Chris Brown Performs At ‘Reggae Sumfest’

Published: Saturday 24th Jul 2010 by Trent

Chris Brown lit up the stage at ‘Reggae Sumfest’ in Montego Bay, Jamaica late last evening. The high-energy entertainer danced up a storm for the crowd at the event where fellow R&B/Pop star Usher will be performing tonight. Check out the fan footage below:


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  1. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010

    Wow I see Chris doing that new dance dougie , and he did it really good

  2. MB July 24, 2010

    Looks like he does more dancing than singing as usual :/ but as long as his fans are happy!


  3. TOMI July 24, 2010

    Trent you are so lame this is all you got where are are the other vidoes when he took his shirt off and was grinding on the floor, go find the other videos 1:32 secs you are f****** crazy

  4. wahlerde July 24, 2010

    i CANT believe idiots are still allowing this sh!tstain to be “famous” and wealthy.

  5. BK July 24, 2010

    Trent Usher performs tonight… But Im happy for Chris. Lets hope he keeps everything together.

  6. TOMI July 24, 2010

    and usher will not perform until tonight international night 2, chris performed on international night 1

  7. BFoxx July 24, 2010

    I wish he sang more

  8. BK July 24, 2010

    @WAHLERDE Well you better start believing it! And I hope you take this much time bashing in Charlie Sheen, Eminem, & Mel Gibson on blogs….

  9. TOMI July 24, 2010

    @WAHLERDE, its takes one s*** stain to know one, its obvious you don’t like chris, so why bother click, gtfoh

  10. TOMI July 24, 2010

    @BFOXX my darling he did sing more, he performed for over a hour and a half, trent only posted a 1:32 secs of his performance

  11. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010


    We just saw a little clip of Chris performance. I’ve seen Chris perform and he does alot of singing live. His dancing is just another part of his performance.

  12. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010


    Tell me why is Eminem, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and others can have their careers and Chris can’t. Well you had better get over it because he is here to stay

  13. TOMI July 24, 2010

    @WAHLERDE, I have a very important question to ask you, do you feel the same about charlie sheen and eminem, how is it that they are still allowed to be famous and healthy/

  14. famousgeek July 24, 2010

    Chris did his thing 😉

  15. Nothing But My Opinion July 24, 2010

    its nice seeing chris doing his thing

  16. UmYa July 24, 2010

    Chris needs to tone down the dancing. We know you can tear it up but you’re also a singer.

  17. Soulful Roses July 24, 2010

    Wonderful 😀 Chris is so talented…

    @Plain and Simple

    Your avatar looks familiar. Do you go on B***** sometimes. And I agree with you. Where is all the hatred when another famous individual does what Chris did 100xs worse? People can be the biggest hypocrites I tell you…

  18. TRUTH July 24, 2010

    looks like the concert was really fun,ive seen chris live and he is a great entertainer

  19. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010

    @Soulful Roses

    Yes I did, but I haven’t been there for a while. I really can’t stand that site. The paid haters are out of control. Yes I mean PAID HATERS

  20. Soulful Roses July 24, 2010

    PAID HATERS? That explains everything..LOL!

  21. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010

    I know on thing Chris got that dougie dance going on. I love that dance

  22. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010

    oops one thing

  23. UGh July 24, 2010

    whether or not he danced more, the fact remained that he is talented in more way than one way, so stop it……smh

  24. Truthfully July 24, 2010

    Good on chris, let him get that money and carry on doing what he luv….yall hateful comments aint gonna change anything people are and will still pay to see him around the world.

  25. geronimo deuces July 24, 2010

    Finally CB news my boy killed it as usual

    @ Plain

    ignore them haters

  26. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010

    @G Deuces

    Yes he did

    Chris also send them a message: I want to thank you Jamiacia for your wonderful embrace lastnight at the show.

    That was really nice

  27. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010

    sorry!! Jamaica

  28. geronimo deuces July 24, 2010

    Go chris go

  29. Wowza July 24, 2010


  30. Wowza July 24, 2010

    Horse C** > Soiled Farts > S*** Stains > Diarrhea >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fist BROWN! #Thatisall

  31. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 24, 2010

    @G Deuces

    Yessssssssss Go Chris Go. Oh yea I don’t pay those loosers no mind. It was on another site that Rihanna’s fans are spreading rumors on twitter about Chris. WOW!

  32. geronimo deuces July 24, 2010

    @ wahlerde

    then why are you here?? go away msdddhh

  33. geronimo deuces July 24, 2010

    @ WOWZA

    r u on drugs? cheap ones ?

  34. Keesha July 25, 2010

    @Geronimo Deuces, LMBO!
    And Chris did AMAZING as always. Thanks for posting Trent! 🙂

  35. Keesha July 25, 2010

    Also @Plain And Simple I can believe that the haters on B***** are paid. It’s such a shame what people will do for money.

