wonder why 😉 , Keisha actually came up with the name of the group and put in 12 years of hard work so is suing for the name or a large some of money for them to use it:

    Girlband The Sugababes are being sued by founder member Keisha Buchanan – who is trying to BAN the group from using their name.

    Keisha, who formed the band in 1998, has launched a legal bid to claim a stake in the Sugababes brand – which she says has grown into a multi-million pound business over the past 12 years.

    Keisha – who was forced to quit the chart-toppers last September – has now demanded that the current line-up of Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen call themselves something else or pay her a one-off sum which could potentially be millions of pounds.

    If her dramatic High Court action is successful, it could spell the end for the band, who are soon due to release their new album Sweet 7.

    Last night an industry insider said: “This is a landmark case and will send shockwaves through the industry.

    “The Sugababes are one of the most successful girl bands of all time, but if they are forced to change their name it would be absolutely disastrous for them.

    “It would be very hard for them to maintain any credibility if they had 2007. Sales no original band members and were called something different.

    Daily Mirror:

    “Keisha was an integral member from the very beginning so it is easy to understand why she is acting like this. She even came up with the band’s name Originals: Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan Donaghy with fellow founder member Mutya Buena and deserves something for making the Sugababes what they are today.”

    Keisha, 25, left the band last September in a storm of controversy amid claims she had been forced out by Heidi, 26, and Amelle, 25. It was reported that Heidi had “gone to war” with Keisha because she had allegedly bullied Amelle constantly.

  18. bips March 1, 2010

    @ can’t stand s*** talkers
    preach bab!!!!y those sugafake’s fans are under crack !!!!!they don’t realised that the band is over since amelle gets into the band everything went wrong i can’t stand that ugly b****!!!!whatever karma is a b**** and they just starting to pay the bill…..wait and see it’s just a matter of time before the split!!!

  19. Sugafan March 1, 2010

    @ Can’t Stand S*** Talkers & Bips: Sugafakes for you Sugababes for us! Why don´t you go and launch a group with keisha and yourselves “Suga Bullies reloaded”? Think whatever you want, this is my opinion about keisha and many others have the same e.g ALI here…hope keisha fails with her solo stuff! Go Sugababes!

  20. bips March 1, 2010

    sugafan check this out this is not the official site of sugababes i’m free to tell what i’m thinking love it or leave it this band is over !!!!!
    and the funny part is u re not enough objective to see that since k has been kicked out everything starts to go downhill!!!lol are u blind??? or u’d prefer ignore the facts!!!without k there ‘s no sugababes!!!!!call them whatever u want…sugabitches sugafakes or whatever…. sweet 7 smh….will turn sour!!!!

  21. CAN’T STAND S*** TALKERS March 1, 2010

    @ BIPS thank you finally someone who knows what the deal is, and your totally right on every count, @ Ali i will happily dig out the real Sugababes material as the imposters music is AWFUL! You need to go and check some old posts on here and see when sam posted the version of About a Girl with Keishas Vocal and compared it to Jades, then tell me Jade can out sing Keisha, you obviously have not seen her p*** poor attempt to reach Keisha’s high notes in there live performance of ‘Girls’… i’m not hating on Jade anyway shes good but just not as good. I’m entitled to my opinion you know what you know about K and i know what I know about K, besides she is suing them anyway so i don’t really think it is gonna be left at ‘it is what it is’!

  22. Ali March 1, 2010

    Let her sue. I hope she does get some money. You and “K” need to keep things rolling and when the money runs out there’s always dancing on ice, or strictly… look what it did for Alesha! I highly doubt Andrew Lloyd Webber would agree with you in regards to vocal abilities of Jade and “K” … Keisha can sing and there’s endless examples of where a lesser singer can sing a song better see round midnight (winehouse and j.sullivan) BUT it’s rather desperate to say on a ability level Keisha is better than Jade. That’s preference. Be real. It’s my opinion I respect yours.

