Christina Aguilera Talks About New Love For Auto-Tune

Having previously worn a jersey emblazoned with the words ‘Auto-Tune is for P*ssies’, Christina Aguilera now admits that she has a new-found respect for the device. The singer, who utilised the technology on her ‘Bionic’ LP, noted that she has no problem with auto-tune once it is used creatively. Check out what Aguilera had to say to Sirius Satellite Radio below:

I couldn’t agree more. Instead of using auto-tune on ever lyric and note, it is important for singers to devise ways of utilising the tool to make their music stand out without becoming totally reliant on it. Besides, many of today’s artists use auto-tune to create the illusion that they can actually sing and find themselves completely embarrassed when asked to sing in a live setting.  That being said, expect Aguilera’s love affair with the device to grow even more in the coming years as the upper registers of her voice seem to be hanging on by a thread.


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  1. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) June 18, 2010



    EPIC PHAIL OF DA CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) June 18, 2010




  3. lisa June 18, 2010

    wow and still you jsut have to be a dik towards her> yet she still sing circles around every female today.


    LOL @ the upper register comment……..Mariah hasnt done a live whistle since the emancipation of mimi LOL LOL !!!!


    Beyone should be using autotune more too !!! can’t stand hearing Screechoncey attempt notes that arent on her level.

  6. mr.M June 18, 2010


    you couldn’t find a prettier AVATAR for Fatyonce ??

    hmmm poor thing that ugly b**** can not be compared to LEGENDTINA

    THEAFyonce is only good in stealing songs from other artist and shamelessly put her name on it .

    what a dumb fat ugly flopped b****

    i prefer Michelle Willams over her any time LOOOL


    @MR.M LOL

    sooo true !!! not sure about the michelle williams comment though, she sucks.

    But Screechoncey and Obeseariah are pretty terrible, Mariah no longer has “THE” voice and she struggles desperately on stage trying to hit those notes, losing some weight would probably help her too……..theres thick, and theres obsese. Mariah is obese.

    Don’t even get me started on Screechoncey and those huge tree trunks she calls legs, b**** is so fake in her interviews and even though she’s not in DC anymore, the b**** still treats Kelly & Michelle like there hers.

    not to mention the fact that she screeches like a banshee on stage and trys to pass it of as singing.


  8. yungcityjay June 18, 2010


  9. Love June 18, 2010

    I’m Rooting for XTINA if there’s ones person who can turn a disaster of an album release it would be Xtina.

  10. mr.M June 18, 2010


    lol i dont like Michelle , i used to like DC. but u can tell that Michelle and Kelly are better than THEAFyonce.

    but sadly the fat AMAZONyonce always try to keep the spotlight on her fat ass

    but not in the last tour and here’s the proof

    Michelle KILLS Fatyonce ,


    no wonder no one would like to comeback to her , lol

    i bet she will steal one of kelly’s or michelle’s songs in the future .

    but as usual it will flop , and hard

  11. not hating, just saying June 18, 2010

    I have to say that I’ve losted a little respect for her. I love her and her music to death but she never does or says anything and sticks with it. She makes comments about people and takes them back and then blasted auto-tune and the people who use it and then turns around uses it herself.

    She needs to stick to her guns. She turns off a lot of people with her wishy washiness. Like she wants to do so much. She wants to be so much. But sometimes too much is a bad thing. And her sales and singles chartings are paying the price for it. She needs to stick with one look but spice it up every now and then, establish one sound but re-invent every album and not say s*** and try and class it up once people start making a big deal about it.

    She reallys need to listen to her people and let her ego go.



    Michelle shut the house down…..whats with Screechoncey always being in the middle ?
    can that fat b**** never just let Kelly Or michelle be in the middle for once, such a selfish heffa.

    LOL @ Fatoncey always stealing peoples songs and then failing when she gets found out…..always trying to make herself out to be some lyrical genius.


  13. ~Team Weezy~ June 18, 2010

    Damn! Why is it that X-Tina fans are mentioning Beyonce and Mariah in this post??? Why do you have to defend her by bringing in other artists???

