Brandy, Ray J & Chilli Set To Return To Vh1

Published: Wednesday 26th May 2010 by Trent

Fans of Brandy, Ray J and Chilli are in for a treat as their reality shows have been picked up for a 2nd season byVh1. ‘Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business’ and ‘What Chilli Wants’ will be back on the air as part of the network’s next lineup after receiving strong viewership from their target audiences. The season 1 finale of  ‘What Chilli Wants’ airs on May 30th at 10:30pm and ‘Brandy & Ray J: A Family Affair’ will conclude on June 27th at 9pm. {Source}


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  1. ThatPankcakeMix May 26, 2010

    YAY! I like Brandy and Ray J’s show, but Chilli……. UGH!

  2. kcity28 May 26, 2010

    Go Brandy! I love it, I can’t wait for the new album!

  3. Christian May 26, 2010

    People were actually watching Chilli’s show? lol

  4. Ghetto Fab May 26, 2010

    Is Chilli gonna keep getting renewed til she finds a damn man?? If so that’ll never happen.

    As far as Brandy and Ray J, the show was entertaining eventhough I cannot stand Ray J’s wack ass and his ridiculous mama. Brandy and her father are cool though.

    What about Basketball wives???? Them h*** is a hot ass mess lmao

  5. WOW May 26, 2010

    Funny thing is “What Chilli Wants’ Is ranked #1 each week. So YES people are actually watching it, while Brandy’s show is coming in last and all and she’s promoting it waaaaay more. Mad?

  6. Ann May 26, 2010

    Sonya better look deep into her man’s eyes when he is talking about how he is unhappy with their relationship and wishes they could spend more time together. I can see it all in that man’s eyes that he is dying for affection and Sonya is so cold, she doesn’t even sit close to him on the couch. She shows him no affection. Now, when somebody comes along and is willing to do what Sonya won’t…

  7. BEYONCE VS. WORLD May 26, 2010


  8. Sanity Kane May 26, 2010

    @Ann I agree, it seems like he is trying so hard, and she is like whatever! SMH, but would probably be one of the first talking about there are no good men! Sista you got one, now work harder to keep him! Sheesh

  9. Ghetto Fab May 26, 2010

    @ Beyonce Vs. World

    Yes hunny! I can only stand Brandy and the father too. The mother and Ray J are a hot mess. Ray J act like he’s f***** relevant and the mother acts like Ray J is the reason she is living in that big house. She better come correct! If I was Brandy i would cut they ass off LMAO!!

  10. XXX May 26, 2010


    Roflmao @ WOW. Of course Chili will get more andience since it’s a DATING show, showing shirtless men, drama and all.

    Brandy’s show is about her life AND career… not about who I’m going to spend my life with.

  11. esspee May 26, 2010

    Funny thing is “What Chilli Wants’ Is ranked #1 each week. So YES people are actually watching it, while Brandy’s show is coming in last and all and she’s promoting it waaaaay more. Mad?


  12. esspee May 26, 2010

    and chilli’s show showed a stripper ONE time just as ray-j’s wack ass had a stripper come into his office.

    sexist much?

    and chilli’s show is MUCH more than just a dating show. alot of yall could learn from it.

  13. Steffon May 26, 2010

    YES!!!! I’m so excited. Brandy show is great! Shes gonna be working on the new album. Chilli tho… I guess

  14. Flower May 26, 2010

  15. cvt May 26, 2010


  16. Diane May 26, 2010

    @Ann, you know you’re right. Mr. Norwood is fine and can call me anytime. Mr. Norwood has repeatedly stressed the importance of having a romantic relationship with his wife and Mrs. Norwood keep lusting after her children. Who knows, Mrs. Norwood probably was the type of woman who only got married to have legitimate children. You see how quickly she told Brandy to lie about being pregnant out of wedlock, which shows that she deeply respects being married before having children. She told Mr. Norwood that she enjoys being their mother (even though they are grown as hell). It really seems like the only reason she got married was to have a family, not a loving relationship. Brandy is 31 and I believe the Norwoods have been married for 32 or 34 years. So there. Note to Mrs. Norwood: Set him loose!

  17. NAS May 26, 2010

    Woop Woop..that my girl B Rockah, go on do your thing and please some more studio footage as to what we’ll be expecting ( a bit of Brandy and BrandNu)…lol!!!
    Missing TLC!

  18. Quiana May 26, 2010

    This is good, more studio work and Sonya needs to pay attention to her husband because he wants you to pay attention to him, so don’t get mad when another woman gives him attention ok Sonya.

  19. Gucci May 27, 2010

    Not a fan. For someone as talented as Brandy (NOT Ray J) I don’t see how this show helps her career. And Chili girl just hang it up.

  20. Leon May 27, 2010

    Chilli’s show is a lifestyle show, which covers her dating, as well as her career touring with TLC, I hope Season 2 shows the recording process of the hopeful forthcoming album.

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