Hot Shots: Beyonce & Jay-Z At Boston Celtics Game

Published: Saturday 8th May 2010 by Sam

Peep power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers game last night (April 7th) at the NBA Playoffs at the TD Banknorth Garden.

More pics below…

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  1. Tha Phoenix May 8, 2010

    Love both of them!! Looks like the Queen’s enjoying her break!

  2. BEYONCELOVER1993 May 8, 2010


  3. Topman May 8, 2010

    These two are so annoying sometimes, why go watch basketball with sunglasses on? Beyonce looking gooood though

  4. BEYONCELOVER1993 May 8, 2010


    Because they Are Grown and they can do what they want

  5. Ghetto Fab May 8, 2010

    I never understood the whole sunglass thing at a basketball game. Maybe it’s because people are snapping pics of them constantly. Jay seems to dress nicer lately. I’m not gonna lie, I was never a fan of Beyonce’s streetwear. I wonder who B is sitting next to?

  6. movieman May 8, 2010

    she has her work wig on ,

    she is working on something oh rejoice
    oh and the most powerfull couple in music looks good so much power

  7. Beautiful May 8, 2010

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  8. mez May 8, 2010

    love the hooker shoes

  9. ADE May 8, 2010

    Camel’s kicks are sick, anyone know what make they are?

  10. Beyowulf! May 8, 2010


  11. Kellyrowland is my favorite! May 8, 2010

    I love them. And people need to stop hating on jay-z he aint worried bout yall!. Find a life and hop off his big ass d***!

  12. geronimo May 8, 2010

    her shoes are HAWT

  13. Ghetto Fab May 8, 2010

    @ Ade

    Camel’s kicks look like they are designer’s shoes. Probably Marc Jacobs or Dior Homme.

  14. nextone May 8, 2010

    I love these two, definition of a power couple

  15. Ghetto Fab May 8, 2010

    @ Ade

    Camel’s kicks look like desinger’s. Probably Marc Jacobs or Dior Homme.

  16. Ghetto Fab May 8, 2010

    @ MEZ

    the hooker shoes are YSL lmao

  17. RhiRhithegoatkiller May 8, 2010

    Just love this power couple and they are showing real black love. They both look so hot. I just wish they will represent their wedding rings more. I think with their rings on they are even hottier. Put the rings on and keep them on. Beyonce looks flawless, hope a baby is on the way.

  18. i & i (yardie style) May 8, 2010

    Beyonce is cute and all but why is she always wearing pantyhose, esp. at a b-ball game?

  19. Ghetto Fab May 8, 2010

    @ I & I (YARDIE STYLE)

    Dead @ the panty hose. I didn’t even notice it. But hey this is the same chick that wears her lacefronts to the beach. Like I said, Not a fan of her street style. She has great pieces but no damn clue as to how to put them together. But don’t tell you black folks that LMAO

  20. Sarah May 8, 2010

    DEVIL WORSHIPERS!!!!!! 👿 I guess Bey forgot to put on her baphomet ring 😆

  21. Sarah May 8, 2010

    Keep on saying they are a power couple. Yall are gonna regret saying that at the end. “Jesus cant save you, life starts when the church ends” “I got Obama on the text, yall should be afraid of what we gon do next” -Empire State Of Mind
    Jay Z and Beyonce are full of LIES. You all are brainwashed and Bey has been brainwashed as well along with Rihanna and Kanye West. Funny how back in December Kanye said during his concert, “I sold my soul to the devil….it was a crappy deal….at least it came with a few toys like a happy meal” He also said “i wanted theis thisng forever now yall can have it back.” Kanye regrets this and thats why he went on that religious retreat to India. Jay Z is a snake and i dont feel sorry for him at all. I do feel sorry for Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye. Even Ne-Yo has been brainwashed.

  22. geegley May 8, 2010

    that wig and them panty hose!!!!! beyonce, why, why oh why. anyways, shes still gorgeous,. jay looks neat. #1 power couple. love it!