  36. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Yea whenever there is a post about Chris on B***** the same hate ones are right there saying the same shiz over and over. Someone is paying them not all of them but about 3 or four to spread hate on Chris i mean real hate

  37. Commander for Kelly & Ciara July 25, 2010

    CHRIS SINGG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.. if you cant sing.. just say so.. dnt cry halfway thru it just to get out of it.. we know u cn f****** dougie,jerk ..robot n s***..SING NOW… smh

  38. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Not taking away from Chris post but could you please post Richgirl (Swagger Right) that song is hot.

    This is going to be the IT girl for sure

  39. mishka July 25, 2010

    There goes my baby! TeamBreezy!

  40. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    ~waving hi to Plain and Simple, Geronimo Deuces, Keesha and the rest of Team Breeze 🙂

  41. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    Chris Brown done excellent, he gave them a show to remember and to talk about for years to come.

    Get mad haters, because I’m at a very happy place right now having funny, and Sam & Trent can see my IP address so they know I am not in the same place I was yesterday. I have been hearing Deuces played on hourly rotation here. And I even heard his song played at the park here. Very nice, people are playing ourBreezy’s music again.

    Get mad haters because the resurrection of Chris Brown is going to be furious.

  42. Stillbill July 25, 2010

    Recess is over !!!

  43. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010

    Hi Bluekid

    Chris did his thing

  44. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    Plain and Simple, Breezy did it right 🙂
    gurl I”m so happy for him.

    Breezy resurrection is going to be a motha “shut your mouth” I’m just talking about Chris {in my Isac Hays voice}

  45. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Gurl I happy for him also. God is taking the wheel look out world

  46. Bluekid July 25, 2010


    July 25, 2010 at 2:44 am


    Gurl I happy for him also. God is taking the wheel look out world

    ROFL! LMAO! Gurl you sure is right1 🙂

  47. geronimo deuces July 25, 2010

    haters go away pls

  48. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    I hope you are haveing fun we all need that to get away

  49. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    geronimo deuces

    July 25, 2010 at 3:00 am

    haters go away pls
    Hun they are just lurking like vulgar s, they are probably twitting each other , trying to lift their morale because of flopianna concerts are being reinvented to smaller venues LOL

  50. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    I was so happy to hear Breezy’s music being played here and this is a well know amusement park. It was so nice, thank you for your concern, and yes it is nice to get away. and have some fun.

    And the radio station was playing his music on rotations I was really happy for Breezy, they are now playing his music like they should. 🙂

  51. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Well I was lurking from site to site to see what they were saying about Chris. And when I ran across .Sandra Rose site I seen JERMAINE DUPRI SAYING TO HER I’VE GOT PEOPLE READY TO KILL YOU. She wrote some s*** about him that he did not like you should read the story

  52. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    @ Tiff

    ROFL! LMAO! Bawhahahahahahahahaha!

    Gurl you know you wrong for that! I’m going to have to you this zit! ROFL! LMAO!

  53. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. July 25, 2010

    IslandBrideJA: Chris Brown has crazy energy!

    MachuEzra7: Him fulla enagy.. Him nuh tiad.. Ohh.. ye him jus drink wata lol

    goddessrockstar: @MrsYoungStar @ZuMarley chris brown is goooood, dancing hard and still singing and hitting every note @MrsYoungStar @ZuMarley chris brown is goooood, dancing hard and still singing and hitting every note | TweetPhoto

    toyanucci: Chris Brown a gwaan WELLL at Sumfest, definately entertaining, man a sing live an blending the live sound and flying vocals madd!!!

    marciaforbes: Chris Brown at Sumfest-Females going wild!! He teasing them ‘u kno u want suppen from her’ Chris Brown at Sumfest-Females going wild!! He teasing them &… on Twitpic

    dalkeithd: So far a very good performance from Chris Brown

    steff2hot4u: Yow @chrisbrown a mad up sumfest! Di way him wine, him must can f***! Bomboclaaaaaaaaaat

    jamrockchica: Dis yute dance the f** off damn u goood!! @chrisbrown

    goddessrockstar: Impeccable flawless performer: chris brown Impeccable flawless performer: chris brown | TweetPhoto

    MonnyPenny: The way the girls are going mad over @chrisbrown at sumfest its crazy! He’s going in tho!

    Doc__D: @chrisbrown has these women melting … Damn beg u some of u skillz .. I seeing ladies crying. Women a dead !

    marciaforbes: Chris Brown continues to deliver high energy at Sumfest ‘no air’. Females know lyrics for every song

    marciaforbes: My tweeps want Chris Brown to take his shirt of while girls in audience want him to go ‘all night’. And they not talking bout at Sumfest??

    marciaforbes: Laura at the console declares “Him bad eeh, him caan wine pop my ‘floor'” Speaking of Chris Brown at Sumfest. Aah she bad!!

    marciaforbes: Umbrella-fest as rains falls n the crowd stays rivetted to Chris Brown, his energy n style at Sumfest.

    blaqueRN: Please tell me why everyone left once chris got off the stage

    Paula_MusicnMe: Nobody left when it was raining but soon as @ChrisBrown left folks rolled out!


    lovinRiCB: @blaqueRN I can’t C how ppl can say his career is over…CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN IS TOO DAMN TALENTED…The boy was destined to be a STAR!

