Fan Storms Stage At Lady GaGa Concert!

Published: Sunday 18th Apr 2010 by Sam

Pop superstar Lady GaGa got quite the surprise while performing on stage in Japan last night. While giving a storming rendition of signature hit ‘Bad Romance’, an over-excited fan ran to the stage, attempting to touch the 24 year old. A startled GaGa continued performing, while the fan was pulled away before making contact. Peep the video above…

Hilarious…and slightly creepy too! For real, kneeling before her?! Oh the madness. Perhaps the funniest part of all, is when the crazy appears to try and join in the routine before getting yanked off  stage by her dancers. Lord…

{Spotted over at our friends, Punch Bowl Blog}

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  1. thatmangojuice April 18, 2010

    hahahah easy now psycho

  2. FAKERZ April 18, 2010


  3. movieman April 18, 2010

    the power of godga

  4. ADE April 18, 2010

    ^^ Godga? REALLY????? SMH

  5. Sarah April 18, 2010

    ^^^^Stans do that stupid s***. Just check out the Britney stans and their usual “Godney” crap. Speaking of Britney, I remember this happened to her on her last tour while performing.

    A drunken dude jumped on stage, startled her and was quickly kicked off stage by her dancers. The guy also spent time in jail, so GaGa isn’t the first nor the last person who will experience this.

  6. anon April 18, 2010

    like they with every artist, it is best for security to get the crazy stans off, anything could of happened to gaga. her monsters love her though 🙂

  7. Zuzie April 18, 2010

    That must have scared the lining out of her! So funny tho that she points her monster claw at him like grrrrrr get away demon boy, “i don’t wanna be friends!”

    That nutter could have stabbed her or anything. Freakin creepy. People way too close to the stage!

  8. Jordan April 18, 2010

    She doesnt wanna be friends…..

  9. Greg April 18, 2010

    Only psychos, gays, and drag queens like Gaga. It’s hilarious that most celebs ignore her at award shows and act like she doesn’t exist.

  10. Carly April 18, 2010

    Great video, ive got tickets for here in the UK, maybe i’ll give it a try!!

  11. laura baby April 18, 2010

    i love gaga baby!! superstar!!

    i ent a drag queen

  12. cool chick April 18, 2010


    The power of gaga lol loves her <3

  13. bbbbbb April 18, 2010

    oh they actually THROW her off the stage.. poor extra-excited fan! lol

  14. anon April 18, 2010

    hey sam. where’s the post about Kelly Rowland throwing a diva fit at an australian airport. post this up stan!!!!

  15. Walley April 18, 2010

    Umm why did they throw her off the stage like that? A bit too drastic dont you think?

  16. here to laugh April 18, 2010

    The person they had to throw off the stage was probably Movieman’s sick ass.

  17. cafflo April 18, 2010

    Damn she got straight tossed off that stage. All that probably wasn’t even necessary but thats hilarious!

  18. hey greg April 18, 2010

    I think you secretly like her. Seeing that you had heard of the one interview in which she mentioned how she feels like an outcast at award shows, and you also felt the need to read this article, watch the video, and post a comment. It’s ok though, because it’s not only drag queens, psychos, and gay people, who like her. I went to her concert and yep I saw an array of people but I’d say almost every person I saw was pretty normal…

  19. Blackout_Music_Fan1011 April 18, 2010

    The GODNEY fan did it better. It was EVEYWHERE!! He even got arrested Haha this asian chick is lame who givesa f*** about her.

  20. Darren April 18, 2010

    that was really grace jones trying to stab a b**** for being so fake.

  21. What a hypocrite April 18, 2010

    OOOOh what happend to little miss “I love my fans”, “my fans are my life?” Bloody hypocrite. At leas when MJs fan cam on stage, he held him and performed with the guy. Look at how that chic was tossed. That’s not even cool at all.

  22. Gagarazzi April 18, 2010

    I’m a teenage girl who aint gay, isn’t a drag queen and i’m mentally stable and I’m a little monster (GAGA FAAAAANNNN!) and DAMN proud of it “/ Get outta here haters, you aren’t wanted in monster world. Learn to respect an artist for what they are and not the boring day-to-day artist they could be!!! Proud. Unique. Connected. (:

  23. matt April 18, 2010

    here here @gagarazzi i hate it how you are supposedly ‘gay or mentally unstable’ to like gaga, its like they know every single fan. i went to a gaga concert here in march, there were gays there, crazy people, young people, teenagers, couples, 40+ people everyonee!!

  24. tessa j. April 18, 2010

    @ MATT

    Please go back to sucking Gaga’s d***. We all know she has one *shudders*

    So much for that ugly b**** “loving her fans”. They run on stage and get tossed off. Gay Gay is a fraud

  25. YAAAWN April 19, 2010


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