Melanie Fiona Performs On ‘Regis & Kelly’

Published: Wednesday 14th Jul 2010 by Trent

R&B songstress Melanie Fiona performed on ‘Live With Regis & Kelly’ today. The singer did a rendition of ‘Bang Bang’, the 3rd single to be lifted from her debut album, ‘The Bridge’. Peep the performance below:

That was great performance. Fiona was engaging and the old school choreography worked well with the song. More performances like this please!


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  1. TheBaddestBitch July 14, 2010

    Saw her live.

    She rocks!

  2. Quanberg86 July 14, 2010

    Awesome Performance – I really love her album !!!

  3. Yan July 14, 2010

    Great performance. Melanie was on fire! 😛

  4. Drop Top Girl July 14, 2010

    I LOVE Melanie!! She can sang and knows how to put on a show; no props or theatrics needed 🙂

  5. 4orBidden Entertainment – Platinum July 14, 2010

    Good performance and stage presence. Was the first time i ever heard that song. Thumbs Up Fiona!

  6. EXPOSED July 14, 2010


  7. StayMad July 14, 2010

    Queen Rihanna can do it better than she can!

  8. BP13 July 14, 2010

    I think the drummer is awesome!!!!

  9. BEYONCE VS. WORLD July 14, 2010


  10. David Washington July 14, 2010

    YASSSSSSSSS, SHE PUT IN WORK! When the other gurwls gone dew it quite like that?

  11. David Washington July 14, 2010

    b**** bye @ STAYMAD. RIHBLAHBLAH COULD NEVER. Trick would be yawning, & screeching notes all off the piano scale. & she would be trippin tryna f***** walk across the stage, let alone attempting to even do a damn bit of choreography. Riborea can’t & won’t…

  12. jaz July 15, 2010

    that was great !!!

  13. gtprincess July 15, 2010

    I agree with you David Washington. Rihanna who? Please, lets talk about someone who can actually sing, and who is blazing Hott like Melanie Fiona. It’s Her Time Now…

  14. TOP NOTCH DIVA July 15, 2010

    She did really great! Get it Melanie!!!

  15. malusi July 15, 2010

    monday morning and priceless are my fav.

  16. VA STAND UP!!! July 15, 2010

    @StayMAD: B**** Please! You shoule be shot! Sit your ass down and stay down!

    I love her album, but this is probably my least favorite songs though. I love Melanie and she always gives her all in her performances She never disappoints live.

    But this was seriously a weak ass crowd. Geez! I bunch of white folks. I udnerstand being on Regis and Kelly is good promo, but this is so not her target audience. Half of these mofo didn’t even look like they were paying attention. SMH! Still a great performance though.

  17. Just Sayin… July 16, 2010

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!! HER album is the TRUTH and the extended cut is even BETTER!!! i LOVE her remake on heartless….she put her own jamaican vibe and sound to it and blew any other remake SO FAR outta the water! She and Jazmine Sullivan need to collab ASAP! Along with chrisette micelle too…i see a tour! 🙂 haha and im loving the TIna Turner vibes she’s giving me in this performance 🙂

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