    SeanABennett: @chrisbrown doin crawl now sitting eyes closed. giving his all.

    OtisBanger: Tweetaz, likkle bwoy bad, Chris Brown a take every man at Sumfest Girl with ‘Crawl’ right now.

    MachuEzra7: Dueces! Dyam vulcha dem.. Sing out chris.. Bun mi fi dem

    SeanABennett: aww! a lil boy no older than 3 is onstage with @ChrisBrown dancing with him to ‘Forever’

    SeanABennett: BUT before @ChrisBrown leave he rips off sweat drenched merino & bandana & throws it in the crowd. Great ending.! AMAZING job Mr Brown.

    WashRoomEnt: Last tweet pic of the night! Usher, yuh have yuh work cut out. Breezy guh yard! Lol @Andre_Merritt ur bwoy killed it. | TweetPhoto Last tweet pic of the night! Usher, yuh have yuh work cut out. Breezy guh yard! Lol @Andre_Merritt ur bwoy killed it.

    DesJamrock: Chris Brown blew expectations. Usher gotta bring this ‘a game’ tomorrow . Queen Ifrica up next, but the vibes has died. #reggaesumfest

    steff2hot4u: Da @chrisbrown performance ya worth mi money to baxide! Could watch him all f-ing night

    KayRic: chris brown did a good job at the concert last night lmao i dont think i seen some1 do that many backflips since power rangers

    DebraNewman: @chrisbrown the best of the best. Rock #Sumfest!! Jamaica love #ChrisBrown

    adriancreary: Still amazed by @chrisbrown’s performance @reggaesumfest… The only way I could have enjoyed it more is if I was a teenage girl…. Lol

    adriancreary: “@djdazm: @adriancreary How did he finish? Was it good?” @chrisbrown’s @reggaesumfest perforance was on of the best jamaica has ever seen…

    steff2hot4u: @chrisbrown stole the show

    luckycris99: And to think they were trying to boycott him from the show. How do they feel now!! @chrisbrown u need to hurry up&get ur tour ready! LOVE U

  54. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Oh no!! Now that’s some funny s***. You are to much

  55. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010

    @Hear My Heart Beat

    Thanks a bunch for that

  56. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    @ Plain and Simple

    I read that and my hair stood on the back of my neck, Sandra is not a well liked person, she seems to hate black men except for Jayz whom she loves. May be Jayz will protect her LOL!

    God bless Sandra, know one should have to live in fear and that is for real.

  57. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. July 25, 2010

    @Plain And Simple: Not a problem! I just found it on some forum and decided to share with the other CB stans who havent seen it yet

    @Tiff: lmao!!…i wasn’t expecting that, I died!

  58. Tiff July 25, 2010


  59. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    @Hear My Heart Beat

    Sweetie that was really nice, thanks you much for that info. that was real, real talk!

  60. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    @ Tiff, that made my night gurl, you are so funny!

  61. Tiff July 25, 2010

    @ Bluekid

    hey, this is why I’m here! lol
    I swear i die little more on the inside every time I see that video…I had to share it with
    my peoples here!

  62. ME July 25, 2010

    Do people even really PARTICIPATE and ENJOY concerts in the moment anymore? It seems like people for the most part STAND STILL so they can videotape it. What happened to dancing, feeling and experiencing a show AS IT HAPPENS in real life?

  63. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    @ Tiff you do a good job LOL

    @ Me, I’m so glad that peep video tape live concerts, we would not been able to see a singer fall walking across the stage and yodeling like a wet cat on stage.

    Not only that it makes us want to go see the person even more so, if they are talented and have a good stage performance like Breezy, you know peep are wanting to go see him perform and you know I’m going to be front seat. 🙂

  64. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Well if you read the tweets above those people was having a great time. But who are you to say something because Rihanna’ concerts the people are just there looking.

  65. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    Chris Brown stole the show, WOW! That speaks volumes.

  66. Bluekid July 25, 2010

    Sandra Rose gave Chris Brown such a hard time it hard for me to feel sorry for that bytch!

  67. JAZ0195 July 25, 2010

    i love chris

  68. ME July 25, 2010

    @ PLAIN

    What do you mean who am I to say something? I’m a person just like you. On a blog. With a comment section at the bottom. I dont care about Rhi’s concerts. Why would you even bring her up in a Chris thread. Seriously! I’m not insulting Chris or his performance. I’m talking about in general. Yes, im glad to be able to see video of it,but what if you’re at the concert focusing on taping it and you get home and your thing erased or something. You didnt really experience it while it was happening…which is the point of going. Whatever, maybe it’ a generational thing. Ease up on the attacking people. Not cool. Especially, when you don’t know the stance of the person you’re attacking.

