Hot Shots: Milian Makes First Public Appearance Since Split; Still Wearing Ring

Published: Wednesday 14th Jul 2010 by Sam

Christina Milian made her first public appearance yesterday following the news of  break-up of her marriage to The-Dream. Interestingly, the singer – who was snapped while buying milk formula for the couple’s 6 month old Violet, was still wearing her wedding ring.

This comes despite The Nightmare The-Dream announcing their separation earlier this week, after pictures of him getting frisky with his assistant surfaced.


There’s no doubt the situation is most unfortunate for Milian, 28, who was reportedly ‘blind-sided’ by Dream’s announcement, after believing that they were working through their issues. That said, the moral of story goes as thus…never mix work with play!

By no means should blame be apportioned to Christina (this solely on the basis of what we know). However Ms. Milian’s continued blending of the private and professional was bound to end in disaster – as time has shown over and over again in the entertainment industry. Indeed, she worked with Nick Cannon on the movie ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ only to go on and date him. He is now married to Mariah Carey. She teamed up with producers Cool & Dre for her ‘So Amazin’‘ LP, going on to date Dre – a relationship which fizzled along with the album. And now The-Dream drama – the story of which follows a similar narrative, only with more serious consequences. A broken (less than 9 month) marriage, raising a child alone, and both an album and record deal which tie her almost exclusively to Tubby Terius. Not a good look.

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  1. Shocked By Sam July 14, 2010

    Your wrong for this.. There are plenty of artist and producers who date, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, Jay Z and Beyonce, the list goes on, when your in that industry those are the only people you get to meet and be around 24/7 so relationships are bound to happen, your being well off key today Sam, you’ve pretty much just blamed this poor women for her husband cheating on her!!! Your a wrongan! BURN B****!

  2. SparkD July 14, 2010

    Business and pleasure works for The Smiths because it’s a team or for Bee/Jay because they keep they’re entities separate.

  3. FreshUrbanEnt July 14, 2010



  4. Heaven July 14, 2010

    It’s a nice ring, and its hers.

  5. kurtisleofwight July 14, 2010

    is thatgrapejuice completley ignorant and simple minded
    i thought this was a site about music, not peoples dramas and their lives
    something you dont know anything about
    what is with the hate..calling the dream nightmare….so what he’s sucessful and hes produced hits for artists, so why call him the nightmare, after he only adresssed your way of twisting words what he said to the site a month back making you unhappy with the backlash you knew was coming….it’s quite childish, its hypocritical of me to call thatgrapejuice sad and absorbed when im adressing thatgrapejuice myself, but its only to adress how bitter this site is!
    and then to finish the post with not a good look….not everyones perfect, people take falls, and the way you sum up one person is dumb…that grapejuice needs to stop the hating, bitching and biased critism….

  6. Miko July 14, 2010

    Wow! I forgot about her and Dre. I still feel sorry for her. Tubby didn’t have to blast it the way he did!

  7. magdalena July 14, 2010

    she has no luck when it comes to love… poor her 🙁 such a cute woman but so unhappy.

  8. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) July 14, 2010

    @Shocked by Sam

    You forget to recall that Christina’s relationships have revolved around producers and people she’s worked on projects with. Both Dre and the Dream (Ha the irony of that one going from short to extreme, each situation going in that pattern) have been exclusively attached to her albums. I feel bad for her too but this is crazy… History finds a way of repeating itself.

    Alicia and Bey, as well as Swizz and Jay are all established artists so this has not affected their work so much. I don’t know much about AK and her long term collaborator Krucial Keys but it seemed to work in her favour.

  9. Renae July 14, 2010

    Its not her fault these men cheated on her. CMilli stay strong, and take some time for yourself, spend time with your daughter, and just sit back and re-evaluate you before you get involved again. As for The Dream, he will get what he deserves. And people date people they work with everyday, and while it can be compromising, it does not always end in disaster.

  10. InLoveWithMusic July 14, 2010

    Only thing I can do is wish them all well. They still have a child to raise.

  11. that stupid juice July 14, 2010

    Sam u and ur cut buddy hate women or something. Some people have bad luck. Men and women cheat. U take a Chance with ur heart no matter what. u two r idiots. Please blame yourspelf when u get beats your ass or a man cheats on u Sam and Trent

  12. kurtisleofwight July 14, 2010

    and coining names for celebrities…tubby terius….come on
    how envious of peoples talent can you be
    why is apperance a factor of your new direction of hate….
    it comes to something when all you can do is b**** about someones apperance….
    that does make you sound bitter indeed

  13. British Bells July 14, 2010

    Yes, read about this in the Daily Mail (British newspaper) 24hrs ago. Not sure why she is still wearing the ring…perhaps she forgot to take it off! …

  14. Sara July 14, 2010

    It is so sad that too many people just have no morals.Married people should be out of bounds period sadly the Dreams new jump off and I am sorry to say Alicia will discover that if he is willing to cheat with you he will be willing to cheat on you.Why take someone you know is lying to thier mate to be with you and you think you can build a long term relationship with that person.I am sure no one thought this marriage would last but people need to start putting thier children first and thinking about what it does to them.

  15. NUNYA July 14, 2010

    ROTFLMAO@ Tubby Terius.
    I think she upped amd married the dream because she was jealous of nick and mariah. when her and nick broke up, he moved on to selita and then married mariah and she was still stuck on getting over a broken heart. Oh well at least she’ll get child support for 18 years and she’ll live off of that,LOL

  16. Mayfair Madame July 14, 2010

    She is fat and I can’t remember the last hit song she’s had.

  17. Dontazz July 15, 2010

    Im not hating..but this is actually what i said about mixing business and love….it is not her fault but i just feel she needs to stop dating in the industry…i love Christina Milian- have always thought she was BEAUTIFUL..but always kind of questioned her choices with men…oh well -nobody is perfect..stay strong Christina

  18. Dontazz July 15, 2010

    Guess that is a wrap for her being on Radio killa/Def jam also..smh

  19. I.D. July 15, 2010

    Advice to C. Mili – go and hire Kelis’s lawyer!!! Get that dough, ma!!!

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