  23. Sarah May 8, 2010

    *this thing

  24. Sarah May 8, 2010

    on the plus side Bey is GORGEOUS and those shoes are HOT. I really dislike Jay Z for what he’s done to these beautiful people. Beyonce and Rihanna both beautiful women who’s just been brainwashed by Jay Z. I hope they see the light soon and get out of all this. 🙁

  25. Sheena May 8, 2010

    yea jay-z just came along and made beyonce (a grown ass woman) do what? what did he do to her? I’m lost what is beyonce doing wrong. is she partying late nights. is she on drugs. is she eating babies. is she making s** tapes what did the evil jigga do to beyonce?. I’m lost you fools are crazy. you can’t be grown or sane talking all this b******* about jay-z brainwashing people. like he have super powers. beyonce does what she wants to do you ought to be thankful that jay-z lets her do what she wants and give her her freedom. because if were the other way around yall be mad at him for trying to control her. if jay-z brainwashed beyonce so much how come she aint pregnant yet? right take that cartoon s*** that way>

  26. Nikka May 8, 2010

    I dont hink Sarah was talking about like that but she was referring to the bigger picture. If you noticed they have changed and it has nothing to do with evolving or growth as an artist as people say. but mentally and emotionally Jay Z does these things to these artist. Beyonce was a Christian woman and grew up that way. Now she’s from that. Jay admitted he doesnt believe in religion. If youre a Christian woman why would u marry a man who goes against everything u believe in. Jay Z slammed Jesus’ name millions of times. If Now Beyonce is out wearing Bamphomet rings and other things that goes against her beliefs. Jay Z is a snake and knows how to trick the mind. No he doesnt have magical powers but he knows how to get the weak indivisuals. Jay Z said it himself how spirits can take over him when he turns to Rain Man. He calls himself Rain Man(Devil) and Hova(Jevovah)

    I never liked Jay Z and Beyonce is a bad bish. Gorgeous lady. Gosh i love her. 😛

  27. X,Y,”and Z” May 8, 2010

    @Sam — I DON’T work in the entertainment industry, I have NO “inside info,” that-said, can YOU please tell me, as I’ve read elsewhere: is Matthew Knowles a member of a “Grammy committee/board” that decides Grammy nomination/winners, or-any-said, board/committee/team that “decides advancement” unto/towards said-award?

    X,Y,”and Z” – OUT!

  28. mandy May 8, 2010

    @Sarah & Nikki You both are right. They did a big article on Beyonce, Jay-z and Rihanna on about 2 weeks ago. It was very interesting it even broke down the meaning of New York State Of Mine. There are hidden messages in their songs. It’s not those three but there are many more artist involve in this. People want fame so bad that they would sell their soul, and when they really find out what it all about it’s to late. You try to get out and go on your own then you will be blackballed.

  29. ??? May 8, 2010

    If Beyonce’s father is on the committee board for the Grammys. Then that explains why Beyonce, Jay-Z and Rihanna are always getting awards.

  30. Dane May 8, 2010

    Jay Z said he dont believe in religion..but he Do Believe in ONE GOD..SHe stated that religion divides people…and we dont need anymore divisons in this society…..SO I feel him

    I dont believe in religion either..I believe in one GOD dont hate, my GOD understand, My GOD made everyone Different for a reason…..My GOD dont hate Blacks, whites, gays, lesbians, …. like religion tell us he does…GOD dont hate his children…..but people who call themselves Christians, etc….preach that ignorance…smh…

  31. ~TeAM WeeZY~ May 8, 2010

    Love the Carters. They look so cute. Beyonce actually looks really FAB here. Loving the outfit, sunglasses, and her shoes but I despise those shimmery/shiny stockings.

    Get ’em Bey!

  32. ??? May 8, 2010

    WOW!! Yes Jay-Z believe in a God ( Satan) BELIEVE THAT!!

  33. ~TeAM WeeZY~ May 8, 2010


    I so agree. I don’t like to talk about this topic, however, these so called “religous” people on here who are so quick to judge and assume that someone is a “Devil” or a “Devil worshipper” are such hypocrites!

    I don’t believe in religion either. I believe in GOD and I’m very spiritual! People should know the difference in being RELIGIOUS and being SPIRITUAL!!!! It’s totally different!

    If Jay says he doesn’t believe in religion, is that “so-called proof” that he’s a devil worshipper???? And because I’m a fan of him that makes me brainwashed???? Please!That’s ridiculous and truly ignorant of some of these fools!