    You KNOW it’s sad when you’ve mentioned Beyonce before @Beydabess did!

    Anyway, I find it a bit hypocritical that she would use auto-tune and say something like this when she’s worn a shirt that obviously stated that auto-tune is whack! Hmmmm, it seems a little desperate to me! Get it together Christina!

  14. HBF82 June 18, 2010

    That’s the problem with Christina: She is not consistent with the her sayings, her music styles….
    Who is this DANBOFFICIALL???
    He/she seems like a mental patient.



    DANBOFFICIALL is the truth 😉

  16. Sarah1 June 18, 2010

    @ HBF. That’s because he is. I suggested that TGJ clean up their blog because a lot of people here are nothing but blatantly ignorant, dumb and highly childish mental cases. You can tell just by reading their posts, that these people are 10-12 years old. As a matter of fact, a lot of these trolls love to post under a number of different alias.

    @ Not Hating,

    Christina is one of the biggest hypocrites in music. I remember when she blasted Britney for lipsynching and is doing it herself. And now she’s trying to come up with a lame excuse for using autotune just to have an excuse to use it.

    It’s funny because I bet her stans were blasting Mariah for using autotune and now their asses can’t say s*** about Mariah nor any other artists using it.

  17. jj June 18, 2010

    woahhhhhh!!!! i cant believe this girl! before she hates auto-tunes but now she likes it??? she even said she will never lipsycnh but what??? she lipsynch many times!

    if i were you girl, dont talk if your mouth is full! lol

    christina is very desperate now… to be on top!

  18. DOB June 18, 2010

    That last sentence made me HOLLER! LOL

  19. Sarah June 18, 2010

    Did any of you people listen to what she said???? She said she never liked it before because she never understood it very well, but now shes using it to be creative. Gosh some of you people dont listen. Also again why do people keep bringing up Mariah Carey, and Beyonce in every single article about Christina, its getting very annoying. Trent get a f****** life you dickhead, she aint gonna lose her voice anytime soon so deal with it. Stop trying to copy Perez Hilton trying to diss Christina all the time, weather you diss her or not shes more relevant then you ever be loser.

  20. SunDee June 18, 2010

    ofcourse she use autotune for this Futuristic sound!
    or it would be just un~Bionic Album…

  21. jj June 18, 2010

    i really hate this b****

    i really dont understand what is the problem of auto tune??? for me, its just ok if singers will use auto tune because its just to add flavor to the songs…

  22. hermes June 18, 2010

    @ sarah you really got the point!!every post about xtina becomes something about bey or mariah…and it really pisses me off!!so much s*** and hate on xtina for every single word she says!!she is HUMAN and so she can say something then CHANGE HER MIND ABOUT THAT!!!!everyone does!!get a life haters….there will come a day when anyone just will shut up to this amazing woman with ups and downs though!!

  23. SunDee June 18, 2010


    but autotune can Also… make the pitchy tune corrected.
    so basically everyone could sing with this ‘device’

    “Auto-Tune uses a phase vocoder to correct pitch in vocal
    and instrumental performances”

  24. yafavecouldneva June 18, 2010

    This B**** voice gets DEEPER every year. IMAGINE WHEN SHE 60 she gone be sounding like a FULL BLOWN MAN. I remember when she FIRST CAME OUT it wasn’t that DEEP. NOW THAT GROWLING AND GRUNTING is too deep AND THAT IS ALL she know how to do SHE REFUSED to get VOCAL TRAINING so she can’t sing NORMALLY like a human she only sound like LIONS, TIGERS, AND BEARS with all that GROWLING and GRUNTING she be doing. SHE NEED AUTOTUNE to give her a more FEMININE SOUND.

