New Britney Spears’ ‘Candies’ Shot

Published: Sunday 27th Jun 2010 by Sam

Peep Britney Spears‘ new promotional shot for ‘affordable’ clothing line, ‘Candies’.

While she looks great, I’m sure many of you will agree – Photoshop is an amazing tool.

{Thanks Amber!}

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ndj2010 June 27, 2010

    It’d be interesting to see the original untouched ones, as Brit did (eventually) with the last campaign!

  2. B.Floyd June 27, 2010

    I don’t think it looks wildly photoshopped. She’s always been a pretty girl -even in candids. #UnecessaryNegativity SMH

  3. MusicILoveDeDe June 27, 2010

    WAT THE F*** DOES PHOTOSHOP HAVE TO DO WIT ANYTHING Briney looks just as amazing wit out it have you seen the photos she leak herself that was not airbrush

  4. Phatmat June 27, 2010

    funny how u gotta throw hate on Britney for using photoshop (like everyone else) yet when u posted the pics about that man GAGA in Rolling Stone u didnt mention anything about her using photoshop (and trust me, they were photoshopped to hell).
    ur retarded and im sorry but photoshop or not, britney looks 10,000,000,000,000 times better than that t*****!

  5. sam June 27, 2010

    love your voice in interviews…only joking. u sound like a fat in the closet c***…


    without photoshop half of the females in the industry would be f*****, because people would actually be able to see them for the ugly b****** they are, britney looks cute here though.



    follow me on twitter you f****** s*** beautiful b******.

  7. lady gaga f@cked brit June 27, 2010

    you know what?

    no britney any more!

    gaga rules the pop!

    britney=30, and go home to watch the kids!

  8. Pray4Tina June 27, 2010

    This photo isn’t heavily photoshopped. They lightly retouched these photos. Probably got rid of her under-eye wrinkles and such. Nothing massive or short of the immense photoshop work done to Mariah Carey Cannon. Now she has the best graphic designer to retouch her photos.

  9. Ghetto Fab June 27, 2010

    I’m certain they airbrushed the s*** out of this. And I’m glad her tracks/weave is together because it stay looking a f****** mess when she’s on the streets. She needs to give us a new record BTW.

  10. nothing but my opinion June 27, 2010

    she looks good!

  11. bjksolo June 27, 2010

    #TEAM CIARA!!!

  12. OHAI June 27, 2010

    I hate you like to kick artists when they’re down and praise them when they work they way back up to the top. I can’t be bothered to scroll up so whoever’s opinion on Britney’s look this is, Sam or Trent… you f****** suck.

  13. Sarah1 June 27, 2010

    Please. Britney looks great, rather retouched or not and I don’t see why you felt the need to point out photo-shop when it comes down to her.

    Brit steps is on the streets all of the time without make up on and she always looks great, with the exception of her hair lol. But her face is beautiful. She doesn’t need to step out with 5 lbs of make up on unlike her peers. ::Cough:: cough::

    I bet if she did release those photos untouched, her face would look just as beautiful.

  14. EXPOSED June 27, 2010





    oh dear…….I needed a good laugh my sweeties…….aaaaaaah…….good times.



  16. The Way I Izzzzzzzzzz June 27, 2010

    Uhhhhhh….It’s Funny how you try to put down Artist that have sold 80 Million more Albums than your Beloved Kelly….

    Then you try to BLOW her up with those weak ass vocals in that last post…..She sounded like s*** on Radio One…And while Britney may not Sing live or have the vocals that Ms.Rowland has……Let Sales speak for themselves…Cause I recall an Album that went to #1 as well as the Single with no Promotion…*COUGH COUGH* Blackout 🙂

    Britney + Alicia Keys = The only Female Artist in MUSIC history to have 5 Consecutive #1 Albums…….

    Kelly Rowland…..A former member of Destinys Child LOL LMFAOOOOOO ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  17. Trina June 27, 2010

    OH PLEASE !! Have you ever seen any of Lil Kim’s photoshoots ? THOSE LOOK VERY PHOTOSHOPED !!

  18. loves June 27, 2010

    please this is actually less photoshop and more tons of foundation.

    she looks AWESOME.

