Drake’s Debut Album Gets Pushed Back

With his new song, ‘Over’, climbing the charts and his fans begging for the release of the music video for the track, Drake has decided to add even more suspense to the mix. The rapper’s debut album, ‘Thank Me Later’, has been delayed from it’s original release date of May 25th to June 15th. Drake embarked on the Away From Home Tour last evening at Slippery Rock University and is expected to perform material from the album at some of the shows including a track entitled ‘Fireworks’. {Source}


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  1. dan April 6, 2010

    FLIPPIN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Renae April 6, 2010

    He’ll keep pushing it back til Wayne gets out of jail. Don’t think he can really perform on stage w/o him.

  3. jonstrax April 6, 2010

    im sick of albums being pushed back

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  4. Pucci April 6, 2010

    @Renae, he’s performed on stage with Lil Wayne countless times, where the hell you been?

  5. MissRiss824 April 6, 2010

    I was at the Slippery Rock show last night…Drake did an excellent job..plus his new song Fireworks is hot!!!

  6. Kami April 6, 2010

    I love it how Drake FINALLY represents a generation of rappers that don’t have to use curse words or the word ‘n****’ every 2 seconds in order to get his point across. His delivery is so, so smooth and I really respect him. And Renae, are you sure about that?

    He’s obviously doing it to build hype around his album…even MORE SO with the new singles that he’s premiering around the country at different venues so it breaks new grounds and gives people who don’t know about him or were skeptical a new reason to buy his album or at least get the singles however possible.

    I KNOW that people are actually going to fight to buy this album opposed to just downloading the s*** illegally. The music industry has gotten to the point where it has to throw us tricks in order to keep selling because the internet destroyed the ‘mystique’ they had of keeping us hidden in the dark with an artist’s true intentions, including that of the label.

  7. aries_BLU April 6, 2010

    Is a pushback really ever good? Hopefully his next single will be enough to sustain people’s anticipation.

  8. RATED x April 6, 2010

    I hope all the push backs dont affect his album sells. hes a great rapper.
    he doesnt need lil wayne to be the s***..we dont know y its pushed back, lets not bash the man..jeez

  9. here to laugh April 6, 2010

    I hope its worth the wait…

  10. Kevin April 6, 2010

    I feel like every album ever gets pushed back…….true story.

  11. Ben April 6, 2010

    Don’t really care, I am still not on this Drake bandwagon. I can’t stand new artists that are built on a wack ass hype game.

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