  69. JAZ0195 July 25, 2010

    lol @ Tiff

  70. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. July 25, 2010


    July 25, 2010 at 3:28 am

    @Hear My Heart Beat

    Sweetie that was really nice, thanks you much for that info. that was real, real talk!

    I know, it was great to read those tweets! The pleasure is all mine, glad to share the good news lol

  71. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    The was you put it was like Chris was boring them. By you saying that they were not participating. This is how it sound to me. And for the crown dancing and feeling good they were doing just that if you read the tweets above. They were have a ball watching Chris do his thing. Then there a part where someone said that the people knew all Chris songs and they was singing with him. We only saw a little clip so we don’t know what people were doing unless you were there.

  72. Hear. My. Heart. Beat. July 25, 2010

    If there is another blog that has this Jamaica story, can someone post those tweets there too? Let the haters see and get ’em mad =)

  73. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    I thought the same thing about Sandra Rose giving Chris a hard time. Saying hate things about Chris. But you see she got the right one now, and Dupri looks like he don’t play. She said she tape it but I don’t know.

  74. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010

    oops The way you put

  75. VA STAND UP!!! July 25, 2010

    @WAHLERDE: Um….’s*** stain’?? You gotta be white! LMAO!!! Sorry to hurt your lil feelings but yes, CB is STILL famous and STILL doing what he love to do and getting paid for it! Deal with it! I guess you are gonna off yourself (please do) when his movie comes out next month huh? Why don’t you skip your happy ass over to TMZ, you will fit in real well over there with all the other bitter angry white folks who can’t stand to see a black man succeed!

    *sigh* At least there is only one lame in here today. The others are all hiding in their caves I guess. *shrugs*

    Anywho, I’m glad he was on stage doing his thing! Looks like he tore it up as usual! He tweeted about being there but he hasn’t posted any footage or pics from the show. Not even any twitpics of himself while there. Sucks I’m glad some others did though cause I heard his security was being super strict and not allowing people to take pics. I hope non of the fans were disappointed and still had a good time!

    Clearly the people saying he needs to sing more cause all he does is dance have never seen him in concert. I have seen him three times and yes he can dance his ass off, but he does sing as well. On the more high energy songs, he concentrates on the dancing and will do adlibs cause he wants to perserve his voice. But on the slower songs with limited choreography like ‘With You’ ‘No Air’ or ‘Sing Like Me’ he sings and sounds very well! Although he is usually getting drowned out by all the screams. Lol! He delivers whenever he performs unlike a lot of his industry peers. The only time I have been disappointed by a CB performance was at Spring Bling. But Spring Bling always sucks! Lol!

    I had no idea Sumfest was such a big event! I thought CB was gonna be like the only American Artist their but I guess not. I hope they get some footage of my boy Usher too.

  76. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Thanks you the information that’s great. Sorry for sounding so crazy but I thought you were trying to say negitive things about Chris. Again Thanks

  77. ME July 25, 2010

    @ PLAIN

    Just stop! Why the hell would I get on here and bash Chris? I didnt say he was boring them.I would NEVER say that. You know nothing about me and nothing that I wrote implied that. .Ease up on your defensiveness. Ask a question before you attack. It’s ridiculous. You’re the only one who popped up out of left field with some crap. Dont get me wrong, I often attack CB haters so I like that you’re defending CB, but you’re imagining an insult and picked on the wrong person. DOnt make ISH up. There’s enough of that going around from the CB haters. Peace

  78. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010

    You know I would have had tight security also the way the haters were saying that he should die and what not. They were protecting him.

  79. ME July 25, 2010


    July 25, 2010 at 4:17 am


    Thanks you the information that’s great. Sorry for sounding so crazy but I thought you were trying to say negitive things about Chris. Again Thanks


    Okok, we’re cool! Sorry for showing so much annoyance. I’m teambreezy so I got insulted, someone would think I would post something bad about CB,lol. Like I said, I like that you defend him, so we ARE actually on the same page with that. Yw, with the update. I posted the link this time b/c last time everybody was screaming WHERES THE LINK?!

  80. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    That cool at least we are on the same side.

  81. Trentisha July 25, 2010


    TWITTER. 🙂

  82. katyperry July 25, 2010


  83. katyperry July 25, 2010


  84. piat July 25, 2010

    There is more videos to come on youtube. I follow someone who will uploading video once she gets back to the states. CHRIS CAN SING! I have heard dude live and there is a ton of youtube footage from the FAT last year where he is singing acapella and he is sounding wonderful.