  25. BEYONCE VS. WORLD June 18, 2010


  26. rated x June 18, 2010

    Umm, u christina stans are taking stuff way out of context. christina doesnt get backlash because shes christina aguilera. she gets backlash because of all the stupid s*** that comes out of her mouth. contradicting herself, and talking s*** about other artist. and yes we gonna call her a** out. hell I’m a fan of hers and im still gonna call her a** out for being arrogant, and effing annoying. just because im a fan doesnt mean im gonna kiss her a**..

    thats why her album flop because all that gaga s*** talking and i dont care if u dont like me crap, first she says this album is gonna be different, something new, and comes out with a gaga, madonna, britney knockoff video. and when her single flopped, sudddenly shes not trying to make a hit.

  27. rated x June 18, 2010

    christina as a big fan of urs, im going to need for u to shut the f*** up, cause the more u open ur mouth the more people are getting turn off by u.

  28. SunDee June 18, 2010

    @Rated X

    “Sudddenly shes not trying to make a hit.” She said this before NMT (flopped). Btw yeah i dislike NMT MV either.

  29. Sarah1 June 18, 2010

    Actually, I believe she made that comment after NMT flopped. I even remember Trent posting about it. So yeah. Rated X is correct.

    Rated X,

    I must say it is refreshing to see a Christina fan on this blog with some intelligence and common sense. I haven’t seen that yet from any other Christina fan, probably because the rest are stans.

  30. AlexanderTG June 18, 2010

    Surely the point she is making is a perfectly valid one and very simple to understand – using Autotune creatively in order to for instance produce an obvious voice distortion is valid (something a lot of electro groups such as The Knife utilize) – on the other hand using it to cover up the fact that you can’t actually sing is invalid. Re the Gaga v Xtina nonsense – that is all just so much media cr*p – about as accurately reported as all those stories of Gaga being a guy or her taking a flight back to the US whilst just wearing crime scene tape.

  31. rated x June 18, 2010

    thats the difference between being a fan or a stan.. we fans aknowledges when our favorite artist effs up. instead of sugar coating s***, and blaming other people.

  32. jj June 18, 2010

    christina stans are BAD! in youtube they are so STUPID! they always blame other artists for the flopping of christina!

  33. 4Reel June 18, 2010

    The only person who made sense to me. Some of ya’ll are too dang blind, always seeing red.

    June 18, 2010 at 8:53 pm
    “Surely the point she is making is a perfectly valid one and very simple to understand – using Autotune creatively in order to for instance produce an obvious voice distortion is valid (something a lot of electro groups such as The Knife utilize) – on the other hand using it to cover up the fact that you can’t actually sing is invalid. Re the Gaga v Xtina nonsense – that is all just so much media cr*p – about as accurately reported as all those stories of Gaga being a guy or her taking a flight back to the US whilst just wearing crime scene tape.”

  34. SunDee June 18, 2010

    @Sarah + Rated X

    I found it that the comment are made on May 14 (probably way before that date) on this blog

    But yeah i Agreed with Rated X comment with Fans should be not blind. Give props when it dues & give a constructive feedback when sumthin not right. too many stans vs haters bring every sane people crazy with this war of comments. it’s just too much (fake) unnecessary drama… sigh~

  35. SunDee June 18, 2010

    @JJ.. your comment also valid for all (super crazy) Stans out there…

  36. GangsterA June 18, 2010

    Beyonce must be baying pepole to talk s*** i just cant get why beyonce have to go aginst every artisit in the game can some one explain that even with rapers some blog were having beyonce vs lil kim that one who call him self beyonce vs the world have the perfect name any way i dont mind singers use auto-tune in the song but when they do it live its just sucks bionic is one hella of a album it could have been charted better if she kept her mouth to her self

  37. Kevin June 18, 2010

    come on trent….

    saying her upper register is “hanging on a thread” is just plain dumb

  38. FUTURESTARdelux June 18, 2010

    *double sigh* Trents delusional bitchiness knows no bounds lol
    XTina CAN sing and she uses Autotune CREATIVELY for effects not to give the illusion that she can sing (because we ALL know she can lol).
    Trent why are you crying over C/X’s upper register? it’s fine. Not many of her songs use it so unlike Mariah she hasn’t worn it out.
    I seriously have to laugh about these comments when you make catty comments about problems C/X doesn’t even have and praise mariah 😛 and you all know i love Mariah but let’s be fair ok credit (and shade) whare it’s due! that is all… 🙂