  23. Kyus93 March 1, 2010

    They’re better without Keisha, she was a b**** anyways

  24. 12345 March 1, 2010

    WHY DONT YOU POST THE FACT THAT THE MOTHER OF JASMINA AMENA HAS THIS ON TWITTER? : “Apparently there are some negative blogs out there. For the record, Rihanna has been nothing but really nice !!! ”
    Her account was hacked you fucktard, you wish Rihanna would be a mean person so you could watch her fall and laugh her ass off, well, not really dude, try another time.
    Everyone can see that on “Oneforjasmina” twitter

    OH, and where the f*** is the post about Beyonce being in court again for stealing songs? This time is Bootilycious, ROFL

  25. Juztoon March 1, 2010

    This was actually a good performance =]

  26. Befarman March 2, 2010

    Keisha bullied Siobhan, that was accepted by everyone years ago. But for God’s sake, they were 15 that time. Try to study the psychology of that adolescent stage and you’d somehow learn why there a conflict happened.

    Anyway, whatever people say, I dont believe Keisha bullied the other two. Seriously, if she was that mean, why never have i read any bad articles and gossip about this attitude? She has been famous for years – and you know how the entertainment industry works.

    Only have I read negative ones these days and are from the most credible sources in the world, Heidi and Amelle. I just love how these two bimbos still keep talking about Keisha considering the incident happened months ago. I doubt Keisha was a saint, but I don’t buy the whole “she was so evil that she overpowered everyone else in the group and we were all so scared of her, boo hoo hoo” thing. Admit it girls, you just can’t explain the concept of your new album so you go ahead and keep talking about Keisha – hoping people will have pity on you and still support you. Goodluck.

  27. Ty’Ma March 2, 2010

    To be fair, though Heidi didnt form the band she was there through all the hits. When Siobhan kicked out ’cause she wanted a solo career Heidi came and saved them. I’m not saying shes all that cause she aint. But she worked to help make the brand what it was before Mutya left. Keisha leaving has definately changed the dynamic of the band but lets be real, it was heading down hill before she left. From when Amelle came the songs weren’t as good. ‘Catfights & Spotlights’ was their best effort since Amelle joined. ‘Change’ was horrible.

    I feel sorry for Jade, as she is clearly amazing. She out dances/performs the other two everytime I see a performance but in saying that the group has never looked better. Sound wise, its still got Keisha’s stamp on the music so its hard to really see what Jade’s actually bringing untill you see them do the live performances. I don’t miss Keisha if I’m honest, yeah she’s talented but her voice annoyed the hell out of me sometimes.

    The best line up by far though was Mutya, Heidi and Keisha. Theres nothing like Mutya’s voice. Its incredible.

    And concerning this performance, they killed it. The best I seen them. Even Heidi was giving it some umph. lol



  28. elleuk March 2, 2010

    great vocal performance although why does amelle look like she has just finished her shift at woolwich market. not asking for a supreme style wardrobe, but they didn’t look like much of a collective.

  29. Bee March 2, 2010

    Have to say, I really like the song and think they look like they actually are getting on better than when Keisha was there. Only a fool would still think that Keisha was innocent in this…come on…it’s like saying Dawn Richard was an innocent party in the Danit Kane break up (BULLSH”T).

    If I’m honest, Jade is head and shoulders above the rest. I see the label and anyone that comes in contact with this band seeing her MAJOR star potential, showing her more attention than the other two which will cause hella problems in the future. Good luck to them though and Keisha is where she always wanted to be…solo star.

  30. OJ March 4, 2010

    SMH. I dont like them now. I was bothered when ameli (?) got in the group and replaced my favorite babe , Mutya. smh , that was just the beginning of it. Keyshia was my second favorite and they put this boring b**** in.

    i started to lose interest in the group when ameli joined and I had to like sugababes all over again , then they took out keyshia and It was just too much.

    The reason why Destiney’s child was so sucessfull in their last few years together is because they were consistent with their members.

    It just feels like it’s a new group all together when one member leaves because the chemistry will always change. Looking alike as NOTHING to do with chemistry as all. Even though they have been changing members ever since they put in Heidi – Heidi , Keyshia an Mutya was the best line up, period.

  31. Kate March 18, 2010

    Okay, despite Keisha’s apparent attitude, it is completely unfair to kick out the only remaining original member. The band has lost the unique sound it once had with Mutya, Keisha and Siohban/ Heidi. I fact, the band seriously began to go downhill when Mutya (who I think is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard) left.

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