    All he needs is a mic and a stage! He doesn’t need stage props…

  85. noodles July 25, 2010

    Haters are a fail lol. And having a Twitter mocking Chris on a very serious situation is not funny it really just shows what type of person you are lol….then being an ass and promoting it……..FAIL! I will NOT click on that link. And flop? Okay Imma let ya’ll have that….I know flop and mean names about dv are the only things you guys have…you aren’t very smart creatures are you? Whatever this was Chris’ face the last time someone called him a flop this week…. (LOL!) At least he can still put on a show at one of the biggest events in Jamaica…….and he can still do this

    What are you doing? I’ll wait…..

    Stay mad thats why you came to this post. I bet you enjoyed the videos…Chris runs your life you hateful ass people! Go Chris!

  86. Keesha July 25, 2010

    July 25, 2010 at 5:48 am
    There is more videos to come on youtube. I follow someone who will uploading video once she gets back to the states. CHRIS CAN SING! I have heard dude live and there is a ton of youtube footage from the FAT last year where he is singing acapella and he is sounding wonderful.

    All he needs is a mic and a stage! He doesn’t need stage props…
    So true!

  87. geronimo deuces July 25, 2010

    does anyone know if Oprah or Tyra commented on “MEL GIBSON or CHARLIE SHEEN”

    if not then that means they are scared of him, they only go after small fish mstzzzzz those two b****** lost me as a fan

  88. geronimo deuces July 25, 2010

    All he needs is a mic and a stage! He doesn’t need stage props…


    tell me about it, unlike youknowwho

  89. Truth July 25, 2010

    All this n**** doin is jumpin around like a m*****….SMH

  90. china July 25, 2010

    Chris was great and is great at what he does it is a shame that some people can’t seem to let go of the past really they should move on and pick on others like charlie sheen, mel gibson or shawn whatever just let chris move on with his music and his fans as well for those who seem to critize him why bother looking at his videos or blogs thats how much you guys also want to know

  91. Secret Voice July 25, 2010

    I am so LMAO at the blog where The Jamaican fans are giving their views of the show.Chris did his thing thing,so proud of my little brother! Deuces is moving up and that is all I need to hear! Usher is supposed to be performing tonight.I haven’t seen the clips yet because I just got in on a flight but I will check it out later!

    Love Sam and Trent!

  92. Secret Voice July 25, 2010

    @ Geronimo Deuces! I just gotta say I agree.I don’t support Tyra or Oprah either.

    No one can judge the next person and I sure as hell won’t let whites tell me I have to stop supporting my brother and yet they don’t have a thing to say about Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen and they keep supporting them.

  93. noodles July 25, 2010

    I just find it funny how black people(and I’m not being racist cuz I’m black) are quick to shun their own kind instead of uplifting them and helping them but will smile in the faces of mel gibson and charlie sheen quick and let them continue doing what they are doing without saying a word. They wouldn’t dare call them out. And I haven’t seen any anti-domestic violence shows coming on. I find it funny. Its all a profit. Its not about educating anyone because if it was then it would be less of the placing blame and judging and more of the helping BOTH of the young people involved and educating them….but that wasn’t the case. The media saw an chance to take advantage of a horrible situation with two young stars and ran with it. My thing is unless you took this as a chance to say hey two young people got in a situation maybe we as the world instead of judging should take this as an chance to help them both and uplift instead of say hateful things then you should shut up cuz you have no right to say s*** you are adding on to the problem actually. Funny how the world works lol. The ones calling him names are the same ones not doing a damn thing to help the problem.

    Also don’t EVER sit here and try to lie and say anything negative about this boys performances. To you he might be alot of things….but being a person with a lack of talent is not one up for discussion cuz its just not true.

  94. noodles July 25, 2010

    And Question for the ass that said some dumb s*** like “i CANT believe idiots are still allowing this sh!tstain to be “famous” and wealthy.”
    First of all SIT DOWN! But thats not the question. Did you say this about every entertainer wether it was an actor or singer or whatever? I bet you damn near led a riot when Charlie Sheen almost cut his wife right? Or you probably were ready to go on a rant when Eminem just got a numer 1 on the billboard a few days ago. You sound a little jealous boo boo. Is everyhting alright at home? Are you mad cuz Chris still can be successful? Are all your bills paid? Is your house clean? You want a f****** cookie? How about a balloon?

    If the people judging Chris Brown at the very least give him a chance to redeem himself(even though he shouldn’t have to prove s*** to you) and he f**** it up say whatever the f*** you want but until then hush your lips cuz your comments and jokes are getting more tired by the day. Godbless. And remember make sure your life is right before you judge 😀

  95. @TT4Breezy July 25, 2010

    aw man, love Chris and the way he performs..he takes advantage of the stage unlike others who js do a basic two step..for all the ppl for Chris yet posted comments bout “we know you can dance, sing more” umm, why don’t you really show support and take your ass to a show and you will see he spends more than the 15ish show vids above and sings, dances, entertains the crowd?! If the show was similar to the VA Stand Up which I traveled four states for, than yes, he did perform for over an hour AND even did an a capella of Say Goodbye!