  39. rated x June 18, 2010

    I’m sorry are u stans really that delusional or just plain stupid?..
    I dont care if any artist use auto tune. but the problem i have is real artist like christina who backtracks on s***. she wore a shirt that said auto is for p******, that was way before her single or video dropped. and they both fail..she sees that fans like me are not falling for her crap so she bactracks, and say she would use auto tune.
    common on now, she even bactracks on the s*** talking she was doing on gaga. now suddendly she appreciates gagas work..after dissing her over and over again..

    now im not going to sit here and try to blame everybodys else, because christina is effing up her career.what the fugg does beyonce or mariah got to do with this..unless mariah claims auto was for p****** and the bish still use autotune, then mariahs name shouldnt be on here.

  40. rated x June 18, 2010

    the ironic thing is, the same stans that r trying to defend christinas wanting to use auto tune now, were the same ones shitting on britney voice, saying she use auto tune cause she has zero talent.
    umm whos the bad bish now? britney still is on top…
    hell even britneys blackout album who had zero promotion, and the bish was crazy then, still sold about 120k on the first day it dropped…
    so its not about people not bying albums anymore, people need to stop with tha excuse..
    we buy album thats worth it.

    now maybe christina going to tone down her mouth now…and stop waisting her fans time.

  41. AlexanderTG June 18, 2010

    @Rated X
    In the video Christina says that she didn’t used to like autotune, but then she understood there was a creative way to use it. What is wrong with someone changing their opinion of something once they understand it better? There was a time when I was working for a rock group way back when I would have argued that all rap was total sh*t, but then once I began to understand it more I began to appreciate it and so changed my opinion. Call it backtracking if you like, but I’d say its a more mature way to go about things than continuing to openly state something that you no longer believe to be true. And as far as the comments re Gaga that she’s supposed to have made even if she had were they really that bad – supposedly back in 2008 she didn’t know who Gaga was or even if Gaga was a guy or a girl, well I’ve got to admit I’d never even heard of her before Jan 2009. She was also supposed to have called Gaga a newcomer – well she did win Breakthrough Artist at the Brits this year – that sort of implies that she is a newcomer on the scene still. Still, when all’s said and done music is a very personal thing and as for me I’m loving Bionic – maybe I’m in a minority, but that won’t affect my enjoyment of the album.

  42. number1k9 June 19, 2010


  43. S*** June 19, 2010

    Wasnt it GRUNTina who wore an ANTI-Autotune T-Shirt like in 08??

    Hypocritical or just FAKE??

    I guess all that Screaming & Hollering on dame near EVERY song shes ever recorded really did a # on her voice. Her album is so unbalanced to, can you say IDENTITY CRISIS??

  44. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) June 19, 2010





  45. Teflon Boy June 19, 2010

    Christina’s voice is in great condition…, do some of you not realise most promo is done in the early AM of a day…, breakfast television, radio, the list goes on…, if you have the range of Madonna you’re not going to be as affected as someone with a lot more vocal range to navigate and warm up prior to performance. I should know, I’m a singer myself and the full use of one’s voice doesn’t really appear for the first 5 hours of being awake. I’m not making excuses, Mariah’s ability has diminished but even when she sounded great throughout the 90’s she’d often say that morning, aircon, alcohol and cigarette smoke would play havoc with her voice…,

    Talking all day is also one of the worst things a singer can do prior to singing and in the months of promo during an album release what are you required to do? Give back-to-back interviews of course. To sound note-perfect at all times is nigh-on impossible so for everyone crying ‘she’s losing her voice!’, just listen to her Regis and Kelly ‘Not Myself Tonight’ performance…, she was clearly rested and her larynx was moisturised and she sounded next level incredible. Of course that is way entertaining than shouting ‘SHE’S LOST HER VOICE! from the rooftop of Stupidity Towers.