  34. ??? May 8, 2010

    So u think Jay-Z don’t hate? WRONG AGAIN!! Some of out famous artists that can really sing are no longer singing because of Jay-Z. Just sit back and think of some of the old artist that can really sing. Did u ever wonder what happened to them?

  35. Julian May 8, 2010

    He said he only believe in one God…well so did Satan. You can beleive but that dont mean you follow him.

    he said he dont beleive in religion yet he wears a Jesus cross? In his video on to the next one he had jesus on a cross with 2 bullets why? If “Jesus cant save you” as he said why mock Jesus by wearing Jesus crosses. . Of course he’s not gonna come straight out and say it but it’s all there. Some say well he’s just feeding into it for publicity. Why feed into something that goes far from your belief. If he believes in God why have Satanic images floating around. All black everything. Why call himself Rain Man which is the devil and why call himself J-Hova like he’s God. Dont be so closed minded people.

  36. Julian May 8, 2010

    Also im not a religious person either but if it’s there it’s there no need to take up for these people.

  37. Julian May 8, 2010

    I dont care if he’s a devil worshiper or not but dont confuse people. He’s at concerts and it’s amazing how with one movement the crowd gets hypnotized with throwing up the roc. People look at what he does and some worship this man. Thats sad and that’s why he want people to call him J Hova. Jay Z is far from a stupid man i think he’s very intelligent. Cool he dont believe in religion not alot of people do but what yall are saying is different from what he’s doing. It goes beyond what he believes in. Jay Z is behind a bigger plan and this is something Michael Jackson and so many others warned us about before their passing. Im a Beyonce and Rihanna fan but i know they are behind something as well. Just look at both of their transformations. I still listen to SOME of their music but im not going to be paraniod and thow all of my music out the window. Listen to the music dont let it control you. Just have an open mind.

  38. Stacey May 8, 2010

    I was getting an upgrade on my phone today and there were two white people working there, both pretty young. They were watching videos and they said, “Beyonce and Rihanna used to make really catchy music, but I don’t like this new direction they’re going in.”

    I think that is the general consensus. It’s like everything Jayz touches enriches him and corrupts all those around him. It’s like he blocks the path to success for anyone who isn’t a part of his clique. Even people who are supertalented and don’t need his help, like Alicia Keys, have fallen prey.

    Jesus said, “you say you believe in God? Ye say well, for even the demons believe and tremble at his name.” This guy isn’t right on so many levels. It’s like any artist he has anything to do with hypnotizes people. I don’t understand why people can’t see that.

  39. ??? May 8, 2010

    yes Michael Jackson, Tupac and Biggie and to name others tried to warn us. If you listen to alot of Michael Jackson songs you will see what I’m talking about.

  40. Julian May 8, 2010

    Forget if they worship the devil or i dont care but i do know that people are apart of a larger plan. Jay z is a corrupt man indeed along with the industry as a whole. Not just Jay z.They know and they gave hints. Its all there. 2012 the world will not end. 2012 is the year in which this takeover will begin.I said 2012 also because i remember back in 08 MJ said we only have 4 years to get this right. Its for control and Obama is in it as well. He said its time for change and he meant it. ALOT of artist have said in their songs either selling their souls, illuminati, mind control.

  41. mendy May 8, 2010

    Talking about Alicia Keys. She has a song call I’m ready. Now what do you think that is about? She ready for her god satan, Hear the words.

  42. Julian May 8, 2010

    MJ song “They Dont Really Care About Us” he spoke on it alot. This was one of his last speeches he gave. During his This Is It concert he said he had something to say and he wanted to tell the whole world. Michael Jackson exposing them in this speech!

  43. Julian May 8, 2010

    I said the same thing about tha song. She’s changed alot as well. She was also on that song with Jay Z Empire State of Mind. People think if we speak on these things that we’re paranoid or whatever. People need to wake up. It’s bigger than music. Music and entertainment is just a distraction for the bigger agenda. If you think they are not apart of an agenda then i dont know what to tell you. It’s all out there.