  96. i & i (yardie style) July 25, 2010

    Hey teambreezy and others, wat a gwan? Back from Montego Bay and my ass is numb from that long drive but it was all worth seeing Chris Brown on stage Friday night. Seriously when that man hit the stage, deafening screams I tell you, everyone was going crazy but I stood in awe for about 5 minutes then it struck me that Chris was actually in front of me and not on a tv screen. It was then that it seems the holy ghost took over (well, you know what I mean, lol) and all hell broke loose. Him dun the stage, I wish you guys could have been there, it mad, it sick, Montego Bay nuh good again! He had so much energy, I totally forgot that it was wet and muddy to rahtid. It was really worth that really expensive weekend VIP pass and to think that I almost didn’t make it but thats another story. My boyfriend was such a good sport though as I totally ignored him during Chris’ entire performance. He did grab me during the Crawl song – singing everyone word – thats his song, fun times! I hope Chris comes back to Jamaica soon and probably stay a while. Seriously i’m still excited as you all can tell LOL. Teambreezy large up urself! Me gone get some sleep although that seems impossible right now

  97. Jessica July 25, 2010

    LMAO Chris “BEATEM DOWN” BROWN career is over the same5 b****** posting over and over because nobody is checking for him!! Justin Bieber, Jason D, and Usher already filled his spot… He might aswell work at a strip club with his non singing live ass!!! The only reason why people still know who this fool is is because of Rihanna!!

  98. Tiff July 25, 2010

    @ jessica you must be checking for him to since you bothered to comment. If you dont like him, you shouldn’t have even clicked on his post so you FAIL!

  99. Keesha July 25, 2010

    July 25, 2010 at 2:15 pm
    LMAO Chris “BEATEM DOWN” BROWN career is over the same5 b****** posting over and over because nobody is checking for him!! Justin Bieber, Jason D, and Usher already filled his spot… He might aswell work at a strip club with his non singing live ass!!! The only reason why people still know who this fool is is because of Rihanna!!
    How is his career over if he is still getting chances to perform and do what he loves? When a song from a free mixtape of his can chart on the Hot 100? I don’t understand Chris’ haters. SMH. This is one blog site and most of Chris’ fans don’t go on blog sites anyway. He has so many fans on Twitter and Facebook, but of course and idiot like you wouldn’t know that.

  100. geronimo deuces July 25, 2010

    my boy killed it….. did yo’ll see how he can “WINE” my boy can really shake it, maybe thats why rihanna was so clingy (she is not like that with matt)

  101. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    It’s none of your business how many people comments on Chris blog you hater b****. Just why are you here anyway? Are you jealous that Chris is doing his thing and there is nothing you can do about it? Are you jealous that he turned out the Jamaicia concert lastnight. Oh I know you are jealous of all the tweets on this page from people in Jamaicia. Everyone loved his show great performance Chris. So Jessica i’ll tell you one thing the Bieber, Ms. Jason probably watch it with their month open.

  102. GangsterA July 25, 2010

    *standing up claping* love chris

  103. mita July 25, 2010


  104. Oceanmate July 25, 2010

    You will do anything for pennies, paid to you from the industry OR as a favor by your idol. I am appalled that you would continue to spread your hate like a demon. Hate in any form is unacceptable and I for one am sick and tired of watching you show up to Cyber Stalk! Everyone don’t hate CB, its just YOU few haters spreading lies and talking what you don’t know. Did you hate Charlie Sheen??if you did you did not post about it…Did you boycott JayZ for having been a dangerous drug dealer who destroyed families and individuals while continuing to rap about former drug activities in songs which condones Black on Black crimes??? You never cease to amaze me with your DOUBLE STANDARD.
    Chris has become the next Michael Jackson. When MJ was alive, these same haters ridiculed him so bad, only saying negative shyt, but never posting the goodwill that he did, like the millions that he gave away! We still have Chris and haters are doing him the same way. The justice system gives you 3 strikes before they put you away forever; while Chris has only one strike, I saw that Judge Mathis is helping get people’s records exponged after 5 years, people who done far worst things than CB. I hope Chris will get all exponged in 5 years and that will completely wipe away this 1st, and only mistake. Chris doesn’t owe anyone anything but God, and God will throw our sins into the sea of forgiveness.
    Chris is back to stay! After that amazing BET Awards performance, Chris was THE TALK OF THE NEWS ALL OVER THE WORLD covered on all the morning shows: REGIS N KELLY; GMA; TODAY MAINSTREAM MEDIA and CNN, so haters SIT DOWN AND STFU!

    So to the above Haters Try to become the kind of person who brightens a room just by entering it and here’s your attempt at dancing…..

