Hot Shots: Michelle Williams & LeToya Luckett Party In Las Vegas

Published: Saturday 24th Jul 2010 by Sam

Former Destiny’s Child singers Michelle Williams and LeToya Luckett were spotted out together once again – this time at Tao Las Vegas last night (July 23rd). Both ladies look stunning. {Pictures via I Had Heard}

Randomness: I wonder if they exchange Mathew horror stories? Just a thought…

More pics after the jump…

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  1. Gary July 24, 2010

    It was Michelle’s Birthday ! Both ladies looks georgous

  2. Robert July 24, 2010

    Michelle look a hot ass mess… She has fallen off in the looks department. The best she ever looked was back in DC3 era… before destiny Fulfilled.

  3. ADE July 24, 2010

    How old is Michelle? She looks a hot mess as someone said above and she dresses like an old lady

  4. GangsterA July 24, 2010

    Michelle looks a lil old but nice dress and f*** leflopia that b**** is a ….b**** cant stand her

  5. Dont Hate Appreciate July 24, 2010

    I think Michelle is too thin for sleeveless.

  6. Badd July 24, 2010

    Why does Michelle look so old ???
    She & Letoya are only a year apart..
    yet Letoya looks younger & much nicer.
    Michelle is 30 Letoya is 29.

  7. BFoxx July 24, 2010

    Michelle’s 30 and her outfit is cute outside of the shoes. I agree about the sleeveless thing though.

  8. K.Row Kid July 24, 2010

    I love Michelle but, the short do has got to go like now… That is what makes her look older… And is that Angie Beyince on the far left? The Knowles/Destiny’s Child camp’s relationships are so weird…

    TEAM KELLY!!!!!

  9. Zomn July 24, 2010

    Michelle doesn’t look old, but her hair is slightly too short!
    Both look stuning.

  10. Phabo Da H** July 24, 2010

    Michelle and Toya got some HATERZ….SMH. Both women lookd great! They gotta b plannin a duet. They are together too much… :o)

  11. veebz July 24, 2010

    Lol I’m sure they do. I luv Michelle but that dress is gives her years she doesn’t need.

  12. MaZ July 24, 2010

    Letoya is a s***! Beautiful legs and I like how she dressed.

    Michelle and Letoya seem good friend, even Angela Beyince (Beyoncé’s cousin) was standing next to Letoya.

  13. Andrew July 24, 2010

    I want Michelle’s long hair back :[
    LeToya looks HOT :]

  14. quanberg July 24, 2010

    Michelle looked amazing, she’s living and loving life so stop hating – get on her level

  15. TheYoungLion July 24, 2010

    Destiny’s Flops

  16. Ghetto Fab July 24, 2010

    Wow even Angela was there. We think we know what’s going on with these girls but we really have no clue. And it’s funny that they are pals meanwhile they were never in DC together or at the same time. Michelle was picked to replace Letoya’s ass. Strange but I’m sure they have a lot of things in common.

    No Kelly or Beyonce though. hmmm I think they make it a point not to have all three of them there.

  17. Ghetto Fab July 24, 2010

    @ TheYoungLion

    While you sit there on your Windows 1998 computer you can call them flops all you like but they are still living better than your poor ass SO STAY MAD! LMAO Their bank accounts speak for themselves !

  18. dc July 24, 2010

    Im glad that they have friendship

    And im sure they do share their horror stories about matthew

    They both felt the same and sacked matthew as their manager

  19. quanberg July 24, 2010

    We cannot forget that Kelly has an album coming out and it out promoting amd is still in the studio recording, mean while Beyonce is with her husband (ugly ass Jay-Z), so we cannot expect them to be around each other 24/7. i’m sure the other girls had previous engagements. plus i’m sure they sent gifts !!!! so once again stop hating.

  20. CC July 24, 2010

    Letoya is stunning! She looks amazing here 😀

    Michelle needs to grow her hair longer again…the short do isnt working for me.

  21. xxx July 24, 2010

    michelle looks old cause she is way too thin…and is it just me, or is she gettin thinner and thinner? she looks anorexic
    and thats no hating! but 5 pounds more would fit her…
    the hair doesn’t look cute, she had a short hair cut which she really rocked, guess it wasn’t that short on the sides

  22. KNUCK July 25, 2010

    I’m a michelle fan, but she is TOO thin.. And she needs longer hair.. I think that would be needed whether she was too thin or not. She looks like a church deaconess chile!