  46. Teflon Boy June 19, 2010

    ^way less entertaining…

  47. ~TeAM WeeZY~ June 19, 2010


    Oh please. If she didn’t understand auto-tune, then she shouldn’t have wore that shirt! To me that indicates ignorance. Why would I say or wear a shirt that says “Bikes are for dumbasses” if I never rode a bike? Why would I say or wear a s*** that says “watching television is for losers” if I have never watched television. Now does that make any sense?

    Maybe she should think about ish before she says it or wears a T-shirt opposing it.

  48. Nataly June 19, 2010


  49. Darren June 19, 2010

    BULL S***> auto-tune is the most lazy thing in the world and its SOOOOO over done no one should ever use it again. The people who are using it are just sheep trying to be cool.

  50. mr.M June 19, 2010


    i bet u r watching that xtina HOT pic and WISHING that U and FATyonce have that body

    no wonder ur a acting like a B-I-T-C-H , coz u r ^_^

    Xtina can do it all , from pop ,hip hop, r&b , rock , blues , jazz and also can use AUTO TUNE TOO. why not . MY B**** can sing anything !

    she can do it ALL , she’s a legend

    and Beyonce ?? let her stick to r&b , she just cant do more , she cant push boundaries

    she a afraid to be a flop , oh wait she already a FLOP . LOLZ

  51. True Blue June 19, 2010

    @ Team Weezy:

    Maybe she wore the “Auto-Tune Is For P******” t-shirt to call out singers who can’t sing that use the device to hide their lack of talent? The only way she would be a hypocrite is if it turned out that she can’t sing and that she was using Auto-Tune to fool everyone into thinking that she can. Using Auto-Tune for effect (like Cher, Kanye West) is a different story.

    Besides, a lot of people come out being completely against something without understanding it, only to change their mind later on as they become more educated about it. It’s not an excuse, it’s the truth. The same way some people don’t remain racist/homophobic for the rest of their lives, they grow up and become more mature about certain things, are you gonna call them out for not remaining consistent with their beliefs?

    @ Sarah1:

    Since when did Christina lip-sync?

  52. True Blue June 19, 2010

    @ Trent:

    Her upper-register is just fine, quit looking for things to pick on.

  53. S*** June 19, 2010

    ^^ DELUSIONAL H**.

    Listen, GRUNTina is NOT half as versatile as Beyonce in any way especially not musically. BioFLOP was a Mess BTW, STR8 TRASH. Who told STRAIN Tina she can do uptempos anyway?? She aint Beyonce!! Ballads & Up Tempos does not suit her equally. Most her ballads are BLAND & sound the same & her faster songs are GENERIC & sound even more Bublegum than S******.

    BEY-ICON >>> FLOP-Tina will NEVER be on the QUEEN’s LVL. MAD??

  54. S*** June 19, 2010

    ^^ That Comment was for Mr. M(aget)

  55. rated x June 19, 2010

    so now we gonna make excuses for her. common now stans, u making it hard for us fans to defend her.
    i dont give a damn if christina use auto tune, my problem so many artist out there when they first dropped an album, they be like i dont need to sho ass to sell a record, i dont need to f*** for track or autotune. then when they notice their s*** is flopping left and right, they try to do the same s*** they were against in the first place to sell an album.

    christinas being doing nothing but talking s*** since her album dropped, hell even before it dropped. she was bein arrogant, rude and nasty.. so now she realized that people are getting turn off by her attitude, she backtracks on every stupid s*** she said.
    and as a fan im still gonna call her ass out, for acting a fool.

  56. S*** June 19, 2010

    @ Mr. M


    Listen, GRUNTina is NOT half as versatile as Beyonce in any way especially not musically. BioFLOP was a Mess BTW, STR8 TRASH. Who told STRAIN Tina she can do uptempos anyway?? She aint Beyonce!! Ballads & Up Tempos does not suit her equally. Most her ballads are BLAND & sound the same & her faster songs are GENERIC & sound even more Bublegum than S******. Beyonce sold more, has more #1s, looks better (though XXX-Tina is very beautiful), Has more grammys, is a better dancer, Is a Better singer & performer, has a better Voice, has better music, Hell, Shes just Better.