  105. Trentisha July 25, 2010

    Who the f*** is still supporting this flop.. AND WHEN OH WHEN WILL HIS LABEL DROP HIS SORRY ASS ALREADY. SMFH! 🙂

  106. myway July 25, 2010


  107. myway July 25, 2010


    Your advatar of Nicki Minaj (?) is absolutely hysterical…LOL! I laugh everytime I see it…LOL!


    You said a mouth full! I am so sick of ppl in general and black ppl in particular who will forgive without question the Eminem’s, Charlie Sheen’s, Mickey Rourk’s, Sean Penn’s, Christian Slater’s, Alec Baldwin’s, Jerry Seinfeld’s, Kelsey Grahmer’s, Woody Allen’s and Romain Pollanski’s of the world. Yet a teenager, black male who hit a person that struck him first is unforgivable???? LOL….LOL…LOL! I find it sad and sick! Always looking for acceptance in the hands of anyone who will grant it. SAD & PATHETIC!

  108. char char July 25, 2010

    @Trentisha :you are one of those sick drug addict whites.Chris is the are just 4 out of 112 comments hating on you are a looser.go take more drugs

  109. MJ4EVR July 25, 2010

    Chris Brown deserves to move on like everyone else. This guy is actually talented so there is no need for him to just go away because of a mistake he made. We all make them. Good Luck, Chris!!! Keep your head up man!!

  110. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    Oh well hear is another or mabe the same one using different names that is jealous of Chris Jamaicia Reggae Sumfest turn out. Yes Chris stole the show and they will be talking about this show for months.

    Have anyone notice the name Trent – isha???

  111. Jonberry July 25, 2010

    @Hear. My. Heart. Beat.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I am so happy that Chris did the damn thing as usual and the rain soaked fans enjoyed themselves!

  112. noodles July 25, 2010

    Yeah funny thing ya’ll say its his same fans posting but thats what post are for. How does a blogsite determine anything? Haters are a mess they are mad lol. They still have the nerve to even say his career is over….smh….don’t spread lies…its isn’t good for you. Obviously they can’t read things like this post or the Billboard charts or anything…..I bet you skipped over the comment with the billboard link posted with what projects of Chris are still currently on the charts. Like how his “flop” of a CD has been on the r&b charts for 32 weeks straight. I remeber after the BET performance it jumped up the charts for awhile. But he is such a flop right? FAIL! Stop checking for Chris if you don’t like him because your making yourself look thirsty and dumb. And “BEATEM DOWN BROWN”?….. yeah thats cute isn’t it? Let me ask you haters something…..are the words flop and little mean names relating to dv all you can say? Cuz its really tired and says more about your character then it does about Chris’ and also why when you type “Fist” or something like that why do you have to put it in CAPS? Is your CAPS Lock broken sweetie? Stop seeking attention. You only come here cuz you probably have no life and wish you were relevant and you need some love. Well Imma be nice and give it to you lol….I bet ya’ll will damn near lose your minds when Takers comes out. Haters look thirsty and patheic…its kinda funny 😀

  113. noodles July 25, 2010

    July 25, 2010 at 5:33 pm
    Who the f*** is still supporting this flop.. AND WHEN OH WHEN WILL HIS LABEL DROP HIS SORRY ASS ALREADY. SMFH!
    Alot of people are again….awww that makes you mad doesn’t it? Awww poor baby! And when will Jive drop him….why would they do that there is still money to be made off of this “flop” and even if they did he has his own company which is going really well for him lately. But its okay jsut go to sleep if your mad cuz people are gonna continue to support him 😀 Godbless

  114. bluekid July 25, 2010

    Hello Team Breezy 🙂

    Yes! Our Breezy killed it! I see the haters are out, let them keep posting I’m going to post them a treat of Rihanna.

    Bawhahahahahahahahaha laughing at Tiffs Rihanna interview.

  115. geronimo deuces July 25, 2010

    @ Noodles

    and even if they did he has his own company which is going really well for him lately.

    is it CBE or something else? I am glad my boy is business minded

  116. jazybelle July 25, 2010

    breezy came on stage with Usher ,I heard he murdered it
    Im sooo proud :=)

  117. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010

    WOW Chris has his own company That’s great!!

  118. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    I can’t wait to see the video of Breezy and Usher

  119. geronimo deuces July 25, 2010

    @ plain

    im on you tube now looking for them

    go chris go

  120. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010

    @G. Deuces

    Maybe it’s not posted yet on youtube because I have been looking also

  121. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010

    @G deuces

    But you guys got to keep voting

  122. bluekid July 25, 2010


    July 25, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    @G deuces

    But you guys got to keep voting
    give the site again please!