  19. Tru Voice June 27, 2010

    Oh S***!!!!!!!!! I thought that was Mariah at first. BRit looks and EVERYONE uses photoshop. Sure it’s a secret. lol

  20. Jonny June 27, 2010

    i think all of you are all haters. PURE HATERS!!!! gaga doesnt f****** rule s***. it will forever be Britney Spears. f*** gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks beautiful. as she always does. who the f*** cares if its photoshoped a little bit. youre f***** negativity isn’t needed here. lets see what you look like ugly ass!
    😀 enjoy haters 😉

  21. Tha Phoenix June 27, 2010

    Everyone uses photoshop, Trent. Stop throwing shade at everyone who isn’t Kelly. While I love her, it’s really starting to annoy me. She isn’t the only good artist out there.

    I love Brit and I always have. She never throws shade at anyone and is always described as one of the nicest people in the industry. And she performs like very few can. She looks great in the above, and as some said above, she doesn’t need that much photoshop. Have you seen the unedited shots from her old Candies campaign? They released them a few weeks ago, and there wasn’t really that much difference between them and the photoshopped ones.

    Still waiting on that new album, Brit!

  22. Christian June 27, 2010

    Britney looks great. Her new album should be out by the end of the year and I’m excited about the people she’s been working with. To other Britney fans that is curious about Britneys next album and the folks she’s been working with, you can go to ( because I’m a lil upset Sam and Trent hasn’t posted any music news regarding Britney as of late.

  23. AlexanderTG June 27, 2010

    True – Photoshop is used for all mags and almost every promo photo for every artist – just the way things are in these days of perfectionism. Without Photoshop these girls DON’T look ugly, they look human – its all this nonsense that’s making teenagers want to start on the botox. Trust someone to bring up Gaga in this even though its not about her – so she’s not as pretty as Britney, so f***ing what – like 99% of the girls around aren’t as pretty as Britney – I’m talking about out on the street here. I can tell you for certain that under all the make-up, masks etc Gaga is a perfectly attractive girl – I know, I’ve been like 2 feet away from her.

  24. jj June 27, 2010

    britney is beautiful with or without makeup! her smile is the best! she has a strong charisma! all celebrities are using photoshoped, to all haters try to be celebrity maybe photoshoped is not enough for you LOL!

  25. GangsterA June 27, 2010

    Brit looks great pothoshoped or not i saw her bey.riri and trust me they look alot better in person and have graet images and i saw gaga personly she looks bad in person so short and icey and she didnt stop brit since gaga was out brit album went number 1 2 single went no 1 other single number 3 and anthoer top 20 so gaga didnt stoped brit.bey.riri she just a new chart toper along with them and @last boy on earth i saw the same pic but it was riri on it lmao

  26. TeamWayne June 27, 2010

    There was no point in throwing in that photoshop
    comment. She looks great.

  27. AlexanderTG June 27, 2010

    Yeah Gaga is short, but only an inch shorter than Christina and the same height as Kylie, though Kylie’s a lot curvier. I’ve also seen Madonna up close and she can only be an inch or two maximum taller than Gaga. Little Boots is a bit shorter than Gaga, but again a bit curvier. Anyway after all that rambling on – my point is she’s not that short.

  28. Lovelarah June 27, 2010

    For me its all about the eyes, her eyes are coming back….

  29. Yellow Gorilah June 27, 2010

    =/ Ummm This Photo is not not heavily Photoshopped so why is you trying to throw shade when every Artist get’s photoshopped can we please stop this .. he just trying to get comment =|

  30. BooBoo June 27, 2010

    That fat heffa nastyness needs to go! I couldn’t stand her from the beginning! PSYCHO!

  31. britneyislord June 28, 2010

    OH please. We’ve all seen Gaga without photoshop and she looks the fool. Why didn’t you shade her SAM!!!!!!! I love Gaga and I love Britney but this shade was unnecessary and you know it.

  32. MV June 29, 2010

    Not so much photoshop as it is lighting. Who cares tho? It’s no secret that she has bad skin. She’s still a bombshell.

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