    BEY-ICON >>> FLOP-Tina will NEVER be on the QUEEN’s LVL. MAD??

  57. mr.M June 19, 2010


    I’m not gonna comment on YOU b**** , u know y ?

    coz ur nickname speaks for yourself
    so , STFU S***


    at leat Xtina is NOT fat , ugly , flat nose , fake hair , tree legs and A THEAF as :


    LEGENDTINA cannot be touched by a fugly fug B**** as FUGLYONCE is

    peace out , S*** : clean ur ass

    lol | BYE

  58. Sarah1 June 19, 2010

    “Maybe she wore the “Auto-Tune Is For P******” t-shirt to call out singers who can’t sing that use the device to hide their lack of talent? The only way she would be a hypocrite is if it turned out that she can’t sing and that she was using Auto-Tune to fool everyone into thinking that she can.”

    B*******! COMPLETE AND UTTER B*******! You ridiculous stans need to shut the f*** up with your beyond ridiculous and pathetic excuses. Gawd! Stop f****** making excuses and face the fact that Christina is a damn HYPOCRITE. She blasted auto-tune in the past and is now using the crap herself. It doesn’t matter if she can sing! Kanye West used auto-tune and he can rap! Mary J. Blige & Mariah Carey used auto-tune and they can both sing! So being able to sing has absolutely nothing to do with Christina’s hypocrisy! She just jumped on the bandwagon and started using auto-tune like many, and then tried to justify using auto-tune because she blasted it in the past.

    Since when did Christina lip-sync?”

    Uhhhhhh….for some time now?????? As a matter of fact, she lipped while performing Bionic on recently on the MTV Movie Award. There are also a number of videos on YouTube exposing Christina’s lipping and even on B2B tours, critics were pointing out her blatant lipsynching.

    Christina lipsynches and I guess it’s too bad you stans can’t accept that.

  59. S*** June 19, 2010

    @ Mr. Maget

    GRUNTina does FAKE pop ,hip hop, r&b , blues , jazz

    Beyonce is way more VERSATILE, She has done REAL R&B, POP & Euro Pop, Hip Hop, Crunk, Jazz, Rock, Opera, Classical, Country Folk, Soul, Alternative Funk, & even gospel, yes gospel H**.

    You know, REAL MUSIC & REAL VERSATILITY both Vocally & Musically(?)…

  60. AlexanderTG June 19, 2010

    @Sarah1 – I’m not saying this is necessarily the case with all the ‘lip-sync’ incidents, but there are quite a large number of TV shows where the artist isn’t allowed to sing live and has no choice but to lip-sync.The reasoning behind this is that it makes it much easier for the studio to get a good sound. I know this as I’ve been there when a pretty famous UK singer was made to do this even though she too had said she’d never lip-sync

  61. S*** June 19, 2010

    Tid Bit:

    Bionic sold 200,000 Units Worldwide outselling The Fame (W****).

  62. S*** June 19, 2010

    & Rated RIDICULOUS only sold 24,000. LOL

  63. S*** June 19, 2010

    @ GRUNTina Stans

    She sold 44 Million WW right?? So how come none of her albums are on the list of the Top 100 highest selling albums of all time:

    FlopTina aint on there but the lowest selling sold 14 Mill. Somethings not adding up. I thought her 1st LP sold like 27 Million??

  64. AlexanderTG June 19, 2010

    So Gaga only sold around 100,000 worldwide last week – to me that seems an amazingly large number for an album that came out almost two years ago – you would think by now everyone would have heard enough of her material on the radio to have made their mind up if they were going to buy the album or not.

  65. S*** June 19, 2010

    ^^ yeah good for her but It was a RE-RELEASE, If It wasnt for Monster she would have only sold around what Beyonce sold which Is 7 Million. Gaga is just over exposed. Shes cool & all but I really dont too much care for her kind of music.