  123. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    gurl me 2

  124. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 25, 2010


    106 & park

  125. bluekid July 25, 2010

    Yup! thanks

  126. noodles July 25, 2010

    geronimo deuces
    July 25, 2010 at 8:48 pm
    @ Noodles

    and even if they did he has his own company which is going really well for him lately.

    is it CBE or something else? I am glad my boy is business minded
    Yeah ya’ll didn’t know CBE was his own company? He released the videos from his mixtape using CBE. And its a good choice if you ask me 😀

  127. noodles July 25, 2010

    July 25, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    breezy came on stage with Usher ,I heard he murdered it
    Im sooo proud :=)

  128. geronimo deuces July 26, 2010

    CBE – I have that on my facebook

  129. tee July 26, 2010


    I don’t support Oprah or Tyra but especially Oprah. She trashed MJ’s name horribly over the years after he gave her the biggest interview of her career in ’93 (had 90 million viewers) and then talked more s*** after his death while using him for ratings on her pathetic show. The stunt she pulled over the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation was the nail in the coffin. She had no business defaming Chris on TV when she asked him to perform at her school in South Africa. HypOcritprah gets on my last nerve

  130. MJ4EVR July 26, 2010

    @Tee I completely co sign with you regarding Orca. Not knowing all the facts she turned her back on MJ just like everyone else seemed to. Yet, again, he is used for ratings. Being that I don’t watch her show, I am not sure of what she may have said about MJ after his passing. Either way, I am sure it was for rating purposes only. In her usual HIPPOcrital fashion, she bashes CB but gushes over Jay Z when there is footage of him hitting a girl and shoving her head as guys stood around and watched that moose hit her. Glad to see I am not the only one who is not a fan of Orca’s.

  131. noodles July 26, 2010

    “as guys stood around and watched that moose hit her”
    *Dies* LOL! “that moose” you ain’t right for that one

    I die everytime I see your avatar….I just can NOT and I finally looked at the video you posted and I really was not expecting that LOL! You defiently ain’t right for that one lol.

    Now Oprah is a grown ass women. Now people felt CB was being a drama queen when he was hurt that Oprah turned her back on him but I would be upset too. Oprah ain’t have no right to do some s*** like that. She is one of the many that I’m starting to get sick of. She is supposed to be a strong black women but is gonna turn her back on a young black male in need of a reality check and to be educated on a mistake…smh…like Oprah after you did that what exactly are you standing for??….and then you go and smile in Jay’s face and you won’t say a damn thing about Charlie or anything. CB had your back when you needed help. You didn’t even ask what went down or care for that matter you jumped to conclusions and helped make what happened a bigger mess and all that wasn’t needed. Like CB said in VIBE you had all these people on a show that ain’t have a damn thing in common with him but a domestic violence situation….that s*** would p*** me off too….s*** ya’ll done brought up Oprah and Tyra and they get on my nerves…smh…aren’t they supposed to be helpful?…I mean they talk all this s*** on TV that would lead you to believe they would be helping and not judging….

  132. geronimo deuces July 26, 2010

    ^^^^ trust me I was happy that tyra’s show is ending due to low ratings – KARMA’s a byatch

  133. geronimo deuces July 26, 2010

    Ocra – LMAO

  134. geronimo deuces July 26, 2010

    little ms no talent wont understand anything till later in her life – when jay is out of her sight she may end up writing a book about her experience and maybe then she will come clean and tell us the “TRUTH” instead of putting full blame on chris. If I was Matt I would be very careful with her, she sounds evil as hell

  135. unionstation July 26, 2010

    all of you idiots had better keep putting your money where your mouths are. i see you can not and will not keep rihanna’s name out of your mouths. question is ,where will your god go from here what floor will he screw next?

  136. lori July 26, 2010

    All hatred back the f*** up off Chris! You maggots p*** me off. He’s a good dude who f***** up once. U assholes don’t even see that his personality don’tfit that mistake. That’s not his character. Get a life. Stars r human 2. Their lives aren’t theirs anymore b/c of cameras. That b**** is falling n-eway. He made her. Love u Chris.

  137. bluekid July 26, 2010


    July 26, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    all of you idiots had better keep putting your money where your mouths are. i see you can not and will not keep rihanna’s name out of your mouths. question is ,where will your god go from here what floor will he screw next?
    Rihanna/Hoanna might be your god, Chris Brown is not our god but our fellow brother in the Lord.

    Team Breezy don’t worship man or devil!
    Team Breezy worship the heavenly father above who created all things.

    Chris Brown has the Lord protecting him and our prayers go out to our Lord for Chris Brown to keep him safe.

    So if devil worshiping Rihanna is your god than you got problems.

  138. JAZ0195 July 27, 2010

    chris has such amazing talent!!!

  139. JAZ0195 July 27, 2010

    @UNIONSTAION you are delusional to worship rihanna as a god

    I like chris alot but wouldn’t go as far as calling him our god

  140. JAZ0195 July 27, 2010

    I agree with BLUEKID

  141. JAZ0195 July 27, 2010

    I heard that Orcas ratings have gone down to

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