New Video: Brutha – ‘Can’t Get Enough’

Published: Sunday 27th Jun 2010 by Sam

Def Jam group Brutha have been on their grind since their debut LP hit stores in 2008.  Now on their sophomore effort, the brother’s are hoping to make an impact with their new single ‘Can’t Get Enough’, the video of which premiered a few moments ago. Check it out below…

While the video hit the mark in the way of presentation, I can’t really say the same for the song. Besides the so-so chorus (“I’m a sexaholic”), the whole shabang feels distinctly 2003.

Still, the guys are very talented (as those who watched their BET reality show will know). Here’s hoping they find their niche.

Your thoughts?

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    These guys look like a bunch of queens, I can imagine them strutting to gaga in some booty shorts.

    “walk, walk fashion baby work it move that b**** crazy”

    strut, strut, strut fellas !!!!!!!!

    no thankyou my sweeties.



  2. spring June 27, 2010

    LOVE IT.. LOVE THEM!!! this is really nice… y i never heard iof them in the past??????
    love the line ‘he told me to listen to usher-u-he said u got it bad’..

  3. OHAI June 27, 2010

    Lol, what’s the point of JLS trying to break America if America actually has a talented group who actually have… talent? Although I’m tryna think… does s** actually still sell? It seems singing about s** has just been done to death. NEXT.

  4. ~TeAM WeeZY~ June 27, 2010

    I mean they have okay voices and they have great harmonies but something about them says ‘We’re brothers who sing well, but not good enough to be a successful group.” I liked their dysfunctional reality show. It kinda showed me that they weren’t as cheesy as I initially thought they were. Don’t get me wrong their still cheesy, but a few of them have a little rough edge. I only really like the lead singer, though, he’s kinda cool. But I’m pretty sure they’ll flop just like last time.


    boybands + 2010 = FAIL.

  6. nothing but my opinion June 27, 2010

    who are they?

  7. nothing but my opinion June 27, 2010

    the lead singer need to go solo noww!
    song is kinda nice tho

  8. Truthfully June 27, 2010

    They have great voices but im not feeling this song…

  9. Mr.727 June 27, 2010

    I’m glad to see these brothas doing their thing, but the sound needs to change!!! How many times is every R&B song going to have that computer snap, with the air drum sound!!! I mean they can sing, but the music sounds to dated, and plus they’re not marketing themselves the right way!!! These artist need to realize that if you want the listening public to purchase your work, you need to really put the work in to get folks attention, because at this rate they won’t be around to long!

  10. OB June 27, 2010

    We need Dr. Drew in aisle 4, Dr. Drew in aisle 4. I had s** a several times with one of the members when they would visit NY. Then I watch this video and just laugh because his acting in it is soooo cute.

  11. Sanity Kane June 27, 2010

    Why does the dude on the far left look like Allen Iverson in that pic?!?!?

  12. OBI TEXAS June 27, 2010

    Did any notice the Tiger Woods impersonation at the end?! That was like DAAAAANG!

    They wrong for dat!

    H-Town stand up!!!

  13. Sydney June 28, 2010

    Love the song…. They did a good job. Can’t wait to hear the album
    I love the real r&b sound.. not all this other stuff they playing on the radio

  14. CJ June 29, 2010

    I don’t think that this song should have been used s a single but…i like these dudes.

  15. justlisa June 29, 2010

    They are marketed wrong. They are marketing them as a young r&b group but the have the older ones in the forefront. If that is the label’s idea than they need to put the younger ones in the forefront. The one they called papa has the most swag and has a good voice. It may not be a versatile as anthony but a stronger big ticket item to pull in young girls. They younger market is not looking for the clean cut dude. They are looking for the cute young dude with swag. I love this group and I really hope that their a&r team can work it out.

  16. ashanti July 10, 2010

    I love this video and I love Brutha..They bringing back what the R&B game has been missing and that is REAL TALENT. Vacancy Coming Soon
    **touched by a bruthas angel**

  17. Shannon July 10, 2010

    I love Brutha point blank period, the song is hot the video is dope & im POSITIVE that VACANCY will be something to tell the WORLD ABOUT. So to all the HATERS fall back and jump on this VACANCY MOVEMENT you’ll regret it if you dont get on board now.

    **I am my brutha’s keeper**

  18. Marelya July 10, 2010

    Brutha is EXTREMELY TALENTED!!!! Their vocals cannot be matched!! I love this single, and the video! When I first heard the song, I wasn’t sure the direction they would take the video in, but I think it was genius to make it silly to highlight their silly personalities! This song is only the beginning…. Vacancy is coming soon and I can’t wait!!!
    **I Am My Brutha’s Keeper**

  19. Yaz July 16, 2010

    I CANT GET ENOUGH!!!!!!! I love this song and BRUTHA! They have so much raw and natural talent……VACANCY COMING SOON

    *Brutha Team was here*

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