  66. bee s day June 19, 2010


  67. AlexanderTG June 19, 2010

    Maybe Bionic will turn out to be her lowest selling album, who knows – only time will tell, but that doesn’t necessarily signal the end of her career. Maybe there are some similarities here with Kylie, who also started out as a teenager – after around 10 years in the business she decided to release an experimental type album (Impossible Princess) with lots of very different stuff to her usual disco-pop – that album turned out to be her lowest seller ever (44,000 copies total in the UK), though many critics now look back on it as one of her best bits of work. She was 29 at the time. Four years later she released Fever which sold 8 million copies. Not a prediction, just a thought.

  68. lindy June 19, 2010

    June 19, 2010 at 1:14 am




    SHE SHULD JOIN C–ERROR N FLOPLAND <— DEAD *JUMPS OFF A F****** BRIDGE* so f****** funny but really mean i like xtina but really autotune she doesn't need it!

  69. Candy Bling June 19, 2010

    This is why she is seen as a b****.

    Always cussing people then backtracking like an idiot.

  70. ~TeAM WeeZY~ June 19, 2010

    @True Blue

    Really? If she thought it was for people who can’t sing she should have wore a shirt that said “Auto-tune is for P****** WHO CAN’T SING!” The shirt she wore was a broad statement that conveyed a message that ANYBODY who used it for ANY type of reason is a p****! Therefore she is a hypocrite, because she used auto-tune REGARDLESS if it was for effect. It doesn’t matter what way she used it, SHE DID, which in result contradicted her initial opposition!

    And you damn right I’m gonna call out other people for not having “consistent beliefs,” only if they don’t understand it intially before they attempt to oppose it, as Christina just did. I mean so what if it’s “alot of people who do it” that doesn’t make it less hypocritical. Including the racist/homphobic situation you’re referring to, it still applies! Opposing something that you don’t completely understand is just down right ignorant! PERIOD! It is an extremely illogical theory!

  71. AlexanderTG June 19, 2010

    @Team Weezy
    I hope Jay-Z’s getting the same kind of treatment from you for recording autotuned tracks and then bringing out Death of Autotune. Surely he contradicted his initial position?

  72. Sarah1 June 19, 2010

    I read on a couple of other blogs that Bionic is set to bomb hard on the UK charts, dropping from #1 all the way out of the top 20, which will be the biggest drop in UK chart history.

    They better bring ole girl out there to promote!

  73. AlexanderTG June 19, 2010

    Do you know if that’s because her sales have dropped off dramatically or because other albums have sold a lot more?

  74. Sarah1 June 19, 2010

    It’s because of her sales. I won’t necessarily fault Christina for this because she hasn’t even been over to the UK to promote Bionic at all.

  75. smartee June 19, 2010

    This is another reason why I can’t stand Christina Aguilera. I’ve always knew that she was very arrogant, hypocritical, and contradicting! I can’t believe people are just know finding that out. Something is wrong with her! For someone who is nasty and disgusting, sexually, she has some nerve to judge people when she doesn’t want to be judge and tries to act like it’s okay for her to express her sexuality to the public. I still won’t forget when she called Mariah Carey out for kicking her out her party! WTF did that have to do with anything? She just bought it up out of no where in an interview when she was about to come out with that “Back to Basics” album.

    Someone commented that Christina dissed auto tune before because she didn’t understand it, so what? You don’t go around wearing a distasteful shirt with the words “Auto tune is for P***ies” and then turn around and praise it! She’s the type of person who thinks she’s better than everyone and makes excuses for herself when she does what everyone else is doing. Point blank, her album sucks, especially the upbeat songs. It’s filed with bubblegum, idiotic, and immature lyrics! The “Bionic” track sound so damn auto tuned out that it’s ridiculous how computerized someone’s voice can be. Sit down b**ch… oh and, I’m glad her career is ending because this is what she gets for being such a B**TCH.