  44. Julian May 8, 2010

    Before I go let me say that im not judging these artist at all because Only God can judge, I just dont like when people fall victim to what’s going on. lets just open our eyes to whats going on. A fight between Good and Evil is going on. the devil wants your souls and if he has to go through “this” to get it he will. Just have your faith in who you beleive in and hold onto it.

  45. ceecee May 8, 2010

    Oh wow! Now I see y the women in the music industry cover one eye. With hair, their hand or a band covering one eye. Oh hell no

  46. Missingbeyonce May 8, 2010

    Bey look hot

  47. ceecee May 8, 2010

    satan will come as a beautful beast. All Jay-Z’s women which are involved with the movement/devil worshiping whatever are all beautful women. And we can’t resist them showing us all their stuff.

  48. Y May 8, 2010

    They even got Justin Beaver, doing the hand signs at his concerts to all the young kids, now they are doing it and they don’t have a clue what the hand sign is about.

  49. CRAMPED May 8, 2010

    I dont care if Beyonce, Jayz, A.Keyes or Rihanna are devil worshippers. I have no interest in that part of their lives. And furthermore I will not judge anyone on something I have no proof about. Cant understand why people go on and on about that.
    If they are indeed satan worshippers they will go hell and so will you if you dont stop spreading malicious lies/rumours.

  50. bluekid May 8, 2010

    @ Stacey, I agree with you! Jz just made a mess out of Beyonce career.

  51. bluekid May 8, 2010


    May 8, 2010 at 10:17 am

    DEVIL WORSHIPERS!!!!!! 👿 I guess Bey forgot to put on her baphomet ring 😆
    I agree with that too 100%

  52. PLAIN AND SIMPLE May 8, 2010

    Just why is Beyonce wearing red high heels shoes to a basketball game. Boy that Jay-Z is something else. And another thing someone said that Jay is wearing a cross with two bullets in it. OMG!!!!!!!!

  53. PLAIN AND SIMPLE May 8, 2010

    @Julian thanks you were right on point. but i knew alot of that already, but good looking out.

  54. oh please May 8, 2010

    What person in the right mind wear sunglasses to a basketball game? SMH nothing but attention wh*res at the end of the day. They both do this for PR stunt!

  55. oh please May 8, 2010


  56. Missingbeyonce May 9, 2010

    Why pepole act like the 100 % sure that those artits whorship the devil when bey was wearing that ring pepole notice that and start talk shiu but never said everything about she was wearinga a cross yes a cross and why u bringing this s*** agin they ask jay z and he said no and they ask him about the video for ottno earlir this year and he said no any way if u dont like them or belive they do dosent mean that everybody should cuse alot of pepole with dfiffrent relgions and gods love those artits and in a while from now you re gonna say to pepole that all music is evil and dont listen to them but in the end of the day thats only ur opinin

  57. Veebz May 9, 2010

    LOL Beyonce always got some crazy High Heals on, I can imagen her doing gardening in 6 inch heals……Sunglasses inside?

  58. yea yea ya boy May 9, 2010

    They both look nice as usual. It’s funny how Beyonce has her soda turned away from the cameras lol she was prob like sprite has to pay me to endorse your stuff lol i love them.

  59. jammy May 10, 2010

    I’m sorry, but her outfit is ugly. This girl cannot dress to save her life!

  60. BEYONCEBITCHES June 12, 2010

    WOW am i the only one but Beyonce ALWAYS WEARS HEELS and is every celebrity connected to lebron?

  61. dahli July 17, 2010

    if y’all thinkn tiz juz good music n dem beats rhymes n vocals think again..coz tiz mo than that 4sho. d devil aint gonna come yo way lookin all beastly, hez d prince of d air n gonna dress up all beautiful 2 deceive y’all. d industry is 1medium dat transcends all cultures n races. think beyond d beats n vocals n rhymes- there’s so much hidden behind all o that n am glad at least some ppl see that! yep even demons know theres 1God n they tremble…

  62. Randy November 9, 2012

    How can they put on Sun Glasses at such time?Thats a question we must look into.

  63. Ingeborg Fedalen June 25, 2013

    How’s things, awesome blog but there is a problem whereby sometimes I am redirected to the base page whenever I view other webpages in your blog.

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