Keri Hilson Does ‘Flaunt’ Magazine

Published: Wednesday 28th Apr 2010 by Sam

Singer-songwriter Keri Hilson took a break  recently from recording her sophomore LP to pose it up in the latest issue of ‘Flaunt’ magazine. “Ms. Keri-Baby” looks great! {Spotted over at Necole Bitchie}

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gucci April 28, 2010

    Kerri looks great here 🙂

    Take a good look Sam/Trent. This is something you will never be…… (a woman)
    So for now keep throwing shade, rolling your neck, and vouging like the queens you are.

  2. RELEVANCE April 28, 2010


  3. Amanda April 28, 2010

    Note to artist : Talent ,not ta-ta’s, sell albums. Cover up please!

  4. aries_BLU April 28, 2010

    That’s a lot of boobies to show.

  5. d1med1va April 28, 2010

    @relevance, you obviously didn’t see the yankees/red sox performance of TSSB. and she did great. so shut up

  6. Ben April 28, 2010

    Wooo! Hello baby!

  7. licaan April 28, 2010

    She will forever be known as the dumb b**** forgetting the national anthem

  8. FUTURE April 28, 2010

    Is it me or is her right breast bigger than her left

  9. Alex April 28, 2010

    Even though her tits are two different sizes…my, my, my Keri 😉

  10. Gucci April 28, 2010

    and in the post right above this one they go in on how Rihanna is over-selling s** appeal, but this pictorial is A. OKAY for them. LOL. It’s perfectly fine to sell s** appeal so long as gay ass Trent and Sam stan for you on this faux blog.

    They are so damn gay and this has become sort of ridiculous. Two ssshole munching queens.

  11. Rated x April 28, 2010

    go head miss keri baby….
    umm everyone knows that 85% of woman has a breast bigger than the other..some are less noticeable..

    my good ness get off rihannas nuts.. i mean damn must u bring her damn name on every post that aint got s*** to do with her?
    so trey and sam must be gay now because they think keri looks good..isnt that an oxymoron..last time i checked isnt keri a woman?

  12. Gucci April 28, 2010

    @Rated X

    Really girl? Thanks for being my online echo and repeating Rihanna’s name when I mention her. You’re the one on that chick’s nuts honey. You never go a day without them both in your mouth. Sam and Trent are obviously gay hun. They aren’t complimenting her because they think she is attractive, they are complementing her because they wish they had a v***** as well….kind of like you.

  13. Rated x April 28, 2010


    hate to break it to ya..i already got a v***** so FAIL..TRY AGAIN BOOBOOO

    Umm me being on rihanna’s nuts is like u being on a kellys whats ur f****** point? at least i dont go on every rihanna post and bash her, calling her b****, horse face..and then turn around, flipping ur story when people call ur a** out..

    umm how many time have u comment on a kelly post today?………and yet shes a flop..ok two faced basterd.

  14. Rated x April 28, 2010


    dont ur slow ass realized that ur giving that prape juice more hits by being constantly bitching and crying about people not being fair to rihanna?

    and so what if sam or trent were gay? is that f****** up ur sleep at night..?
    do u wish it was u sam or trent was f******?

  15. Chinny April 29, 2010

    I remember Keri Hilson complaining about other artists that go naked. She said that she would never try to sell s**. seems like someone is eating her words.

  16. Misty April 29, 2010

    Keri Hilson and her lop-sided boobs need to cover up! The other pics are nice tho. But if she’s gonna pull that first pic, she need to see Beyonce and ask her what tape she uses to keep it up and together. That right there is just flopping *kinda like her…* And then when she’s done, she should sit down and have some babies while she’s learning the National Anthem the CORRECT way!
    Bye gurl fly gurl! Tryna revive her career

  17. jjlova06 April 29, 2010

    She got implants cuz she doesn’t have a chest. But she looks great.

  18. _NoBitchAssNess April 29, 2010

    Stop hating like woah!!

    She looks beautiful and live wit it.

    Album is amazing.

  19. nextone May 4, 2010


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