  76. jj June 19, 2010

    christina is one of the p******

  77. raraskils June 20, 2010

    i dont consider it hypocritical, its called being open minded!!!
    at least she’s not a stubborn person who will grow old without ever having tried something new!

  78. Bullfighter808 June 22, 2010

    Christina only hated auto-tune because Brit used it. Lame.

  79. WILL June 23, 2010

    ive skimmed thru most of the comments on here, and theyre all opinions of people who shouldnt give them. (bias, ignorant, stupid, naive, blind, etc ) xtina is the first to admit she blasted auto tune, and now shes ok with it. its called growing. experimenting, u kno….what shes done her whole career. drop me a couple artists who dont have their entire team hand them a direction and script and prewritten songs, and yes….they selll alot. im not gna lie as a xtina fan britney sells records. WELL. does that mean her albums are worth a damn ? no, not much more than the ones who buy them holding them to gospel. meanwhile u have a chick using her music to get past her childhood, breaks molds before gaga came about, gives credit to madonna, and experiments with a different genre every album, not to mention has a 4 octave vocal range. got married, had a f***** kid, went ANOTHER new direction for an album, and she sucks ? people love to hate this chick, she MUSt have something u love, or dont have. and thats balls. most people stick in the same genre, because its safe, they dont want their career to suffer. drop an album every year just to stay relevant. singing about useless s***, that doesnt help anyone, and NEED autotune, instead of being CREATIVE with it. and thats whom u consider ur idol ? thats the top diva ? sounds like #1 gimmick, the music industry thrives on empty retarded no backbone sheep like most of you. keep hating, ur paying the whores of the game, and knockin on the REAL talent.

  80. Allison June 29, 2010

    LMAO I can’t believe you want to put yourself out there and say her upper register is “hanging by a thread” when she is so clearly at her best. Have you even listened to “You Lost Me”?? You could not be more incorrect.

  81. shontalll July 4, 2010

    LMAOO @ these haterz and stans both! yaw are all ignorant losers who arent competent enough to put a credible opinion down!
    i am not a christina fan. i like some of her songz, but im not obsessed wit her like so many people are. that bein said.. im not one of these d**** who be hatin on her either. i keep it real. i’m not necessarily gonna praise xtina for wearing the shirt, but i can definitely see where she comin from when she wore that. I agree wit her that there’s a lot of artists out today who sound great on record and then get on stage and sound like a moose wit a microphone. thats wat she was referring to. like ms britney spears for instance. damm dat girrl have one of the worst voices i eva heard. these “p******” xtina was referring to is ppl like Britney who, without autotune, sound fukkin disgraceful. she rely on it to build her career. xtina on the other hand, doesnt need it at all, she just used it to have a little fun. so haterzz, stfu and sit yo a** down. xtina gonna be around for a lonnng time. nexxxxtttt

  82. shontalll July 4, 2010

    and for all these dipshittts who be sayin xtina said bitchy comments about lady gaga, show me these comments. cuz the only thing i seen about this is that xtina said she didnt know who gaga was.. fukktards, thats not mean. get a fukkin grip and loosen ya damm panties. yaw tryin to find everything possible to down on xtina. so once again, haterz, sit yo worthless a** down. nexttt

  83. kris December 31, 2010

    she really needs autotune now because she is losing her “Range” due to improper vocal technique.
    she has never been able to hit any notes live. people just mistake her loud vocals for “singing” especially when compared to britney spears.

    this girl is a joke! she has never written an actual song or composed one..
    she should spend an hour a day working on piano or something instead of her makeup.
    i feel bad for the kids who idolize her…they are going to ruin their voices.

  84. kris December 31, 2010

    to SMARTEE

    that is funny you mentioned mariah.
    when you are mariah carey who wrote a song like “outside” or “anytime you need a friend” (not to mention the amazing vocas)
    i am more likely inclined to believe mariah is the genuine one
    i agree with you she must be a bit** haha of course she did that when she debuted her album
    i never heard about that with mariah. i guess people didn’t pay too much attention because it is obvious mariah is far beyond that crap…wow…this girl is a lost soul lol

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