    And that’s no shade because I use her.

    Her excuse for looking so thin now is that when we saw her in DC she was fresh outta college and had extra pounds on her.. but this is too dramatic.. smh.

  23. Robier July 25, 2010


  24. mishka July 25, 2010

    Happy birthday Michelle but why wearing black on your B-day party, girl….

  25. David July 25, 2010

    Michelle looks happy (Not the best though, she might need her long hair back), Letoya looks stunning. Both lady’s are great 🙂

  26. Yoyo July 25, 2010

    Michelles birthday. Where are Beyonce & Kelly ! o_O

  27. Anne July 25, 2010

    Agree that Michelle needs to gain a few pounds of weight and inches of hair; also she needs a new dress, not feeling the sash dress.

  28. kekeluvsu_LeToya Luckett STAN July 25, 2010

    YES LETOYA. You better work. She looks fab from head to toe. Mable I do think she looks nice. The short hair do i actually love on her it’s just that her weight is a problem. i think she is too thin. she needs to gain at least 15-20 pounds to match her height. Because the lady is like 5-8/5-9. I think she will be alright once that happens. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY MABLE 🙂

  29. Kyle July 25, 2010

    Michelle needs some meat on her bones ASAP!!! Letoya is looking s*** as usual!!

  30. EXPOSED July 25, 2010


  31. K.Row Kid July 25, 2010

    I love Michelle and Letoya! I love all my DC girls! Is that Angie Beyince on the far left?

    I read somewhere Michelle and Letoya were working on a song together? Is it true?

  32. Quiana July 25, 2010

    LaToya looks nice and Michelle baby you are older than 30 years old, you need to tell the truth about your age. I am over 30 ++++++ so I know how people in there 30’s age and you my dear is over 30 and not 30.

  33. Matty July 25, 2010

    WOW i’m just amazed at this photo! i never thought it would happen, but i love that it has!!

  34. lol July 25, 2010

    windows 1998 computer………..that killed it looooool

  35. stan July 25, 2010

    i’m a huge michelle fan, but she needs to grow her hair back out. that super short do is definitely not working for her. a medium length would be nice, like what she had during the “unexpected” era.

  36. StayMad July 25, 2010

    Who are they?

  37. antertain July 25, 2010

    Love the pic of just LeToya n Michelle…

    Letoya is just full of Hotness
    Michelle dress looks real good

    Glad they cool.

    LeToya is making the rounds. She been seen with Bee (though not caught on camera), she been seen with Kelly, she been seen with Michelle more than once and she hangs with LaTavia when they both in same area.

    LeToya is a real DC trooper.

  38. Gary July 25, 2010

    @Stan Well , it’s her thing so let her do what she want to ! She looks HOT !

  39. EXPOSED July 25, 2010


  40. Amy July 25, 2010

    If they sit and waste their time talking about Mathew then they need help. Why dwell on the past? Any who Mathew is not a part neither them or Kelly’s camp and some how they’re still flopping. Maybe it wasn’t his fault after all? (see kelly for a real example of a flop) Any who he can’t be that bad since he got Michelle into the broadway thing. Which means he obviously knew she wasn’t gonna make it in music as an “R&B singer”.

  41. sickwitit July 25, 2010

    this pic is photoshopped to hell lmao look at that middle area between them…

  42. RiRi July 26, 2010

    Michelle looks F’ugly!! She needs to put on some pounds ASAP!!! I saw Kelly the other day and she looked fab…i dont really like Letoya she always seem like she has an hidden agenda..BeYawnSay has always been a proud biYatch so dont xpect her in michelle”s bday,i bet if Barrack Obama or Michelle Obama is aving a bday party@ the white house BeYawnSay and her ugly a** husband would make out time to attend..F*** them…

  43. Renae July 26, 2010

    Michelle is wayyyyy to thin.

  44. Marcus July 26, 2010

    It looks GREAT seeing them together and they both look great!!!

  45. I hate haters January 22, 2012

    Ppl need 2 stop hating what yall mad cus they got money lmao @these haters

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